Seekers Notes and Secret Society

Seekers Notes and Secret Society

Seekers Notes and Secret Society are not games put out by GI. I have been playing a little bit here and there and I am not going to make this website about those games. However, I see that players are looking for a place to share their friend codes with Mystery Manor players.

I’m enjoying the game and I’m only playing it a little every day. I find it more relaxing. I love the graphics. Even when the items are hidden well they are so much more than a small indistinguishable blob in a shadow in the room.

There’s a wiki page for answers about the game. I haven’t had time to read it yet but I’ll get there eventually. Just follow the link!

Place your game name, which game and your code below so that others can find you!

Otherwise, I remain MsWillow and my friend code in Seeker’s Notes is 02X05G. I believe those are both zeros.

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I friends

Happy New Year!!!! 2020

Share my code with your facebook friends. I play everyDay


Code 0c5rin

Cynthia Brant

Player name is nrgdoc and code is b490a9 thanks for the info.


Seekers notes 0iex58


I am a DAILY Seekers Notes player looking for other DAILY players. I’m LIBBY in both MM and Seekers. My Seekers code is


MM Admin…How come someone cannot just take over the Old MM and do new updates …It’s a beautiful game…I have commented to the new MM because they are covering both games…even add the games in the ? Mark room…Plus they would make so much money…I still think the old one is better than the new one😢…We just need new things to do❤️


I’m a SN player. A Keeper, daily player, gifted and visitor. Code 0c58s0 I believe first and last are zeros. I’m Dewie in both MM and SN (Dewie42)


    Code wrong – should be 0c58e0. Sorry 🙄. And gift not gifted🤣


I had a little icon pop up on SN saying this is where you see your friends quests. Can’t find it. Has anyone else seen it or know anything about it?


    I haven’t seen anything but my game has had a few bugs since the last update. You could try looking at the wiki page.

    Was it friends quests or your friends wishes? Their wishes are in the gifts tab.


    I saw this message while visiting another player’s board. I was clicking up near the top of the board. I think on the mini-quest chest on the upper left side. Couldn’t figure out what it means or what it is for.


      I see that now. But you don’t see the actual 3 quests for your friend for that day. I always wondered if we all get the same quests daily but we wouldn’t because today I need to search the Antique Shop 9 times and not everyone has it open.

      On the next chest over you can see which guardians your friend has purchased.

      I’d post screen shots but I have never figured out how to put them in the comments.


Hi SN players. I am going to leave the game. I am finding it boring and repetitive. At first it was exciting because it was new, but it is the same old same old over and over again. Still depeleting my collections on from the old MM game, playing the New Mystery Manor (which is okay, at least it moves along with new and different challenges to the game. Sure it can make you crazy just like the old one did, not spending any $$$ except for the monthly dragon. Started playing Klondike (something very different from hidden object games), so far so good. Game name was SharonVT. Thanks to everyone who gifted me and sorry to disappoint, I need something that I am not going to dread playing and doesn’t put me to sleep with monotony, or make me crazy because there are constant pop ups.


    We will miss you! I was thinking of looking at Klondike.


    Yes, it is the same event over and over just with a new room. I downloaded Ravenhill on the weekend. It is similar to SN but works on lives rather than energy and has a Match 3 game mixed with the searching. You can also join a Guild with 40 people. The friends and gifting aspect is confusing though. If anyone plays and can tell me how the gifts on the Friends page work please shout!


      We should all get together and design a game! We all have good ideas about what would work and be fun. We especially know what we hate!

      Ken and I have discussed it before. He’s busy designing and preparing to write a journaling app right now.


        Klondike is fun and I am really enjoying it – different from anything played so far. But as one person who wrote a review said – don’t expect to move fast unless you want to spend $$$$. Spend time reading about the game in the help section. I have spent some $$$ only $10 just because I wanted to move a bit faster. It is a bit addicting because there is so much going on. Tap on everything – because I am discovering that there are lots of hidden goodies.


