Laboratory Level 23 The New Mystery Manor

In The New Mystery Manor for iOS and Android when you reach Level 23 you can begin to open the Laboratory. I’m Albert Gauguin. A scientist, explorer, inventor, advocate of science and a rational approach to solving all sorts of problems.

Originally, instead of requiring a key to open the room you had to assemble items to obtain the Diamond Drill. However, update 2.23 changed this quest and you will now need to find Diodes. Any Diamond Drill parts you had found were replaced with Diodes.
In the original Mystery Manor we had friends and could ask them for the items. In The New Mystery Manor we have not had Friends added to the game, so we have the option to purchase the items for Diamonds or find them by completing Quest 6 below, Distress Signal.

If you purchase these items to get into the Laboratory it is a total of 200 Diamonds. You will then need to buy Energy Cells to Explore. They are 160 Diamonds for 100 which may give you about 5 searches, so bear that in mind before buying the diodes.

Laboratory Roamer

  • Television Robot – requires 9 Oil Cans to Banish. These drop from room searches and the Reward of the Day chests or can be purchased in the shop.

Laboratory Key

  • Energy Cell – Banish the Television Robot, get in the Daily Quest reward chests or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Laboratory Quests

  1. Elsa Trembles with Fear – Explore the Bedroom in Anagram mode 3 times.
    • This quest appeared when I reached level 23. It begins the Laboratory quest string.
  2. Rare Book Hunter
    • Explore any room with Poltergeist Phenomenon.
    • Explore any room with Hoarfrost Phenomenon.
    • Explore any room with Darkness Phenomenon.
  3. Mechanical Helper – Catch 10 Television Robots. These take 9 Oil Cans each to banish.
  4. A Friend Out of Contact – Explore the Hall once.
  5. Voices in My Head – Find 20 Energy Cells from Robots (3 at a time). Buy for 2 diamonds each or 10 for 18 diamonds.
  6. Distress Signal (This replaces the quest Drill a Hole in the Wall) –
    • Find 100 Diodes to release the professor from the Laboratory (or purchase for 2 diamonds each).
      • Catch the Television Robot – gives 3 diodes
      • Play Match Three mini-game – gives 5 diodes
      • Banish Poltergeist, Darkness and Hoarfrost Phenomena – gives 3 diodes. N.B. Although the instruction says to banish you actually need to explore the room with the phenomena present.
    • On completion this quest gives the key to the Laboratory.
  7. Power of Science – Use the key to open the Laboratory and explore it 5 times.
  8. Genius Problems – Search the Japanese Garden in Silhouettes mode to find the Robot Carpenter.
  9. Look Inside – Catch the Television Robot to find the Robot Electrician.
  10. Luminary of Science – Explore the Laboratory to find the Robot Plasterer.
  11. Colors of Science – Search the Hall in Words mode to find the Robot Painter.
  12. Skilled Hands – Catch the Television Robot to find the Robot Loader.
  13. Energy Collapse – Charge the Mechanical Helpers collection to get the Robot Finder.
  14. On the Trail of Atlantis – Search the Laboratory to find the Energy Element and insert it into the robot so that it can search the Manor and find the secret room.
  15. (New quest string begins) Do the Eternal Motion – Explore the Laboratory in Silhouettes mode for the Water Engine.
  16. Engine Go Round – Search any room with Hoarfrost phenomenon to find the Bhaskara Wheel.
  17. Constant Wavering – Catch the Television Robot to get the Desktop Pendulum.
  18. Rise and Slide – Explore the Bathroom to find the Magnetic Engine.
  19. Losing Marbles – Look in the Hunting Room in Abracadabra mode for the Marble Machine.
  20. Impossible is Possible – Charge the Perpetual Motion collection to find the Eternal Mill.(End of quest string)
  21. (New quest string begins) Aerial Titan – Explore the Bedroom with Darkness phenomenon to get the Blimp.
  22. Swing of the Wing – Look in the Japanese Garden in Words mode for the Ornithopter.
  23. In the Wake of a Genius – Play the Match Three mini-game to find the Aerial Screw.
  24. Aerial Express – Explore any room with Hoarfrost phenomenon to find the Drone.
  25. Better Than Sci-Fi – Banish the Handy Snatchin to get the Flying Disk.
  26. High Standard – Charge the Flying Machines collection to find the Airspeeder.(End of quest string)

We will add quests and information as we obtain it for this quest string.

Laboratory Collections

  • Mechanical Helpers
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Flying Machines
  • Cars of the Future
  • Reliable Helpers


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I need to compete the match three mini-game to get the grilled phoenix , but periodically, the cards freeze and I am unable to turn the card over, even when it is the last pair of cards. I notified MM and they said it was a glitch they were aware of. Well, then they should remove the quest! I did not see their message until after I played the game a second time and had the same problem. They did give me energy back.


Mechanical Helper – Catch 10 Television Robots. These take 9 Oil Cans each to banish.

There is an Achievement to banish the Television Robots however they are not being counted towards the achievement. I have a ticket open and will update when I get an answer.

Did you ever get an answer? I have reached this one and don’t want to waste my oil cans if they aren’t going to count.


    Yes, he said it would be fixed in a future update. I waited until 2.11.0 came out and finished my quest because it was one of the few I could finish.

    There is another one coming up Voices in my Head to banish Television Robot to find 20 Energy Cells. I am out of oil cans and I think I received 3 on every banish.


I got an answer from G.I. about the laboratory. There are a series of quests that end in one called Drill a Hole in the Wall. With this quest, the items to make the drill are now findable in rooms with Mist, Native Idol, Will o Wisp, Television Robot and Match 3 game. And you need 35
of 4 of these items, and they don’t always drop, I figure it’s gonna take forever to get through this without spending diamonds! I’m going to leave it until friends are available and hopefully we can get them that way at that point.


    Well, you can bet your sweet patootie that I won’t buy them, but will wait for friends….

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