Detective’s Room

Detective’s Room

The Detective’s Room has been added in the Manor’s Basement just under the Cuddy and next to the Laundry Room. We are to rescue Charles Louis, a well-known detective. You will not get quests for the Detective’s Room until you complete the quest string for the Cinephile Room.

This room requires assembly and the 5 items that you need 1 each of come from the Halls of Logic Collection.

Warning!! These items can be requested from friends but if you gift them they will come out of your Collections Inventory.

 !!Double Waring!! Once you collect the items required to open the room complete the Asembly from the room window. DO NOT charge it from the collections window!!

You can find the items for the first part of opening the room by banishing the 2 new Roamers. The weapons for the Roamers drop from searching the rooms.

Remember, there are tables to help you get through the quests. They can all be found under the Collections Tab in the Menu. Please Support Our Site when you can, these helpful items take a lot of work and require frequent updating.

  • Collections Table – Lists all the collection items, rewards, chargers and room they go with.
  • Roamer’s Table – Lists all the Roamers, what they give and the room or event they belong to.
  • Furniture Table – Lists available Furniture and their benefit.
  • Phenomena Table – Lists phenomena, curses, how to summon, how to banish and where they occur.

Detective’s Room Roamers

  • Purebred Tracker – 2 Criminal Tracks and 25 Energy
  • Snatchin Master of Destruction – 3 Puzzle Pieces and 20 Energy

Detective’s Room Keys

  • Fingerprints are required to search the Detective’s Room. You can get them by banishing the Roamers.

Detectives Room Icon.pngDetective’s Room Quests



  1. A Missing Villain – Try to find where Superintendent Louis has gone to by trading with his loyal Snatchin Detective and using Compasses in Rooms.
    • Snatchin Detective – Banish 10 times, he’s a Basement Roamer
    • Compass – Use in Rooms 10 times
  2. Call Me Anytime – Find a Cell Phone in the Thief’s Room in Words mode.
  3. On the Trail
    • Explore the Basement’s phenomena to collect 5 Bones
    • Banish the Purebred Tracker Hound 5 times
  4. Open Up in the Name of the Law!
    • The Triumph of the Mind – This is the Reward for Charging the Halls of Logic Collection but be sure and do this from the Assembly screen in the Detective’s Room.
    • Detective’s Room – Open the Detective’s Room. This means you will have had to find the five Collection items from the Halls of Logic Collection that are required to Assemble the Room.
  5. Morning Doesn’t Begin with Coffee
    • Find Morning Newspaper in the Cuddy in Myopia curse mode. 526
    • Find English Breakfast in the Hunting Room. Collection item. 526
  6. Ready for Anything, Anytime!
    • Find Boxing Gloves in the Werewolf’s Lair in Silhouettes mode. 526
    • Find the Target Card on the Frigate in Silhouettes mode. 526
  7. The Case is Open – Trade with the Snatchin, Master of Deduction 10 times
  8. Expanding the Circle – Explore Basement Rooms in the Mirroring curse mode complete and charge the Circle of Suspects Collection. 522
    • Laundry Room -Brilliant Swindler
    • Boiler Room – Clever Crook
    • Cinephile Room – Skilled Deceiver
    • Saloon – Fateful Spy
    • Wine Cellar – Enigmatic Trickster
  9. Big Snatch is Watching You
    • Explore Detective’s Room in Ball Lightning Mode
    • Explore Detective’s Room in Storm Mode
    • Explore Detective’s Room in Mirror Mode
  10. The Humble Joys of Dactylography – Trade with the Purebred Tracker to collect 10 Ultraviolet Lamps, then use them in the Inventory (Chests tab) to complete the dactylographic analysis.
    • As you accumulate these UV Lamps they will go into your inventory. It is called the Ultraviolet Truth and says to Use this UV Lamp to take Fingerprints in the Detective’s Room.
  11. In Pursuit of Inspiration
    • Defeat boss: Julian Payne
    • Search Librarium in Words Mode 3 times.
  12. Poirot’s Failure
    • Find Hercule Poirot’s Cane by banishing phenomena from the Wine Cellar. 523
    • Find a Fake Moustache by trading with Mr. Huckleberry. charger
  13. American Style
    • Trade with the Snatchin Ranger for Nat Pinkerton’s Hat. 523
    • Search the Cinephile Room with the Granite Golem phenomena to find Perry Mason’s Binder. 523
  14. Without Getting Up from the Desk
    • Find Nero Wolfe’s Telephone by helping friends. 523
    • Explore the Japanese Garden 5 times
  15. Mystical Rationalism
    • Banish the Obsessed to recover Father Brown’s Gripsack. 523
    • Find the Cup of Water exploring the Pool in Silhouettes mode.  Must search.
  16. Making Our Own Way
    • Charge the Dream Team collection to get Charles Louis’ Camera
    • Explore the Detective’s Room in Mirroring curse mode
  17. The Secret Shall Be Revealed – Find 10 Black-and-White Negatives exploring the Basement’s rooms in curse modes
    • Also found on the first floor in Curse Mode, but ONLY rooms requiring keys ( Lab., Oceanic, Room 51, Sakura, Fortune Telling).
  18. 25 Frames Per Second – Explore the Cinephile Room 3 times in Words Mode
  19. To Tomorrow of Today Shall Become Yesterday – Explore the Mirror Garden 3 times
  20. The Beginning at the End – Find Pluto’s Clock exploring the Basement’s rooms in Night mode

