Timesmith’s Workshop

Timesmith’s Workshop

They say time flies when you’re having fun. In Mystery Manor time not only flies, it zooms by on afterburner, then loops around and goes back for another pass! Only in the timesmith Stefan Lenz’s workshop do you have a chance of finding an answer to the question, ‘What time is it?’ or, if you prefer, ‘What is Time?’

The Timesmith’s Workshop is in the Basement, just under the Detective’s Room and to the left of the Boiler Room. Hmmmm….. I wonder if it gets hot in there?

So, what is a Timesmith? I could not find a definition for one but there is a book published in the UK about someone with the ability to travel through time. The description sounds interesting and like something I’d enjoy reading.

There is no indication of a required level to open or room to complete first so if you notice it please let me know.

Remember, there are tables to help you get through the quests. They can all be found under the Collections Tab in the Menu. Please Support Our Site when you can, these helpful items take a lot of work and require frequent updating.

  • Collections Table – Lists all the collection items, rewards, chargers and room they go with.
  • Roamer’s Table – Lists all the Roamers, what they give and the room or event they belong to.
  • Furniture Table – Lists available Furniture and their benefit.
  • Phenomena Table – Lists phenomena, curses, how to summon, how to banish and where they occur.

Time Waits for No Man

This room requires a key to open that costs 63 Diamonds! This is a change from needing coins to buy those keys. There is a method to get this key from a quest on the right side of your Manor.

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Time Key Items Needed to Unlock the Timesmith’s Workshop

  • Hourglass – Thief’s Room
  • Pure Silver – Saloon
  • Gear Transmission – Cinephile Room
  • Lock Blueprint – Detective’s Room

Timesmith’s Workshop Roamers

  • Timesmith’s Apprentice – 3 Delicious Scones and 30 Energy
  • Timesmith’s Granddaughter – 3 Edible Watches and 35 Energy

Timesmith’s Workshop Keys

  • Sundials – where to get them:
    • 10 Diamonds for 10 or a Temporal Chest giving 150 Sundials and 4 sets of 15 items to charge related collections can be purchased in the Shop.
    • Timesmith’s Apprentice
    • Timesmith’s Granddaughter

