The Treasury

Mystery Manor update version 3.0.0 was released September 2, 2015, and it brought a new design to our first floor manor as well as The Treasury. You can find Antique Kronas exploring the Treasury that can be used to purchase furniture for your manor rooms.

Building the Treasury

2015-09-02 08.30.35.png

You can find the Treasury Room in the upper left corner of your Basement, almost obscured by your quests. You must be level 50 to open it and you need to ask your friends, or buy, the required items to open the room. There are no level limits on requesting and you only need 15 of each. Items required are Gold Digger’s Shovel, Courier’s Boots, Gold Digging Pan, Gold Digger’s Gloves, Gold Digger.

Treasury Key

  • Treasury Keys

Treasury Roamer

  • Pickpocket – Handcuffs



Treasury Quests

You will need to know your phenomena and curses for this quest string as these quests call for plenty of them.

  1. Katherine’s Melancholy – Bring Katherine a cup of hot coffee from the kitchen to lift her spirits; Explore rooms in Words mode to assemble and charge the Brave Hearts collection: Perhaps a novel by Alexandre Dumas will help her stave off melancholy.
    • Cup of Coffee: 0/1
    • A Volume of Dumas: 0/1
    • Charge Collection
  2. Professional Advice – Explore the Hunting room in Words mode.
  3. A Mysterious Disappearance – Explore the rooms under the curse of the Stone tongue left behind by the Native Idol phenomenon to find the Arabian Lore and Tales from the Orient.
  4. The Green Scourge of Literature – Discipline 10 Bookworm Snatchins and 10 Thieving Snatchins. Stealing and destroying books is wrong, and they had better remember it.
  5. The Exotic East – Explore the Kitchen and talk to Giovanni about the merchant.
  6. Ice Ice Baby – Explore the Kitchen in Silhouette mode to find Gauguin’s Refrigerator. Use 5 Time-Freeze during your explorations. These Time Freezes can be used in any room.
  7. Rigors of the Road – Trade with 10 Gypsy Men and 10 Gypsy Women to learn more about Traveler’s Runestones.
  8. The Twelve Runes – Explore the rooms under the curses to collect 12 Traveler’s Runestones. These work with the original curses from the phenomena Mist, Native Idol, Will O Wisp, and UFO.
  9. The Importance of Teamwork – Using Tesla Coil, Angry Idol, and Illuminati Lamps banish the Will-o’-Wisp, Native Idol, and Mist phenomena 3 times each.
  10. Guest from a Faraway Place – Explore the Living Room in Word and Silhouette modes to meet and welcome Hassan the Rashid.
  11. First Impression – Hassan is weary from the journey, and he would appreciate being shown to the Bathroom. Explore it with the Will-o’-Wisp phenomenon present to complete the quest. (Do not banish the phenomenon).
  12. In Keeping with Tradition – Explore the Japanese Garden in Words mode to find Exotic Tea, and the Bedroom to find the Teapot. Can be requested from friends.
  13. Storytelling Runs in Her Family – Explore the Library three times.
  14. Velour Treacle – Exploring the Fortune Telling Room in Silhouettes mode to find Heather Honey (Voldermort’s favorite Treat). Can be requested from friends.
  15. Attack of the Black Mist – Banish 7 Mist phenomena using the Illuminati Lamp.
  16. A Baffling Choice – Explore rooms under the curse of the Evil Eye to find the Book of Eastern Magic, and the Japanese Garden in Zodiac Mode to find the Eastern Horoscope.
  17. Any Which Way – Use 15 compasses while exploring rooms to complete the quest. (You can use multiples in one room.)
  18. A Trip down Memory Lane – Show Hassan around the Manor: Explore the Hunting room in Silhouettes mode; the Japanese Garden in Night Mode, and the African Room in Words mode.
  19. Scandalous Snatchins – Explore the General’s Bunker 3 times and chase off snatchins to assemble and charge the Mischievous Snatchins collection:
    • Gubby Snatchin – Snatchin Housemaid
    • Ear-Twisting Snatchin – Snatchin Hunter
    • Snowdoll Snatchin – Snatchin Fortune Teller
