First Floor Tutorial

First Floor Tutorial and Quests

Welcome to the Mystery Manor Hidden Adventure game, once the game loads up, you arrive on the first floor of the Manor, you are given automatically 30,000 gold coins and 60 diamonds, which can be used for purchases in the game. Upon arrival on the first floor you are greeted by Katherine and you follow the short tutorial.



  1. Porcelain Cup: The cup should be in the Kitchen.
  2. Find a Saucer: Head on over to the Living Room, the saucer must be there.
  3. A clue is Always Near: Find the compasses in the Living Room.
  4. The Fork Goes on the Left: Start your exploring in the Kitchen.
  5. The cook’s Brilliant Blade: You’re bound to find the knife in the Living Room.
  6. A Spoon’s Dear when Lunch’s Near: The Platinum Spoon must have been lost somewhere in the Kitchen.
  7. Cracker to the Rescue: Don’t worry, you’ll find the Lobster Cracker in the Living Room.
  8. Sleight of Hand: Elsa probably left the chopsticks in the Bedroom. if the Bedroom’s not unlocked, buy a key from the room window, which you can open by just tapping the Bedroom on the map.
  9. A Ray of Light in the Darkness: Head into the Bedroom to find the Flashlights.
  10. A Mysterious Chest: Charge the Platinum Flatware Collection.
  11. Little Black Dress: Elsa’s Dress is in the Living Room.
  12. Time Goes by so Slowly: Explore the Kitchen and the Living Room. You’ll definitely find the snails there.
  13. Fixing Clothes: Explore the Dressing Room to complete the quest. If the room is locked, tap on its plan on the map and buy the key to unlock the room.
  14. The Maid’s Lacy Apron: Check the Kitchen for the Apron.
  15. A Useful Invention: The pointers can be found in the Living Room, Kichen and Bedroom.
  16. The Princess’ First Ball: Explore the Dressing Room to find the dress.
  17. Tapping Heels: The creature under the bed in the Bedroom stole Elsa’s shoes.
  18. Will-O’- the -Wisps: Check the Living Room. The Tesla Coil is probably in there.
  19. Elsa’s Headdress: Look for the bonnet in the Living Room.
  20. Our Friendship is One Year Old: This Starts the First Anniversary Quest String. If you don’t get the Cake you will need to contact GI Support and have them fix it.
  21. Spotless and Orderly: The Dust Brush is probably in the Kitchen.
  22. In Search of Produce: Giovanni could have forgotten his flour pouch in the Living Room when he was serving breakfast.
  23. An Easter Island Idol: You can find the Angry Idol in the Kitchen.
  24. The First Draughts: You need to open the Bunker to complete this quest.
  25. Purchase an Elephant: Find the shop icon in the right-hand menu and click on it. In the Charms tab, find the Elephant of Wisdom and purchase it to complete the quest.
  26. Missing Puppies: Explore the Dressing Room to find the pug.
  27. Queen of the Evening’s Dress: You should look for the Dress in the Dressing room in Night mode. It is an evening dress after all.
  28. Golden Apples: The Apple could be anywhere, but you should start your exploration in the Bedroom.
  29. Strange Little Creatures: Find two Bookworm Snatchins and banish them to complete the quest.
  30. Use a Charm: Open the inventory (the chest icon in the right-hand game menu), find the Elephant of Wisdom charm and click on the hand icon.
  31. Puppy’s Scared of the Snatchins: The Pomeranian may be in any room. Explore them and you might find it.
  32. A Lamp will clear the Mist: No doubts, the lamp is in the Bedroom.
  33. The Charming Party Hostess: Explore the bedroom for the missing dress.
  34. Extinct Reptile Meat: The fillet must be stored in the Kitchen fridge.
  35. Stolen Supplies: Banish three Hungry Snatchins to find the missing Mandrake flour and complete the quest.
  36. Lost Treasure: Try to find the Leprechaun’s Pot in the rooms of Manor
  37. Don’t Bother the cook: Help your friends out to find a Chihuahua.
  38. Dress for a festival: Explore the Bathroom in Silhouette mode to find the dress.
  39. Fist-Sized Egg: There’s only one place to look for Phoenix Eggs, and that’s the Kitchen.
  40. Little Fluffy Terrier: Explore the Living Room in Night mode to find the Yorkshire Terrier.
  41. Light Summer Dress: Banish the Native Idol Phenomenon in the Dressing Room and you might find the dress.
  42. A Pitcher of Bird Milk: There’s still some Bird Milk left in the Bedroom.
  43. Flowers from the Japanese Garden: Explore the Japanese Garden and complete the gardener’s quests find the Ikebana.
  44. Lights of the Cold Samhain: Explore any rooms in the Manor at night to find 25 Flaming Pumpkins. You won’t find them right away. You can complete the quest for 10 diamonds. Once you complete the quest, the Pumpkins will be removed. This is the first quest that accompanies The Crypt of the Necromancer
  45. Fixing Shoes:
  46. Royal Treatment: Take a look in the Living Room. Once found it will be removed.
  47. Mandrake Tea:
