The Guild — What We Know Thus Far

The Guild is a brand new feature in Mystery Manor — something we have never seen before!  Here is what we know thus far:

The Guild


On the first floor game screen, a new building appears outside the manor walls to the right of the laboratory.  If you tap on the new building, you get a message stating:  “To join a guild, build the House of Unity.”  (Therefore, this new building is the House of Unity.)  Tap on the House of Unity and a screen appears with a long text about hiring builders.  Ignore this.  Just tap “Buy” and pay 3,500 gold and you are done!


You can access guild features by tapping on either the House of Unity or Guild icon.  Each guild has a maximum of 10 members and one leader, whomever created the guild.  You have the option to (1) make your own guild or (2) join an existing guild.

If you choose to make your own guild, you will first need to choose a guild name, choose your guild’s avatar, and enter a guild description (optional). Next, you will have the option to invite friends to join your guild.  Apparently, only the creator of a guild can invite friends to join his/her guild.

If you choose to join an existing guild, you may receive a message that the guild already had too many requests so try to join a different one.  Once a guild accepts your request to join, you must wait for the guild leader to decide to confirm you as a guild member. You can only be member of one guild at a time, so if you get tired of waiting for the guild leader to accept you into his/her guild, try to join another guild and tap on the orange “you must withdraw your existing guild request” button.


Once you have created or have been accepted into a guild, you will see a screen with 4 tabs every time you tap on “Guild” or the “House of Unity” on the main game screen.  The first tab, “Guild,” lists all the guild participants, their game levels, their statuses (either leader or participant), and lastly points.  Thus, we conclude that the purpose of the guild is to get points!  You can also see your guild’s place in the ratings, cumulative guild points, and number of guild members at the top of this screen.  The next tab, “Chat,” is a place where you can communicate with other members of your guild and also includes updates about the “goings on” of your guild.   The next two tabs, “Events” and “Shop,”  don’t have any info yet but will soon.


The guild will be able to gain points by working together on special events that have not started yet, but I am told, will begin very soon.  When the first special event starts, Game Insight willpublish info about the guild in the Frequently Asked Questions section under the Information icon on our main game screen.

Currently, each guild member can get 5 points by checking this screen each day. You can also receive 5 points by creating a guild. Some players may be inclined to join guilds, unjoin guilds, and join others to keep checking the chat window to get 5 points again and again, but at this time, I don’t see the point (no pun intended) in doing this.  The real action will happen when the event begins.


Guild Ratings

If you tap on the Ratings icon on the main game screen, a new section has been added for the guilds with 3 categories:  progress, experience, and players.  Currently, there is a lot of speculation about how the top guilds have achieved so many points because the lowest level players have the most points!  I suspect that these players may be developers or testers.  If not, they are insanely persistent players who repetitively create, leave, join, unjoin guilds 24/7.

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Lynne Huddleston

We’re looking for a new guild member. We’re a good bunch and do most events but rarely do the explore events. My friend code is 811861. My game name is Lynne. Please feel feee to get in touch if you’re interested in joining us


Sassy Kats #195 looking for new member. We do mini games and most events, but not mode searches, Egypt or Dark Lord. Must be willing to check in each day, be really communicative, supply phone number for texting purposes, check in on time for all events or give advance notice of inability to participate. Apply at guild and/or Email or comment below, although I may not be checking for replies below very frequently. I’m 9fa09e if you want to send friend request. Lower level applicants are okay if you have most rooms open and are willing to spend diamonds to go back to boss repeatedly. The guild is a great one, close-knit, supportive and kind. Never have had an unkind word or anything negative in entire history of guild. Looking forward to hearing from you soon! 💞🤗😘


Our quild SunRunners has room for 5 new active players, we are also interested in merging with another guild.

Add Azhdeen: 60028e and leave a message if you are interested.


Hi there! Our guild has enough room to new players!
Add me with code f5e35d and leave me a message with the request to join the guild.
Thank you!


Need active guild players for our guild. We have a couple active players. Need to cut some. Code: 64d025


I am looking for a new guild, I left the old one because we were only three members and I was the only one playing. I sent a few request but I don’t get any answer. My friend code is c2cbb1

Jonny Meedeeg

If you have created a Guild, how to you leave and join another Guild? There is only myself and one other in this guild and we want to leave & join another.