    • Hungry Snatchin – Snatchin Cook
    • Thieving Snatchin – Snatchin Plumber
  20. Hassen’s Treasures – Banish phenomena from the rooms any way you can to discover the vast treasure hoard that Hassan claims to have left at the Manor.
  21. The Adventure Begins – Explore the African Room in Word and Night modes.
  22. Lavish Gifts – You need lavish gifts to appease the spirits before you can beseech them. Explore the rooms with the Native Idol phenomenon present to find 3 exquisite Golden Goblets and 3 Antique  Candlesticks (these are chargers that can be gifted).
  23. Secreted Away – Explore the Library, the Hall and the Laboratory in Silhouettes mode to find the map.
  24. Wanted: A. Thief – Explore the Bedroom, the Dressing Room, and the Hunting Room in Words mode to find out if anything valuable has gone missing from them.
  25. Cross Examination – Question 10 Ear twisting Snatchins and 10 Frostdummy Snatchins. These snatchins appear after you use special items: Long-Eared Hares and Unusual Snowflakes which you can buy in the stores or find by exploring the rooms. To use them, go to the Misc. Section of your inventory.
    • Banish the Long-Eared Hare First, for the 10 Ear Twisting Snatchins. If you don’t the Ear Twisting Snatchin will DISAPPEAR and a ticket to the support desk is needed. Make sure you banish all 10 Ear Twisting Snatchins in a Row!
      • Long-Eared Hare – Night mode  in All Rooms (I finally got it to fall in the Mystery Living room)
      • Unusual Snowflakes – Silhouette Mode in All Rooms (I finally got it to fall in the Dressing room)
  26. Four Eyes See More – Explore the Hall 3 times in Night Mode to try to catch the thief.
  27. Live Bait – Explore the Living Room in Silhouettes mode to find Hassan’s Purse.
  28. Sweetening the Trap – Explore the Bedroom to see if Katherine’s purse is there.
  29. A Dangerous Mission – Explore the Hunting Room in Night mode to find Jones’ Wallet.
  30. Clever Diversion – Explore the Dressing Room under the Witch’s curse (Faraday’s Generator) and the curse of the Stone Tongue (Multi-Phase Tambourine) to distract Adele.
  31. Not All That Glitters – Explore the 69 Snatchins Club in Silhouettes mode to find Eurydice’s purse.
  32. Preparing to Intercept – Go down to the Basement and explore the Closet (Cuddy) Cherry on Top – Charge the pin Words and Silhouette modes.
  33. Cherry on Top – Charge the Purloined Purses Collection to get Madam X’s Clutch. Then find the clutch in your inventory under the Miscellaneous tab and use it to attract the Pickpocket’s attention and apprehend him (once is enough).
  34. In Search of Treasure – Explore the rooms of the Basement and try to learn something about the Treasury.
    • Words in the Gym 0/1
    • Silhouettes in the Pool 0/1
    • Night in the Laundry Room 0/1
  35. Lupin’s Theory – Explore any 5 rooms of the Basement with the Ball of Lighting (Crookes tube) phenomenon (Do NOT banish it!).
  36. Let’s Go Digging! – Tap on the Treasury on the Basement map to find out what you need to do to gain access to it. Complete the quest by exploring the Treasury.
  37. A Worthy Reward – Explore the Treasury to complete and charge the Crowns of Great Empire Collection. The keys required to enter the Treasury can be taken from the Pickpocket, who can be summoned using the Madame X’s Clutch.
  38. Catch the Thief! – Explore the rooms of the Basement to find the coins and charge the Coins of the World Collection.
  39. Taking Stock– Explore the Treasury in Silhouette and Night modes.
  40. Guarding Sesame – Explore the Treasury to assemble and charge the Lordly Treasures collection. Find 10 Terra Cotta Warriors in the Basement rooms with the Granite Golem phenomenon (do not banish it).
  41. Gullible Who? – Explore the Basement rooms to assemble and charge the Great Rulers’ Rings Collection. (N.B. Some players have reported finding the rings in rooms on First Floor and in the Yard too.)