  48. The Subtle Beauty of Uggs: Banish Snowdoll Snatchins roaming the manor. Perhaps that will help you retrieve the Uggs.
  49. Movie Star: The Invitation for Monroe can be found in the bedroom. Once found it will be removed.
  50. Flowers of Solid Gold:
  51. Thieves in the Bathroom: (Quests Started on opening the Bathroom) Banish Thieving Snatchins to find the Plunger and complete the quest. The Plunger will be removed upon completing the quest.
  52. A Bottomless Bottle: Look for the Klein bottle in the Bathroom.
  53. Something Clogged the Pipes: Bring Benedict a Plunger from the Bedroom.
  54. Chinese Miracle: Explore the Bathroom to find the Chinese Crested Dog.
  55. The Hangover: The Port could be in any room. By the way, you can get an amazing Dish by charging the Unusual Products collection. Once you complete the quest, the bottle of Port and the Dish will be removed from your inventory.
  56. High Heels:
  57. Commander-In-Connoisseur: It’s Likely you’ll find the Invitation in the Kitchen.
  58. Grubby Snatchins meet Elsa: Banish three Grubby Snatchins to complete the quest.
  59. Single Surface Band: You’ll find the Mobius Band in the Living Room. One Band will be removed from your inventory after you complete the quest.
  60. Wrinkle Cream: Head into the Bathroom for the cream.
  61. Madam’s Favorite: Assemble and charge the Decorative Puppies collection to complete the quest (collection no:)
  62. Sunken Jewels: Look for the Pliers and a bottle of Vodka in the rooms of the manor.
  63. Light Summer Shoes:
  64. A letter to the Great Artist: You can look for Leonardo da Vinci’s Invitation in the Bathroom.
  65. A frightened Girl: Banish two Ear-Twisting Snatchins to help Elsa cope with her fear.
  66. Gift-Wrapping: You can find the box in the Kitchen. You can obtain the statue by charging the Golden Maid Collection ( collection no:). One box will be removed from your inventory when you complete the quest.
  67. Even the Pants Ran Away:
  68. The Cat and the Summer Sandals:
  69. The Old Man and the Sea: Katherine musg have dropped the Invitation in the Hunting room.
  70. New Kind of Snatchins: Banish two Snowdoll Snatchins to help Katherine.
  71. Odd Top Model: Banish the Native Idol phenomenon from the Dressing Room anyway you can to try and find the jacket.
  72. Couturier’s Gift:
  73. To reach the Addressee:
  74. A shirt and the Will “o’ Wisp:
  75. A Hunter’s Vanity: You’ll find the nails in every room of the Manor and the Hammer may be in the Bathroom.
  76. A Cowardly Maid: Check the Bedroom to make sure there’s nobody there.
  77. Herald of a Storm: Banish five Snow Elves with an Ice Sword. You will find them in the Yard. This is the first quest for the The Ice Citadel: Palace of the Snow Queen.
  78. Grown with Love:
  79. Enemy Attack in the Morning:
  80. Three Years Went by in the Blink of an Eye: You’re about to do the exact same thing you did when you first arrived in the Manor: Explore the Living Room in Words mode. This is the start of the 3rd Anniversary of Party Room Quest String – 2015.
  81. The Cook is in Love: You can find a bottle of dinner wine in the Living Room.
  82. A Shot of Vodka: There should be a bottle of vodka somewhere in the Kitchen.
  83. Madam’s Favorite: Assemble and charge the Decorative Puppies collection.
  84. Portuguese Wine for a German woman: Benedict had stashed the port in the bathroom; look for it there.
  85. Last Chance: Benedict hides his alcohol throughout the manor but you should start by exploring the Dressing room. The bottle of whiskey will be removed from your inventory after you complete the quest.
  86. Elsa’s Date: Assemble all the items from the Golden Necklace collection and charge it.
  87. Somebody stashed Dauphin cognac in the bedroom. Could it have been Katherine?
  88. A Hunter Never Sleeps: Look for bird milk in the rooms of the manor. The milk will be removed from your inventory when you complete the quest.
  89. Insomnia in the Dead of Night: Look for a bottle of cognac somewhere in the manor – the coffee should be in the kitchen. The cognac will be removed from your inventory after you complete the quest.
  90. Hawaiian Tie:
  91. Shiny Shoes: Explore the Dressing Room to find the missing shoes.
  92. Brand New Coat: Assemble and charge the Men’s Suit collection to complete the quest.
  93. Hang Him Up High: To complete the quest, assemble and activate the Dreamcatchers collection.
  94. Stars Aren’t Keen on Waiting: Find Marilyn Monroe stamp. The postage stamp is bound to be in the Bedroom.
  95. A Parchment Letter: Find Alexander the Great. You should be able to find the stamp in the Kitchen.
  96. Farewell, My Weapon…: Find Ernest Hemingway. Check the Hunting Room thoroughly; the stamp could be there.
  97. The Gardener Tests the Neophyte: Explore the Garden at night. Takeshi has tasked you with a difficult mission: exploring his Japanese Garden at night. (First quest when you open Japanese garden)
  98. The Cache in the Hunting Room: Explore the Hunting Room to complete the quest.
