3rd Anniversary or Party Room – 2015

3rd Anniversary

Celebration in the Manor

Three years have passed, but we are far from the end of our journey, as you will soon see for yourself. Indeed, in the very near future you’re going to plunge deep into a special adventure.

The 3rd Anniversary of Mystery Manor has arrived. This time it is a New Room on the Manor’s First Floor. The Orange Gift Box will appear somewhere outside of the Manor. Click on the Gift Box to begin your 3rd Anniversary Adventure.

In my new game the first quest and the Gift Box appeared in Level 14. At the same time the first 4th Anniversary quest appeared with it’s small shadow on the screen.

Mystery Gift

2016-06-10 14.36.01.png

An Epochal Gift

You will now receive a large quest to find Collection items. You can put many of these items on your wish list but the quests will help you find them.

Since the Collection Numbers change please use the Collections Table to get the correct numbers so you can add them to your wish list.

An Epocal Gift 3rd

The Collections Items to Collect to get past the first stage in order pictured are:

  • Bone Mammoth – Gifts of Different Eras
  • Slippers from – Gifts for Worthy
  • Queens Comb – Memory Enfettered in Ice
  • Greek Amphora – Gifts of Different Eras
  • Prize Saber – Hero’s Prizes – Cannot be requested from Friends
  • Bouquet – Gifts for Worthy
  • St. Peter’s Signet Ring – Gifts of Different Era
  • Eternal Pen from – Gifts of Different Eras
  • Chocolate Elephant from – Gifts of Different Eras

3rd Anniversary Room Keys

  • Balloons – They fall from every banish of the 3rd Anniversary Roamers.

3rd Anniversary Roamers

  • Snatchin Cooks – Flour Bolter
  • Snatchin Jazzman – Music Paper
  • Party Planner – Horn with Wine

Party Room Icon.jpg3rd Anniversary Quests



  1. Three Years Went by in the Blink of an Eye – Search Living Room in Words mode
  2. Like on a Plate – Find Mystic Dish in Kitchen in Witch’s Curse mode (after Will-o-wisp)
  3. What’s All the Hubbub? – Find Magda…any room in Words mode
  4. It’s the Thought that Counts
    • Banish 10 Grubby Snatchins
    • Explore Japanese Garden
  5. Holding the Librarian Accountable
    • Search Library in Silhouettes mode
    • Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode
  6. Awakening Memories – Find 5 Nuts in rooms with Native Idol phenomena (I found it easier to get the nuts from the Snatchin Cook on first floor…you may have to go through a lot but you will get balloons from the cook, jazzman and party planner which you will need later as they are the keys to the party room…the balloons drop with every banish.)
  7. The Butterfly Effect – Find Wells Blueprint in Hall in Silhouettes mode
  8. Everything’s Going According to Plan – Find Ring Clock in Library with phenomenon (Note: these clocks are a collection under artifact tab…they drop from rooms searched in phenomenon modes.)
  9. Shadows Disappear at Noon – Find Sundial in Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode
  10. Out with the Old – Find Fire Clock in Fortune-telling room
  11. Water Under the Bridge – Find Water Clock in Bathroom with Evil Eye curse (after Mist)
  12. Steampunk Style – Find Mechanical Watch in Animatorium at Night (by this time I was out of keys to search Animatorium from other quests so I just waited for it to drop from a room I searched with phenomenon…didn’t take too long)
  13. Coming Full Circle
    • Charge Time Machine collection (under artifact tab)
      • Note: after you charge this, search as many rooms on first floor as you can for the 2 hours that the charm runs as you will be finding items from collections past
    • Search Library 3 times
  14. Catch Butterflies Right off the Bat – Find 15 Butterfly Nets by trading with 1st floor snatchins: Snowdoll, Ear-Twisting, Grubby, Bookworm, Thieving
  15. The Shadow of Days Long Past
    • Search Bedroom in Night mode
    • Search Bedroom in Silhouettes mode
  16.  Trojan Butterfly – Find Swallowtail in the Dressing Room (Now we are going to find all of the butterflies in the first artifact collection…they drop in most room searches so you may find some in that way.)
  17. Where Are You Going, Odysseus? Find Ulysses Sailboat in the Garden
  18. By Hall and Dale – Find Urticaria in the Hall
  19. Sphingidae or Hummingbird? – Find Rousterer in the Laboratory
  20. Lovely lo – Find Peacock Eye in the Sakura room
  21. The Simple Joys of the Entomologist – Search rooms to collect the necessary items.
    • Find 3 Hairpin
    • Find 3 Tracing Paper
    • Find 3 Frame
  22. Homecoming – Charge Butterfly collection (first collection under artifact tab)
  23. Unintended Consequences – Search Laboratory in Words mode 3 times.

