Hunting Room

Hunting Room

The Hunting Room for The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS is available to open at Level 12. I am Richard Jones, the Royal Hunter, winner of seven Best Hunter trophies, thrice crowned Hunter of the Year. In order to obtain the key you must complete the quest Shake Off the Dust which requires you to reach 3 star Mastery level in the Hall – see first quest below.

Hunting Room Key

  • Golden Bullet – Banish the Faithful Corgi or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Hunting Room Roamer

  • Faithful Corgi – Requires 1 Grilled Sausage to Banish. These drop from room searches, the Welcome gift or can be purchased in the shop.

Hunting Room Quests

  1. Shake Off the Dust – Explore the Hall until you achieve 3 star Mastery level. (This quest will auto-complete if you have already reached 3 mastery stars in the Hall.)
    • This quest brings the key to the Hunting Room.
  2. No Bullet Gets Past – Find the Faithful Corgi and feed him a Grilled Sausage to get 10 Golden Bullets.
  3. Sense of Trouble – Use the key to open the Hunting Room and then explore it. You will receive the Gatling Crossbow as one of the rewards.
  4. Not Bare Hands – Explore any room with the Darkness Phenomenon to find the Tesla Rifle.
  5. Trap Mishap – Banish or trade with any Snatchin for the Da Vinci Hunting Trap.
  6. Come to Me … – Explore the Dressing Room in Words mode to find the Beethoven Bird Call.
  7. Catch Me if You Can – Explore the Bathroom in Silhouettes mode to get the Schrodinger Trap.
  8. Main Trophy – Charge the Wonder Weapon collection to find the Talisman of Jones and tap the “On it!” button to complete the quest.
  9. Stop the Evil – Explore the Hunting Room in Anagram mode to find the Tiger Medallion for Jones.
    • Once it is found the Hunting Room will open again for you to insert the Medallion into the Talisman of Jones you found in Main Trophy.

End of quests

Hunting Room Collections

    • Wonder Weapon
    • Mysterious Trophies
    • Best Hunters
    • Hunting Dogs
    • Smoking Set
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