The Laboratory

All I know about this room is that I am now at Level 61 and the create screen still says I need to spend 450 diamond on a Central Deactivator to open this room!  That is ridiculous and I won’t do it!

The Laboratory

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Does anyone have help with this room? I’m trying to assemble the drill and have been able to ask friends for all the items except duct tape. Where do I get the duct tape from?


    Have you tried looking at the robots to see if the item is listed as findable?


    You get duct tape from the vacuum robot.


There is a series of quests that will lead you to open the laboratory without spending 450 diamonds. When the robots start appearing on your screen you are getting close! Let me know if you want more details.


    I opened the lab but so far have not been able to find any microchips to enter…same with the greenhouse…it’s open but not finding any of the ancient chalices To enter…thoughts?

    Also, is there a limit to the number of friends you can visit each day and receive reward for (money, experience, and possible gift)? Ever since I upgraded, I receive that compensation for only the first 20 or so and then it does not give anything for the rest of the friends I visit…it acts like I have already visited them that day and does not give me the reward…anyone else having this prob?


      I’m having the same problem!!


      It is based on your reputation level for visiting friends and leaving them tips in their rooms.


    Thx Amoeba! I started getting the robots but it is so hard to find the things you need to banish them!


      I can never get enough keys for the warehouse, so I keep going to the secret dept with a charm and have gotten them to drop. I’m on the strong steam robots to get the radial tubes.


    When do the robots show up? I am at level 65 and am on level 26/27 of reputation (which I am associating with visiting friends. Also, what charm works with the secret department?

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