Toy Workshop

Toy Workshop

The Toy Workshop appears on the First Floor of your Manor near the Flying Saucer. This is just a room and does not require a battle to enter.  In this cozy workshop, Gustav Drosselmeyer works year round to craft the finest toys for boys and girls, as well as their parents.

GI has decided this will be a permanent room on the First Floor. How to get keys has not yet been determined except to banish Roamers or pay 1 diamond each.

Toy Workshop Keys

  • Handful of Buttons

Toy Workshop Roamers

  • Skilled Elf Fellow – 2 Lamp Penguin and 20 Strength
  • Talented Elven Lady – 3 Felt Owl and 30 Strength


Toy Workshop 2016 Icon

Toy Workshop Quest String



  1. Chimney Special Delivery Service – Explore the Hunting Room in Night mode to find the Message from Santa Claus. Cannot be gifted.
  2. Sender Unknown
    • Use the Message from Santa Claus – it is in your Chests section of your Inventory
    • Search the Living Room
  3. Gustav Drosselmeyer, Master Toymaker – Find the Snowglobe in the Library in Silhouettes mode. Cannot be gifted.
  4. The Master and Clementine – Explore the Ice Citadel and Heart of Spring Hotel to get items from the Memory Enfettered in Ice Collection.
    • Goose with Apples – Hotel, any mode
    • Musical Record – Hotel, Night mode
    • Horse-drawn Sleigh – Hotel, Silhouettes mode
    • Basket of Snowdrops – Ice Castle, any mode (or possibly just Word. I found it first try so not 100% sure.)
    • Queen’s Comb – Ice Castle, any mode
  5. A Toymaker’s Career
    • Ghost of Christmas Present – Living Room in Words Mode
    • Christmas Magnifying Glass – any room in Zodiac Mode
  6. From Yon Twelve-Winded Sky – Press on the Toy Workshop, buy a key for it, and explore the new home of Gustave Drosselmeyer. The Key is 91,000 Coins.
  7. It’s Been an Ice Age Since We Met! – Explore the Gingerbread House in Words mode to find 2 Chocolate Milkshakes. Cannot be gifted.
  8. What’s Up, Old Friend?
    • Banish 5 Skilled Elf Fellow
    • Banish 5 Talented Elven Lady
  9. Avoiding Self-Repetition – Charge the Toy Master Collection to get the Drosselmeyer Portrait. You can find collection items searching the First Floor in Comparison Mode.
    • Antique Doll – Library
    • Iron Horse –Hallway
    • Magic Dollhouse – Sakura Room
    • Nutcracker –Fortune-Telling Room
    • Train – Bathroom
  10. Focus Group Research – Battle Gretel in the Gingerbread House.
  11. Togetherness
    • Dummy Doll – Search Dressing Room in Silhouettes mode
    • Doll Wig – Trade with Snowdoll Snatchin
  12. My Own Dream Protector
    • Owl Pillow – Banish Mist phenomena from Bedroom
    • Night Cap and Pijamas – Fortune-Telling room
  13. The Doll of My Doll
    • Trade with Tilly the talented Elven Lady for a Plush Bunny.
    • Charge the completed Unusual Idea collection.
  14. Something About a Gift Horse – Search the Gingerbread House in Words mode.
  15. A Fount of Ideas – Explore rooms of the First Floor in Comparison mode to complete and charge the High Craftsmanship Collection and obtain the Wild Horse.
  16. Boys Will Be Boys – Explore the Hunting Room in Night mode 3 times.
  17. The Wooden Road Less Traveled
    • Assembly Platform – Search Elevator at Night
    • Rails and Crossties – Banish the Skilled Elf to find
  18. A Locomotive for Benny
    • Locomotive Components – Garage in Silhouettes mode
    • Color Wheels – Leave tips in your Friends Manors
  19. A Story with Your Ticket?
    • Train Passengers – Cuddy in Words mode
    • Merry Stock – Charge the Wooden Road collection to get the Merry Stock
  20. Gustav the Builder – Explore the rooms of the First Floor and Basement, occupied by female characters, in Silhouettes mode to find items from the Doll Apartments collection and charge it to get the Doll Mansion.
    • Mini Fridge – Saloon
    • Cozy Swing – Sakura Room
    • Vanity – Oceanic Room
    • Canopy Bed – Bedroom
    • Spacious Closet – Laundry Room
  21. Lights in the Sky – Explore the Japanese Garden in Night mode.
  22. In Pursuit of Variety – Explore Fortune-Telling Room in Silhouettes mode.
  23. Team Work – Explore the Toy Workshop and trade with the elves to complete and charge the Fascinating Machines collection and get Galileo’s Game.
  24. Confrontation – Explore the Fortune-Telling room in Night mode 3 times.
  25. Once Concealed – Explore the Toy Workshop in Night mode 3 times.
  26. Christmas Carol for Gustav – Summon the Ghost of Christmas Past by battling the Brutal Armored Bears.
  27. Northern Lights – Explore the Toy Workshop in Silhouettes mode to find the Ice Staff (cannot be gifted).
  28. To Keep and to Hold – Charge the Everybody Sews! and Space for Creativity Collections to help Drosselmeyer prepare presents for boys and girls, and men,and women, both young and old…He’s itching to shower the whole world with presents!

The End

Visiting Drosselmeyer

Visiting Drosselmeyer is a quest on the right side of your manor. Explore the Toy Workshop and trade with elves to complete and charge the magical collections 5 times each, and you will be awarded a chest that will serve as a Christmas present any time of year. Open the Large Trunk of Toys to find 50 Lamp Penguins and Felt Owls, as well as 60 Handfuls of Buttons.

Visiting Drosselmeyer

Toy Workshop Collections

  • Wooden Road
  • High Craftsmanship
  • Doll Apartments
  • Everybody Sews!
  • Space for Creativity
  • Unusual Ideas
  • Fascinating Mechanics


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Linda Greene

Step 27 says to find Ice Staff in silhouette mode. I’ve been there dozens of times and nothing. It’s not even on the bar that tells what you might get. Is there a glitch with this step?Thanks


    I’ve been trying for MONTHS. And I mean months – like almost a year. Have had to buy keys b/c silhouette doesn’t come often, plus hard to get keys. It’s just ridiculous.

Linda Greene

Where do I find the ice staff for the toy Workshop


    Are you on quest 27? It tells you in Silhouettes mode. People report having to search a lot of times to get it to drop.

Waryata Carson

Searched dressing room in silhouette mode about 20 times still no dummy doll- quest 11!!!!

Marissa Sekul Jones

Can the Ice Staff be gifted? I’ve searched the toy workshop 15 times and the silhouette mode came up 3 times. Frustrating

    Marissa Sekul Jones

    Never mind. Found in comment string.

      Linda Greene

      What did the comment string tell you?


        That the Ice Staff can’t be gifted. If you feel like it’s a glitch then open a ticket to GI but I’ve had other players say they had to search many, many times to get it to drop.


drop rate is awfully low, i searched laundry over 30 times of which 7 times in silouette but no space kabinet?


Looking for the loud rattle for #22 team work . I have the other 4 but can’t find that one anywhere.


    It should be in the Toy Manor during this quest under certain mode. Sorry I can’t remember which mode. Good luck! And I have no spare.


    Loud rattle is in Silhouette. Agile kitten in words. Pelican in any mode.

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