The next 5 quests are riddles…I might not remember the riddle exactly but this is where to explore:

  1. Pop Quiz – Find Jones and Adele in the rooms they are in most
    • Adele – Dressing Room
    • Jones – Hunting Room
  2. The Rooms of Beautiful Ladies – Search 2 rooms of Adele’s best friends…Oceanic and Sakura rooms
  3. A Merry Hunt – Guess which two yard monsters Jones the Hunter is talking about, and banish each one 10 times.
    • Rumbles it’s Armor – Stern Armored Bear x10
    • Rattles it’s Bones – Skeleton Sacrificer x10
  4. I Want to Believe
    • Riddled room – Watch a few episodes of X-Files –  Room 51 Search 1 time
    • Riddled monster – Sticking a Meddlesome Tentacle – Octopus Banish 1
  5. Romance upon Romance – Search Riddled rooms of gentleman callers in Words Mode
    1. Elsa the Maid – Kitchen
    2. Sakura Flower – Japanese Garden
    3. Aelita the Mermaid – Bathroom
  6. Monkey wrench x5, plunger x5, pliers x5…search any room
  7. Search Hall in Words mode x3
  8. Mystery Gift…after I completed last quest this came up as already completed…I assume because I had already tapped on the mystery gift box (party hall room)
    • Two quests appear now:
  9.  Complete gifts in the present with the following quests and charge Gift For Hero of the Day
  10. Find Bone Mammoth in the Crypt in Silhouettes mode
  11. Find Slippers in Hotel in Words mode…you can also get these from Party Planner snatchin
  12. Find Queens Comb in Ice Castle in Night mode
  13. Find Greek Amphora in Pyramid in Words mode
  14. Find Prize Saber in Hyperion Hall in Words mode
  15. Find St. Peter’s signet ring in Vampire Castle in Night mode
  16. Find Bouquet in Club 69 in Silhouettes mode (or get from Party Planner)
  17. Find Eternal Pen in Animatorium in Words mode
  18. Find Chocolate Elephant in Bunker in Silhouettes mode
    • Now you can do step #32 and charge Gift For Hero of the Day
  19. Unlock the Party Hall and explore (you need balloons to explore so hopefully you have been banishing cooks, party planners and jazzmen for the balloons)
    • Two quests appear now:
  20. Tasting Preferences – Search Party Hall x5 and find 5 cakes to get the Croquembouche by charging the La Dolce Vita collection. Find the cakes in the following quests:
  21. Cake Is No Lie – Find Schwarzwald in Bedroom in Night mode
  22. Cake for a Bonapartist – Find Napoleon cake in Wine Cellar in Silhouettes mode (May want to have a friend gift to you.)
  23. Weaknesses of the Strong – Find Linzer in Gym with Mirror curse
  24. Find Ice Cream Cake by trading with Snowminator
  25. Find Pavlova in Sauna in Words mode
  26. Simply Space! – Find Martian Cake on Mars
  27. A Hungarian Sweet – Find Dobos in Fortune room in Words mode (Note: I had stocked up pretty well on balloons so some of the cakes found in the basement I just found searching the Party Hall. But you will have to have enough balloons to search enough to get to 3rd and 4th levels.)
  28. Capricious Kuzima – Charge Heaven for Sweet Tooth collection to get the Anniversary Cake by exploring Basement rooms (You probably already have all the items to charge this collection #162…a First Anniversary collection.)
  29. Sicilian Wishes – Find Buccellato by trading with Cook (first floor)
    • Now you can finish step #43 and charge Croquembouch
    • Two quests appear now:
  30. Three Times the Fun – Search Party Hall in Silhouettes mode x3 and charge Three is the Magic Number to get Three From A Coffer. Find the items in the following quests:
  31. Mirror-Mirror, Don’t Leave! – Find 3-Leaved Mirror in Dressing Room in Silhouettes mode