        Great idea!


      I’m liking Ravenhill in many ways better than Seeker’s Notes (SN). The quests are more varied, the match games are easier and are won by coming in within a certain number of moves, not by beating a timer. You can level up to 50 or more very quickly and then it starts getting harder. It is easier to play a long time without buying items and the ads aren’t as relentless as SN.

      As Snowdoll said, guilds have a max of 40 people. I was automatically assigned to a guild. The downside is that many of the players in my guild aren’t playing and neither is the administrator of the guild and there appears to be no way to delete inactive players from the guild. Also, because the trend online is to learn as much as possible about who you are, there is no way to invite others to a new guild using player codes as in Mystery Manor or Seeker’s Notes. You can only invite other guild members using social media apps, email, or messaging apps. I asked if they would add player codes and customer support said they would “take it under consideration.”

      You get 5 lives at a time. If you don’t find all the room items within the allotted 2 minute time each time you search a room, you lose a life. You can request more lives from your friends (who don’t all have to be in your guild). Otherwise, lives regenerate every 20 minutes.

      You can invite new friends by clicking on a button to add friends and within a day you’ll have a selection of 3 new friends you can add. If you click the person’s picture, it will tell you when they joined the game and their level.

      You can give up to 25 gifts a day by going to your friends page and selecting the friends to whom you want to send a gift. Gifts are decided for you, usually coins, that can be used to buy search boosters, such as magnifying glasses, time extenders, and other charms. I read that you can also request gifts, but so far I haven’t seen any reason to do so.

      Each room has a hidden lily. After you’ve found 20 lilies you also get free search boosters. I think it’s fun to find the hidden lilies. In guild quests they help determine the guild’s rank.

      The quests run about 4 days or so and then there’s a break where you can follow the Ravenhill story line and search rooms. When there’s no quest, in addition to searching rooms by following the story line, there are other personal mini games you can choose to play if you wish.


        How small or hard are the items to find. I am visually impaired and one of my big problems with the New MM was they changed the rooms so,the items are too small and indistinguishable. I like that I can see them in Seeker’s notes.

        It is amazing that I play a hidden objects at all. I do use the large 12” iPad.


          Like SN some rooms are harder than others but generally the items are easy to see. As Catiburon mentioned, you can level up quickly in the beginning.


        I think only the administrator and co_admin of the Guild can delete inactive players. Maybe delete yourself from your Guild and try to find one where people are playing. The one I am in is called Here 4 Fun and is quite active. The admin does delete a couple of non-players now and then so sometimes there are openings.


My Seekers Notes code is 01xo7f. I am looking for some new friends in this fun game! Please come join me.


My Seekers Notes code is Ofhxvl. I’m mom in MM and SN.




I’ve been playing mm for years on my iPad. Does anyone know if the game is still supported . No updates in a very long time. What game r u playing?


    There are loads of posts about the status of the original MM iPad that you can browse through. Basically, there will never be another update but events are released that are repeats of previous events. I believe the Valentine’s event Is currently running. They will provide support but you need to contact them via their web page and not from the G! Inside the game.






Pipuska Add 0c5rin thanks

Sandra Putzer

My Seekers Notes code is: 0eo9tx




My SN code is 0bd5cf


My code is 08dltl


Does anyone know what the “ silver paws” are for? You get them when you play the special event rooms. Look like silver coins with a blue paw print. The game just says you can buy guardians with them. I have over 1,000 of them and don’t know what to do with them.LOL


    There’s a little guy up to the left of your trophies. Tap on him. You can buy little animals. Plus in that box in the upper left you can tap for a daily award.


      Aha! Thank you! I’ve used it for the daily award, but didn’t notice the things I could buy.

Janet Roache

Playing Seekers Notes please add me 0dw3c2


Plz add me…playing Secret Society (EX3XTW) and Seekers Notes (07ddjk)


My Seekers Notes code is 07vqq9. Please come join me!

