Ocularis Spiritus Quests to Reach Zodiac Mode

Ocularis Spiritus Quests to Reach Zodiac Mode

Magda Confirmed that the Manor is in danger. The threat is so strong that my mystic abilities won’t be enough to stop it. Once, I had a powerful artifact, the Ocularis Spiritus. Help me recover it, and we can once again reveal what is hidden from our ordinary perceptions. The ending to this set of quests will be Zodiac Mode in your Manor.

The Ocularis Spiritus was designed by the great Leonardo da Vinci. The Master sketched it in a manuscript which was stolen. Pieces were scattered all over the world. Mr. X was able to collect them, but after the Event, they went missing. They must be in the Manor. There are 7 pieces.

I’m not exactly sure which quest starts this string so I’ll trace it back as far as I can.

GI removed the Zodiac and all quests from the game in Version 2.13.0. They gave a small compensation but have not told us if we will still have our progress when they decide to bring Zodiac back to our Manors.

Zodiac Creatures

The creatures went away with Version 2.13.0 however the weapons you may have acquired to banish them remain in your inventory.

  • Thunderbolt Knight – 1 Steel Scorpion and 30 Energy
  • Ophiuchus Knight – 1 Magic Crossbow and 10 Energy

Zodiac Mode Keys

  • Shatter of Zodiac  – 50 for each search. Comes from Shop or banishing the Zodiac Creatures.

Ocularis Spiritus Quests

  1. Friend and Helper – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room. This quest appeared when I reached level 22.
  2. Piece by Piece – Search the Hall to find Da Vinci’s Sketch. Buy for 125 Diamonds.
  3. Wandering Schematic – Banish Will-o’-the-Wisp or explore a room with it to find Da Vinci’s Design.  Buy for 125 Diamonds.
    • I found this one in the Living Room.
  4. Under Magnification – Trade with the Baron to find Da Vinci’s Blueprint.  Buy for 125 Diamonds.
    • I gave in and bought this one because the Baron was taking up all my Energy and I couldn’t search.
  5. In the Moonlight – Explore the Library at Night to find Da Vinci’s Calculations.  Buy for 125 Diamonds.
    • I found this in the Kitchen.
  6. Fifty Shades of Green – Banish Thieving Snatchins to find Da Vinci’s Schematic.  Buy for 125 Diamonds.
  7. Gone with the Wind – Ask you Friends to find Da Vinci’s Diagram. Usually this means to visit them. Buy for 125 Diamonds.
    • July 11, 2018 – I have asked GI if there’s a solution other than the Diamonds to complete this one since we do not have Friends yet. This one will drop from any room search. Not that I’m in any Hurry to have Zodiac Mode!
    • I found this one in the Living Room.
  8. The Final Step – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room in Silhouettes mode to find Da Vinci’s Drawing.  Buy for 125 Diamonds.
    • I found in the Living Room in Silhouettes mode.
    • This is the first piece of the Manuscript I found. As soon as it was found Magic Instructions quest came up.
  9. Magic Instructions
    • Explore the Library to find the Book of White Magic.
    • Find Da Vinci Manuscript. This is a quest on the right side of your manor. You complete this quest when you find all of the pieces of the Manuscript.Da Vinci Manuscript
    • After you complete this quest you will receive quest on the right for The Mystical Zodiac. There will be quests to find one of each of these items but as of now we don’t know how you will find the remainder since there are not friends to ask for them. Waiting for an answer from GI.
    • Player Rocker reports finding all these items on room searches (see comment below).
    • Remember once you accept the Reward for The Mystical Zodiac you will start getting zodiac mode. You won’t have any shatters. This is when you will begin getting the Knights to banish. They give the Zodiac Shatters. It takes 50 to search the room. They will probably give you 3 but not always. You will have to have weapons to banish them. Once you get Zodiac in a room the only way to get rid of it is to play it or summon a phenomena to go over top of it. Since phenomena are random it can be hard to get them in the room you want. 
    • Personally I have collected all these items but am not going to take the Reward until there’s some better method to get those Shatters.
    • We have had players get stuck on doing the Daily Contest room searches and the Guild Event room searches because they had Zodiac mode in the room and no way to search it. You can purchase Shatters in the Keys tab of the Shop Window. There is not deal on them: 10 for 18 Diamonds, 50 for 85 Diamonds, 100 for 160 Diamonds. So at the least 80 Diamonds for 1 search!The Mystical Zodiac
  10. A New Plan – Explore rooms to find items to get Ocularis Spiritus
  11. Age of Aquarius – Explore any room in Zodiac Mode to find Spectral Pitcher
    • Player says 3 searches and no Pitcher
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I mistakenly took the reward for completing the zodiac quests and got zodiac mode in several rooms. I bought shatters with diamonds (I have the diamond dragon), and had no problem with the mode in any room yet except the living room. Found that out today with the weekend guild quest. In zodiac mode in the living room, I couldn’t see the symbols at all. No way to complete without using compass, pointer or bombs, and even when complete, the symbols don’t show. Off to submit a ticket…


