Witch’s Athenaeum

Witch’s Athenaeum

The Witch’s Athenaeum quest is a carry over quest that began in 2014.  From what I can tell you must finish this quest string to get the following one for Pumpkinshadow Castle. Please let me know if you learn differently.


  • Dark Bibliophile – Magical Noise Maker
  • Living Book – Owl-Feather Duster


  • Babylonian Candles – chest available in the ShopShop Babylonian Candles

2015-10-30 13.10.31 copy.pngWitch’s Athenaeum Quests



  1. They’re Alive, Alive! – Trade with 3 Living Books by dusting them with the Owl Feather Duster. Owl Feather Dusters can be found by exploring rooms and Living Books are floating outside your manor.
  2. Black Candles of Ancient Babylonia – Obtain 10 Babylonian Candles and access the Witch’s Athenaeum which is the spooky library located outside the manor above the Pirate’s Brig. Candles can be found by banishing the Dark Bibliophiles and Living Books floating around the First Floor.
  3. The Gypsy’s Envy – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room in Silhouettes 5 times. Make sure you have 3 rooms in Zodiac mode so the Zodiac won’t keep appearing in the Fortune-Telling Room.
  4. Mystical Arts or Culinary Arts? – Explore the Kitchen while the Mist phenomenon is present.
  5. Niche Reading – Banish 10 Bookworm Snatchins.
  6. Doors into Darkness – Explore the Witch’s Athenaeum.
  7. Mastering Metal – Explore the 69 Snatchins Club in Night mode to find the Book of Metal. Can ask for from a Friend, it is in the Book of Verses Collection.
  8. Fire and Water
    • Banish the Ghostly Biker to find the Book of Fire.
    • The Book of Water can be found in the Bathroom in Silhouettes mode.
  9. The Power of the Earth –  Explore the Japanese Garden in Night mode to find the Book of Earth.
  10. There, Beyond the Fog – Banish the Mist phenomenon to find the Book of Air.
  11. Balance of the Elements – Charge the Book of Verses Collection to get the Folio of Equilibrium and explore the Witch’s Athenaeum in Words mode.
  12. An Ancient, Unapproachable Animal – Explore 10 rooms is Silhouettes mode.
  13. The Mermaid’s Pants – Explore the Bathroom in Night mode to find the Mermaid Tail.
  14. Virgin Troll Oil – Explore the Kitchen to find Troll Oil.
  15. Angel Feathers – Banish the Amor Angel. (This finally explains why some players are finding Valentine’s Day quivers again.) Weapons will drop from searching rooms.
  16. General’s Breath – Search the General’s Bunker for Dragon Breath Bottle.
  17. Ghost’s Blue Fingers – Explore rooms in Night mode to find the Apparition’s Fingers.
  18. Cauldrons ‘n’ Things – Charge the Magic Elilxirs collection and explore the Witch’s Athanaeum in Night mode.
  19. The Dark Bibliophiles Society – Banish 20 Dark Bibliophiles. (Find Magical Noise Makers by exploring rooms; you will need 60.)
  20. A Thing or Two about Mushrooms – Explore rooms to find Agaricus Mushrooms. Found in Hotel in yard.
  21. The Quiet Hunt – Explore Mictlantecuhtli’s Pyramid in Silhouettes mode for the Cantharellus Mushroom.
  22. Morchella and More
    • Japanese Garden in curse after Will’o’the’Wisp to find the Amanita Mushroom
    • Hall in curse after the Mist to find Morchella
    • Hunting Room in curse after the Native Idol to find the Boletus Mushroom
  23. Drops of Danish Kings
    • Explore the Pool in Night mode to find the Nymph’s Extract
    • Explore the Bedroom at Night to find the Housemaid’s Drops
    • Trade with the Old Gypsy Woman to find the Gypsy’s Ointment.
  24. The Blood and the Phial
    • Explore Strigoi’s castle in Words mode to find the Vampire Decoction
    • Defeat the Sorcerer’s Apprentices to obtain the Witch’s Phial
  25. Dark Master Initiation Ceremony
    • Charge Magic Elixirs collection
    • Explore the Witch’s Athenaeum 3 times
  26. Whether Rain or Snow – Charge Fortune-Telling Cards collection
    • Priestess – Crypt
    • Jester – banishing the Ear Twisting Snatchin
    • Sun – Room 51
    • Moon – Fortune Telling Room
    • Sorcerer – Witch’s Athenaeum
  27. Sylvania’s Story – Charge Secret of Mystery Artifact #13.