Tiffany Frost

Forgot my code lol 0d1apm……

Tiffany Frost

Hi everyone, I have been playing mm for years. Started the new mm and I don’t like it. So I started seekers notes and love it. I am on level 51 my game name is Tiffany. Please add me. You can never have enough friends lol


I am Mog, escapee from mystery manor, looking for friends in seekers notes, only just started playing but enjoying it immensely … my code in seekers notes is 0ec5uv that seems to be a zero at the beginning. Would be glad to have some MM friends! I am Mog in both MM and SN.


I am not playing Mystery Manor anymore. I am playing the New MM some. I am liking the Seekers Notes. My code is 0e87k2 (the first number is a zero). My name is Wonderlady. Looking forward to having friends!


Bat bee code 0e8666


I’m so grateful for all the help from mm friends. My Seekers Notes code for Stash is 0cio6m. Thanks.


Seekers code is 0dwq1i . I’m sad that this part of my quiet time is passing. I understand how my teenage son felt when he outgrew WOW…



Yes, my WL is still frozen. It was fine up to 2 updates ago but frozen since. I don’t think I have you in my friends list, though. If you are, a gold foil would be very much appreciated 🙂

Thanks in advance.



Seekers Notes. Just started playing. Seems good so far. Played for hours the first day. That was a nice change! Please add me


My Seekers Note code is 0chh5i. I am still relevantly low level but I play everyday. Loved the original MM and I do play the new MM but I run out of energy way too fast so gets a bit boring. Looking for something new to get exited about 😀

Alys Fenderson

I started playing Seekers Notes a while ago and need friends. My name is Alastríona and my code is Ocju13. (I don’t know if that starts with a number or letter.)


Thanks, Ms. Willow. It has been nearly 10 days since I’ve been able to visit. I see where friends have visited, hit the visit and get hung up. When Imclose the game and reopen it, all the visitors have disappeared. I did send a message seceral days ago and receiced the canned response that theynare working oni it. Very frustrating, especially when there is no wall to message friends of the situation.


I’ve been unable to visit friends for at least 24 hours. Wanted to let friends who rwad this page to know that I’m not ignoring them; I cannot getntomthem and it appears few can reach me. Also, those who had visited disappeared


    I have been getting a pop up message for 2 days that they are having a problem with visiting. However on both days I managed to visit everyone. Though my indicators of who visited me were gone. I wouldn’t think you were ignoring me, just busy!

    I am a,so having an influx of new friends everyday. Probably 30+. I know they’re not coming from this page so I don’t know what’s going on.


    Same problem. I am Spanky, 0bzmc4

    There is a note in their info section, gear, top right hand corner, that says they are aware and working on it.


Hello, I have just joined Seekers Notes (after MM) and am looking for some game friends. My code is 0dcd7r and my game name is Judy166


My SS code is DRTIFI this week if anyone is interested. There are no numbers in the code. See you soon!


    Snow, I am Roverout (NinaRover), is your wish list still frozen, I can look everyday. I have a couple friends like that already. I am keeping my friends below the 100 mark, and TT everyday. DRTHCM, level 126

    In Seeker Notes ,I only play a bit..(31) 0bsz4d



    My current SS code is 941T6R

Suzanne rogers

Seekers notes: suzierog
Secret society: suzierog


Seekers Notes. Game name is D and my code is 0bhkkc. The first character is a zero. I am level 60 and I play several times a day. I visit and gift daily.


Thanks for adding the Seekers Notes page. My code is 07vqq9 and I still go by McCoy. I would love some new friends!


    Added you in Seekers … I’m ConnieP


I too just started playing Seekers…my friend code is 0d6r54, please add me.