End of Quests

Treasury Collections

There are 6 new Collections :

  • Purloined Purses (the items for this collection drop from the Pickpocket) – reward: 3 Compasses, English Breakfast, Mrs. X’s Clutch
  • Great Rulers’ Rings – reward: 40 Pumpkin-Speakers, 300 Pumpkin Keys, 300 Principal’s Office Keys
  • Lordly Treasure – reward: 40 Fishes, 300 Swamp Lights, 300 Stake Pencils
  • Coins of the World – reward: 30 Pieces of Meat, 300 Werewolf Fangs, 300 Black Chalk
  • Crowns of Great Empires – reward: 60 Captain’s Keys, 300 Barrels of Rum, 300 Hunting Lyceum Keys
  • Historical Legacy – reward: 3 Ribbons and Bracelets, 3 Grimmerie, 40 Epicentres of Magic, 200 Magic Flames


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I’ve charged purloined purses for quest 5 times and quest won’t fulfill.


    You May have to open a ticket. Have you read through the page comments to see if others had an issue? You must follow the steps in quest #33 to get it to work. You can’t just charge the collection. I think that’s the problem others have had.


I’ve been stuck on the Live Bait string of the treasury quest for sometime now. The living room has been searched many times in silhouette mode and Hassan’s purse has not been found. I have tried every searching artifact and toads. What else can I do?


    When you get to silhouette mode does it show in the list of findable items. Someone posted a comment about Mist and another mode. If you see it in the list of findable and can’t get it open a ticket. Sometimes there are glitches. Is it the same as the collection item in 432? It is not giftable and I don’t think you get the Pickpocket to appear until after this quest.


What quest string ( or room) does the quest ” the Crystal of Zodiac” belong to? I’m supposed to collect what looks like Zodiac Shards ( but they are not) and 15 of them. I can’t find that quest in any of the rooms or events. Anybody any idea??


You can either buy a chest or win them by opening chests with keys you win playing rooms. That’s the only way I know of.


I have had the Treasury open for awhile, but I ran out of keys to get in and I don’t remember where I got the keys and have not stumbled across them. Can anyone help me find the keys.


    Treasury keys can be found by banishing the pickpocket that roams the basement. They are also in the guild event winning chests that give basement room keys


Anybody knows where to find Magda dice ?
Thanks for your help


    Magdas Dice are a charm but cannot be purchased in the store. The only way I know to get them is to win them in the chasing chests event. Do you have a quest for them?


      I do have a quest and working on it ?
      Thank you for the information
      Can you explain How Magda dices work ? Do they last for long ?


        It is a charm and when you use it the mode of the room is changed to another mode but this is totally random. When you have one it will appear in the square where you furniture shows just before you search the room.


For those of you stuck on the Cross Examination quest string and keep getting the message, “to wait for the event” every time you try to use a snowflake or Long Ear Bunny. GI as of today’s message is that, ” it is expected to be eliminated in the upcoming update…..fixing the issue is in the process, and it might take us some time to test the new version and make it available for you”.

I hope it doesn’t take a long time.


    Me too, they pretended they didn’t know what i was talking about. Then i sent them several screenshots illustrating the problem, they then closed my ticket and I heard nothing more. Put in a new ticket the other day, let’s see what happens now.


I’ve apprehended the pickpocket (quest updated) & charged Mrs. X’s Clutch 3x now and the quest will not complete??? Stuck…


    You have to find the clutch in your inventory and “use” it to complete the quest. I don’t remember exactly where it is but check the last tab.


      Thank you. I’ve tried that but it says ‘unfortunately you will not be able to summon this creature. Please wait for the appropriate event.’


        I’ve got the same, did you manage to get through it


          No…I’m still stuck.


