The Laundry Room

The new room in the Basement, the Laundry Room, is so bright, cheerful, and colorful!  Too bad we need Golden Irons to enter it.

Cleanliness First

Along with The Laundry Room Comes the Smelling Clean Quest on the Right side of your Manor screen to collect 5 of each collection for a Reward. When you complete the 5 collections you claim your reward and it goes into your inventory under the chest tab. Click the chest to see your reward and use it:

  • Missing Socks
  • Smelling Fresh
  • Laundress’s Things
  • Spick and Span
  • Cleaning Machines



  1. “Cleanliness First.”  Banish the Granite Golem phenomenon 3 times and explore the Laundry Room to complete the quest.  Although the quest says to banish the Granite Golem, I explored rooms with the Golem 3 times to clear the quest.  You can banish the Golem or explore a room with the Golem on either the first floor or the basement.  I had 2 Golems already.  I used a Stone Egg to summon the Golem in the basement so I could explore a room in the Basement without using keys.
  2. “Harder Than It Looks.”  Explore the Laundry Room 3 times in Silhouettes mode to complete the quest.
  3. “Out of Detergent.”  You need to find 3 Alpine Freshness Detergents to complete this quest.  Initially, I thought these would only be found in the Basement.  However, the detergent can be found in any room on any floor although it does not drop easily.
  4. “Green Annoyance.”  Banish Snatchins in the Basement to charge the Laundress Things collection.  I am still working on this quest as it is so difficult to acquire the items to banish the Basement Snatchins.  Here is a list of which Snatchins drop which item:
    • Linen Basket – Snatchin Auto-Mechanic
    • Hangers – Snatchin Hobgoblin
    • Cover – Snatchin Laundress
    • Lint Roller – Snatchin Diver
    • Lint Cleaner – Snatchin Sportsman 
  5. “Vincent the Forgetful.” Explore the Garage in Words mode to find the Ultrasound Machine from the Cleaning Machines collection (I already had one from searching the laundry room, so I sent it to a friend to send back.
  6. “A Small Problem.” Find two black socks from the Missing Socks collection in the laundry room in night mode (ditto the last note, and you don’t actually have to HAVE two socks, you can send the same one out twice).

And THAT’S IT! If anyone has additional quests for this room please send them!


Mystery Manor Laundry Room

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I have explored the laundry room and have cleared Gollum rooms and also paid diamonds for a banister, and does not count at all for laundry quest. Any ideas why? Is there another quest to do first?


does anyone know where to find the key to enter the laundry room or do I have to use gold?


    You will need to pay to initially open the room.

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