Debi E

Hi thanks for all the info. I just started playing Seekers and need friends, my code is…0cu7k5. RedW


Visiting friends is also well worth doing although it does take time. Depending on your reputation level you can get access passes, coins and XP for visiting a certain number of friends every day. You also get random Collection items, not every visit but fairly regularly which makes visiting good for your own progress. Again, if you get time, visit all your friends as even when you have used up your quota you will still get some coins, XP and CIs. Generally it is believed to be best to always charge your friends merchants..the purple ones (the inventor, forge and fortune teller) and then other sites, usually the higher value sites are better but that is personal choice. Personally, I also charge the treasure box and haunted lights as these seem to be popular sites to play. the reasoning behind charging the merchants is that the ‘gift’ your friend gets for the visit stacks up and when you want to run a talisman such as the magesterium it helps tremendously. The gift the friend gets depends on your designation. Hope this is helpful and not too confusing!


    Thanks for the input Lorna. I was only seeing that it saved time on your next order from the merchants. I will try to,get some of these great tips and the link to the Facebook page up in the main body. I was wondering which rooms were event rooms so that I put my tips in the rooms players would be actively searching.

    I have been using the time I drink my coffee in the morning, before I put my contacts in and can see properly, to visit all my friends. When I notice which ones are also visiting me by the blue in their name banner I put a Star next to them so I make sure they get on my gift list.

      LDaylily aka LaDonna

      Great Information Lorna! Visiting also will give you collection items you can not get any other way. Since I have two games I’m not very good about visiting every day in both, but try to in my main game. If you are friends with me I try to send collection items if I have several to spare, no need to reciprocate if I have my wishlist empty. I like to help players just starting out! The super Seekers FB members are great about helping if you need something.


Hi everyone. Try Seekers Notes Super Seekers Community, lots of helpful advice and friendly people. Gifting is a contentious issue, but if you gift a free gift every day from the send tab under the icon of the gift at the bottom of the page everyone is happy. On this page the best gifts are access passes (those that help give access into the rooms that need them such as garden, dressing room, ship etc) to find the access passes scroll to the bottom half of the page passed all the fixers(even if they are locked go below them). These do NOT cost you anything or remove anything from your inventory only collection items do that. Happy seeking.




Wei, I just bit the bullet and downloaded Seeker’s Notes. My game name is MareZX and my code is 0d0n28. Not sure if those are capital O’s or zeroes. Friends please!


    Looking for more friends! My game name is Quilter and my code is 0bs9m4
    I believe that is a number”0” not the letter. I visit the game at least twice a day thank you!

Janice Torbett

Thank you MS Willow for helping Seekers Notes share their codes. I am knit and we are friends. My # is 0c2fzk I think the first # is zero.


I added you as a friend and sent a small thank you gift. Unfortunately, my wish list is frozen at the moment. So, I’m not sure what it is showing. Happy Friday and looking forward to having you as a friend in secret society.


D1Q1IJ Secret society
0bkd0y Seekers Notes
I play both daily, really need more friends especially in Secret Society.


Clarification on levels. I’m on level 189 on MM and level 289 in secret society.
Sorry for all the posts. I just got over excited that some of you play secret society! 😅


My secret society code for now is 1UP3AO. Looking forward to some MM friends.


I have been playing secret society almost as long as I’ve been playing MM. Love it much more. Level 189 now. My game name is Snow for both sites and I play everyday. I would love to add new friends.
Now I have to go add seeker’s note too 😉

Thanks and hope to see you soon.


I’m playing seekers notes again and have plenty of friends. I only have 3 friends in secret society. My code is EVMCDT.


    FYI when I entered the code you have listed is responded that it was an error. You might want to check and see if it is something else. All the other codes I have seen have both numbers and letters. Just saying that might be why you only have 3 friends?


my code is


To Ms. Willow amd othe SN friends: Thank you so much for the gifts in Seekers Note. Since I’m a new player, I do not have amlarge inventory to draw from and return the favor. Please be patient and, as I progrss, I will do my best to,reciprocate!
It would be so nice if SN gave us the ability to message each other within the game.


