Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer in The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS is found in the right top corner above the Manor. When you tap on the place for it you get a pop up window titled Crop Circles. “Do you believe in Aliens? As a true detective, you need to find evidence first. To do so, reach level 30 and complete the Golden Orb quest.” In actual fact, before you will get this quest you need to have opened and completed the quests for Room 51. Once you have completed those quests which end with the Golden Orb quest, the quests below will begin to find eight different crop circles.

“Case No. 1 and 2. The Golden Orb helped me see the truth. All over the world, people keep seeing these mysterious circles. They have them in Mystery Manor, too. They are ancient marks on the sites where UFO ships landed. But a saucer couldn’t and can’t land without a landing area.”

Flying Saucer Creature

  • Octopus – Requires 7 Ion Pistols to banish. These drop from room searches, the Reward of the Day chests or can be purchased in the shop.

Flying Saucer Key

  • Gravitron – Banish the Octopus, get in the Daily Quest reward chests or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Flying Saucer Quests

  1. Trip to the Stars
    • Find the Crop Circles. Complete the quests below to find the needed objects to assemble the first part of the landing area. These can be collected in any order.
  2. Among Friends – Explore any room to find the Peruvian Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  3. Unidentified Spiritism – Search the Hall with Hoarfrost phenomenon to find the Arizona Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  4. Snatchin Intelligence Network – Trade with Snatchin Highbrow to get the Mesopotamian Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  5. We’re off to Scout! – Explore any room with Reflection phenomenon to find the Roswell Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  6. Experimental Silhouettes – Search the Laboratory in Silhouettes mode to find the Egyptian Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  7. On Fox’s Trail – Explore Room 51 to find the Amazon Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  8. Catch the Robot – Trade with the Television Robot to get the Nazca Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).
  9. Time to Make Contact – Banish the Little Green Man to get the Tunguska Crop Circle (or buy for 10 diamonds).

When you have collected all the Circles from the previous 8 quests, open the Crop Circles on the Manor map and select the “Assemble” button. Congratulations! The landing area is ready! The first batch of fragments for the landing area has been collected. The quest Trip to the Stars will complete.

  1. (New quest string begins)Intergalactic Beacon – Now you need to collect components to build a beacon that can direct the flying saucer to land on the site. You need to find five each of four different components (or these can be bought for 3 diamonds each or buy all for 60 diamonds). Search the following rooms in Anagram mode to find them:
    • Spotlight x5 – Bathroom
    • Japanese Garden
    • Library
    • Megaphone x5 – Hunting Room
    • In Progress

    Flying Saucer Collections

    • Distant Horizons
    • Spaceships
    • Man in Space
    • Dreams of Space
    • Space Stations
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