Sakura Room

Sakura Room Level 27

The Sakura Room for The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS is available to open at Level 27. In order to obtain the key you must complete the quest Last Trial – see first quest below. However, you will only get this quest after you have completed the main quests for Room 51.

Sakura Room Creature

  • Flower Protector – Requires 1 Dango’s Candy to Banish. These drop from room searches, the Reward of the Day chests or can be purchased in the shop.

Sakura Room Key

  • Cherry Tree Flower – Banish Flower Protector, get in the Daily Quest reward chests or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Sakura Room Quests

  1. Last Trial – Explore the Japanese Garden in Silhouettes mode to find the Sakura Room Key and use it to open the room.
  2. Herald of Bad News – Trade with the Flower Protector three times.
  3. Givers of Light – Search the Japanese Garden to find the Street Lantern.
  4. Light from Days of Youth – Trade with the Flower Protector to get the Garden Lantern.
  5. Lighting the Past – Explore the Living Room to find the Room Lantern.
  6. Madness and Courage – Search the Hall with Hoarfrost phenomenon for the Festive Lantern.
  7. Light of Love – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room in Words mode to find the Gift Lantern.
  8. Rekindle Life – Charge the Lights of Life collection to get the Imperial Lantern.
  9. Bringing the Parts Together – Explore the Sakura Room three times then transfer the light from each lantern you found to the Sakura Lantern to bring Sakura back to life (drag each lantern starting with the one on the left across the screen to the flower). Sakura returns but has no voice as she is possessed by the Oni spirits. (End of quest string)
  10. (New quest string begins) Silence Keeps Secrets – Explore the Sakura Room two times.
  11. Better Than a Thousand Words – Play the Match Three mini-game to find the Koto Zither.
  12. Music of Feelings – Look in the Bathroom in Words mode for the Biwa Lute.
  13. To the Rhythm of Love – Search the Hunting Room to find the Tsuzumi Drum.
  14. Moment Lasting an Eternity – Explore any room in Abracadabra mode to get the Singing Bowl.
  15. While the Music Plays – Play the Match Three mini-game to find the Furin Bell.
  16. Song of Pain and Love – Charge the Music of the Rising Sun collection to find the Shinobue Flute.
  17. Triumph of Love – Assist Takeshi to play the flute:
    • Explore the Sakura Room, and
    • Explore the Japanese Garden.

    Then match the music note shapes with the shapes on the flute by dragging the notes to the same shape on the flute. Sakura is freed from the Oni spirits and reunited with her love!

    End of quests

    The following quests run at the same time as this.

  18. Special Miso Soup – Find Miso Soup in Kitchen with Poltergeist phenomenon.
  19. Gardener Immersed in Grief – Find the Flute in Japanese Garden in Anagram mode.
  20. Infatuation Japanese-style – Find the Rattle in Fortune Telling Room.
  21. Cozy in the Dojo – Find the Paper Lantern in Japanese Garden in Silhouette mode.
  22. The Long-Awaited Meeting – Explore Japanese Garden in Anagram mode (N.B. you just need to explore; there is no item to find).
  23. A Way to Bring Back Love – Find a Wakizashi (sword) by exploring the Hunting Room. (GI says this item is in a collection that is not yet available.)
  24. A Duel Between Lovers – Find the Sword Handle Umbrella in any Manor room. (GI says this item is in a collection that is not yet available.)
  25. A Sad Outcome – Find the Paper Fox by banishing Snatchins.
  26. In an Amnesiac Abyss – Find the Origami Butterfly in any room.
  27. Meddling with the Afterworld – Find the Zen Lantern exploring any room in Will-O-Wisp mode

Note the collection items that GI says are in a collection that is not yet available.

We will add quests and information as we obtain it for this quest string.

Sakura Room Collections

  • Art of Origami
  • Japanese Food
  • Kabuki Mummers
  • Lights of Life
  • Music of the Rising Sun
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My quest to get the key to open the Sakura room was ‘Last Trial’ to charge the Perfect Garden collection – another quest that will take years


    Yes it’s an artifact so you need to charge 5 collections to fill the items in the artifact. There are no quests planned to help us get those items. So lots of playing at 5 star Mastery in a room that takes 50 keys and probably 100+ energy.

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