    I think it’s at level 20, if you scroll down past the collection fixers, you can start giving room keys. I don’t have many collection items to give either but I give the room keys to as many as I can.


      I didn’t realize that. I’ll check tonight when I play. Thank you!


      I’m at Level 26 and still unable to gift room keys. I’ll keep checking.


        I thought it was Level 20, 30, 40…. scroll down in your gifts list until you see the gold thread. It comes right after the Silver Bird at Level 118.


Thanks MsWillow for all you do. I’m playing Seeker Notes, Level 26. My friend code 0bxecr. I’m assuming that first letter is a zero, but don’t know for sure. I’m enjoying this new game, but haven’t figured out the “friends” option as far as how to help and receive help. I reallyappreciate your postings.


    Just give a gift to your friends and visit them to tip their rooms every day. In your gifts tomsend scroll down if you’ve hit level 20. After all the locked collection fixers there will be unlocked room keys. Plus this page has a linkmfor the wiki site and Ldaylily posted the link for the Facebook page. I found when I posted a question on the Facebook page someone was quick to answer.


Seekers Notes game name martyban code is 010ezz thank you.


my code is 0bhhaj


Seekers 0bzmc4

LaDonna aka LDaylily

Hello former MM friends! I have two Seekers Notes games and can add you to my 2nd. Level 131.

Add my code since I can only add 3 a day. 09916p


Hi! My game name in MM and Seekers Notes is Minnie. My SN code is 0ctcla. Not sure if that’s a zero or capital O. Just starting out. It’s a nice change from MM


My code in Seekers Notes is 0bxdoe, I’m Vee there. Still playing original mm, got very fed up with the new one, no longer playing


Well just posted my Seekers code on the wrong page😨 My code is 0bz1s and game is moondancer. I am enjoying this game just hope they add a chat feature.

Pam Stewart

Thx Ms Willow for all the hard work. I remain to play MM, mainly for the conversation with my guild folks. I do enjoy this.. my name is Momma Stew in MM and in SN it’s Moma Stew I had to shorten it to get these words in😊and my code is 0cghgr

Thx Pam


Thanks for this page Miss Willow, so appreciated.
I’ve abandoned the NMM but still have the old one as I don’t want to let my friends down…
Seekers is a refreshing change which I’m really enjoying but making friends is difficult, you’re left waiting and waiting…
Anyway I’m enjoying it so much I’ve become a daily player: 0BYDLR (Yemaya). Happy to receive new friends


0bxvmq is my Seeker code, unless it ibegins with a capital o! Looking for more friends. I play each day.
I appreciate you so much, Ms. Willow, and your hubby, for all of your hard work on MM. And now tomtake on this… the two of younare fantastic. Thanks, too, for friending me on Seekers. I really appreciate it.


    Thank you! It seemed with everyone talking about it putting a page up for codes was a benefit to all of us. And LDaylily does a great job of letting us know things we can do. I find Facebook pages hard to find things on because everyone starts their own thread. One spot for Friend codes is awesome.


      Not to add one more thing to your plate, but is there a way we can all communicate through one simple central source. I too find Facebook hard, it is cumbersome and I don’t have a lot of time to read through every single thing. Clearly we can come here and get friends codes which I love, because I too have had a hard time getting other friends. Although I love MM friends the best. And I am not sure where LdayLily and her information is? Food for thought.

      Thanks again for all the hard work you do.


        It would be nice to all communicate. I used the link for the wiki page to find my answers. I don’t even read my personal Facebook page! I am not a fan of Facebook. I would delete my page if I didn’t need it for my personal business pages.


Thank you for accepting my friend request in Seekers. I, too, am playing casually. I am grateful for the many years you provided support for MM1. I am sad that GI has not been able to appreciate what they created. I understand the technological problems present in continuing the original game on a very old platform. I just think that there are so many ways that they could have preserved the old while continuing the new. I have been forced to accept that this is will not happen. We all had a good run! Thank you again for your efforts and I hope that you are finding positive ways to move through your recent loss!


