Pirate Brig Level 32

Pirate Brig Room

The Pirate Brig must have been the terror of the seas! Reach Level 32, complete the Sorrow From the Past quest, and find out what future awaits it.

Benedict gladly responded to Aelita’s request and decided to build a real pirate ship! Help the Plumber find the blueprints for the ship by completing quests.

Pirate Brig Wreckage

On the First Floor of your Manor, above the room floorplan, you will find the brig wreckage. This will show as soon as you start your new game. This is the location of where your Pirate Brig will appear when the Voyage is complete.

Pirate Brig Key

  • Golden Cannonballs – Banish the Blackbeard or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Pirate Brig Roamer

  • Blackbeard – Requires 1 Gold Doubloon to Banish.

Pirate Brig Quests

Brig Wreckage

  1. Shadows of Bygone Days – Explore Oceanic Room in Silhouettes mode.
  2. A Gentleman Protects a Lady – Explore Oceanic Room in Night mode.
  3. Sorrow From the Past – Explore the Bathroom and Oceanic Room.
    • Two quest strings appear after this. The first is the Blueprint Quest string to get the 7 blueprints for the ship. The second is the Brig Construction quest string.

Blueprint Quest String

  1. Shipbuilding Venture – Complete quests to get the ship blueprints.
  2. Trim Your Sails to the Wind – Explore rooms in the Manor to find the Forebody Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).
  3. A Strong Rear – Explore the Laboratory to find the Stern Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).
  4. Unsinkable Compartments – Explore the Laboratory to find the Bulkheads Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).
  5. Captain on the Bridge – Explore the Japanese Garden to find the Deck Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).
  6. Old Captain’s Advice – Explore the Hunting Room to find the Frame Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).
  7. Fair Winds to You, Sailor – Explore the African Room to find the Rigging Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).
  8. Rescue Operation – Explore the Oceanic Room to find the Lifeboats Blueprint (or buy for 25 diamonds).

End of Blueprint quest string

When you have obtained all the blueprints, click on the upgrade button. The quest completes and all blueprints are kept.

  • With the blueprints you’ve found, you and Benny are ready for the next phase – selecting the right tools and producing the ship parts.
  • You will now receive another list of quests to complete. These quests are for tools and items you need to build your ship:  bench plane, screw clamp, fretsaw, hammer, brace, lifeboats, carcass, masts, helm, and sails.  All of these items can be found by completing quests or purchased for diamonds.

Brig Construction Quest String

  1. Pirate Flagship – Complete quests to gather parts to assemble the Pirate Brig.
  2. A Ship from an Old Legend – Explore the Fortune Telling Room to find the Carcass (or buy for 50 diamonds).
  3. The Dinghies Weighed Anchor – Explore rooms in Will-o’-the-Wisp mode to find 20 Lifeboats (or buy for 4 diamonds each).
  4. Another Prank by the Snatchins – Explore the Sakura Room in Night mode to find the Helm (or buy for 50 diamonds).
  5. Masts as Strong as Steel – Trade with Giri the Gardener and Flower Protector to find 20 Masts (or buy for 4 diamonds each).
  6. *** in progress
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