The Gym

Sport is a guarantee of long and happy life. We can all workout at the Gym in the Basement now!  Fabio the Trainer will help us I am sure. To open the gym, just pay 15,000 gold and enter.
Fabio the Trainer

Gym Key

  • Golden Dumbbell

Gym Roamer

  • Snatchin Sportsman – Jump Rope

Gym Quests

  1. Show Us What You Are Made Of – Explore the Gym while the Ball of Lightning phenomenon is present. Do not banish it.  Find Crookes Tube by exploring rooms with phenomena present.  You really need the Crookes Tube first to summon the Ball of Lightning in the Basement unless you want to keep playing rooms in the basement and hope the Ball of Lightning will eventually appear in the Gym.  There are 2 ways to find the Crookes Tube:  (1) explore rooms on the First Floor while phenomena are present;  players have reported finding it in different rooms with different phenomena, or (2) charge the Cold Treats collection which will give you 4 Crookes Tubes.  You can obtain the items of the Cold Treats collection by trading with Uncle Scrooge and Toy Master.
  2. A Daring Experiment – Gather and charge the following collections by exploring the Gym:  One Year Subscription, Superhero of the Month, and Hercules 3000.
  3. The Superhero Program – Explore the rooms of the Manor to find a Muscle Shirt, Tennis Player’s Shorts, and Cheerleader’s Knee Socks.  These items can be found in many different rooms and on different floors.  For example, I found the Shorts in the Mystical Living Room in Words mode and the Socks in the Fortune Telling Room while the Ghostly Shadow phenomena was present.  Look at the findable items for each room before you explore it.
  4. Theory and Practice – Explore the Garage at Night to find Arnold.  Find the Biceps for Dummies by trading Old Tyres with the Snatchin Sportsman in the Basement.
    • Note:  The Golden Dumbbells and Old Tyres are rare drops from exploring rooms even using a Turtle of Luck.
  5. No Letting Up – Find the Titan’s Wings by exploring the Gym in Words mode and find the Atlantean Shoulders by banishing the Snatchin.
  6. A Six-Pack, Not a One-Pack – Explore the rooms with the Ball of Lightning phenomenon to find the Wasp Waist Trainer, Washboard Abs Guide and a Bandanna.  Don’t banish the phenomenon.  The quests say you can get the items to summon the phenomenon (Crooke’s Tube) by banishing Snatchins.  I got some by charging the Cold Treats collection.
  7. Sports Preparation – Explore the Gym in Night mode to find the Dumbbells and the Couch Fitness Handbook.
  8. Like a Hamster on a Wheel – Look for the ‘Forrest’ Treadmill in the General’s Bunker.  The Marathoner’s Sneakers can be found in the Japanese Garden in Words mode. Finding both of these items took a lot of explorations.
  9. It’s Not Easy Being a Hero – Explore the Garage to find the Throwing From the Hip Guide.
  10. Cutting Off Everything Extra – Find the Green Tea in the Fortune Telling Room and the Fruits by exploring the Japanese Garden in Zodiac mode.
  11. A Superhero’s Silhouette – Find the Egg Whites by exploring the Gym while the Granite Golem is present, banish the Snatchin Sportsman to find the Protein Shake, and find a Stone Egg by exploring any room.
  12. Physique Takes Work – Explore the Cuddy to find the Nutritional Supplements and then charge the Champion’s Diet collection.  I noticed that at my current level of mastery, the Nutritional Supplements are also listed as findable in the gym. Thanks to player RJ, for the final quest:
  13. Snatchin Championship – Explore the Gym in Silhouettes mode to find items from the Green Champions Collection and charge it.

End of Quests

    • Upon completion of these the quests for the Pool Room begin.

Sports Sentiment

Along with The Gym comes this quest on the right-hand side of your Manor screen to charge 5 Gym collections 5 times each to claim your reward of the Athlete’s Chest which contains 500 Golden Dumbbells, 5 Impact Crushers, 5 Current Suppressors, 5 Gauguin’s Air Syringes and 5 Magic Hammers. It goes into your inventory under the chest tab. Click the chest to see your reward and use it.

Games Inventory

This is a second quest on the right-hand side of your Manor screen to charge 5 Games collections 5 times each (these collection items drop from the Gym). You will receive the Winner Chest as a reward which contains a Detective’s Chest, 5 Golden Phoenixes and a Delicious Dinner.Gym

Gym Collections

  • Six-Pack – reward: 2 Crushers, 2 Suppressors
  • Sportswear – reward: 5 Golden Bombs, 500 Experience
  • Sports Primer – reward: 2 Golden Elephants, 3 Flares, 3 Time Freezes
  • Champion’s Diet – reward: English breakfast, 4 Tires, 3 Jump Ropes
  • Green Champions – reward: Turtle of Luck, Barbell, 2000 Experience

Games Collections

  • Sporting Equipment – reward: 2 Golden Clovers, 2 Chocolates, 3000 Coins
  • Gymnastics Exercises – reward: 40 Runestones, 40 Gravitrons, 2 Turtles of Luck, 500 Experience
  • Master of the Run – reward: 30 Gold Seeds, 2 English Breakfasts
  • Pentathlon – reward: 1000 Experience, 4000 Coins
  • Team Spirit – reward: 30 Batteries, 30 Containers, 2 Phoenixes, 2 Golden Elephants

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.

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