  32. Once Upon a Misty Prairie… – Find Three Cards in Fortune Room in Silhouettes mode
  33. Strike! And Another One! – Find Trident in Sakura in Night mode
  34. Cogito Ergo Sum – Find Pascals Triangle in Room 51 in Silhouettes mode
  35. Till the Lights Go Out – Find Candelabra in Elevator in Night mode
      • Now you can finish step #53 and charge 3 is a Magic Number
      • Two quests appear now:
  36. A Pleasant Surprise – Search Party Hall in Night mode x3 and charge Long Live Surprise! Collection to get the Secret Book. Find items in the following quests:
  37. Open the Box, Pet the Cat – Find Schrodinger trap in any room with Witch’s curse (after Will-o-wisp)…can have a friend send or put on WL
  38. The Feast Is Server – Find Dish w/Dome Cover in Hotel in Night mode and banish Culinary Snatchin x10 (in yard) (Note: if you need signet rings see if you can charge the houses collection that was part of 2nd Anniversary collections.)
  39. **Find Black Box…it’s a riddle but can be found in Wine Cellar with Storm phenomenon (this is where I am now…getting ready to just search the Party Hall for it)
  40. A Shaman’s Tricks – Find Fortune-telling Pies in African Room in Zodiac mode (from one of the Fortune Room collections)
  41. Special Delivery! – Find Letter w/out return address in Hall in Words mode
  42. Pranks a la Snatchin – Find Merry Pillow by trading with Snatchin Guardsman (in yard)
  43. Pow! Right in the Pumpkin— Search Pumpkin Field in Night mode x3
  44. A Kyoto Officer – Find Jewelry Box w/a secret in Garden in Silhouettes mode
  45. Blast from the Past – The Easter Bunny pays a visit…he’s in on this celebration too! Find Egg Surprise from his riddle (yes another riddle)…search the Flying Saucer
    • Now you can finish step #59 and charge Long Live Surprise
    • Two quests appear now:
  46. A Present for You! – Search Party Hall in Words mode x3 and charge the Explorer’s Present collection to get the Seeker’s Portrait. Find items in the following quests:
  47. Keep on Spinning – Find Steam Powered Bicycle (this is an item that comes from the 2nd Anniversary House so it is in those collections) in Garage in Ball Lightning mode
  48. An Indispensable Accessory – Find Expensive Magnifying Glass by trading with a Detective (Basement)
  49. Sweet Gingerbread – Find Printed Gingerbread (again that 2nd anniversary collection…you are going to end up needing each item from this collection) in the Cuddy in Myopia curse (after Storm)
  50. Beverage of the Worthy – Find English Tea in Thiefs Room in Night mode
  51. The Missing Stroke – Find Snatchin Tie (2nd anniversary collection) in Laundry Room in Silhouette mode
  52. Under Powerful Protection – Find Ertsgamma Star in Academy
  53. Golden on the Inside – Find snatchin Scale Weight in Pool in Stone Hash curse (after Granite Golem)
  54. A Shot in the Night – Find Collectors Weapon in Hunting Lyceum in Night mode
  55. Phenomenal Kvass – Find Barrel of Kvass in Boiler Room…it says under different phenomenon…I had Mirroring curse in Boiler Room at the time and it showed up…not sure if it shows up for all phenomenon and curses??
  56. Northeast or Southwest – Find Ancient Compass in Frigate in Silhouette mode
    • Now you can finish step #69 and charge Explorers Present (Note: I found the items in Explorers Present collection by just searching Party Hall as I didn’t have enough keys to get into some of the boss rooms and didn’t want to waste all of my basement keys…much easier to get balloons)
  57. Three Pies and One Candle – Charge Just Once A Year collection (under artifact tab) to get the Anniversary Candle. It gives you 100% to a Random Effect for 1 hour.


