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Support The Site

One EASY way you can help us keep the servers running is by using our Amazon Affiliate link when you shop!  You get the same great prices and services you expect and a small portion of your purchase price comes to us to help support the website. Your cost doesn’t change at all and you’ll be helping us every time you make a purchase when we get a small commission from Amazon because you used our Affiliate link!

If you are outside the US, please scroll down for our international affiliate links!

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This site is created by Mystery Manor iPad Players. In 2015 when the original creator decided to step back and discontinue the site I took it over. With the help of Ken, master of all computer geeks, we are working hard to keep it going.

I have a couple of web fairies that help me update the site when updates become available. Not only that we are working hard on bringing every room on the site up to date. It’s a big chore and I’m so grateful for all the help I get.

We get limited information from Game Insight. We cannot contact Game Insight on your behalf and have them fix your game. Sorry! If you have a game problem, you need to open a ticket with Game Insight. More details on how to do that are available on the Game Support page.

Most of all we get information from other players. I appreciate every single comment, email, image and quest string the players provide me. This site would be nowhere without them. And the players help each other every day on this site by answering questions for other players.

We really appreciate your support!  Thank you!

ps. We are not on Amazon Smile – It’s used for charities and non-profits.

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First of all thank you for your hard work putting this site together. I’ve been playing for a while and I sometimes feel lost. This has been a great help! I will certainly keep you in mind when shopping Amazon.



I do not shop on amazon and my home country is not in the list. How can i support the site?


    You can become a Super Sleuth Which is a subscription. I put bonus pages up for the Super Sleuths and it’s a nominal fee for monthly or annual.


How do I become a SuperSleuth member


    Follow this link for Super Sleuths.


I have a number of players that show ‘0’ in the number of gifts given. Are these players inactive? How do I know when to remove players from my friends list?


    If mine go to sleep with no message and turn to 0 gifts I usually delete them after a week or two. When you go on vacation it is good to put a message on your name bar so it can be seen even if you have a pillow.

    I personally think the players that decide to quit but don’t delete their game just in case they should decide to come back should delete all their friends and put a message in their name bar that says Break.

Gilda Canessa

I’m having problems with getting credit for completed collections on my iPad and cell phone. Most of my items go to collections that have been completed.


    I don’t understand what you’re saying.


Спасибо за все,что Вы делаете.
Я живу в России и мне не доступны магазины,представленные на этом сайте,могу я как-то финансово поддержать работу сайта,можно номер счета,куда русские пользователи могли бы перечислять денежные средства?

Translation – Thank you for everything you do.
I live in Russia and I do not have access to the shops presented on this site, can I somehow financially support the work of the site, can I have an account number where Russian users could transfer money?


    Thank you Hope! Our next step is to put a subscription service on the site for those who wish to contribute to the expenses.


Thank you for all you do!


I am new with this. Can not find how to update version for the Easter gifts. I have downloaded this one game on my iPad (brand new apple user) approx 2 was ago. When I go to the App Store only option I have is to open not update. And there is no Easter item or cave in the upper left corner of game as a friend told me to look for. How can I tell what version I’ m using, if perchance it is automatically updating.


    If you have update the game icon on your iPad for MM will be an Egg in a cup. When you go to the iTunes store select the Update option in the top menus where it says Library, Updates, App Store. If it’s not listed as an update there try turning your iPad on and off by using the button at the end of it.

Linda F

The info tab talks about Lorenzo De Leone and breaking the magic of his room more easily as it is weakened now???? I know nothing about this story line. Help!


I found a typo in collection 298 for item Peace Pendant. The entry lists Peach Pendant.

I love the detail you provide for us. Thank you


    Thanks, I’ll fix it. That’s been a mistake for a long time!


On iPad can’t find recreation center to get to play mini- games- I’m level 22 – no slot machine thing shows- thanks

Sharon Perkey

A great big THANK YOU for this site. Now maybe I won’t get so frustrated. I can’t donate but when I need something I will use your Amazon link. Thanks again!


I must be a dunce — I can’t find the affiliate link on Amazon. Help.

Marcia Francis

This site helps so much, Thank You? Will use Amazon to help?


I order from Amazon for my son ‘s company so I will start ordering through this link from now on! Great job with this website I don’t know what I’d do without it!!

Dee Loyd

I’ve added the affiliate link. Thank you all who work on this site.

Zumba Liver

I need help finding “Ghostly Portrait” from the Eternal Wanderer collection. I can’t figure out where to look for it!!


Going to shop on Amazon, right now. Love this sight.


    Thank you. Every little bit helps pay for the web site!


Awesome job you all do on this site. It it a wealth of information and I use it all the time. Will keep you in mind on my next Amazon order.


    Thank you, every purchase no matter how small helps pay our costs for hosting the site and paying for the domain name. We make an effort to keep the server response time fast and provide help to the 2,000 to 4,000 daily visitors. We had a leap to 8,000 daily visitors for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Linda L.

I’m not finding you on Just how do I link to your account?


    You need to click the box that says Amazon on this page. It looks like a little ad. It is the link you use to give credit to us for any purchases you make. It will take you to Amazon to shop. If you purchase anything by going through the link to Amazon we get a small amount but it doesn’t cost you any more.


Thanks for the help your help. I use it all the time.


You are an angel for taking on this site & keeping it updated. Please give Ken our thanks too!


Thank you all for the hard work you put into this site!!! I use this site daily and recommend it to all my players and Guild mates!! Thanks again!!

Ms Scarlett

Thank you so much for all the hard work put into this site. I’m not sure how long I would have played without have this invaluable resource to me.
GI should pay you to maintain this site Ms Willow! The ability to search Collection has been the best thing since sliced bread!


Love this group. Appreciate all your hard work. Thank you.


Great idea!


Absolutely wonderful!!! Fully support this program!

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