  99. A Skillful Cook: You can get sushi from Benedict and fricassee from Jones the Hunter if you complete their quests. (Search the Bathroom for sushi and Hunting Room for fricassee.)
  100. The Search for the Secret Room: Explore the Living Room to complete the quest.
  101. Let’s Explore the Bedroom: Explore the Bedroom to complete the quest.
  102. What Does the Mermaid Know?: Explore the Bathroom to complete the quest.
  103. Exploring the Entire Manor: Find or buy compasses, then explore the room. The compasses will be removed from your inventory upon completing the quest.
  104. Evening Tea: Check the Library for the porcelain teapot. (Can open Library at level 18.)
  105. Tea for the Queen: To complete the quest, assemble and activate the Royal Tea Ceremony collection.
  106. Shadows in the Garden: Explore the Japanese Garden in Silhouette mode to demonstrate your skills to the gardener.
  107. Protector of Flowers: Show your courage by exploring any room under the Witch’s curse. The mode becomes available after exploring a room with the Will-o’-Wisp phenomenon. Do not banish the phenomenon with a Tesla Coil.
  108. There Are Still Places to Explore in the Manor: Explore the rooms in list below to complete the quest. Explore the Dressing Room, Japanese Garden, and the Bathroom.
  109. A Gardener Must Be Brave: Explore any room under the Curse of the Evil Eye. The curse is left behind by the Mist phenomenon. You must not banish the phenomenon using an Illuminati Lamp.
  110. Table Book: Explore the Living Room in Night mode to find the Book of Monsters. You won’t find the item right away.
  111. The Last Test: Explore any room with Mist phenomenon present. Do not banish the phenomenon.
  112. When a Black Cat Crosses the Road: You’ll find the cute kittens in the Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom. Angora Cat, Scottish Fold, and Persian Cat.
  113. The Most Beautiful Bride in the World: Assemble and charge the Dresses collection to complete the quest.
  114. Voldemort’s Return: Successfully explore the Hunting Room and Fortune-telling Room to complete and activate your Cat collection. Find Tabby Cat and Maine Cat. Charge collection.
  115. Light Summer Shoes: Banish Bookworm Snatchins roaaming around the manor. Perhaps that will help you retrieve the Sandals.
  116. The Cat and Summer Sandals: Banish Hungry Snatchins roaming around the Manor. Perhaps that will help you retrieve the Summer Sandals.
  117. Couturier’s Gift: Assemble and charge the Shoes collection to complete the quest.
  118. A Broken Fridge: Purchase Time Freeze in the shop or find it in the Hunting Room. (May also receive one from the Mystery gifts you receive from gifting friends.)
  119. Bring Some Milk for the Cat: You’ll find the milk jug in the Fortune -Telling Room.
  120. A Stolen Decoy: You will find the Decoy after you find a way to banish the Will-o’-Wisp.
  121. Memory of the First Date: The Pine Bonsai that reminds Takeshi of the day he met his beloved was stolen by Thieving Snatchins. You might be able to find it by banishing them.
  122. Figurine by the Bedside: The netsuke figurine of the foo dog, a present to the gardener from his beloved, can be found somewhere in the Manor.
  123. The Bird in the Golden Cage: Find or buy 40 copper Horseshoes. (Can receive horseshoes firm charging Visions of the Future collection)
  124. Samurai Helmet: A Samurai Helmet can be found somewhere in the Manor. Find it and bring it to the gardener.
  125. Beloved’s Shoes: Explore the Manor carefully to find the Geta Sandals.
  126. Rounding Out the Library: Look in the Fortune Telling Room to complete the quest.
  127. A Beast, a Bird or a Dream?: Explore the Library in Night mode and you will learn what frightened Joanna.
  128. A Cook Tries Magic: Look in the Kitchen to finish this quest.
  129. Dreams of Escape: Look around the manor for a book of white magic.
  130. The Book of Rare Monsters: Explore the Hunting Room to complete the quest.
  131. Runway Book: To complate the quest, banish the mist Phenomenon from the room by any means necessary.
  132. The Spirit of Wisdom: Banish Native Idol phenomenon from the Hunting Room any way you can and you will find the Wise Laughing Buddha netsuke figurine. Need 10 Buddha – Force phenomenon into Hunting Room 10 times w/phenomenon caller ‘Multi-Phase Tambourine; put on WL.
  133. Rare Books Auction: Find glasses in the Library
  134. Secrets of the East: The courier got lost. If you visit your friends and help them, you might find the book.
  135. Lucky Horseshoes: Bring the required number of horseshoes to Joanna. They will be removed from your inventory after you complete the quest. Copper and silver horseshoes – 30 each.

This page is a work in progress. Thank you Rena for painstakingly opening a new game to get all the information for new players.

There are Tips available on playing the game.




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