The Mystical Living Room

Here is a “place” for us to talk about the new Mystical Living Room!  I will be updating as I play and players start leaving comments and juicy info for us!

The Mystical Chest is hard to see off to the right of the screen:

Mystical Chest

Mystical Chest

Once you hit upgrade, you get this screen below:

Mystical Chest 2

Apparently, we cannot ask friends for help with the items we need to open the Mystical Living Room even though the text says we can!  We get the items to open the room by exploring rooms to find Brown Caskets that will appear in our inventories under the “Chest” tab.  The first room I explored today was the regular Living Room to rescue a helper.  I received a gold key and casket.  In fact, I have received a gold Key and Casket in every room I have explored thus far always using a Turtle of Luck charm.  When a Casket is opened you will then receive a Silver Box in our inventory. And per players sharing info, apparently if you open the Silver Box you then receive a Gold Chest that can be opened with 15 keys.  Thus far, I have opened 2 Caskets.  We need 4 Gold Keys to open a Casket:

Brown Casket

Note: There are many findable items, not just what is pictured in this screen capture. The findable items list constantly rotates so fast you can barely keep up with it! The Living Room emblems came in each casket. They will be needed to enter the Mystical Living Room and show up in inventory under entrance keys.

Here is a photo of the Silver Box when you click on it in inventory:



Here is a photo of the Gold Chest when you click on it in inventory:

Gold Chest







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Well it seems that several years later nothing has changed. I have hundreds of collection items and have not been able to charge some collections at all, and some once only. After reading the comments here I spent a few days playing pretty well nothing but this room and received only 1 charger.


    I have been asking them to do something to make those chargers easier to get or less expensive! I will keep asking!


Has anyone found a pattern in the opening of the chests from the Mystical Lounge Room. I have employed various techniques to try to reduce the number of useless items I get such as Runestones. That includes trying to select the one I don’t want, which works most of the time. That said it does not get me close to what I want.


    Funny! i never get runestones that i desperately need


Is exploring the mystical living room part of any quest string? Should I wait before exploring/using keys to gt in?


I ran out of coins for the mystical living room and don’t remember where I go those from! Someone please let me know…!


    You get those coins from opening mystical chests and caskets, Madhan.


The last couple of days I have cashed in the trunks and several times it gives me NOTHING in the place where you get the room openers (goblets, seeds, etc). Wonder what’s going on? Anyone else have this problem?


    I have had the problem twice.


    Hope this very long note helps someone else…thanks for reading, and thanks for this wonderful site!
    TOPIC…Items not recieved from mystical trunks?

    just noticed this as well. Unless you know ahead of time, you never really know if they give you items! So I think they used to until recently. Under main item that hits like a game of chance, we now have keys or items to enter additional well as zodiac shards in both places! so I needed zodiac shards, they show UNDER the main item, 3 times in one day, not main, but under and each time not recieved! Opening brown chest btw, since I knew ahead of time I realized I did not recieve them!

    I have NOT recieved the much needed items under the Main, for lack of a better term, main item and this time I was able to see I wasn’t going crazy! Three items given, I.e., compasses…I can see from my play zone…not given…chocolate…paid attention that time, looked in my inventory, nada, not there. Unless you keep a hard copy of all items they are giving, I’m so busy playing, hoping for seeds or green containers, I hadn’t noticed if they were really giving us everything or anything. Note..zodiac shards recieved if it hit under main item.

    If I haven’t played a particular boss, I wasn’t paying attention I.e. To how many ice roses were really being sent. Sorry, now this sounds like a rant! I would really like to have promised items! I posted to a forum, no response. Today I posted my first GI slip! Hope they have a record of trunks…yes, I fear I am living in an alternative universe where such things can easily be remedied…NOT.


      I haven’t notice this but will keep an eye on this.


Once we have the living room open, are you better off opening many brown chests or a brown, silver and gold?


thanks for permitting me to comment!


Any update information on charging items from the Mystical Living Room? I have over 30 of each item, but I’ve only been able to charge one collection set one time. The charging items drop every 5th time or so when I play the room. I see the “ask friend” section is still there, but is not yet available to do so. I could really use some of these rewards.


    The response from customer support has been that the rewards for these collections is so great, you just have to work hard to find the chargers. I don’t think they intend to let us ask friends for these chargers.


I have have some of all the chargers except for the Jewelers eyeglass I have not been able to find even 1 of those. They are not listed on the magical living room inventory. Is the chest where they come from? Anybody have any tips?