2015-11-03 13.08.59.png

THE END of Witches Athenaeum. You should now receive Pumpkinshadow Castle quests.

Follow me, Reader!

Follow me, Reader! is a quest on the right side of your manor. Charge the Witch’s Athenaeum collections 5 times each to receive the reward. Open the Voracious Reader’s Chest and receive 300 Babylonian Candles, 50 Flaming Skulls and also 10 of each type of weapons against Full moon monsters.

2016-10-20 10.28.42.png

Witch’s Athenaeum Collections

  • Sorceress’s Recipes
  • Book of Verses
  • Magic Elixirs
  • Mushroom Basket
  • Fortune-Telling Cards
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It’s impossible to complete witches anthenauem quest! Can’t get noctrunal eye charms to get witches phial.


I have used up all my nocturnal eye charms trying to get the witch’s phial. Does anyone know where they drop from?


I’m on quest 25. I previously charged the collection, I must have thought this quest string wouldn’t have returned. I need help getting the items again. Missing items are on my Wish List. Invitation code 4a40be


    Do u know where to get the black candles to play the the room witch’s Athenaeum


      Banish the dark Bibliophile


      Also from the Living Book or you can buy in the shop.


I need Veiled Lady Mushroom in Powerful Pumpkin collection. How do I find it?


    You can get the mushrooms and books searching rooms when you are using the Time Control Artifact number 15. Most players have a bunch so see if you can get a friend to send it to you.


Where to you find the pumpkins to banish the ghostly biker?


    They are Burning Pumpkins according to the quest but since I didn’t have any I checked and they are the Magic Pumpkins in your weapons used to banish the Headless Horseman! It takes 5 for each Biker! If you don’t have any they should drop from searching rooms.


      Thank you xx


I found the agaricus mushroom in the hotel in the yard.


    If you use Artifact #15 while searching, all of the mushrooms drop eventually…..


I lost the Witches Athenaeum from my game. Is that supposed to happen? Also lost the restaurant and kitchen of plenty.


    Yes, those are seasonal rooms and only come out for the events. They may be back next year if GI decides to use them again.

Susan Graham

Any help with finding Sorcerer’s to get Witch’s Phial?


    I can’t find them either. Anyone know what gets them to appear?


      I don’t know why, but the priestess of chaos gave me the witches phial. Clicked on the show button in the quest box and it took me to her and I did get the phial from banishing her. Really messed up and confusing!

Barb Rossi

The hearts drop from rooms, very slowly, I gave up and put the feathers on my wish list


Quest #22. To find the mushroom in th hall, the mist curse isn’t showing the mushroom. Ive tried the mist, idol, willowisp, UFO…nothing is bringing this thing up. Anyone have any ideas what curse is the right one? The message keeps saying I have no rooms with the right curse.


    Can you get that mushroom as a gift from another player?


      I put it up on my Wl. Someone should send it. But it’s just frustrating…


    So you did play the hallway in mist mode and then the curse that was left from it did not show the mushroom?


      Yes I did play several times and the mushroom never showed up…


    I found the mushroom that was listed for the hall in the garden with the curse after the will o wisp. I was gifted the one that was listed for the garden, but tried it anyway and there was the one I needed from the hall!

    Barb Rossi

    You can ask a friend for a mushroom on your wall request, I have plenty to give. 6CA555


      Yes I did put it on my Wl and a friend did gif it to me ?


Where do I find the hearts to banish the Amor Angel?

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