The Voyage to the Pirate Brig

The Voyage to the Pirate Brig

The Voyage to the Pirate Brig begins almost as soon as you start your new Mystery Manor iPad Game. On this Voyage you will follow the quests to help Benny propose to his mermaid, and see if she says yes. My first quest appeared at Level 27 but this could change depending on which quests you complete when. However, you must be Level 32 to enter the Pirate Brig.

Pirate Brig Bottle

On the First Floor of your Manor, and currently in the Upper Left Corner of your Manor is a Glass Bottle with a Lock on it. This will show as soon as you start your new game. This is the location of where your Pirate Brig will appear when the Voyage is complete.

Pirate Brig ghost .png

Pirate Brig Roamers

  • Snatchin Blackbeard – Gold Doubloon and 15 Energy

Pirate Brig Keys

  • Golden Cannonballs

Pirate Brig

Pirate Brig Quests


  1. Beckoning Silhouette – Explore the Bathroom in Silhouette mode.
  2. Aroma for Courage – Banish Snatching to find the Jasmine Smell.
  3. Perfume for the Plumber – Trade with the Gypsies to find the Date Night Perfume.
  4. Margarita in the Will-o’-the-Wisp’s Captivity – Try to find the margarita (Now called Senorita) by exploring the Kitchen with the Will-o’-wisp phenomenon and do not banish the phenomenon.
    • TIP:You can borrow the margarita from a friend, finish the quest, and send it back!
  5. Drinking Brotherhool with the Idol – Try to find the B-52 cocktail in the Bathroom with the Native Idol phenomenon.
    • TIP:  You can also borrow the B-52, solve the quest, and return to your friend!
  6. Tender Touch of Africa – Try to find the ‘Tenderness’ Dessert by exploring the African Room when the Mist Phenomenon is in it. You must not Banish the Phenomenon.
  7. Searching for the Lost Dessert – Try to find the Tiramisu by exploring the Dressing Room in Silhouettes Mode.
  8. Amber Surprise – Try to find the Amber Comb by exploring the Hall with the Mist phenomenon. You must not Banish the Phenomenon and this item cannot be gifted.
  9. Ninja Love Magic – Try to find the Girl-Shaped Candle in the Sakura room in Silhouettes Mode.
  10. How to Drive the Plumber Crazy –  Try to find the Corset by exploring the Dressing Room with the Mist phenomenon
  11. The Power and Passion of the Ocean – Try to find the Neptune by exploring the Bathroom with the Mist phenomenon.
  12. Emerald’s are a Mermaid’s Best Friend – Try to find the Emerald in the bedroom with the Indigenous (Native) Idol phenomenon.
  13. Collar from the Ocean Floor – You need to obtain a Lead Collar and Diving Suit to solve the quest. This quest auto completed for me.
  14. We’re Out of the Piranha’s League! –  You need a Rubber Suit to solve the quest. This quest auto completed for me.
  15. Helmet for the Underwater Knight – You need a Diving Helmet to solve the quest. This quest auto completed for me.
  16. Lead Gloves – You need Lead Gloves to solve the quest. This quest auto completed for me.
  17. Through the Pipes and Into the Sea – Explore the Oceanic Room.
  18. The Beautiful Aelita’s Story – Explore the Oceanic Room at night.
  19. Shadows of Bygone Days – Explore the Oceanic Room in Silhouettes Mode.
  20. A Gentleman Protects a Lady – Explore the Oceanic Room at night.
  21. Sorrow from the Past. Explore the Oceanic Room and the Bathroom to complete the quest.
    • You will now get a whole set of Quests at once to find Blueprints.2016-08-04 16.25.42.png
  22. Trim Your Sails to the Wind – You can find the Forebody Blueprint anywhere in the manor.  I happened to find mine in the Japanese Room.
  23. A Strong Rear – You can find the Stern Blueprint in the Laboratory.
  24. Unsinkable Compartments – You can find the Bulkheads Blueprint in the Library.
  25. Wise Advice from the Old Captain –  You can find the Frame Blueprint in the Hunting Room at night.
  26. Captain on the Bridge!   You can find the Deck Blueprint in the Japanese Garden.
  27. Rescue Operation in Open Waters – You can find the Lifeboats Blueprint by banishing robots.  TIP:  I bought this one because I had no oil cans with which to banish robots and it is less expensive to buy the blueprint than buy a gazillion oil cans!
  28. Fair Winds to You, Sailor – You can find the Rigging Blueprint in the African room.
  29. Ship in a Bottle – Find the bottle on the map of your manor and set-up the conditions for creating it.   At this point when you click on the bottle, you will see a list of which blue prints you do and don’t have.  When you have obtained all the blueprints, click on the upgrade button. The quest completes and all blueprints are kept.
    • With the blueprints you’ve found, you and Benny are ready for the next phase – selecting the right tools and producing the ship parts.
    • You will now receive another huge list of quests to complete. These quests are for tools and items you need to build your ship:  bench plane, screw clamp, fretsaw, hammer, brace, lifeboats, carcass, masts, helm, and sails.  All of these items can be requested from friends or you can purchase each item for 2 diamonds to solve these quests. (Except the carcass which is 60 diamonds!) 2016-08-04 16.28.15.png
  30. Pirate Flagship – Brig in a Bottle. Find the Pirate Ship in a Bottle on the map, tap on it and carry out the conditions for creating it to complete the quest.
  31. Masts as Strong as Steel – Find the Masts in Takeshi’s garden.
  32. A Sail Above Waves Sent By Fortune – Trade with Gypsies to find the Sails.
  33. Another Prank by the Snatchins – Find the Helm in the African Room.
  34. The Dinghies Weighed Anchor – Explore rooms in the Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomena for find the Lifeboats.
  35. Benedict’s Family Jack Plane – Find the Bench Plane by exploring any room when the Mist phenomena is present.
  36. How to Fasten the Parts? – Find the Screw Clamp in the Laboratory.
  37. Saw Cut Assets – Find the Fretsaw in any room with the Native Idol phenomena.
  38. Fine Work with a Hammer – Search the Flying Saucer in Night mode to find the Hammer.
  39. Twisting and Turning, Trying to Drill Through – Find the Brace in Room 51.
  40. A Ship from an Old Legend – Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac mode to find the Carcass.