3rd Anniversary Party Room

And here’s the room once you get into it. At least it’s not dark and dreary. It takes all those balloons you collect from the Snatchin Cook, Snatchin Party Planner and Snatchin Jazzman. If you can’t find them in your manor to banish the best manor’s to find them in are the low level players that are still working on the 1st Anniversary Quests.

3rd Anniversary Party Room

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Anyone know if the Prize Saber (37) , can be given? Does not leave the option to put on whises. Thanks


    No, you must find it where the quest tells you.




I am on quest no. 41 to find the chocolate elephant in the bunker.
The quest came up on the left side of the screen I was gifted the chocolate elephant and the quest came up completed.
The elephant has not registered on the party room collected items list.
I decided to explore the bunker but the elephant doesn’t show up in the findable items list .
Does this mean that it’s now impossible for me to compete the 3rd anniversary quest


    So you just need the chocolate elephant to charge the collection now? It’s odd that it didn’t go in your collection. You could open a ticket or get another Elephant from someone else. I have 3 so if we’re friends and you message me I’ll send you one. MsWillow.


I’m stuck on the quest romance upon romance where you have to explore 3 riddled rooms I have the first two but can’t remember what room to explore for the third one. I have explored the rooms on the first floor so many times surely I must have done it in every different mode.
I think ther should be a smaller limit on how many times you have to explore a room in a certain mode before you can complete a quest.


    I think you’re on Quest 28. If you have the quest names starting at 27 I would love to have them.

    You can email me screen shots mmadmin@mmipadfunpage.com. Or if you want to send them to me on Facebook messenger send me an email and I’ll tell you how to connect.


Anyway, what I wanted to ask is where do the pink balloons on the shape of a 2 drop from, please?


    Go check the 2nd Anniversary Quest string. It’s one of the bosses I don’t remember which.


I’ve asked friends to help me with the items.. they register in my collections but not in the 3rd anniversary quest.

Does that mean I have to go through all the quest to get the items and not friends ?

Thank You


I’m on quest 41, finding the chocolate elephant in the bunker, and I always seem to have bunker keys so I think (hope) I’ll complete it soon. My question is, once I find the chocolate elephant, do I charge that collection to complete quest 32, or do I open the party room first?

Normally you’d be able to charge the collection without losing progress on the items to open the room, but this didn’t apply with the 2nd anniversary quests. I had at least seven of each item on the second layer, and when I charged that collection for a quest, I lost one of each item. I had to hunt for ages to find another bulldozer to get the second layer of the tent unlocked.

The items for the 4th anniversary seem an awful lot harder to find, I’m not sure which room if any they’re associated with. So I’m really scared about losing my one of each item by charging it. Please advise.


    I meant 3rd anniversary of course, in the last paragraph. So confused, I’m working on 2nd, 3rd and 4th at the moment. Nearly finished on 2nd and 4th, 3rd has been the hardest I think.


    Don’t worry, I worked it out myself. Wow, what a gift you get just for opening that room, well worth the trouble. So what you do is, once you get the chocolate elephant, just charge “hero of the day” collection, and you can still open the room, because the game still acknowledges you’ve collected all the items. Yay!


I have been stuck on 5th quest for 4 months. Which is to search the library and hunting room in silhouettes mode. I have search at least 30 times and have not been able to complete the quest. What am I doing wrong?


    Can you send me a screen shot in email, mmadmin@mmipadfunpage.com. I don’t have all the information on those quests. Have you searched in those modes and not gotten any credit?


What is the animatorium? I


    See the page on the Animatorium. You can search on any item in the search box on the page. If you have more than one word put it in quotation marks.


Birthday 3. I finally got all the items-ring etc but it makes no difference what do I do to complete this. Obviously I’ve been doing is for more than a year


    To add to the above: I’ve got. All items of the collection for heroes which contains 5 of the items required. But it makes no difference


      I don’t understand. What quest number are you on?


