The Bathhouse

The Bathhouse appears in the Manor’s Basement.

Bathhouse room

Bathhouse Key

  • Golden Broom

Bathhouse Roamer

  • Bathhouse Snatchin – Nettle Broom

Bathhouse Quests

  1. Towel Boy – Explore the Laundry Room to find the towel.
  2. Spare the Twigs, spoil the Snatchin’ – Banish 10 Bathhouse Snatchins.
  3. Hands of Gold – Explore the Boiler Room and the Bathroom.
  4. Suitable Material Explore the basement rooms for 30 relics of wood.
  5. Down to the Micro-Meter – Explore Garage, Gym, Boiler room and the Cuddy for 60 nails and a microscope.
  6. Built to Last – Banish 5 Mirror Phenomenons and explore the Bathhouse for the Bathhouse Set collection items.
  7. Bathhouse Trip – Explore the Elevator.
  8. Antiquated Methods – Explore the Cuddy with the Gravel Curse to find the Oak Barrel from the Cleanliness, the Key to Health Collection.
  9. Wrench-wielding Filibuster – Explore the Brig in Word mode for the Pirate Hat from the Head Covering Collection.
  10. What Adele Wants – Explore the Pool for the Jacuzzi from the Cleanliness, the Key to Health Collection.
  11. A Critical Oversight – Explore the Bedroom for the Women’s Hat from the Head Covering Collection.
  12. Averting Disaster – Explore the Bathhouse with the Electric Shock Curse.
  13. Super Shower – Explore the Gym to find the Circular Shower from the Cleanliness, the Key to Health Collection.
  14. A Hat for the Italian – Banish Bathhouse Snatchins to find the Fur Cap from the Head Covering Collection.
  15. Japanese-style Bathing – Explore the Boiler Room with the Mirror Phenomenon to find the Furo from the Cleanliness, the Key to Health Collection
  16. Fashionable Gardener – Explore the Dressing Room in Silhouettes mode to find the Baseball Cap fro the Head Covering Collection.
  17. Two’s Company – Explore the Basement rooms to find 5 Wash Basins and 5 Scoops from the Bathhouse Set Collection.
  18. Rushing Memories – Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find the Army Helmet from the Head Covering Collection.
  19. Cool and Fresh – Explore the Pool with the Storm Phenomenon to find 3 Alive Waves from the Water Spirits Collection.
  20. An Invigorating Shower – Complete the Cool and Fresh quest and find the Walk in Shower from the Cleanliness, the Key to Health Collection.
  21. Gauguin the Thankful – Banish robots to find the Body Sponge from the Bathhouse Set and charge the Bathhouse Set Collection.
  22. Bathhouse Bonaparte – Charge the Head Covering Collection.
  23. Respecting the Tech – Explore the Laundry Room three times and charge the Missing Socks Collection.
  24. Lacey Socks – Automatically completed by charging the Missing Socks Collection for the previous quest.
  25. Nice and Clean – Explore the Bathhouse five times.

End of Quests

The Spirit of Steam

This is the Bathhouse quest on the right side of your Manor. Charge the five Bathhouse collections 5 times each to receive the Bathhouse Chest which contains 5 Golden Phoenixes, 5 Laughing Buddhas, 20 Gold Bombs and 50 Nettle Brooms.

Bathhouse Quests Right Side.jpg

Bathhouse Collections

  • Nice and Clean – reward: 50 Club Cards, 50 Gas Balls
  • Cleanliness, the Key to Health – reward: 5 Old Tyres, Gingerbreads, Jump Ropes and Socks
  • Head Covering – reward: 3 Magnesium Flashes, 3 Rockets with Dry Ice
  • Bathhouse Set – reward: 2 Golden Toads, 3 Golden Phoenixes and 2 English Breakfasts
  • Pure Sensation – reward: 20 Magic Crystals, Anti-goth Balms, Traps, Beads


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Quest #11 Does the bedroom need to have a phenomenon? Can’t seem to find the hat!


    Although this question was posted a year ago, I thought I’d leave a comment here for future questers. The bedroom at night is were you will find the hat. Of course, it took about 10-ish tries to get the room to go into night mode.


#24 Can anybody say witch phenomenon has to be used to find ripped sock?

Debbie Larkin

Quest #24 Keeping Warm – Banish Laundry Snatchins and explore the Phenomena in the Laundry Room to collect and charge Sock Collection – Lacey Socks

Debbie Larkin

Quest #23 should be charge Tsunami Collection not socks as stated above

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