            Did you get thru yet? I’m stuck here now. Got the pick pocket. Charged to get Mrs x clutch and nothing has happened


              I also got stuck, until after charging collection I used the clutch found in last tab to summon, then my quest updated

                Ouma Mary

                Did you battle to find Eurydice’s purse? I have been trying for months and months. I have just searched the club, was in silhouette mode twice and it still didn’t drop. I used turtle, I saved a lot of club cards so I could search a lot of times. I was so sure I would get it today.


                  Sometimes you have to search several times for an item to drop. As long as the purse shows up on the list of findable items when you open 69 club in silhouette mode, you know you’re in the right place. It just may take several searches.


Why do I have to wait for a special event to use the Long-eared Hare for #25? I thought this was just a normal room quest string.


    You don’t have to wait for a special event. You just should use the hare or the snowflake one at a time to banish each of the ten snatchins because of a glitch in the game. So use the hare, banish the ten snatchins, then use the snowflake to banish the other ten snatchins. I’d check your weapon supply first to make sure you can banish all ten at one time

      Kim Ault

      I tried to use each separately and a pop up window sys I can only use them during the appropriate event. I have no clue. I guess I’ll have to send in a ticket. Thanks for responding! ?


        I have the same problem, can’t use either item no matter what. I thought maybe it was waiting for the Easter event, but no that’s come and I still can’t use them. Anyway, what weapons do we need for them? I have lots of the ordinary snatchin weapons. What annoys me most is I accidentally spent 10 of my hard earned diamonds on a long eared hare before I found it easily in a room, no confirmation required of course, I just went in to see how much it would cost and this meant I bought it.


          I have the same problem, have the hare and the snowflake and can’t use them


Is there any other way to get Eurydice’s purse other than exploring the club? I’m out of keys and it cannot be gifted ? Thanks


    Save up your diamonds, and for just 25 diamonds you can get a small chest for each boss room. Much more economical than buying keys for the room. Five diamonds every five days and every time you go up a level, it soon adds up. I’ve had to stop spending the two diamonds to get all the rewards from my friends without visiting though, was just depleting all my diamonds without a lot of benefit.


      Thanks Jody ?


How do I find Adele’s purse from collection purloined purses? I followed the instructions on the fun page, and now I am supposed to charge the purloined purses but somehow I am missing Adele’s purse.


    You get it from the pickpocket in the basement. My prb is, I’ve charged the collection several times, but that step in the quest still doesn’t work. I’ve got a ticket into GI. Weird thing is, is that I already. Have the Treasury, didn’t have to even do the quest.


How do you find Adele’s purse in #33??


    I didn’t have a quest for adeles purse – how did anyone get it?

    Linda Thong

    The pickpocket appeared wandering in basement. Adeles purse can be obtained by trading with him.


      Thanks for this tip. It worked! The way the quest was written was to charge the purse collection and then use Mrs. Xs purse to apprehend the pickpocket, so it’s very confusing that you first have to get Adeles purse from the pickpocket then charge the collection, then tap on Mrs. Xs purse in the inventory to move to the next step.

Eric the hamster

Problems with no.14: every time you try to enter the fortune telling room in silhouette mode, the game crashes. When you go back, it’s in a different mode. This has happened 5 times today 🙁


Live bait quest….I’ve been trying for well over a week to complete this quest…I’ve tried with helpers, charms, etc. is there a trick? I have explored the treasury already….could that be the problem?


    I should post more often when I’m having issues….tried again a few more times and got the purse.

    go figure.


Stuck on Hassans Chest, #20. I have been banishing like crazy but no treasure. Any particular room or floor?


    I’m stuck here too. Is there a magic # or specific phenom? I’ve done both floors, 4 different phenomena, banished and searched. Just patience?


      I’m stuck here too … anyone figure it out?


        be sure to check if th treasure is an item available. It showed up for mist and spaceship but not for the ghost / spirit. It took me a few tries.


Just finished this quest string, of note when I did the last quest just now though the quest does say to explore basement rooms to find the rings, they also came up as findable on first floor (so I saved myself from having to spend some basement keys there) except for Catherine II’s which was findable only in the bath house.