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Timesmith’s Workshop Quests


  1. When the Clock Struck Midnight – Explore the Boiler Room at Night.
  2. Tough Luck – Complete the Time Waits for No Man Event to create the Time Key. It’s one of the new ones on the Right Side of your Manor.
    • This is posted with the image at the top of the page.
  3. Never Too Early – Find the Timesmith’s Apprentice and trade with him 5 Times.
  4. Underslept and Overqualified – Explore Basement Locations to find the tools
    • Magnifying Eye Glasses – Myopia Curse Basement Rooms
    • Precision Screwdriver – Mirroring Curse Basement Rooms
    • Precision Tweezers – Stone Hash Curse Basement Rooms
  5. Grudging Approval – Kristina Lenz may be able to tell you where the blueprints are, and as to the magnifying glass… It’s possible that the snatching detective ‘borrowed’ it? When you find both items, don’t forget to charge the assembled Painstaking Work Collection.
    • Detailed Blueprint – Timesmith’s Granddaughter
    • Desk Magnifying Glass – Snatchin Master of Deduction
    • Old Man Lenz’s Workbench – Charge the Collection
  6. Blunt Honesty
    • Scented Handkerchief – Timesmith’s Workshop in Silhouettes mode
    • Alarm Clock – Detective’s Room in Night mode
  7. A New Perspective – Charge the Timekeeping Devices collection to get the Grandfather Clock. You can find the missing items in rooms with various phenomena present.
    • Street Clock – Ball Lightning phenomena
    • Pendulum Clock – Storm phenomena
    • Desk Chronometer – Mirror phenomena
    • Cuckoo Clock – Granite Golem phenomena
  8. Simplicity, Elegance, Convenience – The Snatchin Comedian will gladly give you an Exquisite Pocket Watch.
  9. Sounds of Time – Energize, wake them up, your friends’ assistants in their Manor to find the Music Snuffbox.
  10. Shape or Content?
    • Golden Elephant – Explore Thief’s Room under Stone Hash Curse left by Granite Golem Phenomena.
    • Golden Palanquin – Find in the Treasury.
  11. A Little Practice Goes a Long Way – Charge the Getting Better with Time Collection to get the Dismantled Clock. Items can be found exploring Basement bosses’ lairs in various modes or from the Timesmith’s Roamers.
    • Apprentice’s Notes – Dark Principal – The Academy of Shadows in Words
    • Useful Repair Tool – Werewolf’s Lair in Silhouettes
    • Weak Magnifying Glass – Pumpkin Field at Night
    • Pin Removal Tool – Frigate in Silhouettes
    • Cutting Tool – Swamp Crypt in Words
  12. Being Illuminated – Explore the Cuddy at Night to find the Nightlight. (This item is removed from your inventory upon completion of this quest.)
  13. The Clock Strikes Noon
    • Winding Key – Explore Timesmith’s Workshop under Myopia Curse
    • Charge the Symphony of Time Collection to get the Musical Clock
  14. Dinner Habits – Explore the Kitchen 3 times.
  15. Memento Mori – Obtain a Vintage Ticket from the Timesmith’s Apprentice.
  16. Memories in a Box
    • Explore the Timesmith’s Workshop with the Mirror phenomenon present to find the Timesmith’s Secret. Do not banish the Phenomena.
    • Open the Timesmith’s Secret – You will find it in your Chest section of your Inventory. Inside will be two items of great sentimental value to Lenz the Timesmith.
  17. Time Got Busy – Explore basement locations in Words mode to find the Farewell Letter.
  18. Tick, Tock, Goes the Clock – Look for Mr. X’s Design Sketch in rooms on the first floor.
    • Found in Hall in Silhouettes
  19. Unnoticed Improvements – Explore the Garage under the Electric Shock curse to find the Essential Part.
  20. Keep Calm and Panic – Explore the Hunting Lyceum in Silhouettes mode to find the While-o-Meter. (This item is removed from your inventory upon completion of this quest.)
  21. Rational Assessment – Trade with Movie Buff Snatchins to find 15 Small Gears.
  22. Winding Up – Explore the Timesmith’s Workshop 3 times with the Storm Phenomena present. Do not banish the phenomenon.
  23. The Eleventh Hour – Explore the Mirror Garden to find the Essential Gear.
  24. Sands and Springs of Time – Explore the Timesmith’s Workshop to assemble and charge the What is Time? Collection and obtain the Spasskaya Tower Clock.

The End

O Tempora!

O Tempora is a quest on the right side of your manor that requires you to charge the Timesmith’s Workshop Collections 10 times each. The Reward is a Timelord’s Chest which gives you 20 Golden Bombs, 75 Delicious Scones, 75 Edible Watches, 300 Sundials and a Genie’s Lamp.

2016-10-06 12.40.40.png

Timesmith’s Workshop Collections

  • Painstaking Work
  • Timekeeping Devices
  • Symphony of Time
  • Bygone Moments
  • What is the Time?
  • Getting Better with Time
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Anyone have any suggestions for #19? I have tried and bought a lot of the electric curse phenom with no luck


    Are you searching under the curse and not banishing the phenomena? The crazy thing about this game is that sometimes it comes right away and sometimes it takes forever. I don’t remember having any problems with it. You may just want to move on to something else for a day or two and then come back to it. Sometimes that works. The game is harder than a Vegas Slot Machine to get things!


    I am stuck on this quest since Oktober 2016! I Tried everything possible..no luck what so ever! Now I don’t bother anymore..leave it there..?


