The Thief’s Room

The Thief Room is now open in the basement.  The price to unlock it is 27,000 gold coins.  Once the room is unlocked, new quests appear. The rooms requires Lock Picks as Keys to explore:

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Along with The Thief’s Room Comes The One-Man Museum Quest on the Right side of your Manor screen to collect 5 of each collection for a Reward. When you complete the 5 collections you claim your reward and it goes into your inventory under the chest tab. Click the chest to see your reward and use it:

  • Finger Exercises
  • Flawless Plan
  • Lost Originals
  • Witnesses to History
  • Honored Guests


Thank you Leann12 for the quest string.

  1. Stolen hour – Explore basement rooms to find a cigar case and a lighter. One item shows in inventory of any basemnt room, only the bathhouse shows both! So, save bathhouse keys until find the 1st item. Took me 4 x in bathhouse to find case
  2. Green patrol – Trade with 10 detective snatchins, and find the badges in any room. (Wow’ drop rate is rough! I had one drop from 1st quest, so had to search friends basements for detective, Came to my basement, banished several, detective appeared. He disappeared a few times, I repeated process. ). I found 2 in hunt room, and oceanic, and elevator, amd one in pool, MLR, African room and the 1st in bathhouse. I guess it can vary. It took lots of tries.
  3. Rage against the dying of light – Find the majestic lantern and explore the cuddy in night mode 3 times! The lantern is a charger! Don’t need to wait for ball lightening in garage, request from friends, it works!
  4. Hands up! – Find wanted poster by words mode in basement. It’s also a charger! Request from friends.
  5. One diamond pendant – Banish parrots to find diamond pendant.
  6. Alexander portrait – Explore Basement in silhoutte mode to find Alexander’s great cameo
  7. For whom the pipe smokes – Explore LIBRARIUM to find hemingways pipe.
  8. Everyone has their own faults – Find Marilyn’s record by helping friends
  9. DaVinci property – Find daVinci palette by exploring mirror curse rooms
  10. Words of enlightenment – Charge the honored guest collection.
  11. Anti problem hat – Get bobby hat by trading with snatchin detectives.
  12. Hoping that nothing happens – Get gas grenade by banishing, in any way, the storm phenomenon from any basement room. This took me 10 times. Finally got in pool.
  13. Breathe it in – Get the gas mask. Explore the boiler room in gravel mode (after granite golem)
  14. A criminal in shock – Get taser from exploring pumpkin field. Get water pistol(prev pool item) from pool
  15. The art of walking thru walls – Explore wine cellar 3 times in night mode
  16. A million dollar discovery – Black bag – explore thief room in night mode. Charge the flawless plan collection
  17. Welcome – Words in thief room and Silhoutte in thief room
  18. In for a penny – Find a penny in the pool at night. It’s not a collection item)
  19. Chin chin – Charge “a toast for two” collection. (Prev from wine cellar). Can get items by exploring cellar and surrounding rooms
  20. Black eye of brahma – Explore basement in various curse modes to find the new item black orlow. Or u can get in thief room in trainee level. I found in 1st try. Laundry room, myopia
  21. A diamond tear – Find the sundrop by banishing hermits and savages. It’s a novice level item
  22. Legend of seven seas – Explore 3x siihoutte mode in the brig, frigate and oceanic rooms
  23. Useless treasure –Find green Dresden by night mode in bathhouse
  24. Between India and Africa – Find the shah in African room. Charge the “witness to history” collEction.
  25. Thief vs. cotpurses – Explore the thief room in: ball lightning, granite golem and mirror, must not banish
  26. A well known unknown lady – Find portrait of known woman (novice level item) by exploring wine cellar in silhouette
  27. Gallery In the cuddy – Find gretel with peaches by exploring the cuddy in myopia curse (after storm)
  28. Lead them, hunter. Win their minds – Words in hunting room and Silhouette in hunting room
  29. The maid with pearl earrings – Find Elsa with earrings by exploring laundry room with mirror phenomenon. Don’t banish (After 2x not finding I found in thief room)
  30. Foggy images – Find fog by Malevich By exploring 1st floor rooms with mist phenom. Charge the “mysteries by night’ collection

The end

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I can’t even remember how long I have been trying to complete number 18 and find the penny – it just never drops. It’s very very frustrating. Anyone else have trouble with this?


It cannot be gifted tho.

Debbie Larkin

Quest #18 – In for a Penny, the Penny is a Collection Item – it is part of the Treasury Collections, Coins of the World (429)

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