The New Mystery Manor Tips and Navigation

The New Mystery Manor Tips and Navigation

I’ve listed links to pages that will give you Tips and Navigation around The New Mystery Manor for iOS and Android. As a new player these will be especially helpful and even some of us that have played the game a long time miss the little things in the game.

Most of the game play is the same in both versions of Mystery Manor. However, time is a key element in The New Mystery Manor. We are also dinged for mistakes so no more wild tapping. I think I counted 3 wrong taps in a row but did not see how much time you lost for it. Speed gets us  bonus points and there are rankings on the side of the screen but other than making you feel better because you scored more points than other players I don’t see a reward.

However, I believe you are awarded more Experience points for being faster. I have not figured out what all the factors are for these things yet. In the original Mystery Manor for the iPad if it said you would earn 100 experience at the beginning of the room search then that’s what you earned at the end.

Take your time to browse through the pages and ask your questions on the page that seems to fit what you are looking for. It is also good to read through the comments because sometimes your questions are answered by previous commenters.

I will update this page as I move along in the game. I will add new pages for additional information.


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