I can’t find the World Time clock for the last task. It seems to indicate that it would be in the Tomesmiths’s Workshop, but it never shows up as a reward in any mode that I can find (although I’m missing at least one type of phenomena). Any idea where to find this item? Thanks in advance.


    The World Time Clock for the last task is a collection item that is findable once you reach expert level in the room. So basically, the quest wants you to keep exploring the room and use all your keys until you reach expert level and it randomly drops. I found mine on the first “expert level” exploration though but I’m sure it will be different for everyone.


Quest #7: Alarm click can be found in rooms with the Heavy Rain phenom. You’ll already have one from previous quest so you don’t have to find another, but you can get an extra if you’d like.


I don’t understand #9. Energize your friends’assistants in their manor. What does that mean???


    It means wake up friends’ sleeping helpers when you visit friends’ manors.



Trailer Trash

I have completed number 2 (bought it with diamonds!) but the next quest has not appeared. Put a ticket in but just wondering if anyone else had the same problem. Or have I missed something?


On #6 – I’ve explored the detective room in night mode 2 or 3 times – is there something else you have to do in there ? I seem to be stuck….


    It takes several attempts!


18. Tick Tock Goes the Clock – found Design Sketch in Hallway in Words Mode.


Anyone having trouble with #12? How many tries before the Nightlight dropped?


    I have searched the room over 40 times. I have had plenty of night modes but still haven’t found the object.


    Too many! I got down to 26 lamps! It was over 10 I’m sure!


    I’ve also explored at night at least 20 times and nothing. Do suppose there is something wrong with it?


    Is it something you can put on your wish list? I finished the quest string today but I put a lot of stuff on my wish list and very generous friends helped me out.


      It’s called NightLight and it’s not in collections. Still can’t get it.


        I must have gotten lucky and found it on the first try! Or first few, I’m working on the Alchemist quest where I have to search basement rooms to finally open the room! 4 years later…..


Doe anyone know which room in the basement have the Farewell letter in words mode?


    I found it in Hunting Lyceum. Not sure if it can be found in any Basement Rooms as my Basement rooms are not in Words mode


      Thanks for the answer. Is there anyway else to get the Essential part besides exploring the garage in electric shock. I have explored over 20 times and still haven’t found it.


        I got it on my 4th try. Good luck! I just have a turtle running for exploring the rooms


          Same here!


On quest 2 to get the time key to open the room, I have found some of the items for it. But if I want to buy the key, it still costs 63 diamonds! I wonder why GI hasn’t taken off the number of items I have already found? Doesn’t seem fair.


For #2 – if u go to news item icon on left and tap on each item, it will tell u which room to search. I found the most by using mirror phenomenon. BUT it takes lots of keys so I recommend just buying the key for 68 diamonds. Ur gonna need the basement keys for next events


For quest 2 to get 15 of 4 items to open the new room: does anyone know which rooms they are hiding in and what mode?


    This is posted at the top of the page. I just put a note in the quest pointing to it.


WHere are the scones for Timesmith Apprentice? Says Basement locations but scones not shown in any room.


    They drop randomly when you search basement rooms.


    They drop randomly from searching any rooms. I got a couple of the new items to banish the roamers searching the first floor yesterday. They do NOT show in any list unless you have a quest where you need them to banish. Then sometimes they will show in the list.


    There is something wrong with that quest. It happened before with mirrors for the garden. I encourage you to put a ticket in to GI letting them know. I have done so, and am waiting for them to respond. Take screen shots and send with your request.


    I’m getting scones on first floor as well.


Wow! This is another good one for eating up all your basement keys and diamonds ??


    I was so excited to see a new quest string. But,the cost to open it is ridiculous! I don’t mind spending a few dollars here and there since the game is free, but geez that’s $8.00 worth of diamonds or 1000s of room keys just to open the room…that said, I’m sure I’ll end up paying once I get over my hissy fit?


      I managed to just pay the 50 or so diamonds for the key to the room rather than use my keys up exploring.

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