Path to the Flying Saucer

Path to the Flying Saucer

The Path to the Flying Saucer is a string of quests to open the Flying Saucer on the First Floor of your Manor. Complete these quests to foil the minister plans of extraterrestrial visitors and learn the secret of Agent Fox.

Flying Saucer Roamers

  • Vacuum Robot – 5 Oil Cans
  • Television Robot – 10 Oil Cans and 10 Energy
  • Musical Robot – 15 Oil Cans and 15 Energy

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer Quests



  1. Elsa Trembles with Fear – Explore the Bedroom 3 times in Night mode.
  2. Rare Book Hunter
    • Will-o’-the-Wisp – Explore in any Room
    • Mist – Explore in any Room
    • Native Idol – Explore in any Room
  3. Mechanical Helper – the quest calls these Lube Oil but they are Oil Cans
    • Oil Can – Find 10 by exploring rooms
    • Vacuum Robot – Banish 10, they each take 5 Oil Cans so you will need 50
  4. A Friend Out of Contact – Explore the Hallway. You will get an energy cell that Magda will keep.
  5. Voices in My Head – Collect 10 Energy Cells. Mine auto completed, I think they were found in rooms of the manor but there are Collections that give them.
  6. Drill a Hole in the Wall
    • Diamond Drill – Tap the Laboratory on the Map to obtain the drill. This may show up completed. Mine did.
    • Explore the Laboratory
  7. Unappreciated Genius
    • Laboratory in Night Mode 5 times
    • Energy Cell – Collect 35 from the Robots. Mine showed up as completed.
  8. Year’s Supply of Donuts
    • Silhouettes in the Kitchen
    • Night in the Living Room
  9. Button Trail
    • Dressing Room in Mist phenomena
    • Japanese Garden at Night
  10. Crumbs on Books
    • Library in Mist phenomena
    • Library in Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomena
  11. Sudden Loss of Consciousness
    • Living Room in Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomena
    • Bedroom at Night
  12. Professor’s Laboratory – Explore the Laboratory
  13. The Professor’s Amnesia – Explore the Laboratory at Night
  14. Mysterious Voice Recorder – Explore the Hunting Room
  15. Preparing for Work – Explore rooms to find weapons. It may auto complete for you
    • Laser Sword – 10
    • Blaster – 10
    • Plasma Rifle – 10
  16. Collecting Parts – Catch Gauguin’s robots to get the necessary parts. These are not the usual parts; you have never collected them before
    • Super Adhesive Tape – 15
    • Supersensitive Antenna – 15
    • Quantum Accumulator – 15
  17. Jack of All Trades
    • Drunken Joe Whiskey – 15 – Explore Japanese Garden or put on your Wish List
    • Pliers – 15 – Explore Fortune Telling Room or put on your Wish List
    • Tool Set – 15 Explore Laboratory or put on your Wish List
  18. A Strange Recording
    • Musical Robot – Banish 10
    • Television Robot – Banish 10
    • Vacuum Robot – Banish 10
  19. A Fresh Look at the Map  – Find the UV Lamp in the Laboratory. Mine auto completed.
  20. Room 51 – Explore Room 51
  21. Agent Fox – Explore Room 51
  22. The Case of the Mysterious Crop Circles – Explore Room 51 at Night to find the Tunguska Monolith.
  23. Unfair Exchange
    • Roswell Skull –
    • Eternal Mill – Charge Perpetual Motion Collection
  24. Guests from Faraway Planets
    • Indian Totem – Hunting Room at Night
    • Revolver – Room 51
  25. Proof on a Stone  – Find the Bas-Relief. This quest auto completed so not sure where it comes from.
  26. Cosmic Wisdom
    • Crystal Pyramid – Silhouettes in Fortune-Telling Room
    • Book of Merlin – Charge Collection 5 times
  27. Golden Orb – Assemble and Charge the They Are Among Us collection to complete the quest.

