Underwater Treasures Match Three Event

Underwater Treasures Match Three Event

The Underwater Treasures Match Three Event appears on the right side of The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS.  You must be Level 14 in the Match Three mini-game to participate in the Event. It is very important that you enter the Match Three mini-game through the Event Window in order to earn keys for the rewards.

The Event lasts 5 days. Everyone gets the same 10 games to play so lets help each other out with tips if we can. I’ve put screen shots and videos with all the rounds I’ve completed. Reading though the tips may help you with your round even though it won’t be exactly the same.

Underwater Treasures July 26 2018

  • The first play of the Match Three mini-game is free. You will need to play this round to start earning Fish Feed for the next levels.
  • When you completed the round you will received a Level Complete message. Seems I was awarded a Sea Key and Fish Feed.Underwater Treasures Sea Key
  • Now I returned to the Underwater Treasures Event window and could see more information. In the lower right corner of the window there is a Requirements for 6 Fish Feed.Underwater Treasures Fish Feed
  • If you tap on each of the Chests you will see what the award in for obtaining the required number of Sea Keys. These are the rewards from the initial Event. On September 12 with version 2.14.0 they changed.
    • 2 Keys – 5 Diamonds, 2 Pointers, 2 Mines
    • 6 Keys – 10 Diamonds, 1 Copper Sun, 2 Rainbow Lightning, 2 Compass
    • 10 Keys – 25 Diamonds, 2 Bomb, 2 Chocolate, 1 Silver Owl of Wisdom, 1 Hammer (the one that breaks tiles in the mini-game
  • These are the new Rewards effective with Update 2.14.0.
    • 2 Keys – 3 Diamonds, 1 pointer, 20 Energy
    • 6 Keys – 1 Inflatable Hammer, 1 Hammer for the Match 3 game, 30 Energy
    • 10 Keys – 10 Diamonds, 1 Hammer for the Match 3 game, 50 Energy
  • You can still play the mini-game if you don’t have the required 6 Fish Feed but you will not receive a Sea Key. Fish Feed can be found by searching the rooms or playing the mini-game.
    • You can see how many you have in the last tab of your Inventory window.
    • I also noticed when I was in the last inventory tab that all the Phenomena summoners and banishers are first in the list and grouped together. I hope this stays this way.
  • You must enter the Match Three mini-game through the Underwater Treasures Match Three Event Window on the right to earn the rewards and receive a key. Otherwise you are using Energy and just playing the Match Three mini-game.
  • You will collect Fish Feed from searching rooms. I have noticed that the rooms that take keys and more energy like the Library give more Fish Feed per search.
  • When you complete the Event and have collected all 10 keys you will receive Energy for whatever Fish Feed you have left. So, if you’ve got plenty of time left in the Underwater Treasures Match Three Event wait to do your 10th key until you’ve collected more Fish Feed. We all know in this game Energy is slow to regenerate.