    I found the same room to be an issue. I logged a ticket with GI and they did give me 100 Shatters. I also did not get credit for the guild event and got no relief for that.


Finally decided to try Zodiac Mode. I got three minutes to complete the room. I never saw an item using the Ocularis. I was able to complete the room using compasses and pointers.

Don’t waste your time attaining Zodiac Mode until GI fixes the invisible signs.


    What room did you search? Have you opened a ticket or taken any screen shots?


I’m having problems with quest fifty shades of green
Have to find da Vinci’s schematic by banishing thieving snatchins.
Must have done about 100of them and the maniscript still hasn’t dropped.
Any suggestions


Under Magnification: I have traded with the Baron about 15 or so times and it hasn’t dropped. Earlier I wondered if it was due to my level, but now I’m at 26 and it still hasn’t dropped.

Book of White Magic in the Library: I’ve search the library probably 8-10 times since this became available. Also has not dropped.

I’m also not in any hurry for Zodiac Mode, so just reporting my status for others.


    I had 12 or 13 horseshoes when I started. When it finally dropped I had one left. Because of the energy I only traded 3 a day, so I may have received a few more horseshoes along the way, but I really can’t say for sure.


I found all the items for The Magical Zodiac from room searches. They show as a findable item I can’t remember if it needed a phenom or not. I was in no hurry for this either but the items are very bright and easy to see1 very expensive, I only know of getting the shatters from Thunderbolt Knight (1steel scorpion and 30 energy) and Ophiuchus Knight (1 magic crossbow and 10 energy) each gives 3 shatters! I haven’t finished zodiac quests bc I only search those rooms when I need to manipulate the zodiac to another room!


    Thanks, I added a not up in the main part of the page! I wasted energy on the stupid Baron yesterday then gave up and spent the 125 diamonds from my stash. Now I need to gather keys and energy for the Library to get the White Book of Magic. 3 searches, no book.


BTW, I haven’t seen Zodiac Mode and i completed these quests a couple of weeks ago.


    I’m sure there are quests to follow. In the Orignal Mystery Manor for the iPad the Zodiac Quest String Has 94 quests and the manuscripts are the first thing you have to find.


      Thanks, I am stuck on Magic Instructions where you need to get the Da Vinci manuscript and the Book of White Magic from the Library (75 energy each try). Where are those friends?


      Completed Magic Instructions after collecting Book of White Magic.

      Get 5 new quests and Ocularis Spiritus icon on right side with collections to complete for Zodiac Mode. How do I send you a screen shot?


        You can send images by email to mmadmin@mmipadfunpage.com.


        Try tapping on the items in that quest and see if they tell you something.


I did get the Da Vinci diagram without spending diamonds. It was a while ago but I think it popped up while exploring rooms.

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