Wine Cellar

Do you prefer red wine or white? The Wine Cellar appears in the Manor’s Basement and Maitre Fauchelevent, the best sommelier in France, will happily share wisdom from his favourite pastime with you.

Wine Cellar Key

  • Golden Cup

Wine Cellar Roamer

  • Snatchin Sommelier – Precious Leaf

Wine Cellar Quests

  1. Thus Ironed Zarathustra – Explore the Basement Rooms with Curses to find the Heated Iron, Ironing Board and Dragon’s Breath from Spick and Span Collection.
  2. There’s Still Work to Do
    • Search the Boiler room for the Ironing Machine and Steaming Rack from Spick and Span Collection
    • Charge Spick and Span Collection
  3. Sly and Starving – Explore the Bathhouse for a Pear and Orange from Fruit Wines Collection.
  4. Who Among us Has No Fear – Explore the Pool for 5 Escargot Snails. These are chargers for the wine room collections.
  5. A Woman in the Elevator
    • Explore the Elevator
    • Explore the Garage and Cuddy for 3 Rope Holders and 3 Brackets
  6. The French, Masters of Love – Explore the Dressing Room in Stone Tongue and Witches Curses .
  7. Adel’s Musings
    • Banish Snatchin Sommelier to get a Clay Jug
    • Charge Secrets of Wine Sampling Collection
  8. The Depths of the Wine-Makers Soul
    • Explore the Wine Cellar 30 times to reach Professional Level
    • Achieve Mastery Level (Professional) in Wine Cellar
    • Complete the Fauchelevent’s Quests (quests 9 to 20 below)
  9. Easy to Find, Hard to Forget
    • Explore the Garage
    • Explore the Gym
    • Use an Enhanced Flashlight 10 Times
  10. Meeting the Wine Master – Explore the Cuddy for Potion of Speed from the Full Moon Treasures Collection.
  11. Excluded from the Passage of Time – Explore the Wine Cellar with Ball Lightening phenomenon for the Decanter from The Joy of Wine Collection.
  12. The Price of Trust – Explore the Wine Cellar at Night.
  13. A New Development in Medicine
    • Banish Pestilential Doctors to get the Pear from Fruit Wines Collection
    • Explore Basement with Electric Shock Curse for Doctors Charm from Pestilential Doctor Collection
  14. Orange Skies, Orange Savage
    • Explore Basement rooms with Granite Golem Phenomena for  Golden Idol from Swamp Treasures Collection
    • Banish Savages to get an Orange from Fruit Wines Collection
  15. A Short Thread – Explore the Laundry Room to find an Apricot from Fruit Wines Collection and Magda’s Tangle from In Search of Danger Collection.
  16. Multifaceted Biology
    • Battle Charles de Chewaudan (Werewolf’s Lair)
    • Explore the Lair for a Plum from Fruit Wines Collection
  17. Red and Green
    • Banish Snatchin Sommelier to get a Red Current
    • Charge Fruit Wines Collection
  18. A Kingly Crown – Explore the Wine Cellar in Silhouettes Mode for a Cork from The Joy of Wine Collection.
  19. A Man Who Works
    • Help friends to find the Sommelier Knife in The Joy of Wine Collection
    • Charge The Joy of Wine Collection
  20. Fauchelevent in a Difficult Position – Explore the Wine Cellar for Adele on the Cover from the Young Infants Collection.
  21. Heads Full of Happiness – Explore Basement Rooms in Silhouette Mode to find:
    • Paris Perfume – Young Infants Collection
    • Stylish Handbag – Beautiful Stranger Collection
    • Elegant Scarf – Beautiful Stranger Collection
  22. A Bright Night
    • Explore the Wine Cellar at Night
    • Collect Kerosene Lamps by trading with Snatchin Sommeliers
  23. The Art of Walking through Walls – Explore the Wine Cellar in Night Mode 3 times.
  24. The Treasure-Hunter Brownie – Explore Crypt of Aquarius (Swamp Crypt) to find Fern Blossom from Swamp Treasures Collection.
  25. What Do Champions Eat? – Explore the Gym, Pool, and drive away Snatchin Sportsmen and Divers to gather and charge the Pentathlon Collection and Team Spirit Collection.
  26. For the Peace of Our Manor
    • Explore Bathhouse, Laundry Room and Boiler Room to gather and charge the Water Spirits Collection
    • Find Beaufort Cheese by banishing Kappas and Nagas
  27. Magic in Four Walls – Explore the Wine Cellar in Night Mode to
    • Collect 50 Epicentres of Magic (you can charge Collection of Houses for 60, Navigating the Stars for 20.)
    • Collect 1 Magic Flame (you can charge Swamp Treasures for 50.)
  28. Say Cheese!
    • Find Cheese Canapé in the Wine Cellar
    • Charge Cheesy Treats Collection to get the Cheese Plate
  29. A Vintage Gift – Gather and charge the Gift Cognac collection. There are hints for finding the items in the quests themselves, so read them carefully.

End of Quests

Thank you juliebug for sending the quest list.

A Mysterious Wine Tasting Quest

Along with The Wine Cellar comes this quest on the right side of your Manor to collect and charge the 5 Wine Cellar collections each 5 times. Then you can claim the Sommelier’s Chest as a reward which contains 10 Flares, 10 Golden Bombs, 50 Precious Leaves, 5 Golden Elephants and 3 Mirror Magnets. The chest goes into your inventory under the chest tab. Click the chest to see your reward and use it.

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Collections

  • Fruit Wines – reward: Gauguin’s Air Syringe, Impact Crusher, 10 Hot Coals
  • The Joy of Wine – reward: 3 Enhanced Pointers, 5 Nettle Brooms
  • Cheesy Treats – reward: 2 Golden Phoenixes, 10 Balms “Anti-Goth”
  • A Vintage Gift – reward: 5 Scythes of Fearless, 5 Spears, 3 Golden Bombs
  • Secrets of Wine Sampling – reward: 30 Pieces of Meat, 30 Fresh Fishes

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.


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I’m stuck at quest 8. It tells me to finish quests 9 through 21, but I don’t have quest 9. How do I get?


The orange is no longer available for the “sly and starving” quest. .is it somewhere else besides bathhouse?


    What do you mean no longer available?


      Explore the Bathhouse for a Pear and Orange from Fruit Wines Collection, but it doesn’t show up in the list of gifts for exploring the bathhouse.


        Just the orange doesn’t show up? Have you opened a ticket? Put it on your wish list and open a ticket.


Where do I find the high heeled shoe from the vintage gift quest. The clue is neighboring manor.


    I think by visiting your friends and leaving tips


Quests 9 to 20 are counted as Fauchlevent’s quests which is a part of quest 8. That’s where I’m stuck at the moment, I have done quests 9 to 20 but am still trying to explore the wine cellar 30 times to finish quest 8 and move on to quest 21.

    Erma Mayberry

    I need to Complete the Fauchelevent ‘s quest, but I don’t what they are? Can you help me?


      When you get to Quest 8 in the Wine Cellar Quest string it tells you to complete quests 9-20. Those will satisfy the Fauchelevent quests.


My quests jumped from #8 up to #21. Also for quest #22 “A Bright Night”, I was able to get the kerosene lamps by visiting friends and the lamps dropped along with other basement keys as my gift for visiting.


    So, you did not have all the ones in-between? Do you keep a list or screen shots of the quests? This one confused a lot of people because it showed up in other quest strings and led into the Saloon. I was past them before I started editing the web page.

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