I had to start over and I’m at level 40. I started my own guild but have a hard time finding players that aren’t in a guild already. I try to participate at my max in any events that I can. My guild members are on my favorites list and I help out on their wish list any time I can and gift to them daily. We only have 4 members and we are daily players. Search for Lordes of the Manor if you would like to join. We have players who try at events but with only 4 people we don’t have enough power to complete them at the moment. We need more people and power!


the leader of our guild is leaving, but the rest of us want to stay together. can we just replace the guild leader with one of us & add a new member when she leaves?


I was the only active member of my guild so I withdrew and applied to join another guild. That leader has neither accepted nor rejected me after several days and I seem to be frozen. Attempts to withdraw my request are unsuccessful. Pushing the orange “Withdraw my request” button han’t released/voided the “too many applications” notice. What should my next move be?


    Update: I was finally released from my first request and found another guild. My request was accepted and my issue resolved. Thanx.


I am experiencing difficulty finding out about new events with my guild. Can the guild leader restrict participation?


My guild disbanded. I tried to join another but didn’t hear back so I took my request back. Only problem the game is not allowing me to try and join another guild. Any suggestions?


My guild only has 8 players. I invite players but nothing happens. If you are still seeking a guild, search for Hauoli Honu to join! We help our lower level players advance!


    Wow! Guild filled! That was quick! Thanks mmipadfunpage for this page!


Does anyone know if I lose points for “un joining” my guild? There are only 4 members thus far, the leader is not an active game player, I have the most points so far because I’m the only one participating in events. I want to join another guild but I’m afraid of losing what I’ve gained so far. Any info on this is greatly appreciated!!!


    Alaina, yes, your guild will lose 20 points as a penalty when you leave; otherwise your acculated points remain in the guild total. As you search for a new guild, you can message the guild leader. Take your time and inquire about how the guild and members operate, and answer their questions. Some guilds are high pressure, some really help their members as individuals, some do little. You’ll be starting over, so take the time to ensure a good fit. Be honest about how often you participate in events, and so on. If someone won’t answer questions, pressures you to decide/join, move on and keep looking. You can only request membership from one guild at a time, but can message more than one guild leader. I’m speaking as a guild leader. Good luck!


      And to answer your other question, you will restart at zero when you join a different guild. A good leader will strategize, inquire about guild members’ available resources, fairly divide event tasks among the players and will likely ask others to play a little less at first to help you advance. Again, good luck!


        When I needed to add a player, I friended several applicants so I could observe how they played and we talked to each other frequently. I was able to get a good match for us, and recommended some others to another guild leader. Win-win-win.


    You lose all your points. I did this but it was worth it because I was in an underachiever guild


Looking for daily player willing to share events to join our guild. Send me a friend request at f593df and request an invite.


Hi guys,

Our guild, the Thunderbolts, has just lost a player who is leaving the game. We are all very active daily players and were in the top 10 but lost 20 points due to her leaving.

We would love to add another daily player who has been with the game for awhile and is not likely to leave. If you are interested please reply below with your friend code. Thanks!


I need help. I tried to join a guild. The leader posted on my wall but I am unable to reply back b/c we are not friends. Does anyone know how to become friends with someone that is not already your friend? Thanks!


    If you can get in the guild, there is a button that allows you to become friends with other guild members once you are a member of the guild. You will see a roster of guild members and can then “friend” them.


Does anyone know how this event thing compiles points? They have not included any info thus far even though we’ve had our first event. One of our members won 25 out of 30 boss defeats and still doesn’t have any extra points, but I participated in only 3 and got 100 extra points. It makes no sense. Can anyone explain?


    I was wondering the same as I completed 8 times and have 55 points and another member completed 9 times and has 277 points! I just can’t work out how the scoring is calculated. I wish they would tell us!


      They probably need to collect the reward for the event. I noticed my extra points showed up when I claimed the reward.


        How do I collect the reward for second place?


I’m looking for more players to invite to join my guild. Most of my “friends” either say game version out of date or they are already in another guild. Is there anyone out there that I could invite?


I have tried to join a guild, waited several days & no answer. Tried another guild & waited several days and still no answer. How are you suppose to join a guild?


    Yea I got in one. Third time is the charm.


I have joined a guild and noticed that other players have a friend, envelope and shaking hands in boxes beside their names. All I have is an X .why have I got that and how did they get the other icons?


    Maureen, you don’t need them for yourself. The other players do see those icons by your name.

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