Mirror Garden

The Mirror Garden is a new Basement Room in Mystery Manor iPad Update 4.0.0. The basement is the most mystical part of the Manor. You can find Merlin’s wand in the Boiler room, mix up an inviting red tincture in the Wine Cellar, take a sauna with a fire or air elemental, or even go full Alice in Wonderland by means of the mirror in the Pool. A fantastical land awaits on the other side.

Be patient. Follow all the steps and help your fellow players. Remember, this is just a game and if you finish this week or next year enjoy the games and the wonderful friends.

Opening the Mirror Garden

The Mirror Garden is not a simple room to open. You cannot buy the entry keys or ask your friends for the items. There are several steps to get to the final stage of being able to search the Mirror Garden. These are completed in quests 2 through 4 below.

  1. Tap on the Mirror Garden room. It is directly under the Pool in the Basement.
  2. Master Glassmakers – Complete Olaf Hulbransen’s The Click of a Broken Mirror quest by collecting the shards of the mirror and the items you need to repair it.
    • This is Quest 2 in the Mirror Garden Quests
  3. Then Complete Quests 3-5 and you will have the Mirror Garden open.

Mirror Garden Key

  • Mirandolina’s Flower

Mirror Garden Roamers

  • Fanged Griffin – 6 Honest Mirrors and 20 Energy
  • Frumious Griffin – 3 Honest Mirrors and 10 Strength
    • They give Collection items from the Dual Nature Collection. Honest Mirrors can be purchased from the shop 10 for 18 Diamonds.
  • There are 5  new Fairies in the Basement to banish which take Rose Petals. This is a Heart Shaped Rose Petal Item, not the named Rose Petals you may already have in your inventory. I feel like I’ve seen this same icon before though. They give some of the new Collection items and the Caduceus for exploring the ever elusive Alchemist’s Laboratory along with other room keys. See the Roamer’s Table and Search on the word Fairy to find the rewards. Rose Petals can be purchased from the shop 10 for 27 Diamonds.
    • Tulip Fairy – 2 Rose Petals
    • Wildflower Fairy – 2 Rose Petals
    • Exquisite Flower Fairy – 3 Rose Petals
    • Spring Flowers Fairy – 3 Rose Petals
    • Rose Fairy – 3 Rose Petals