    I too am very disappointed in the direction MM is going. I try to open my new MM game everyday but I’ll admit some days I just want to delete them both! So many little,things they could,have done right away to help that they refused.


Seeker notes, at level 141 and enjoying it much more. Mushly 08OOTV code only regular/daily players please!

LaDonna aka LDaylily

There is a new SN update today! It rolls out slowly for different platforms. iOS was last in the last event, We can’t visit friends who have the update until we get it. I recommend joining This FB group to get information! Many helpful players, so many things I didn’t know before joining!


    Thanks, I’ll Have to go get it. It wasn’t there this morning when I did updates.

    I’ve been time traveling.

      LaDonna aka LDaylily

      I saw that you sent several gifts! Unfortunately the update squashed our ability to collect from the trophies on each day ☹️


Have been playing Seeker’s Notes for a few weeks. I’m jody in both games. My code is OBHT7D


FinderofAll2 plays ‘Seeker’s Notes’.
Invitation code is 0(zero) C 4 V Z A

Hope to see you soon!


I just started playing Seekers Notes. My friend code is 01KQXT first two are numbers. My screen name is Gretti.


Hi! My Seekers Notes code 0CDSLV, game name is ChristineT (I was rdwinelvr in MM)


My Seekers Notes code is 06FLWZ. Also have the Secret Society but that code changes all the time. Name in both games is Denice.


my code for Seekers Note 09omji – 09OMJI


    Sent you a request (Finty)


I play both Seekers Note and Secret Society and need friends, my seekers note code 0BYDIK& secret society code EXGYQ3.
I play daily and gift all my friends daily also


Hi just started playing Seekers Notes code is 0c9y0h. Have been playing Secret Society for a while code is ERMRUV. SS codes change but that’s what it is today 😊 Game name: taylora010.


    I have a bug in my game today, I can’t seem to enter a code for new friends. My code is listed in the post if you’ll add me.


I have friends in the “waiting” tab. What does that mean?

My friend number is 0BI0JE. I believe those are zeroes. My name is LoveZumba.


    That means that they are asking you to be their friend or you have sent them a request to be added and they haven’t accepted yet.


I have begun Seeker’s Notes but currently have no friends.
0C6JC8. Please invite me.
I believe that the initial 0 is a number zero and not the capital letter O.


    Sent a friend request 😉


    Sent you a request (Finty)


    Sent invite. cgeorge11


    Sorry…it’s cgeorge!

LaDonna aka LDaylily

To all of you newer players to Seekers Notes, the gifting list doesn’t work like MM. If you scroll down you are able to send passes at about level 20. The passes list doesn’t start until after you pass all of the fixers! Most players don’t want the first few fixers because they come with thank you gifts. Passes are more needed! I know players who delete friends for sending string or tar as gifts. Not me 😉


    Thanks for the information. I’m struggling with the Ancient cards puzzle.

      Lorna Wolfenden

      Take a photo of cards. You will need to use one magnifying glass to turn the cards over and then quickly take a photo with your mob etc.


        Thanks, I wondered if that worked.


      Many high level players hate the ancient cards. I use the same method and use an eyeglass to turn them all over and then take a screen shot. I sometimes still need a flying time as well 😖


        I did this really crazy thing today where I took a screen shot and then used a spreadsheet on my laptop to match them up. I was still close to running out of time. Then Ken came out and logically said to me to just put the screenshot up on my laptop. I will try that on my next quest. I had 3 of them I’d been holding off in. Are there more than 18 cards? At higher levels do they make them change places? I will have to save all my flying time.


          In the beginning I used my phone to take the screenshot, you have to be quick. If can put on your laptop that’s even better! Yes it does increase to 36 cards, but they don’t move around. I don’t know how it can be done without helps.

          I see you can now send gold thread! Yay!


    Ok, I see the passes out there but each one of them takes over 125 rubies to open.