    I have not gotten any chargers from the chest, but I have received each type of charger exploring rooms.

Commander Kinnison

I have had this room at 100% Expert level for quite some time. So far, I have succeeded in charging only one of the six collections. With that, I am 30 to 40 items deep in most of the collections.

Based on the drop rate for chargers that I am experiencing (maybe one in every ten searches running a Turtle), I estimate that I will have to search the room at least an additional 1,000 times just to be able to charge each collection once.

That is flat-out ridiculous.

    Commander Kinnison

    I mean, for crap’s sake, do the math…
    That’s another 50,000 room keys/coins!


    I agree completely. We need better ways to get the chargers.


    I agree entirely, I have over 50 items x 5 of each of the collections and chargers do not drop. MM says there is nothing wrong with this, and we have to keep playing….I think it could be over 1000 times that we have to play the Mystical Room before we can charge all the collections, which is ridiculous.


      I’ve found that I get more chargers for the mystical living room when I DON’T use a turtle of luck. This makes sense if you think about it. The turtle of luck promises a higher percentage rate of finding collection items. Since you want chargers….explore the room without the boost for collection items.


        Thank you, Penelope! I have not gotten any chargers for the Mystical Living Room collections, except when I first started playing that room (I’ve had 4 total, which isn’t enough to charge one collection). I’d given up, thinking the chargers were available for a limited time. I just tried your suggestion (I don’t usually play without a Turtle of Luck) and both times I got a charger! Now, I have a reason to play without a turtle. 🙂 Thank you! Wish I’d seen this post earlier. 🙂


Where oh where do the keys come from to open the chests? I know they drop when exploring rooms- only ONE at a time. Is that it??
And DO the chests disappear?
Why do they drop then? Is this a ploy to get me to spend diamonds?


    If you use a turtle of luck charm, a brown casket & key will drop every time you explore a room. One will disappear every 3 hours if not used.


Tip for the chests: wait to open the first one until you have 27 keys in your inventory. Then you can open all three at once and not worry about the timer.


    Good tip!!!


    WHERE do you find 27 keys?


Well I am at Expert 100% and have been for a while now. I have 140 complete sets and not enough chargers to charge even one set. They drop so infrequently it’s not funny!!


Ok I have a few issues. First I fought the necro monster and won 1st place. When I opened my chest I didn’t get anything. I was only able to play the room once with what I already had. That was annoying. Next thing is I’m looking for the general. I’ve found him 2 times and it still shows that the quest is incomplete. What gives??


    Christy, when you open the Necromancer chest it will give you energy, charms, & a couple of collection items. I always look at the Necromancer collections and note how many items I have then check again after I opened the chest. That’s the only way to know what I received. There is one collection which you can only obtain items for the winners chest. As for the bunker, first I would read the notes we have on the bunker. Go to “The Rooms” on our menu and then click on “General’s Bunker.” If your question still isn’t answered, let us know and we will try to help you figure it out.


      Not the generals bunker. It’s apart of the new sent of military looking things. The general krieg guy. I found him 2 times but the quest won’t end. As far as the chest goes it gives you 50 at the top spot and you need 30 to enter so I used the chest and keys to get the extra I need. Thanks!


        Oh, I am sorry; I misunderstood.


        The spy doesn’t show up at all. The only time you know you’ve found him is when you get quest achieved. Takes many banishings!

Christine Mclaren

By the time I got to 100 per cent expert level most of the chargers for all the collections had dropped. Explored some more and now have enough chargers for each set. You have to keep exploring it to get the chargers.


I wrote to GI about why the new chargers don’t have Ask Friend button since it says you can ask a friend or buy them. Their response is “As you can see yourself, the rewards for these collections are really great. So it is self-explanatory that the requirements for charging are more difficult than for regular collections. Thus the option of asking friends to gift the chargers is missing. But, please do not worry, the necessary chargers drop when searching the new Living Room, so there is still a chance to get them for free.”


    Aaargh!!!! Why did the even have the “ask friends” in the text? Are they purposefully trying to drive us nuts???


      Seriously – perhaps they should have an editor go thru gameplay to get rid of text that doesn’t belong (and all the friggin’ typos they have)… 😉


    PegWalt, is it ok with you if I share this response on our Facebook page too?


      Once you explore on the expert level, you get at least 1 charger each time you explore…or that’s how it is going thus far for me

        Not so for me. I’ve been at 100% of expert level for a while and still hardly ever get a charger even when running with the golden turtle AND other item increasers!


      Yes, you may post on Facebook page also.

