Room 51

Room 51 Level 25

Room 51 in the The New Mystery Manor becomes available at Level 25. In order to obtain the key for this secret room, you first need to finish all the quests for the Laboratory and then follow the quest string below to reach the quest Knock Harder. Once the room is open, complete quests to find the personal recorder of the mysterious Agent Fox from the Bureau of Investigation of Alien Activity.

Room 51 Creature

  • Little Green Man – Requires 1 Laser Pistol to Banish. These drop from room searches, the Reward of the Day chests or can be purchased in the shop.

Room 51 Key

  • Secret Container – Banish Little Green Man, get in the Daily Quest reward chests or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Room 51 Quests

  1. Year’s Supply of Donuts
    • Explore the Kitchen in Silhouettes mode
    • Explore the Living Room in Anagram mode.
  2. Button Trail
    • Search the Dressing Room with the Hoarfrost phenomenon
    • Search the Japanese Garden in Anagram mode.
  3. Crumbs on Books
    • Explore the Library with the Hoarfrost phenomenon
    • Explore the Library with Poltergeist phenomenon.
  4. Sudden Loss of Consciousness
    • Search the Living Room with the Poltergeist phenomenon
    • Search the Bedroom in Anagram mode.
  5. The Professor’s Amnesia – Explore the Laboratory in Anagram mode.
  6. A Strange Recording – Catch 10 Television Robots.
  7. A Fresh Look at the Map – Search the Laboratory to find the UV Lamp.
  8. Knock Harder – Explore any room in Silhouettes mode to find the Room 51 Key.
  9. Room 51 – Use the key to open the Secret Room, also known as Room 51, and explore it twice.
  10. Evidential Matter – Search Room 51 to find the Felt Hat.
  11. Threads of Truth – Explore Room 51 in Words mode to get the Trench Coat.
  12. Personal Identification – Search Room 51 in Abracadabra mode for the Agent’s ID.
  13. Method of Elimination – Explore Room 51 in Silhouettes mode to find the Reliable Revolver.
  14. Indisputable Evidence – Explore Room 51 with Darkness phenomenon for the Disguising Sunglasses.
  15. Hear My Voice – Charge the Undercover Agent collection to find the Code-Locked Recorder.
  16. Hacking Methods
    • Look in Room 51 in Silhouettes mode for the Personal Badge.
    • Enter the badge number into the recorder to unlock it. “This is Agent Fox from the Bureau of Investigation of Alien Activity, and this is my journal.” (End of quest string)
  17. (New quest string) Veil of Mystery – Banish the Little Green Man 3 times.
  18. Anomalous Radiation – Explore the Laboratory to find the Atlantis Constellation.
  19. Secrets of the Stars – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room to get the Gemini Pleiad.
  20. Astronomic Peculiarities – Search the Dressing Room to find the Cat’s Cradle.
  21. Cosmic Breakthrough – Explore the Hunting Room for the Fossil Nebula.
  22. Truth Is Just Out There – Explore the Living Room to find the Diamond Cluster.
  23. Strange Coincidences – Charge the Truth is Out There collection to get the Star Navigator. The navigator doesn’t work … We’ll fix it!
  24. Not What It Seems
    • Explore Room 51 two times
    • Connect the wires on the navigator to fix it. Prof Gauguin built a beacon into the navigator that can capture signals from unidentified objects and Agent Fox has captured a signal! There is a UFO right next to the Manor! (End of quest string.)
      N.B. On completion of this quest, the quests for the Sakura Room start. These quests are posted on the quest page for it.
  25. (New quest string) Jane’s Case – Explore Room 51 once.
  26. Mysterious Crop Circles Case – Search Room 51 in Anagram mode to find the Tunguska Monolith. (This one took a while as I was out of keys for this room again!)
  27. Questions and Answers – Explore the Laboratory in Anagram mode to get the Roswell Stone.
  28. Guests from Faraway Planets – Search the Hunting Room in Anagram mode for the Indian Totem.
  29. Proof on a Stone – Look in any room in Abracadabra mode to find the Bas-Relief.
  30. Cosmic Wisdom – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room in Silhouettes mode for the Crystal Pyramid.
  31. Golden Orb – Charge the They Are Among Us collection to find the Golden Orb.
  32. N.B. On completion of this quest, the quests for the Flying Saucer start. These quests are posted on the quest page for it.

Room 51 Collections

  • They Are Among Us
  • Evidence Collection
  • Undercover Agent
  • Secret Contraptions
  • Truth Is Out There
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I put in a help ticket with screen shots of the empty collections and no quests to fill them. This has to be a mistake.


    No mistake. GI says there are no guests for any of those items. Figure it will be a year until all 20 are found, including chargers to charge them all. I guess the bright side is I will have plenty of Room 51 keys by the time I get the room open!

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