Mirror Garden Icon.png.jpg

Mirror Garden Quests



  1. Shattered Harmony – Explore the Pool 3 times in Words mode and examine the broken mirror.   Tap on the image of the Mirror Garden next to the Pool and Tap on the Upgrade! Button in the window that opens.
  2. The Clink of a Broken Mirror – You can find Mirror Shards in any basement room in Silhouette Mode – 60 Shatters (they fall 2 at a time). You can trade with the Snatchin Boiler Operator for a Strong Glasscutter x12, with the Snatchin Hobgoblin for Superglue x12, with the Bathhouse Snatchin for a Wooden Frame x12, and with the Snatchin Detective for Mirror Paint x12.  You can track your progress in the window that pops up when you tap on the Mirror Garden.  When you get all the items you need, tap the Upgrade! Button.
  3. The Glass Beckons from the Depths – You can get Fakir’s Decks by banishing phenomena from the basement in any way possible.  Open the decks with your friends to find special cards that Magda will need for the mirror ritual.  You can track your cards’ collecting progress in the window that appears when you tap on the Mirror Garden.  When you have all the cards tap the “Upgrade!” Button there.
  4. To Whom the Mirror World Calls – Defeat 25 Frumious and Fanged Griffins, sinister predators from beyond the mirror that have made their way into the Mirror.  NOTE: You must defeat these in your own Manor. Look for Honest Mirrors in the basement, and use them to defeat these beasts.  You can track your progress in banishing these monsters in the window that opens when you tap on the Mirror Garden.  When you’ve defeated all the griffins tap the Upgrade! Button to complete the quest. Note: you can find these mirrors searching any room in the manor. You will need 225 for this part.
  5. Who Knows What Lies Ahead? – The Preamble has come to an end, and now it’s time to dive headfirst into a new advent.  Unlock and explore the Mirror Garden 3 times to complete the quest.
  6. A Stranger in a Strange Land – Explore the Laundry Room and Wine Cellar under the Mirroring curse to find a Mirror Pond and Flowerbed.
  7. Don’t Take It out on a Fairy – Banish Frumious and Fanged Griffins .  After every banishment one of 5 Flower Fairies will appear on the basement map.  Sprinkle them with Rose Petals to complete the quest and collect Mirandolina’s Flowers, which you need to enter the Garden.
    • Flower Fairies 0/7
  8. Give a Gnome a Pickaxe – Mineshaft? Are you sure don’t mean elevator shaft?  Find a Gnome Outfit in the Elevator.
  9. Cheer up a Golem
    • Find a Troll Outfit by helping your friends (give them tips).
    • You can get a Golem Outfit by exploring rooms in the basement with the Granite Golem Phenomenon.
  10. Your Friend Will Meet you Here – Find a Brownie Outfit by exploring the Cuddy in Night Mode.
  11. Forget About Your Worries and Strife – Banish Reckless Parrots to find a Nibelung  Outfit.
  12. A Stranger’s Just a Friend You Haven’t Met
    • Charge the Enchanted Wardrobe Collection to get a Lord Reflector Outfit.
    • Find a Gazebo by exploring the Mirror Garden in Words mode.
  13. Worth the Candle – Look for a Humidor in the Werewolf’s Lair, and an Expensive Pipe on the Frigate. Explore the rooms in Night mode.
  14. Signs from the Past – Find the:
    • Jabberwocky – Banish Storm phenomenon from rooms
    • Jack of Hearts – Explore Saloon in Silhouettes mode
    • Wicked Lamia- Explore Swamp Crypt
  15. Even the Truth Lies – Defeat basement villains to determine who sent the griffins.
    • Defeat boss: Dark Principal
    • Defeat Boss: Willie Pumpkin
    • Defeat Boss: Julian Payne
  16. Bad News Can Ruin Anything
    • Explore the Mirror Garden in Night Mode
    • Defeat 5 Frumious Griffins
  17. Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen – Find a Dragon Tree by exploring the Cuddy with the Mirror Phenomenon. Do not Banish the Phenomenon.
  18. Of All Trees Great and Small – Explore the Sakura Room in Silhouette mode to find Bonsai.
  19. Unmatched Immensity – Find a Baobab by trading with Snatchin Sportsmen.
  20. Reforestation in Earnest – Find a Pomegranate Tree by exploring the Wine Cellar under the Stone Hash curse.
  21. Searching to the Heavens – Find an Orange Tree by exploring the Bathhouse in Words mode.
  22. One Down… – Charge the Floral Paradise collection and trade with 5 flower Fairies to protect the forest.
    • Forest Tree Collection 0/1
    • Flower Fairy 0/5
  23. But How Many More Lie Ahead? – Assemble and charge the Lord Reflector’s Chamber to get the Seeing Stone. Items from this collection can be found in basement rooms under the Mirroring curse.
    • Seeing Stone 0/1
    • Precise Metronome – Thief’s Room
    • Deck of Cards – Broiler Room
    • Gym – Expensive Pipe
    • Laundry Room – Bow Tie
    • Garage – Humidor
  24. Focus, Then Answer – Explore the Mirror Garden 3 times in Words mode to complete the quest.
  25. Nothing is Accidental…or is it? – Where did the magical pollen settle after being mercilessly scattered by griffins? It could be in your friends’ manors. Leave hints in their manors to collect pollen.
    • Fairy Pollen 0/7 (leave tips)
  26. History is in your hands – Find a Timeworn Fob Watch by exploring the Academy of Shadows in Words mode.
  27. Cast Fear Aside, O Poet, and Create! – Trade with the well-known romantic the Young Incubus to find Oldtime Poetry. (Mr. Huckleberry’s has item)
  28. While the Curtain is Up – Find a Drama Anthology by exploring rooms with the Storm Phenomenon – the phenomenon sung by great William Shakespeare. Do Not Banish the phenomenon.
  29. As Soft Passions Run High – The Snatchin Detective is certainly a great body language expert. Trade with him to find Mime Artist’s Makeup.
  30. Spun by the Midnight Dance – Explore the Hunting Lyceum – the school of the perpetual prom – at night to find Golden Bangles. Charge the Mnemosyne’s Treasures collection.
    • Gold Bangles 0/1
    • Muse’s Gramophone Collection 0/1
  31. A Different Command is Heard – You’ll find a Gnome’s Axe in the Pumpkin Field, an Undine’s Comb by banishing Kappas, and Sylph’s Wreath in the Bathhouse, the room of the Lady of the Elements.
    • Gnome’s Axe 0/1
    • Undine’s Comb 0/1
    • Sylph’s Wreath 0/1
  32. In Dire Need of Protectors – Explore basement rooms under the Electric Shock, Stone Hash and Myopia Curses to find the required items.
    • Salamander Tail – Electric Shock 0/1
    • Unicorn Horn – Stone Hash 0/1
    • Pegasus Feathers – Myopia 0/1
  33. Sparks will Fly! You’ll find Dragon’s Teeth in the Cuddy with the Granit Golem phenomenon (the poor creature must have lost its teeth trying to bite it). The Water Dragon dwells in the Pool at night.
    • Dragon’s Teeth 0/1
    • Water Dragon 0/1
  34. Secrets Concealed by Darkness – Explore the Mirror Garden in Night mode 3 times. Use 7 flares to illuminate the darkness brought on by the griffins.
    • Mirror Garden in Night Mode 0/3
    • Flare 0/7
  35. A Hard Nut for the Mind – Explore the basement rooms in different modes to complete and charge the Treats from Enchantresses collection.
    • Perfect Cake Collection 0/1
    • Sage’s Sponge Cake – Pool – Word Mode
    • Delightful Chocolate – Wine Cellar Night Mode
    • Kindly Jam – Broiler Room Silhouette Mode
    • Tender Marzipan – Laundry Room Night Mode
    • Lover’s Cherries – Saloon – Silhouette Mode
  36. No Time for Contemplation – There’s no time to waste! Repel the new wave of attacking Frumious and Fanged Griffins as quickly as possible.
    • Frumious Griffin 0/10
    • Fanged Griffin 0/10
  37. The Enemy Scowls Last – Banish the Mirror phenomenon from the basement using any means necessary to get the Vorpal Sword, whose very appearance should strike fear into the heart of the bravest and most self-assured griffin!
  38. A Fateful Challenge Sounds – Trade with the Flower Fairies to get the Magic Fountain. Don’t forget that the frightened fairies will only leave their hiding places after the griffins are banished.
  39. The Queen’s Sacrifice – Find the Elder Wand by trading with the Bathhouse Snatchin, and find the Life Force by rousing helpers in your friends’ Manors. It is the only way to save Mirandolina.
    • Elder Wand 0/1
    • Life Force 0/1 (wake sleeping helpers)
  40. The Need to Forget the Past – Explore rooms with the Ball of Lightning (in the basement) and Will-o’-the-Wisp (on the first floor) phenomenona to complete the quest.
    • Room with Ball of Lightning Phenomenon 0/5
    • Room with the Will-o’-the-Wisp Phenomenon 0/5
  41. Opening the Door to Another Life – Explore the Gingerbread House in Words and Silhouette modes 3 times
    • Gingerbread House in Words mode 0/3
    • Gingerbread House in Silhouettes mode 0/3
  42. A time to Gather Stones – Charge the Hard Work and Patience collection. You can find its items in the Lairs of basement villains.
    • Shovel – Pumpkin Patch
    • Hand Fork – Wolf Lair
    • Watering Can – Swamp
    • Cart – Frigate
    • Garden Shears – Julian Payne the Librarium
  43. On the Hunt for True Wickedness – Battle Professor Birchwood obtain Letters. The Letters will disappear from your inventory after the quest.
  44. To Save the Soul and the Whole World – Banish griffins to find Earth and Sky – the symbol of their dual nature.
  45. To Restore Honor – Charge the Dual Nature collection to free the griffins from Pandora’s dominion and save the Mirror World. You’ll find the missing collection items by banishing the minions of basement villains.
    • Fire and Water – Scarecrow
    • Liquid and Solid -Naga
    • Night and Day – Obsessed
    • Sweet and Sour – Faithful Money
  46. Might Captured by Stone in an Instant – The gravity of the situation notwithstanding, the mirror used by Fabio the coach to admire his muscles will do just fine. Explore the Fitness Room in Silhouettes mode to find it.
  47. A Spring Bereft of Wonders – Explore 10 Mirror Phenomena to figure out what’s happening with them. Do not banish the phenomena.
  48. The Fabric Tears as Flames Dance – Find the Mysterious Elixir by trading with the Flower Fairies.
  49. The Mirrors Shall Endure – Explore the Mirror Garden in Silhouettes mode 5 times to complete this not at all magical adventure.
    • Garden in Silhouettes mode 0/5