    Giggity Girl - Annie

    I’ve contacted them too. I recently reached an achievement for which I was awarded a Collectors Chest which holds 50 of each and every charger (even for monster’s collections & yard rooms)… EXCEPT for the chargers of the Mystical Living Room. Their response (almost as smugly put as theirs to you) was this:
    “I have checked the situation.
    The Mystical Living Room has special chargers for the collections.
    They may be added to the Collectors chest in the future game updates.”

    -Giggity Girl (AKA Annie) 8b1150

    You may post to FB if you like 🙂


Any ody have any hints on where to find the “complicated mechanism”? I’ve completed all the collections x10 but cannot charge any of them because I only have found 1 of that type of charger?!?!?!


    I am Jo jealous. I have only found 1 charger at all!


      So who can help us figure out where they are hiding or do we have to wait for the next full moon????????????


      Ok, so I now have 3 of the complicated mechanism. This is w/ a turtle & the 50% cornucopia. About every 35th time you explore the new living room on expert level, it drops one.


        Soooooo frustrating that these chargers are so difficult to find…AND the freakin’ weapons for the new boss…. I use turtles all the time, but that’s not cutting it…. WTF..why can’t we ask for ’em???? TYPO or yet ANOTHER game error????



            so frustrating!!!!!!


If you open the mystical living room.. Do the chests disappear? I am not opening just in case as these chests Re my best chance to get coral and gold seeds… As I am trapped out of these rooms T the moment as I ran out…


    No you still have the chests you had before and continue to get new ones.

    Karen Close

    Thanks for asking that Jan, I had the same ? Good to know they keep coming. I wish I had waited much longer to open the zodiac. I saved up 3000 or so shards before I did and no where near enough! The rooms appear waaaay more frequently than the others like mist, UFO ect. As you can tell that is my big pet peeve about this game:)


What Monsters give the charging items for the new living room collection items. I have not seen a monster yet. I don’t see any ask friend button either, please tell where to get this charging items, thank you great site this is.


    I think they mean the monsters that haunt the manor yard every other week (wolf, skeleton, swamp thing, vampire, etc)


You can also get the chargers from the caskets and sometimes from searching the room. Although, I’ve only gotten 4 so far, but you can also get the recorder and blue prints. Don’t know what they’re for, because they aren’t a charger or a coll item…


I am loving this room and the chests. Using a golden turtle, I get keysvand chests everytime. You have to open the chests to get the room going, but look at the rewards. I now have 176 ice roses, where before I had maybe ten. Pick a time where you can devote yourself to the game and explore multiple rooms to get keys, and the timer on the chests won’t seem like such a big deal.

Plus, the rewards for charging the collections are great, too. To me, there is no money involved and no boss- finally an update I’m loving!


    Great advice, Cidago! Have you figured out where to get chargers for the new collections?


      I’va had a few chargers drop from exploring the mystical living room, but nowhere else. Might be the only way for now.


Yes, the chargers say do you want to buy or ask a friend but there is no button to ask a friend….big technical mistake I should hope….we’ll see!!

The new mystical,living room is beautiful, no weapo,s no battles, but is this a Game Cwnter joke? We play for free but have to buy chargers, if that’s the case, MM Awill lose so many good people, what is Game Center doing? It’s a waste of time, how do u charge, I am disabled and can’t afford what they are asking, I upset


    I understand! I am hoping they just made a mistake about the chargers and will fix it soon!


    I Love mystery manor, have been playing for over a year and I play everyday… No money involved. You can do it too


The caskets/ box/ chest will vanish if you don’t open them within the time given.. And yes, Lisa N, i don’t see any button to ask from friends (for chargers)..

I opened a silver box once, with the intention to obtain keys for the rooms in the yard.. I have clicked when the right picture came, however due to whatever reason, i somehow gotten runestones!! Which i already have thousands! What a waste..


    The pictures only indicate what could be in the chest. I’ve gotten several golden chests and silver chests and there’s a huge variation but I always get awesome stuff. I can’t complain.

Lisa N

Has anyone found which “monster” drop charging items? Or is anyone else seeing the “Ask Friends” buttons for the charging items? The blurb says you can ask friends but I don’t have a button


There are too many chests and so little keys

Aynesha Letch

The chests have timers on them! 2H 45M! AND, as if that doesn’t already look bad, u need to find KEYS to open the damn chests!


    Thx for info, Aynesha!


    The weird thing is the regular chests have timers but I still have about fifty in inventory and they don’t go away.

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