The End

The Detective Code

The Detective’s Code is the quest on the right side of your manor. It requires you to charge the 6 Detective’s Room Collections 10 times each. You will receive a Chest with Important Evidence that contains 75 Puzzle Pieces, 75 Criminal Tracks, 300 Fingerprints, 15 Sniper Rifles, 25 Compasses and 30 Golden Bombs.

2016-08-05 10.59.40.jpg

Geniuses Aren’t Born

Reach the highest, Expert mastery level in the Detective’s Room. If you manage to do this within a week, you will earn a reward befitting a true detective! The Professional Sleuth’s Chest contains 30 of each: Silver Lockpicks, Aces of Spades, Movie Tickets and Fingerprints, as well as 15 of each: Police Badges, Silver Nuggets, Brand New DVDs, Prompt Cuffs, Puzzle Pieces and Criminal Tracks.

Detective’s Room Collections

  • Circle of Suspects
  • Dream Team
  • Crime Scene
  • Set of Material Evidence
  • Inspector’s Gadgets
  • Halls of Logic

Detective’s Room

Detective Room.jpg

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Any tips for #2? I’ve been trying and trying to find that phone and I’ve given up on this quest string. Is it literally just continue to search until it drops?


For #12 of the quest string, you can also get a friend to gift you the charger “fake moustache” from the thief’s room collection chargers.


Anyone have any hints for #17
The Secret Shall Be Revealed – Find 10 Black-and-White Negatives exploring basement rooms in curse mode? I seem to be stuck on 5 out of 10 of these… Worte to GI they basically said a ‘bit of luck’ is required for some of these items, use my charms. I am using all my charms must have explored 30 or more times with no luck, even thiugh it shows as a possible item.


Finding Pluto’s Clock while searching basement rooms in night-mode was the Boiler Room for me. I’m not sure if that’s helpful or not, but I thought I would post it.


    Thanks Sherry. It’s helpful as it gives one a starting place. Because I didn’t have Boiler Room in night mode., I went and found the Pluto Clock in the Cinephile Room : )


Think it is stupid you don’t get the quests for this room until you have finished the cinephile room which I haven’t and probably never will, as for opening this room, there is a place reserved in hell for whoever thought of this way, the items don’t drop to banish the snatchins and when they do you don’t get the items , as for requesting them I have over 1500 friends and have never got one back, got them on my wish list and nope never got one, close to quitting the game


    These items go from collections when gifted, that is probably why you haven’t got them as requested. Weapons drop best from rooms with phenoms in or ‘pay’ rooms needing keys.


      My point is the items to open this room are not dropping, all I get is fingerprints, the game is a joke, I run gold turtles and still do not get what I need, what usually happens after months or years of trying and I finally mange to get into a room etc then after that the items I struggled to get drop all the time, gi just make it to much hassle, I have quests that are as old as the game ,


        This game requires an immense amount of patience. What level are you?
        Many quests take a really long time.


    There are several rooms you have to complete a previous room or quest string in order to begin that quest string. In a way I think it’s kind of nice. I started a new game and had so many quests from about level 10 that it was overwhelming. Even though you don’t get the quest string you can get weapons to banish the creatures for that room and keys from guild events or the mystical chests. So, just hang onto them and when the quest string does come along you will be ready to start working on them.


