Oceanic Room

Oceanic Room Level 30

The Oceanic Room becomes available at Level 30. In order to open it you must obtain a Diving Suit. There will be quests to help you find the items needed. Note … it takes 115 Energy to explore!

To buy these 5 items and open the Oceanic Room will be a total of 95 Diamonds. However, before you rush in to buy the items with your diamonds remember that this room will take Golden Coral to search.

Oceanic Room - Diving Suit

Oceanic Room Key

  • Golden Coral – Banish the Seahorse, get in the Daily Quest reward chests or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Oceanic Room Creature

  • Seahorse – Requires 1 Pearl Shell to Banish. These drop from room searches, the Reward of the Day chests or can be purchased in the shop.

Oceanic Room Quests

  1. Beckoning Silhouette – Explore Bathroom in Silhouettes mode.
  2. Aroma for Courage – Banish Snatchins to find the Jasmine Smell (does not appear in list of findable items). I was lucky and got on first try.
  3. Two quest strings now appear – one is to collect items for the Diving Suit (Suit string), the other begins with gathering Collection items (Collection string).

    Suit string

    1. Diving Boots – Explore the Laboratory in Anagram mode to find the Diving Boots (or buy for 19 Diamonds).
      • I was stuck on this one for ages because I was so far from opening the Laboratory.
    2. Piranhas Won’t Get Us! – Explore the Hunting Room with Hoarfrost phenomenon to find the Rubber Suit (or buy for 19 Diamonds).
    3. Lead Gloves – Get the Lead Gloves by exploring the Fortune-Telling Room in Silhouettes mode (or buy for 19 Diamonds).
    4. Underwater Knight’s Helmet – Capture Television Robots to get the Diving Helmet (or buy for 19 Diamonds).
    5. Collar from the Ocean Floor – Explore Room 51 in Silhouettes mode for the Lead Collar (or buy for 19 Diamonds).
    6. Find Diving Suit.
    7. Assemble Diving Suit.

    End of Suit string

    Collection string

  4. Perfume Up the Plumber – Trade with Gypsies to find the Date Night Perfume (does not appear in list of findable items).
  5. Cocktail for a Senorita – Explore Kitchen with Poltergeist phenomenon to find a Senorita Cocktail.
  6. Ready for Anything – Search the Bathroom with Darkness phenomenon to find B-152 (does not appear in list of findable items).
  7. REMOVED by GI as African Room is closed – Tender Touch African-Style – Explore the African Room with Hoarfrost phenomenon to get the “Tenderness” Dessert.
  8. Searching for the Lost Dessert – Find the Tiramisu by exploring the Dressing Room in Silhouettes mode.
  9. Amber Surprise – Explore the Hall with Hoarfrost phenomenon to find the Amber Comb.
  10. Ninja Love Magic – Search the Sakura Room in Silhouettes mode for the Girl-Shaped Candle. (N.B. Stuck here as the Sakura Room is not open.)

We will add quests and information as we obtain it for this quest string.

  1. Down the Pipe and into the Sea – Explore the Oceanic Room.
  2. The Beautiful Aelita’s Story – Explore the Oceanic Room in Night mode.


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