      Well you must not be high enough yet, the first one to freely open is gold thread!


        I see I am finally a high enough level to give the Gold Thread. I will start sending that.


    LaDonna, I just reached level 20. Would you explain to me what the passes list is? Also, what is the fixers? Thanks for you help.


      So if you think in Mystery Manor terms Fixers are Chargers to charge the collections. Passes are keys to search the rooms. It took me some time to figure them out but after you play awhile you get used to what they’re called.


        Thank you! BTW I had sent you a friend request awhile ago but i didn’t get anything back. Would it be ok if I resend it? I am level 25 but almost at 26 with a reputation of 12. Just let me know. Thank you again!


          Oh, post your code. I’m in this mode in the game where Mytona sends me about 50 new friends waiting every day. I used to delete them all but that became too time consuming. Sorry.


Secret society code 7FH5B7
Seekers notes code. 0BXMFY. Begins with a zero
Still playing both MM games for now


    sent you a friend request for Seekers Notes


Just started playing seekers notes and so far enjoying it!
My code is07RGF0 name is Woodyabz


    sent you a friend request on seekers notes.


0BZJWY is my SN player code. (Begins with a zero), player name Catiburon
Just started checking out Seekers Notes and I like it so far, except there’s no messaging 😟

    Lorna Wolfenden

    We all message like crazy on the seekers Notes community Facebook page.


    sent you a friend request.

Kim Dixon

Seekers Notes. My game name is Miki , code is 09HOS6.


    sent you a friend request assuming the first is the digit zero 0 and the fourth is the capital letter O


Seekers notes 0BRXK4, my name is Esther🇳🇱


    sent you a friend request.


I have been playing Seekers Notes and am really enjoying it. I found a FB group that has been a great help! I have 100 friends which I the max I can gift or visit, I’ll add your codes when I get a. Available slot. LDaylilyFBS. Level 124

Haven’t tried Secret Society but I recently tried a different G5 game Hidden City, and find it more difficult and frustrating. Not relaxing.


    I have started using the wiki page. I got to Morph mode and had no clue what to do so I paused and looked it up. I can’t see those items change! I saw ! Yesterday. Otherwise all my taps were guesses. I frequently use the pause and screen shot but I’m starting to get familiar with what the objects look like now.

    Thank you for being my friend and sending me all the gifts.


      My pleasure! It’s always about helping our friends 😉

      If you will put collection items you may need instead “crafted fixers” I can send more gifts.


    Thanks for being such a great SN friend! 😀 Minnie


I’m Kathryn on both MMs and Seekers code is 0C014Y ☕️


I’m going to throw another Mytona game into the mix – Ravenhill. Pretty much like Seekers Notes. I like it, pleasant to play. I’m not sure if it’s out in the US App Store yet as it’s fairly new. There has just been an update to include guilds. The mini games don’t have a time limit (at the moment) which is a bonus.


    Interesting thanks. According to their website it is available in Philippines, Russia, Singapore️, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, and coming soon to USA, Germany, France, Japan and South Korea️️️️️.

Barb Rossi

I have been playing Seekers notes for Ipad my name ias Barb and my code is 09GQMA


This is Roverout in MM

I thought I would leave a help for Secret Society, it has all the different rooms on a drop down, that helped me immensely when I was starting off:

I am BMQV0H in Secret Society, NinaRover
0BSZ4D in Seekers Notes which I am just starting off


    Nina! We are friends in Secret Society. I will add you in Seekers Notes. The only thing I don’t like about these two games is you can’t communicate with your friends. Do you want the TY gifts when/if you are able to send multiples?


      It doesn’t matter, Lizzie. I am okay with just a few, as it clogs up my inbox. If you need more friends, leave me your code.😀 in SS. We have a group of 28 ladies (all my old guild) then other friends on Messenger and we are all old MM players. Thank you for adding me in Seeker Notes, when I Time Travel in SS, I usually go to SN and regift.


