The Elevator

That little, tiny, mysterious room at the very top of the first floor of Mystery Manor has now become The Elevator.  Well, let’s get started! You can Access the Elevator from the First Floor or The Basement. It does not get any phenomena and counts as a first floor room.


Click on the Elevator and you will see a screen with an assemble button at the top.  Click on “assemble” and the following screen will appear:

Elevator Repair

Although the text says you can find the items needed to repair the Elevator by banishing Snatchins, I did NOT find even 1 that way! Ask your friends for the items. Start with your 75 higher level friends for the helmet, the last item on the screen above, and work your way back down the levels for the other items. When you request one of these items, the game tells you what level a friend needs to be to gift it anyway. Later, you will have a quest to complete this task but I would get started on it right away.

Along with The Elevator come The Hidden Elevator Quest on the Right side of your Manor screen to collect 5 of each collection for a Reward. When you complete the 5 collections you claim your reward and it goes into your inventory under the chest tab. Click the chest to see your reward and use it:

  • Beatlemania
  • Geniuses of Strategy
  • Master of leather Ball
  • Enlightened Minds
  • Brave Hearts



  1. “A Terrifying Screech.” Charge the Golden Maid collection. If you don’t have this collection already, explore rooms to find the items and/or put the items on your wishlist.
  2. “Man’s Work.” Explore the Dressing Room in Silhouettes mode.
  3. “Feeling Out the Area.” Explore the Kitchen.
  4. “The Hidden Elevator.” Find 5 each of the following items: Monkey Wrenches, Pliers, and Hacksaws. They are listed as findable items in each room of the manor during this quest and no, your existing items do not count. NOTE: If you were thinking you could just send some of these back and forth to your friends, it doesn’t work. It will deduct from the count for that item on the quest.
  5. “It’s Not as Hard as it Looks.” Collect 30 oil cans. The oil cans dropped 4 at a time from most rooms.
  6. “Safety First.” Look for the Boarding Pass in the rooms of the manor. Only took me 3 tries to get it.
  7. “Elevator Action.” To complete the quest, you must (1) get the key to the Elevator by repairing the Elevator per the aforementioned “Repairing the Elevator” section above, and (2) explore the Elevator. Unfortunately, we need coils of rope to explore the Elevator and they are rare drops. Yesterday, after playing for 3 hours, I had only accumulated 2 so I bought 8 at 1 diamond a piece to get enough coils to enter so I could get this note completed! This morning, I have only found 2 yet again: 1 in the Library in Zodiac mode and 1 in the Mystical Living Room. There is a Chest of Elevator in the Shop if you are so inclined.  Your best bet for finding Coiled Rope is to hope there are some in the mystical caskets and chests you open.
    • NOTE: Once you have completed this quest, the first quest for the Basement will appear, “Light at the End of the Basement.” We will cover the Basement quests in a separate document.
    • Many of the following quests are to find certificates in various rooms. These certificates are not part of any collection and appear in inventory under the miscellaneous tab.
  8. “Great Technical Wisdom.” Explore the Bathroom in various modes to find the “No Drinks Allowed Certificate.”
  9. “Shooting Test.” Explore the Hunting Room in various modes to find the “No Shooting Certificate.”
  10. “Trial by Food.” Explore the Kitchen in various modes to find the “No Food Allowed Certificate.”
  11. “Elevator Access.” Explore the Living Room in various modes to find the “No Strangers Allowed Certificate.” (This one took me a very, very long time …)
  12. “The Geniuses Approval.” Explore the Elevator until you have collected all the items from the Enlightened Mind collection. NOTE: I write these quests in the order that I receive them. I got this quest after I explored the Elevator for the first time to complete Quest 7. This quest may appear earlier or later for you depending upon how long it takes you to complete Quest 7.
  13. “No Dogs Allowed.” Explore the Dressing Room in various modes to find the “No Dogs Allowed Certificate.”
  14. “Clean Work.”  Explore the Bedroom in various modes to find the “No Spitting Certificate.” (Found in Bedroom on Curse of Stone Tongue Mode)
  15. “Authenticity Check.”  The quest says give the Elevator Robot the permit so he can perform a signature sync.  However, all it means is explore the Elevator.


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SPOILER ALERT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to see a pic of the Elevator Room, scroll down further on this page.  If you don’t, stop here!



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Ask for 3 extra rope holders and brackets but don’t “accept” them. There is another quest for these items in the wine cellar quest string but you won’t be able to ask for them and they are hard to find. I’m not 100% sure but I think it is the same item (even by GI standards) and will count if you hold into them and accept them once you have the quest. These quests were before GI started making quests for items that look the same but aren’t. Worth a try

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