Once you have collected all these items and chosen the Upgrade button you will receive a message:

Domestic Shipyard: Once the brig is built, it needs to be equipped with a pirate crew. Search the Manor for gold doubloon and Snatchin Blackbeard.

At last, I can enter the ship!!!!  Nope — not yet.  Now you will receive the quests to find 5 different pirates by trading golden doubloons with the Snatchin Blackbeards that have now appeared outside your manor.  You can also finish each pirate quest by paying 24 diamonds.  TIP: Each pirate is part of the collection “Famous Pirates” so you can put them on your wishlist.  The Somali Pirate is the hardest one to find for some reason, so if you consider spending diamonds on any pirates, I would spend it on the Somali. WARNING: Once you have gathered the entire collection of pirates, DO NOT CHARGE THE COLLECTION because you are going to need more pirates!!!

  1. Small Green Pirate – Find Captain Hook by banishing Blackbeard
  2. A Dashing Captain – Find Captain Blood by banishing Blackbeard
  3. The Most Terrible Pirate – Find John Silver by banishing Blackbeard
  4. The Romance of Sea Raiding – Find Tiger Lee by banishing Blackbeard
  5. The Right Disguise – Find the Somalian Pirate by banishing Blackbeard2016-08-10 16.44.12.png
  6. Hoist the Sails! Explore the Pirate Brig
    • You are going to need 7 of each pirate before you can enter the ship.  You have 3 options to get these pirates:  trade with snatchin Blackbeard, put the pirates on your wishlist, or purchase them.  Once you have collected all of the pirates, you will receive a quest to explore the Pirate’s Brig and you may enter the ship finally!!!  You will need golden cannonballs to enter and these can be obtained by trading with Blackbeard snatchin.2016-08-10 17.27.25.png
  7. The Mystery of the Pirate Captain – Explore the Pirate Brig in Silhouettes mode.
  8. Great Relief – Explore the Pirate Brig in Night mode.

You have now completed your Voyage to the Pirate Brig! Your next quest will take you to the Island!

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I am at level 172 and still haven’t received any of the pirate brig quest any ideas on how to start getting them?


    Check your quests for the Pirate Brig icon or this page for the name of one of the quests. If you don’t have any you will have to go to,the GI website and open a ticket.

Bella Dikes

Should I have any quests for pirate brig yet? I am over level 100.


    Not necessarily. I feel like I didn’t get them for awhile when I started a new game.

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