Japanese Garden Level 14

Japanese Garden Room

The Japanese Garden Room for The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS is available to open at Level 14. Konichiwa! My name is Takeshi. They call me the gardener, but I don’t really know who I am. After the so-called Event I lost any memory of my past. My days are filled with sadness … In order to obtain the key you must complete the quest Whispering Flowers which requires you to reach 3 star Mastery level in the Living Room – see first quest below.

Japanese Garden Key

  • Golden Seed – Banish Giri the Gardener or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Japanese Garden Roamer

  • Giri the Gardener – Requires 1 Taiyaki Cookie to Banish. These drop from room searches, the Welcome gift or can be purchased in the shop.

Japanese Garden Quests

    1. Whispering Flowers – Explore the Living Room to reach 3 Star Mastery level. (This quest will auto-complete if you have already reached 3 star Mastery in the Living Room.)
      • This quest brings the key to the Japanese Garden.
    2. Seeds of Changes – Treat Giri the Gardener to get 10 Golden Seeds (or buy for two diamonds each).
    3. Chasing Memories – Use the key to open the Japanese Garden and explore it to find Pine Bonsai.
    4. Black on White – Explore the Kitchen in Anagram mode to find Jasmine Bonsai.
    5. In the Shadow of an Oak – Explore any room with Poltergeist Phenomenon to find Oak Bonsai.
    6. Red Leaves of Bravery – Play the Cards mini-game to find Maple Bonsai.
    7. Taste from the Past – Explore Japanese Garden in Silhouettes mode to find Fig Bonsai.
    8. Beautiful Flowers of Love – Charge the Bonsai of Memory collection to get the Sakura Bonsai for Takeshi.
      • When you complete this quest the Japanese Garden will open. “Oh poor Takeshi! The bonsai tree is dead…”
    9. Lost Hope – Play the Match Three mini-game to find the Garden Sprayer.
    10. Anticipating a Miracle – Explore the Bathroom in Night mode to revive the dry bonsai tree.
      • When you have explored it the Garden will open again and you have to drag the Garden Sprayer to water the bonsai to complete the quest.

End of quests

Japanese Garden Collections

  • Bonsai of Memory
  • Way of the Warrior
  • Art of Ikebana
  • Wisdom of Netsuke
  • Samurai’s Beloved
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