    Thanks I’ll get that added to the quest string! It’s players like you giving me information that help make this site great!

      Car scal

      I found the rings (except Catherine’s), while exploring the Animatorium in the yard. Might work for other yard rooms too.


Other than buying them, does anyone know how to get wooden swords for frost dummy snatchins? .


    A snatching catcher chest will give you 100 if you Happen to have any in your inventory or you can buy from the guild store. Otherwise coll 242 I believe it is gives 10 of weapons against each snatchin so just charge it as many times as you need.


      Thanks for the tip!


    Check your achievements on the right hand side, maybe you’re nearly due for a snatchin catcher chest, I forget which achievements those were for. Then call phenomena or manipulate modes in the rooms to get to that achievement. Try exploring a room in the mode you want, then explore the room you want to be in that mode, should work in a couple of explorations.


    I’ve never had to pay for snatchin weapons, once I got my first chest through achievements they just kept coming.


Just a note, the long eared hare is available from all rooms in night mode not just African room and library, just like the snowflakes are from silhouette mode.


GI just wrote to me about the Long Eared Hare. They said that now we can purchase the items in the shop to banish the rest of the hares. Are you kidding, GI? They want us to waste our diamonds because they erred in their quest.


    I restarted like they suggested, but I sure don’t see it in the store…not that I should have to buy something that I found for free and didn’t work like it was supposed to….good grief, really???


      You should see the long eared hare and the snowflake at the top of the inventory under one of the tabs in the shop

    Janet Hecht

    I sent them an email asking for them to refund me my 10 diamonds. They’ll probably just close that ticket.

    The next quest is Explore hall in night mode 3 times


    I had a problem with this quest, the snatchin ear twister disappeared after I banished 3 of them. I wrote to customer support and they gave me the 10 diamonds to buy another long ear rabbit so I could complete the quest.


Collection 1 is not able to be gifted even tho you can add it to your wish list. I have tried to send a purse to several friends and was told I can not make this gift. I’m not sure if it depends on wether the person has finished the quests or not tho. This may be a way of GI keeping the purse snatcher for only those who have finished the quest since you must call him to your manor with the prize from collection 1, he drops more purses and keys for the room.


    They may have wanted to make it a purchase for diamonds. In their usual fashion they did not test this release either.


Anyone get to cherry on top, not sure where to find the purse snatcher.


    You have to use the prize from collection 1, find it in your inventory under the sack. You may have to banish a creature for him to appear.


Just wanna say something about the snatchin ear twister quest. Once you use long ear hare you must only banish the snatchin ear twisters 10 in a row. If you happen to banish any other creature it will take away one banish of the ear twister. I hope i explained that to were people understand.

Marina Caparaz

pls inform me on what to do about snatching ear twister. Stuck on the 4th one. Is it the last quest of the new update. Please help. Thanks a lot


I was wondering where you find the handcuffs needed for apprehending the Pickpocket without having to buy them.


    They’re dropping from the rooms


If you find the Snowflake then use it and banish 10 Frostdummy snatchin then find Hare use it and banish Ear Twisted Snatchin it will work. Finish one before you start the other. That is what I did and I have finished the quest string.


Where do you find the keys to search the treasury ….


    The pickpocket gives the keys for the Treasury. You have to find items in Purloined Purses collection to get Madam X’s clutch. Use the clutch in your inventory and the pickpocket appears in your basement.


      So can you not explore the Treasury until you complete quest #33? That’s the one that calls to charge that collection..


#25 Cross Examination……I’m not seeing in the shop where you can buy Long Eared Hares and Unusual Snowflakes. I reported the glitch.


    I reported a glitch to GI as well. They said I needed to force a game shutdown, then restart, and check the store for the sack tab…that the item I needed would be available for purchase. Um yeah…I already found the Hare charm for free, but it only worked long enough to collect 4 snatchin ear-twisters. Told them the suggested “fix” is not fixing my stalled quest. More importantly why do I have to buy the charm again??? Grrrrrrr

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