After you complete this quest, you will suddenly see a photograph of crop circles at the bottom of your screen (photo below) and you will receive 8 new quests for different crop circles.  Here is a pic of the crop circle photo that will appear and a list of the 8 crop circle quests:

Crop Circles

  1. Trip to the Stars – Assemble the first part of the landing area. To open access to it, find a photograph of crop circles on the map, tap on it and assemble the needed objects by completing the next 8 quests.Crop Circles Quest
  2. Among Friends – You will find the Peruvian Crop Circle  for building a UFO landing area by helping your friends.
  3. Unidentified Spiritism – Try to find the Arizona Crop Circle by exploring the Hall with the Mist phenomenon.
  4. Snatchin Intelligence Network – In exchange for one container, the Snatchin Agent might give us the Mesopotamian Crop Circle.  Look for the snatchins on the manor map.  (FYI, when they say “containers,” they mean the secret containers that we use to enter the lab, so be careful with this one!)
  5. We’re Off to Scout!  Explore and banish the Flying Saucer by any method to try finding the Roswell Crop Circle.
  6. Experimental Silhouettes –  Explore the Laboratory in Silhouette mode and you might find the Egyptian Crop Circle.
  7. On Fox’ Trail –  Explore Room 51.  The Amazon Crop Circle is most likely found there.
  8. Catch the Robot: Catch the professor’s robots.  There is a chance that one of them has the Nazca Crop Circle.
  9. Time to Make Contact – Banish the aliens and you will probably find the Tunguska Crop Circle.
  10. UFO – I have this as a completed quest at this point but I don’t see the initial quest in my screen shots. It keeps all the crop circles just found.

When you have collected all the components from the previous 8 quests open the Crop Circles and select the Upgrade button. The first batch of fragments for the landing area has been collected. Only 4 fragments are left. The quest Trip to the Stars will complete.

  1. Intergalactic Beacon – Click on the image of the crop circles on the map to assemble the beacon components. You will need to search, banish and it says give them as gifts. These items can be requested from your friends. Once you have them all Upgrade the quest. The beacon is built! The saucer’s pilot caught is signal and stuck the landing. Let’s hurry up and meet him.Intergalactic beacon
  2. Alien Decoder – Tap on the UFO Image on the map to assemble the decoder components. Again, ask your friends for these items. When you’ve collected them all select the Upgrade button. The decoder has been created! Now we can understand O’Olie and learn about his appearance in the Mystery Manor. Congratulations, yet another mystery has been solved.Alien Language Decoder
  3. Soft Landing – Explore the Flying Saucer.
  4. Engine Problems
    • Night in the Flying Saucer
    • Tool Set – Collect 30
  5. An Energy Source is Needed
    • Silhouettes in the Flying Saucer
    • Charge Galactica Nanoreactor – This is an Artifact
      • Orbital City – Charge Collection Space Stations (100)
      • Orbital Station – Charge Collection Spaceships (97)
      • Airspeeder – Charge Collection Flying Machines (47)
      • Alien Spacecraft- Charge Collection Dreams of Space (99)
      • Eternal Mill – Charge Collection Perpetual Motion (46)

There are more to be added and I’m not sure 40 and up are correct. There may be some in-between.

There does not seem to be a right side quest for the Flying Saucer.

Flying Saucer Collections

  • Spaceships
  • Man in Space
  • Dreams of Space
  • Space Stations


Below is the old page contents for the Path to the Flying Saucer while I work on updating the page with the new information.

Quests listed below I did not find in the ones I did.

Quest 2:  Years Supply of Donuts.  Set a trap for the mysterious thief by exploring the Kitchen in Silhouette Mode and the Living Room in Night Mode.

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Bonita Griffith

I can’t find another Indian Totem…can’t complete quest of golden orb again, can’t open path to the flying saucer. Help!

    Bonita Griffith

    Should have said….can’t complete “They Are Among Us” again. I did once, but flying saucer won’t open until I complete it again.


    Can the Indian totem be gifted? Put it on your wish list. Looks like it comes from Collection 51 and can also be found searching room 51.


it says we have to buy them in order to get the crop circles. as usual!


    I removed the profanity. Please refrain from using it.


I unlocked the flying saucer(Finally!) but I have now run into a new pickle-not enough gravitrons to explore the saucer.How can I get more?


    Check the Collections Table for Collections to charge or have a good Las Vegas style game of spinning the Mystical Chests in your inventory!




    Banishing the green man will give you gravitrons.

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