The Saloon

The Saloon is found in the Manor’s Basement to the left of the Bathhouse. Cowboy, ranger or prospector … in this saloon you can try yourself in any classic role from the Wild West!

Please note that the first Saloon Quest begins immediately after finishing Quest 30 in the Thief’s Room. There was no differentiation in the quest string for me to even notice so I’m going by what the other players have provided. These quest strings don’t have the little symbol to tell us what we’re working on.

Saloon Keys

  • Ace of Spades

Saloon Roamer

  • Snatchin Ranger – 3 Silver Nuggets and 15 Energy

Saloon Quests

Thank you divediva for providing the list of quests to post for the Saloon.

  1. Find the Detective – Explore Thief Room in Words and Silhouettes modes.
  2. A Selfish Brownie – Find 5 Silver Nuggets by exploring Basement rooms with Stone Hash (curse left by Granite Golem). You can also charge the Cowboy Outfit Collection for 10.
  3. Oh Bring Back My Letters to Me – Find Louis’ Correspondence in Cuddy in Words mode 5x. (Had plenty of basic summoners so I summoned and banished till I got the right mode so as not to waste Cuddy keys). I could not find this in the collections table but you can buy it for 15 diamonds.
  4. Gas is On, Delivery is on Us – Exchange with 5 Ranger Snatchins – you will need 15 silver nuggets since each ranger takes 3. You can charge the Cowboy Outfit Collection for 10.
  5. Our Mail is Always First Class – Find Couriers Badge in Silhouettes mode.
  6. Defense and Protection – Find Hunting Knife from Werewolf’s Lair in Words mode.
  7. Colonel Colts Merits – Trade with Snatchin Detective to get Wells Fargo Colt.
  8. Straddling a Steed Mid Gallop –
    • Get Saddlebag from basement rooms in Granite Golem mode
    • Find Dark Horse from Pumpkin Field in Night Mode – to avoid wasting pumpkin keys, you can banish headless horseman during full moon or pingpong it as you probably have it already from Sleepy Hollow Horror collection.
  9. Going Postal!
    • Find the Postmaster’s Key from Thief’s Room in Comparison mode
    • Charge the Deliver at any Cost collection. (Find items by trading with the Snatchin Ranger.)
  10. Pursuit a la Texas
    • Explore any Basement room in Night mode – 5x
    • Explore any Basement room with Storm Phenomena – 5x
  11. Manor Hold ’em
    • Trade with Snatchin Ranger to get Texas Deck
    • Use Texas Deck – it can be found in the Chests section of your inventory (mine gave me 30 keys to the Saloon)
  12. Wild West Atelier
    • Complete and charge Cowboy Outfit Collection by completing quests starting with Cowboys Don’t Go Barefoot and ending with Fruits of Impossible Labor.
    • Then Open and explore the Saloon
  13. Cowboys Don’t Go Barefoot
    • Get Boots from Garage at Night
    • Charge the Six-Pack collection to get Hercules 3000
  14. Sports Barter
    • Get Chaps from Fitness room in Silhouettes mode
    • Trade with Snatchin Attendants (Bathhouse Snatchin) to get a Shower Cabin (Walk-in Shower from Cleanliness, the Key to Health Collection but it’s easy to get it from snatchin anyway)
  15. Stylish, Fashionable, Youthful!
    • Use any method to banish the Granite Golem phenomenon from the basement rooms to find the Check Shirt. (Or Ask a Friend)
    • Explore the Laundry Room with the Stone Hash curse three times and help Sophia tidy up.
  16. Wolf Cubs Help
    • Explore Academy of Shadows in Silhouettes mode to find the Vest (Ask a Friend)
    • Defeat Madam Horrible -10x
  17. Fruits of Impossible Labor
    • Golden Mask – Pool with Myopia curse
    • Silver Fins – Pool in Comparison mode. (These are easier to get from exploring Frigate if you have the keys as both are from Treasures of Our Time collection.) You will get the Neckerchief as a reward for getting mask find which will allow you to charge Cowboy Outfit collection and complete Quest 12.
  18. Introduction – Explore Saloon in Night and Silhouettes mode
  19. A Storm Gathers Over Saloon – Get the Saloon Bartender from exploring Saloon with Storm Phenomena (Folks of Our Town Collection)
  20. Bending the Truth – Get Banker from Thief Room in Words mode (Folks of Our Town Collection)
  21. Hand of Justice – Get Ranger from trading with Snatchin Ranger (Folks of Our Town Collection)
  22. Shoeing a Baghdad Flea – Explore Basement rooms in Words mode to get Blacksmith (Folks of Our Town Collection)
  23. Retribution in the Name of the Full Moon – Get Headhunter from the Lyceum (Folks of Our Town Collection)
  24. Honorary Guest
    • Charge Folks of Our Town Collection to get Sheriff
    • Explore Saloon in Electric Shock
  25. Just the Beginning
    • Take Elevator to 1st Floor (meaning explore it)
    • Explore 10 rooms in Words mode – just do cheaper 1st floor rooms
  26. French Habits
    • Brandy in Wine Cellar at Night (Flavor of the Wild West as well as next quests)
    • Jug of Milk – Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac (unique item)
  27. Double Shot with Ice
    • Get Whisky from Saloon in Night mode
    • Ice Cubes from Citadel in Silhouettes mode (this is a charger for the Festive Food Collection).
  28. Go to the Store and Buy Some More – Bottle of Beer from Boiler Room with Myopia Curse
  29. Nordic Frailties
    • Tequila from Laundry Room in Words mode
    • Lemons in Bathhouse with phenomena – Unique Item, I think any of the new phenomena is ok. I used ball lightning and a friend used storm.
  30. An Irishman Walks Past a Bar…
    • Gin from Hallway with Curse of Stone Tongue
    • Ginger Ale from Thief Room at Night
  31. The Tart Taste of Texas
    • Charge Flavor of Wild West collection to get Texas Special
    • Trade with Snatchin Ranger 10x (at this point the nuggets are findable items from the room, I kept exploring even after I already got the 30 nuggets I needed so I had some extra just in case, but it turned out to be futile as this was the last quest.)

