The New Mystery Manor Inventory and Shop Windows

The New Mystery Manor Inventory and Shop Windows

The Inventory and Shop Windows have very similar tabs and navigation. Click each tab to see what’s available to use or purchase.

On the left you are able to choose a name that you want to be known as in the game and a disguise (avatar) for yourself. This is free of charge the first time. Once you set your name, the charge is 8 diamonds to change it.

The following information is shown here about your game:

  • Level – How far you have progressed in the game. Each level requires an increasing number of experience points to level up.
  • Experience – How many experience points you have accumulated in total in the game.
  • Reputation lvl – When we have friends this will increase by visiting and tipping friends.
  • Reputation – Reputation points are earned by visiting Friends in the game.
  • Energy – The amount of energy you have left to play with versus your maximum energy level.
  • Strength – The amount of strength you have left versus your maximum strength level.
  • Friends – The number of Friends you have added in the game.
  • Helpers – The number of your Friends that are roaming your Manor and can be taken with you to a room when searching.
  • Coins – The total number of coins that you have accumulated.
  • Diamonds – The total number of diamonds that you have available to spend.
  • Rooms unlocked – The number of rooms that you have opened versus the total number of rooms in the game.
  • Collections assembled – The number of Collections that you have charged.
  • Artifacts crafted – The number of Artifacts that you have charged.

Tabs at the Top

The items that you have accumulated in the game can be found in this section. Click on the tabs to see what items you have available to use. The bottom of the Shop Window shows how many Coins and Diamonds you have. In the Inventory Window there is also a count on the number of Antique Kronas which will later be used to buy furniture.

  • Energy – Energy boosts are used to increase your Energy to search and banish. Click on the item to see how much Energy it will restore and to use it. You can earn these Energy boosts during game play or purchase them in the shop.
  • Charms – Charms are used to increase certain benefits whilst playing such as Experience or Coins awarded, chance of finding an item or increasing your Energy recovery rate. Click on the item to see what benefit it will award and how long it will last for. You can earn these Charms during game play or purchase them in the shop.
  • Chests – Chests come from many places. Currently the Shop does not have a tab for chest purchases.
  • Keys – the number of keys you have available for searching the different rooms or entering into boss battles. Keys can be earned by searching, charging certain collections, opening chests, banishing creatures or purchase them in the shop.
  • Weapons – Weapons are used to banish the Creatures Wandering the Manor.
  • Tools – These tools are used either in room searches or Match Three Mini-game.
  • Chargers – The chargers do not currently display in the Inventory window. This is a bug that needs to be fixed. You can see the list of them to purchase in the Shop.
  • The Sack – For want of anything else to call this tab it’s like a grab bag of miscellaneous stuff. Odd things you receive throughout the game that you will never have a use for get dropped in this tab. This is also where you will find you phenomena summoners and banishers.
  • Trophy Cup – This is one in the Shop window and lists items you can buy with tokens won in contests. The bottom of the window will show how many you currently have in Inventory.
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