        Do you have a separate messenger group for Seeker’s Notes? Maybe we should start one. I always found Messenger to be a better way to communicate for MM instead of the wall. Nina, I think you know how to find me since you have my full name. My profile picture has 2 cats, one black and one white. I’m in San Marcos, CA


Seeker’s Notes: 54O5B been playing a while so will help if I can.
Secret Society: 0LSZJ2 just started – although already frustrated with trying to find items in the Throne Room!
Snowdoll in both games.


    Snow doll I tried to friend you in seekers notes but your code doesn’t work. Missing a number or letter?
    My code is 047X02


      I checked and that is the correct code – I think it may be a Capital O rather than a zero. If your name is Libby then
      I’ve sent you an invite.


My friend code is 017T3S. First digit is a zero. I’m playing Seekers Notes.


Seeker’s notes: 0BXDE3
Secret Society: 0VFBSA
I’m weaselfer in both, although I am getting annoyed with secret society too as they will have three different “vases” that you could be looking for in a picture. Not 3 at a time but you don’t know which one it is until you find it.


🙋🏻‍♀️Hello MM players…I am so happy players are finding a new home. I have been playing Seekers Notes and will take on new friends. My code is 0BA4B0 (both are zeros) please note I do not take multiple players with the same name, makes it hard when repaying gifts.
I am a registered user on Wiki and can help you find info if need, just leave me a message on my wall🙂.

I also have Secret Society but unfortunately my game is effected by the current glitch so not playing. But I am able to help if you need any.

Happy Gaming Peeps,


    You are awesome!


      So Sorry for the 2nd post, I thought it was invalid because I posted links🙁


        I just have to manually approve a post with links. It keeps the massive spam of our website. I’ll delete the duplicate.


    At the risk of sounding stupid, what does “TT” mean on your Seeker’s Notes Wikia?


      It means Time Traveler! I’ve been playing for a few months now and have figured out how it’s done.

Linda Sherrange

Add me to seekers notes, 0BRA9T, Linda in Seekers Notes and mrsll in MM. Thanks!


My name is LIBBY in MM and Seekers notes? Seekers notes code os 047X02


Seekers Notes: Holli EX3XTW


Giving Seekers Notes a go. Anni 0BYYTO. I think it’s a zero first and a capital o last. (Hopefully)


I too have decided to join Seekers NOtes. No far it is easy, non-frustrating, and you can actually find things first time searching a room. I will keep both the Old MM and the New MM. The old one only to help game friends, and the New out of curiosity to see what they are going to do. Lots of similarities that Seekers Notes have with both MM games, which I find interesting.

My Seeker’s Notes code is OBY18V game name is the same SharonVT. Not sure just like everyone else is it the letter O or a zero 0 guess if one doesn’t work the other will. If someone could let me know which it is that would be great. See you all in Seeker’s Notes.


    Seeker’sNotes: RuthMarie – 0BXY22


    Please add me. Seeker’sNotes: RuthMarie – 0BXY22


    Neither code worked.


    I may have made a mistake in my code 0(zero) BYI(capital I, not a one)8V


Seekers Notes: Finty – 0BHSLZ


Please put your game name as well. I want to keep my MM people at the front of my list 😁


    Can you order your list? I haven’t noticed that yet.


      There’s a star at the top right corner of a friend’s picture … those that are starred show up at the front of the list (I think!)


Seekers Notes: 0BSV0M..think it is a number for both, RoveroutNina

Secret Society: BMQV0M..which changes after 5X use, NinaRover

Thanks Ms Willow for all your advice, help and patience. I sure appreciate the effort Ken and you both have devoted to this web page.


    Typo: Seeker Notes is : 0BSZ4D, sorry, just started too


    Tried to add you but the SS code must have changed.


I just started playing Seekers Notes … 0BXB55

Linda Greene

Seekers Notes game name linda code 07RIR9 zero and capital I, i think


Seekers notes 0BY5VW game name rocker

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