Fortune-Telling Room

Fortune-Telling Room

The Fortune-Telling Room for The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS is available to open at Level 16. I am Magda, the personal fortune teller to the X family. I see that which has been, and that which is yet to come; I see all things hidden and clear … I know many things, Detective! In order to obtain the key you must complete the quest Door to the Unknown which requires you to reach 4 star Mastery level in the Kitchen – see first quest below.

Fortune-Telling Room Key

  • Runestones – Banish Waldemar the cat or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Fortune-Telling Room Roamer

  • Waldemar – Requires 1 Jug of Milk to Banish. These drop from room searches, the Welcome gift or can be purchased in the shop.

Fortune-Telling Room Quests

  1. Door to the Unknown – Explore the Kitchen until you achieve 4 star Mastery level. (This quest will auto-complete if you have already reached 4 mastery stars in the Kitchen.)
    • This quest brings the key to the Fortune-Telling Room.
  2. Furry Terror – Find Waldemar the black cat and offer him a Jug of Milk.
  3. Making a Connection – Use the key to open the Fortune-Telling Room and explore it.
  4. Step by Step – Play the Cards mini-game to find Tarot Cards.
  5. Forward to the Past – Explore the Japanese Garden in Abracadabra mode to find the Book of Changes.
  6. Shadow of the Beloved – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room to get Futhark Runes.
  7. Important Detail – Search the Bedroom with Darkness Phenomenon for the Magic Candle.
  8. Last Hope – Find the Fortune Cookie in the Kitchen in Anagram mode.
  9. Bitter Truth – Charge the Visions of the Future collection to find the Fortune-Telling Cup so Magda can read the coffee grounds.
  10. Piercing Clarity – Trade with the Gypsy Boy or Gypsy Woman or Gypsy Baron to get the Coffee Grounds Brush to remove the excess coffee grounds .

End of quests

Fortune-Telling Room Collections

  • Visions of the Future
  • Grand Mage
  • Spiritual Séance
  • Witchcraft
  • Fluffy Kittens


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