Room 51 Level 25

Room 51 Level 25

Room 51 becomes available at Level 25. It looks like I will be a long time getting past the first quest for this room which provides the key to open it.

Room 51 Key

  • Secret Container – Banish Little Green Man or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Room 51 Creature

  • Little Green Man – Requires 1 Laser Pistol to Banish.

Room 51 Quests

    1. Lost Trophy – Charge the Book Lover’s Rarities collection to find the Golden Quill.
      • This Quest gives you the key to open Room 51 when completed.
      • This is Artifact 10 which requires you to charge 5 collections: #52 Magic Books, #53 Dictionaries, #54 Typewriters, #55 Great Writers and #56 Snatchin Actors.
      • I competed the quest Book of Merlin – Charge the Magic Books collection to find the Book of Merlin but do not have any quests to get the other items. There were no quests that followed this one.
    2. Enlisting Assistance – Explore the Library to complete this Quest.
    3. Just Brilliant! – Explore the Hunting Room in Words mode to find the Portrait of Shakespeare.
    4. Following a Trail – Banish the Snatchin Book Lover to get the Portrait of Pushkin.
    5. Who is Who – Explore any room with Upside Down phenomenon to find the Portrait of Dante. (This took a long time to appear and did not drop on the first try.)
    6. Dark Plans – Explore the Dressing Room in Anagram mode to find the Portrait of Balzac.
  • in progress
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I put in a help ticket with screen shots of the empty collections and no quests to fill them. This has to be a mistake.


    No mistake. GI says there are no guests for any of those items. Figure it will be a year until all 20 are found, including chargers to charge them all. I guess the bright side is I will have plenty of Room 51 keys by the time I get the room open!

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