The End!

 Angle of Reflection

The Angle of Reflection is the quest on the right side of your manor and requires charging the 10 new collections 5 times each. The Reward is a Mirror Garden Treasures chest which gives 900 Mirandolina’s Flowers, 450 Honest Mirrors, 150 Rose Petals, as well as 7 of each top weapon against basement bosses.

Angel of Reflection.jpg

Mirror Garden Collections

    • Garden Whimsies
    • Floral Paradise
    • Hard Work and Patience
    • Enchanted Wardrobe
    • Lord Reflector’s Chambers
    • Dual Nature
    • Mnemosyne’s Treasures
    • Treats from Enchantresses
    • Guarding the Mirror
    • Guests from the Dark Side

Remember to check the Collections Table for current collection numbers.

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WHY doesn’t it seem like mode rotations change when you need a certain mode? It won’t show up like….ever 🤬 and why all the rooms have to be explored in certain modes anyway or with certain phenomena …. and phenomena never show? Ugh

Stacy (statru72)
Friend code: 027977


Any suggestions for finding clean mirror for #46? I’ve used 500 keys for gym. Can’t find it in a collection to ask for on WL. I’ve saved diamonds but buying a chest will only get me one more entry and it’s currentky in night mode and must be found in silhouette mode. I don’t understand why basement chest only give us 150 keys anyway. 😫


Does anyone know where to find/get professor birchwood for quests number 43?