Underwater Treasures Match Three Event Games for August 3, 2018

  1. Destroy 80 sea urchins. You can only remove sea urchins by using boosters.
    • I blew up the top bomb to the right side of it. It blew up the remaining bombs. The key is to make as many bombs or rockets by matching sets of 4 and 5. When you blow those up you will get a Rainbow Lightning that will blow up all items of the same color.
      Underwater Treasures Match Three Event 1
  2. Destroy 75 Sea Urchins.
    • On the right are 2 Rainbow Lightning. Blowing these up next to each other will blow up everything on the screen. There are sea urchins under all those blocks. I notice that 3 of these sea urchins have little gold decorations. I am wondering if this means they need to be blown up more than once. I didn’t notice that they did in this round but in a future round I’m pretty sure the first time it took the gold decoration away and the second time removed the urchin.Underwater Treasures Match Three Event 2
    • Here is a video of Level 2. I did this 3 times and was always left with a few that were not close enough to a bomb to blow up the sea urchins. In the end when I had 1 left and I could see a bomb next to it I paid the 15 diamonds to continue. The move just before paying the diamonds I thought for sure would blow it up. When you have a Rainbow Lighting and a Rocket or Bomb next to it you can combine them and make explosions all over the board. I did it a couple of times in this round.
    • I really took my time on this round to find where one move that wouldn’t create a bomb or rocket might lead to the next move that would.
  3. Round 3 Destroy 42 Amphoras.
    • Match pieces next to the amphoras or blow them up to remove them from the field. You will want to destroy those wood blocks first and they take 2 hits each. Fortunately you are not required to have a bomb or rocket to get rid of these.Underwater Treasures Round 3
    • Here is the video for round 3. You will notice that I checked my supply of Fish Feed before I went into the round. Open your Inventory Window and go to the last tab with the sack. You will need 6 Fish Feed for this round. I earned a Rainbow Lightning early in this round but waited to use it until I had colors next to the amphora to blow up. Using the Rainbow Lightning to destroy a color will be like making a match next to the amphora and will destroy it.
  4. Blow up 4 Barrels and Destroy 50 Wood blocks.
    • Match next to the Barrels several times in a row, 3 I think, to blow them up. They blow up multiple pieces at a time. Don’t let the Barrel cool down or you will have to match more to finish them.Underwater Treasures Round 4
    • Here is the video for Round 4. You have 30 moves to complete this level. You will need those barrels and other specials to complete the round.
  5. Destroy 43 Sea Urchins
    • You can only destroy these Sea Urchins by blowing up something next to them. You will have a few barrels to help you with explosions. Notice this time there are urchins with even more gold decorations. They take multiple explosions to destroy them.Underwater Treasures Round 5
    • Here is the video for Level 5. You have 25 moves to complete this level so blow up those barrels and create bombs and rockets to help you.
  6. Release 28 Shrimps in the Ice.
    • The shrimps are stuck in the ice! Match pieces next to the ice or blow it up with boosters to release the shrimps!Underwater Treasures Round 6
    • Here is the video for Round 6. You have 32 moves to release all shrimps. Notice that not all of the blocks have visible shrimps. The ones that are frosty on the edges you do not know what is under them . and one you blow up ones with other pieces in them they may help you make matches next to the shrimps. You can count the shrimps you can see to get an idea how many are visible. Remember playing a round is not time based but move based. Take you time and see what moves could be best.
  7. Destroy 18 Sea Urchins
    • This round looks really painful because it is filled with wood blocks that need to be blown up 3 times before you get the Sea Urchins. You will get 3 sets of Rainbow Lightning to help you with this but it takes away 3 of your 30 moves.Underwater Treasures Event Round 7
    • Here is the video for Round 7. Notice that I blow up 3 sets of Rainbow Lighting and then am left with the 18 Sea Urchins. Many of these Sea Urchins need to be blown up more then once. They have heavy gold decorations.
  8. Drop 4 Bottles to the bottom and remove 50 Shells
    • A new obstacle. The walls won’t let the pieces move but they don’t get in the way of matches.Underwater Treasures Event Round 8
    • Here is the video for Round 8. I found a couple of times that I could make a match to make the bottles drop. You have 30 moves. Notice the first 2 bottles are in the upper corners and you have to drop them down the side around the holes. The only way to do this is with a match or the Rainbow Lighting. You could use a Hammer. I had 1 left in my inventory and used it to clear the last piece for my final bottle. One of the keys in this round is to create the Rainbow Lighting so you can remove a color. You won’t get a 3rd bottle to drop until you have dropped at least one of the first ones off the board.
    • Once I used that last bottle I thought it would be good to have some in my inventory for the next game plays and they might be less diamonds than using diamonds for extra moves. I did not find anywhere to purchase them in the shop. They are really hard to earn. The one I had came from the reward for completing all 10 rounds on the previous event. I requested the ability to purchase these in the shop from GI. They do offer a sale for real cash on the right. However, if you hoard your diamonds like me when you are inside the Match Three game you can purchase 3 Hammers for 30 Diamonds.
  9. Destroy 21 Shrimps
    • If you count the shrimps you can see by looking through the frost there are only 10. However there are 12 completely frosted pieces that will take more than one match or explosion to clear.Underwater Treasures Event Round 9
    • Here is the video for Round 9. This took me several tries. You need to make bombs and rockets to get the Rainbow Lightning. I resisted using my Rainbow Lighting so that I had 2 next to each other twice in the end to finish. If you have a bomb near the shrimps outside the main window they will blow those up but the combined Rainbow Lightning will do it too.
  10. Round 10 – I’m not going to do this round until the last day because I want to earn Fish Feed to convert it to Energy.

I spent quite a bit of time to get some video to post for those that have trouble with these match three games. Of course much of it is just luck on which pieces you get where. Don’t be discouraged. If you’re having trouble with Match Three games download Fishdom from the App Store or Google Store and practice on it. It is extremely similar.

Remember I do not work for GI and they do not provide monetary compensation for this website. If you appreciate all the help provided to make your game experience more enjoyable please consider becoming a Super Sleuths subscriber to help keep the pages up and running.

Playing the Underwater Treasures Match Three Event will also give items you might need for quests that require the Match Three game.

I’ll continue to update this page. I just wanted to get something out there while the Event is still going.

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Detective V

Can someone please explain how fish food is converted to energy?
I am at level 9 but could energy be better than the level 10 box?


    Leftover Fish food and keys are converted once you complete level 10 or the time expires for the event.

    The advantage to completing level 10 is the reward.

    There is no increase in value for the leftovers.

      Detective V

      Thank you 👍


I would appreciate any tips about Level 7, or maybe it’s Level 8, as the game says that I have collected 7 keys already. Anyway, it’s the level where you have to zap 50 shells and drop 4 bottles. There are not enough moves for me. Sometimes I can barely get the bottles to move at all before running out of moves. I used all of my fish food, then had to wait for my energy to fill before I could search rooms to collect more food. Extending 5 plays with 15 diamonds won’t help, although I admit to doing that in a couple of the ealier levels when I knew that I could finish in 1 or 2 moves. Thanks for all that you do Ms. Willow.


    I got the video yesterday and will get that page updated shortly. I think the trick is to make those bombs and rockets so you can get Rainbow Lightning. Then go for the color below that’s blocking your bottle. I think it took me 3 tries.


This event is frustrating. I enter from the icon, pay the fish feed, start the event and halfway through it kicks me out and resets so I need to enter the manor from scratch. Takes time and energy to collect more fish food as it’s lost on reset☹️


    Open a ticket with GI. Ask them nicely for compensation. If it were me I’d request the winning chests up to the number of rounds you would have won for trying to play. Take screen shots as soon as you enter a round so,they know you tried.


      How do I contact GI through the new manor?


        There are instructions in the Help information on the Tour of the Manor page.

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