THE END! There were no quests to get items for collection 377 and charge it. Good luck everyone.

In the best traditions of western

Along with The Saloon comes this quest on the right side of your Manor screen to charge each of the Saloon’s collections 5 times for a Reward. You will receive the Wild West Vanquisher’s Chest as a reward that contains 150 Silver Nuggets, 300 Aces of Spades, 3 Sandwiches, 3 Golden Phoenixes, 10 Golden Bombs and a Turtle of Luck.


Saloon Collections

  • Gold Rush – reward: 10 Colourful Posters, 10 Antique Cameos, 5000 Coins
  • Folks of Our Town – reward: 40 Silver Lockpicks, 5 Golden Bombs, 300 Experience
  • Flavor of the Wild West – reward: 5 Compass Pack, 3 Mirror Magnets, 10 Police Badges
  • Cowboy Outfit – reward: 20 Aces of Spades, Golden Elephant, 10 Silver Nuggets
  • Deliver at Any Cost – reward: Chocolate, 20 Stake Pencils, 20 Fangs of Werewolf

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.



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I’m on quest #13 is there a way to get the items for the Six-Pack collection other than searching the gym or putting the items on my wish list?


    No. Are we friends? Send me a wall message to check your wish list. MsWillow cf1daa


Hi, does anybody know if the ginger ale is unique item or can it be gifted? Many attempts and it will not drop for me.

    Tucker Dawson

    I would like to know this, too! Is the Ginger Ale able to be gifted?


      When your room is in the proper mode to find the ginger ale, look at the list of findable items and touch on the ginger ale picture. A window pops up with a description. If it gives you the option to take you to the collection, it is a coll item. If not, then it is not giftable.


Thank you! I’ve updated the list. Let me know if anything else is missing.

Jo cookie monster

Does anyone have the secret for collecting the lemons in the sauna, during saloon quest. 19 phenoms and no lemons so far. I read about ball lightening and storm, but none of these are working to give the lemons


    hi it is correct I used both lightning and storm it dropped after 5attenpts
    Don’t forget to use turtle or any other
    Cornucopia I also had other bonuses running
    Hope this hlps


Does anyone one know what triggers the start of this set of quests? I’m surprised I don’t have them. Do we need to finish the pirate quests?


    You need to finish ALL rooms including Pirate, Academy, Lyceum, Wine Cellar and Thief Room. Dont worry, at least you have time to collect silver nuggets and all other requirements needed for quests.


      When do Lyceum quests begin? I’ve dug it out but haven’t submitted the 4 things it needs to open it yet. I’m afraid of there being a quest that covers this. Does the Lyceum chain begin after Academy? There is a Lyceum quest in the string of Academy quests near the end. Is that it? Lyceum is not listed as a separate room (list of rooms) on this website. Just wondering…..


    It just started for me after finishing Thief room quests. I still have Lyceum quest string ongoing so that doesn’t need to be completed to begin this one.

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