The Elevator

The Elevator Room for The New Mystery Manor for Android and iOS becomes available to open at Level 42 and is found at the very top of the First Floor of the Manor. You can access the Elevator from the First Floor or The Basement (if this version ever gets a basement) and it counts as a First Floor room.

Repairing the Elevator

Click on the Elevator and you will see a screen with an assemble button. Click on “Assemble!” and a screen will appear showing what you need to repair it. To obtain the items needed to open the Elevator you need to banish the Creatures wandering the map. An item will not drop on every banish so it may take a lot of Creatures. Refer to Quest 7 below.

Elevator Creature

  • Snatchin Hobgoblin – takes 1 Gingerbread to banish. These drop from room searches, the Welcome gift or can be purchased in the shop.

Elevator Key

  • Spool of Cable – Banish the Snatchin Hobgoblin or buy in the key tab of the shop.

Elevator Quests

  1. Creaking From Nowhere – Explore the rooms of the Manor to get items to assemble and charge the Golden Maid collection for the Housemaid Outfit (you may have all the items in your inventory already).
  2. Plan B – Explore the Dressing room in Silhouettes mode.
  3. Secret Room – Explore the Kitchen.
  4. Surprise Behind the Wall – Explore any rooms to find 5 each of Hand Wrenches, Hand Saws and Strong Pliers.
  5. Oil Can! Oil Can! – Explore rooms in the Manor to find 30 Big Oil Cans to grease the Elevator Robot (or buy for 2 diamonds each).
  6. Reliability Check – Explore rooms in the Manor to find the Letter of Recommendation.
  7. Reluctant Repairer
    • Find the Elevator Key by trading with Snatchins to get the items necessary to repair the Elevator (or buy for 80 diamonds each):
      • Mechanic Drill x10 – Thieving Snatchin
      • Cable Holder x10 – Grubby Snatchin
      • Ball Bearing x10 – Handy Snatchin
      • Bracket x10 – Hungry Snatchin
      • Repairman’s Helmet x10 – Dandy Snatchin
    • Open the Elevator and explore it.

Two quest strings now appear:

Elevator Quest String 1

The following quests are to find certificates in various rooms. These certificates are not part of any collection and appear in inventory under the Miscellaneous tab.

  1. Elevator Rule #1 – Explore the Bathroom to find a ‘No Beverages Sign’ (or buy for 150 diamonds!).
  2. Total Disarmament – Explore the Hunting Room to find a ‘No Weapons Sign’ (or buy for 150 diamonds).
  3. The Soup of Discord – Explore the Kitchen to find a ‘No Food Sign’ (or buy for 185 diamonds!).
  4. More Signs! – Explore the Living Room to find a ‘No Strangers Sign’ (or buy for 185 diamonds!).
  5. Who Let the Dogs Out? – Explore the Dressing Room to find a ‘No Animals Sign’ (or buy for 185 diamonds!).
  6. Cleanliness Above All – Explore the Bedroom to find a ‘No Litter Sign’ (or buy for 185 diamonds!).
  7. Letter for a Friend – Explore the Elevator to give the Elevator Robot the Letter of Recommendation.

Elevator Quest String 2

  1. Higher Thoughts – Explore the Elevator to find items to charge Great Minds collection.
  • in progress

Elevator Collections

  • Brave Hearts
  • Ball Control
  • The Fab Four
  • Great Minds
  • Geniuses of Strategy
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I don’t have the Grubby Snatchin on my page, so how can I possibly get the cable holder in order to open the elevator????
Also, the personal quest for banishing werewolves. I’ve got lots of knives but the werewolf won’t show up.


    I’m sure you’ve tried this but have you banished something else to see it they would appear?

    Open a ticket. They respond pretty quickly!


Elevator does get phenomena…… and they’re very expensive, 218 energy when it’s it poltergeist mode. Ouch! How can they justify that!!!


    Because there are apparently many people willing to spend money on the expensive stuff in the game and they feel it’s better to have 10 players spend $100 a month or more on the game than 100 or 1,000+ spend $10 to $20 a month. Or even just a few dollars a month. They told me this new game was all about Energy but should have said greed.

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