The Basement and The Garage

Finally, after we watched all the other versions of the game get the Basement open, Mystery Manor iPad players have it too!  Two new rooms are open:  the Garage and the Cuddy.  Will it be easy?  Probably not!

The Basement


Once you have opened the Elevator and have completed Quest #7 of the Elevator quests, you can tap on the “Change the Floor” button, and select the Basement.  The photo above is what you will see.  (If you are still working on Elevator quests, here is the link to our notes on the elevator:  The Elevator.)

Note: You can leave tips for friends in the rooms of the basement and unfortunately, the phenomena visit the rooms of the basement too.


The Garage

Quest 1:  “Light at the End of the Basement.”  Go to the Basement and explore the Garage.  To open the Garage for the first time, you will need to buy a key that costs 8,000 gold.  You will need Driving Wheels to enter the Garage each time.   I got lucky; I received 70 from one of those silver mystical chests!

Quest 2:  “The Navigator Shall Find the Generator.”  Explore the Garage in Silhouettes mode to find the generator.

Quest 3:  “A Ray of Light in a Dark Basement.”  Look for a Flare somewhere in the rooms of the Manor and explore the Garage in Night mode.  The Flare is the same Flare that is a tool.  It will drop from any room in the manor.

Quest 4:  “A Shady Past.”  Explore the Garage in Words mode to find the George Mark III.

Quest 5:  “You Can’t Drink Away Experience.”  Explore the Living Room on the First Floor in Night mode to find the Lamberatti v12.

Quest 6:  “No Brakes.”  Explore the Hunting Room on the First Floor to find the Cord Mutant.  The quest does not tell you but the Cord Mutant can only be found in Silhouettes mode.  (This took me a long, long time to find.)

Quest 7:  “I Made You out of Clay.”  Catch Snatchin Auto Mechanics to find the Ferren Turbo.  When you get this quest, Snatchin Auto Mechanics will begin to roam around the Basement.  You need “tyres” to banish them.  Once I got this quest, the tyres were listed as findable items in each room of the manor.  However, I only found them in rooms with phenomena and the Mystical Living Room, and once in the Hunting Room.  When I had accumulated 9 tires, I started banishing the Snatchin Auto Mechanics (with Turtle of Luck running).  I did not get the Ferroen Turbo to drop AND, all of the sudden, the tires disappeared as findable items in any room of my manor!  So I am stuck here right now, unless I am willing to spend 8 diamonds to banish 1 auto mechanic or buy 10 tyres for 72 diamonds.  Unless I win the lottery, I am willing to do neither, so I don’t know what I am going to do about this.  Write to tech support?  I guess I will have to.  I ended up spending 32 diamonds to banish the darn Snatchin Auto Mechanics to get the Ferroen Turbo 🙁

The rest of the quests below were provided by my friend, Giovanni Sedepray.  Thank you, Giovanni!

Quest 8:  “Death Race.”  Explore the Kitchen to find the Fighter and charge the Tireless Driver collection.  Giovanni says it took a long time to find the Fighter so don’t despair.

Quest 9:  “Katherine Had Caesar’s Talents.”  Explore the Garage in Silhouettes mode to find Katherine’s vehicle called the “Snow Queen.”  Not to be confused with the Snow Queen in the Ice Citadel; you don’t need to go in that room for this quest, lol!

Quest 10:  “Dangerous Reading.”  Banish Snatchin Auto Mechanics to find Joanna’s “Carmen.”

Quest 11:  “Beauty Demands Sacrifice.”  Banish Thieving, Grubby, and Snowdoll Snatchins to find the “Antelope Lux.”  Giovanni found it on the second try by banishing the Thieving Snatchin.

Quest 12:  “Eyes Wide Shut.”  Explore the rooms of the Manor when the Native Idol phenomenon is present for find the “Primula.”  Do not banish the phenomenon.

Quest 13:  “Ghosts Don’t Care for Rules.”  Explore the rooms of the manor while the Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomenon is present to find Magda’s Smart Cardinal.  Then charge the Low-Powered Beasts collection.  I took Giovanni 12 to 14 times to get the Smart Cardinal – uggghhh!

Quest 14:  “Fashionable Car Decorations.”  Banish the Basement Snatchins to find the Foreign Crown.  Giovanni found it by banishing three and Fran commented below that she was lucky and found it right away while using a Turtle of Luck.

Quest 15:  “Dice Go to Magda.”  Explore the Garage in Silhouettes mode to find the Fuzzy Dice.

Quest 16:  “The Best for Adel.”  Explore the rooms of the Basement while the Native Idol phenomenon is present to find the Branded Dalmatian.  Giovanni found on the first try.

Quest 17:  “A Brand Sign.”  Exchange with Gypsy Woman and Gypsy Girl to find the “Under the Heel” Sticker.  Giovanni found it by banishing 7 gypsies.