As I have collected the UV lights for the fingerprints, they are not showing up in the quest. They are in my inventory, but the quest appears to be unfinished. What to do?


    You have to click on the uv light and use them to count for the quest.


      Thank you!


    Just click use from inventory, they don’t do anything, but don’t show up on quest list until used/opened.


I charged the collection for the detective room, but I don’t recall whether I did so in the collections tab or in the room itself. (I didn’t see the warning until after I charged the collection.)

My concern is that, while the room opened for me, I have no detectives tasks as of yet. Does anyone know what the repercussions are of charging this collection in the wrong place? In other word, is the fact that I have no quest string at this point a problem…or perhaps I have to explore the room once in order to get the quest string? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!! 🙂


    You have to finish the cinephile room quests before the detective room quests show up.


      Oh, thank you!! At least now I know I’m on the right track. 🙂


I’m on the 17 the quest to find the black & white negatives. I’ve searched every single basement room in various curse modes with no luck. It shows up in the possible things to find, but so far, 15 curses in, I’ve not found a single negative. Any suggestions?

    Patty Spade

    I’m having the same issue. Apparently they want this one to last awhile. Incredibly frustrating. I’m at about 25x now have …..2. ?


      I thought I was the only one struggling with this. At first, I got a negative to drop from a 1st floor room in a curse mode. Now, nothing from the basement rooms, even with a turtle, artifact & helper running. Frustrating.


        I did the same as you and just got the tenth negative after several days. Had to expend a lot of hard-earned materials.


    Re quest 17, the black/white negatives can also be found in cursed keyed rooms on top floor. Much cheaper than searching bsmt rooms


      They belong to a collection, does not count towards this quest


        Paulette, if your comment is about the black/white negatives, I beg to differ with you. I finished the quest & found my remaining 6 negs on the top floor. I should correct myself & state that the negs can be found in ANY ?floor room that has been cursed by a phenom other than native idol, WOW, mist or ufo


          This is true, I think, but only seem to drop when the phenomona is one that I cant summon, last night i was able to find 2, i had turtle, plus my artifacts and the joker as well, then thephenonea stopped showing up. One time i got the b&w neg and the collection item negative at the same time.

Patricia Barton

After running out of keys for Thiefs Room, started to summon/banish 12X now, stays in night mode only. Any suggestions?


    Refresh your game or try another phenomenon.


I charged the Hall of Logic and got the Achilles Turtle but I can’t open the Detective’s room !? What else do I need to do?


    You need to assemble the room. Get items by banishing the purebred tracker and the new snatchin. I got most of mine from good friends.


      Thank you! I already got all the items to open the room. I assembled the room and have the turtle from the collection, but it’s saying I need to assemble the collection again .. I’m so


        If you actually CHARGED the collection from the collection table it will not count. Not sure if this is what you did but just saying since I noticed ur post said you charged the collection. What needs to be done is when u have all the items you go to the room click assemble and then click again in the window that opens and the room shd then open. If that’s what you did and the room didn’t open you need to open a ticket with GI.


          That’s exactly what I did …grr! Okay, then I guess I have to collect the items again and go and assemble the collection the right way.
          Thank you!!


New quests are a way to get us to pay money!!!
Used 6900 keys to Thief Room before I found the Cell Phone.
Had I not been saving keys and not exploring basement rooms, I would have never found that stupid cell phone .


    Wow, I found it in less than 10 searches


      I was between you two: 4th time in words mode; about 30 searches of thieves’ room in all to get the phone.


    If you have enough phenomenon summoners and banishers, it is sometimes best to keep summoning and banishing until words mode appears. This is what I did but still needed to search words mode about 4 times.

      Louise Samson

      I agree with Nicki.
      I kept banishing until I got the right (word) mode.
      When it finally appeared, I got the cell phone on first try.


      That’s a great tip to remember next time.


    I wrote in to Gi about the cell phone after having used 9 phenoms to change and explored it and got nothing but silhouettes and comparison mode. They of course said nothing was wrong. However next time I tried it words mode showed up and got it first try. In the discussions on this I also complained about the .99 merchant not showing up anymore. Just went in to mirror garden where I knew I didn’t have enough keys and guess what , .99 merchant showed up. So maybe it takes complaining to them to get it working correctly. Of course now that I have my mirror garden keys, gues they will all be wasted in trying to get my last words mode, used half of them already.

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