    He’s a roamer in the basement.


76 In a Solid Aggregate State: searched the garage and cuddy with and without phenomena, but the dwarven cutters don’t appear 🙁

Miriam H

I have not had any mirror shards for #2 drop for months! Do you have suggestions?


    Are you searching the basement rooms in Silhouettes mode? Using a turtle of Luck? I would open a ticket, it seemed like an easy task when I did it. There may be a glitch.

      Miriam H

      Yes to both. I’ll put in a ticket. Thanks!!


The Rose Fairy has gone missing from my manor. Any hints or do I need a support ticket?


    When the fairies disappear you need to banish Griffins to get them back. However I have a ticket in because both are gone and no matter what other Roamers I banish I can’t get them back!


      Thank you.


I have no where in the mirror room to check on my card progress. Anyone else had this problem.

Ms. Ally aka Cindy

Is there a special way to get past step #46 in the mirror garden. I must have searched the gym in silhouette mode 50 times and still no luck. I’m starting to give up. I’m getting bored with the game which happens when I’m stuck in one place for so long.


Hi I’m trying to get the Mirror Garden open, but my quest is at number 5. But I haven’t collected all the parts, i.e., glue, mirror paint etc, but none of the snatchins are showing them items now when I banish them, any ideas much appreciated, thanks Karen


    Have you completed quest 2 and moved on to quest 3? You should have had to complete them in the order listed. Each on requires certain things to move onto the next stage of unlocking. This room has a bunch of unlock steps.


There are 49 steps or quests listed above. Do we need to complete all of those quests before we can open the Mirror Room?
Thank you.


    If you read through the quest string you will see when you get to enter the Mirror Garden.


I cannot get the deck to trade with friends. I have banished phenomenon using both methods so many times I’m running out. Is this anyone’s else’s situation also. It sounded basic, basement rooms and banish any way


I play with my iPhone but it’s supposed to be the same as the iPad according to GI. I’m stuck on the enemy scowls last quest which requires you to banish the mirror phenomenon any way possible. I’ve tried literally almost 400 times and no sword. I’ve contacted GI about it and they said it tested fine. I have other friends having the same problem. I read a previous post that it was found in the gym but I’m still having no luck. I’ve tried 50 times already today. Been stuck on this quest for over 2 months! Any help or advice is appreciated.


    Still can’t find sword either, it’s been months!


What is the easiest way to the flower to enter the mirror garden. I need to explore in night mode 3 times (#34). At 60 keys, it’s going to take forever. Plus can’t use phenomena to change the mode!! How am I supposed to get keys short of buying, which is not happening.


    Easiest way is to join a guild, you get 100 keys for every basement room when you finish events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


    Another method is to keep opening mystical chests. The flowers are among the keys and weapons you can receive: you get 30 keys with a wood chest, 70 with a silver and 120 with a gold. It’s pretty random, but you can sometimes get the item you want if you press the screen right away when it’s displayed. Good luck!

Q3honey badger

#37 – I found the sword in the gym when I banished the mirror phenomenon


Is there any other way to get the Life Force from the Queen’s Sacrifice quest? None of my friends have sleeping helpers!


    You might try visiting friends who have posted requests on your wall within the last hour or 24 hrs ago. That may indicate who’s playing and who’s likely to have sleepers. Or message your friends to let them know when they have sleepers. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you ?


      Sorry, I meant ask your friends to tell you when they have sleepers. ??

The q

Are mirrors dropping in the boss rooms in the basement?

Jenny Andrews

Anyone else noticed that the new Rose Petals bear a striking resemblance to the rose petals used to explore the Valentine’s Day room?


    Yes, however one is a key and one is a weapon if that helps. I guess their creative guy just couldn’t handle a new design. There is also another one call Rose Petals that looks different!


I found that the mirrors dropped in the mystical living room – but only around 1 every 20 searches


Wow, thank you so very, very much. Can’t believe someone did all this. Very generous to probably have purchased items to complete. God Bless!!


Has anyone been able to use the mirroring curse in Wine Cellar or Laundry Room yet? It hasn’t come up for me.


Where do you find the rose petals?


    I found one rose petals while searched the mystical living room yesterday. So, like everything else they drop very rarely.


Can’t find bangles. It says hunting Lyceum at night but not there. Did over 12 of room at night. Also doesn’t show in list of what you can get. Help where is item?


    I found the bangles in the Hunting Lyceum in night mode on first try. Are you sure you are searching the correct room. It’s on left/middle side of basement. The room that I think of as a school/class room.

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