Quest 18:  “A Makeover for the Hunter.”  Explore the rooms of the Basement in Night mode to find a Furry Steering Wheel.  Then charge the Auto Decor collection.

Quest 19:  “Brutality vs. Glamor.”  Find the Chopper in the Bathroom on the First Floor.

Quest 20:  “Chasing a Hare on an Iron Horse.”  Explore the Garage at Night to find the Sportbike.

Quest 21:  “A General’s Whim.”  Banish the Snatchins of the basement for find the General’s Scooter.  Got it from the Snatchin Auto Mechanic.

Quest 22:  “Men’s Motor Club.”  Explore the Crypt to find Rudolph’s Classic.

Quest 23:  “Top Racer.”  Explore the Kitchen on the First Floor in Words mode to find the Enduro Bike and then charge the Dangerous Speed collection.

The Cuddy

Quest 24:  “A Racer’s Dream.”  Explore the Cuddy to find a Beetlewagen.  Took Giovanni 4 explorations.

Quest 25:  “Happy Farmer.”  Explore the Japanese Garden in the Silhouettes mode to find Chevro-L Pickkup.

Quest 26:  “Engine Transplant.”  Banish Snatchin Auto Mechanics to find a Climate Currie Hot Rod.  Took Giovanni 3 tries.

Quest 27:  “Brakes are for Cowards.”  Explore the Cuddy in Mist mode to find the Ocelot Sedan.

Quest 28:  “Magic Draw.”  Explore the rooms of the Basement in Silhouettes mode to find the Universal Washington and then charge the Vintage Cars collection.


Mystery Manor Garage



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What does it mean when the basement rooms are red.?


    That there’s a phenomena in a room next to them and it will cost you more energy to search.


Every time I go to elevator I do not see the assemble button. Where is it? I am trying to get to basement. I am very frustrated!!


I find it very difficult to get the items that get me into each room. The 15 trophys I need to get into the garage or the 10 tools of wire to get into the elevator ? How do I get these without buying them ?


    They drop RARELY from exploring rooms. Sometimes you can get them from Mystical Caskets & Chests


Completed all mentioned quests, actually only have 2 left side quests right now, one is explore the astrolab and the other turn in a collection, the one with the silver award statue/certificates etc. Anyway, I am at level 220 and can seem to find “keys” to enter the basement rooms, unless I buy a chest or get really lucky when turning in for the brown chests etc. Where can I find these keys?
Also, as I said, completed all necessary quests, including charging the Rulls Royce collection and all was fine up until yesterday! I was more then half way done the Honorary Motorist quest on the right and after charging the chic key collection for the 4th time, after a friend send me a gift item, some of the collections in that quest reset! Rulls Royce went down to zero, and the others dropped to 1-3 when I know I have charged them 4 times! I keep a written list of each item and collection in quests so I know what I need to ask friends for! So What is up with that? I bought diamonds with birthday money lol to complete the quests and now they have reverted!


Im a bit confused coz after quest 18 charging the auto decor, i got quest 24 to 28….


    Yes for me too Isay. Quests 24-28 came before quests 19-23.


    You are right, Isay, we had them out of order and I just fixed them!


Can anyone help me find the cloak room??


    Cloakroom is the Dressing Room, Amber.


      Thank you!!


Is anyone else having trouble trying to get the Universital Washington to drop. It’s quest 23 explore the rooms of the basement in sillouette?


    Have had universal Washington quest for months now. Cannot get it in right mode, then takes ages to get wheel ‘keys’, then it doesn’t drop despite having an artefact and turtle going!!!!


Quest 14 Fashionable Car Decorations – Banish the Basement Snatchins to find ‘Foreign Crown’. It might not be found right away. (I was lucky & got it from my first Snatching Auto Mechanic with a Turtle of Luck running)

Quest 15 Dice Go To Magda – Explore the silhouettes in the Garage to find the Fuzzy Dice from the Auto Decor Collection

Other J

Quest 13: “Ghosts Don’t Care For Rules”
1) Explore the rooms of the manor while Will-o-wisp phenomenon is there to find Magda’s ‘Smart Cardinal’, It might not be found right away.
2) Charge the Low-powered beasts collection.


I made it to quest 9 and every time I click on the garage to go in I get bumped out of the game. Where do I get help for this???


    You should contact Game Insight technical support:

      Commander Kinnison

      I am having the same problem- game crashes whenever I attempt to search the garage. It worked for a while, but I’m about halfway through the quests (my guess, I need to find the Snow Queen’s car even though I have six in inventory. Sheesh!) and it now crashes every time.

      Making matters worse, all I get when trying to get the support page is a 404 error.


      when I click on the link it tells me error is there another link?


I also have the same issue with the tyres, they don’t drop anymore


    I traded 17 tyres and car still didn’t drop even with a turtle. I guess i will not finish this quest string too. Sigh!

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