        Looking at the graphic above I have 4 of the quest string : they show 1/1. I found the rest in the collection Gifts of Different Eras. I collected 1 of each. But the quest string in birthday 3 still show 5 of them with 0/1. What should I be doing


Gold turtles, charge the cornucopia artefact, use your explorer helpers, charge the butterflies until you get increased chance of finding an item. Use all the charms you can, and don’t open your daily gift until you’ve got all the charms set up, just in case you get a lucky rabbit foot, because you can’t use the turtle on top of that, but you can do it the other way around.


I’m stuck on 19 because I don’t have enough Batteries and can’t work out where is best to get them to drop. Before I took a break after the birth of my son, I’m sure they used to be a regular gift for visiting friends but doesn’t seem to be the case anymore 🙁 Anyone have any tips?


    You can get batteries from charging certain collections. Go to http://mmipadfunpage.com/collections/mystery-manor-collections-names-numbers-rewards-and-gifts/ and you can search for the collections you need to charge. You may already have completed them.


    I would charge collections that give batteries. This site has a collections page under the main menu where you can search the collections that give batteries.


Can’t get started with 3rd anniversary without eternal pen and chocolate elephant. I have them both and friends have sent me ones, but not accepted. They have to fall? As you can tell, it’s bee over a year!!


Which rooms I need to explore to find 386 collection


    My request is the same as the previous, where are the 386 coll items? Especially pen and elephant. Thanks


      Possibly I am mistaken, I’m still on mission 28 – called Romance upon Romance by the way. However, I believe if you follow through all the missions, when you get to missions 39 and 40, you will have a mission to find these items. Maybe that’s the only way you can get them. Interesting that friends gifting them doesn’t work, that has worked for me in the past, maybe they removed that loophole.


Should charge the gift for hero collection first or open the epochal gift first? And when I do one do I then have to collect the items again to do the other?


    I’m looking for the same answer is it better to charge the room first or the heroes for a day collection


      See my response to Kate above.


    You’ve probably worked this out by now, but I’ll write this for anyone else who, like me, came here purely for the answer to that question.

    It’s fine to do the quests in the exact order listed above. So you charge the “hero of the day” collection, and then it still recognises that you’ve collected all the items, so you can then open the party room. Not sure if it works the other way around, usually the game takes all the items you use to open a room.


Can anyone tell me what collection the Schrodinger Trap is in? I need this to complete a quest for the 3rd anniversary quest. It says to find it after a will o wisp visits a room or to put it on WL. I haven’t had a will o wisp visit, so want to try and get it from a friend, but cannot find the collection it’s in to pu it on my WL. Thanks for any help!


    Use the Collections Table to search for items in the collections.


      Thank you! I didn’t even know that existed!!!! Very nice!


    I’m not sure if you’ve solved this yet, but you can collect items to bring phenomena to a room. The phenomenon comes to a random room, but won’t come to rooms already with a phenomenon in them, or rooms in curse mode, so you can control it to some extent. You may already have some, if not there’s a collection for two of each item to attract them, includes the original game’s phenomena only but does include will o wisp. Search http://mmipadfunpage.com/collections/mystery-manor-collections-names-numbers-rewards-and-gifts/ for “phenomena” to find the one you want.


I’m trying to get the queen’s comb by searching the ice castle at night but aside from night being a very rare mode at the moment in the ice castle the comb isn’t listed in the fondable items list. Does it only show up at certain times?


    Try exploring a room in night mode right before you go into the ice castle, more often than not, this will create night mode in the next room you explore.


Finished the 3rd Anniversary Quest. Is the only prize the candle that gives you an hour of 100% to a special effect? If so what a waste of time!!!! I got increased coins by 100% for exploring rooms for one hour. Lucky me. Sorry for the sarcasm but I spent hours and hours on this quest. And there is not a lot to buy with coins.


Finished all the quests except actually charging the artifact ” Just once a Year”. Does anybody know what happens, what random effect? Saving to make sure I have an uninterrupted hour of playing.

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