Cinephile Room

Cinephile Room

Update 4.2.0 brings us the Cinephile Room next to the Pool in the Basement. You must be level 24 to open this room. The Cinephile Room requires Movie Tickets to Search.

Wow! I feel like this is a dirty word! So of course I looked it up! So, this is another passionate room for GI!


Cinephilia is the term used to refer to a passionate interest in cinema, film theory and film criticism. The term is a portmanteau of the words cinema and philia, one of the four ancient Greek words for love. A person with a passionate interest in cinema is called a cinephile or cinemaphile.

Cinephile Room Assembly

You must collect 2 each of the following items from the Magic Lantern Collection to Assemble the Cinephile Room. You can get these items by banishing the Snatchin Comedian and Movie Buff Snatchin.

  • Edison’s Kinetoscope
  • The Lumière Brothers’ Device
  • Rare Filmstrip Projector
  • Classic Film Projector
  • Digital Projector


The Magic Lantern Collection, currently number 6 in the list, is what is needed to open the Cinephile Room. So, if you obtain one by banishing a roamer and you give it to a friend asking for it on your wall it will be deducted from your inventory.

If you do not have any in your inventory yet and you get a wall request you will NOT be able to give them.

Cinephile Keys

  • Movie tickets

Cinephile Roamers

  • Snatchin Comedian – Basement, takes 3 Movie Tickets and 20 Energy. You can get Tickets by exploring rooms.
  • Movie Buff Snatchin – Basement, takes 3 Brand New DVDs and 15 Energy. You can get DVDs by exploring rooms.


Cinephile Icon.png.jpg

Cinephile Quests


  1. A Profitable Venture – Find a Pick in the Ground and Shovel by exploring the rooms of the Basement under the Stone Hash curse. This comes after the Granite Golem Phenomena. These can also be put on your wish list, they are in the Gold Rush Collection.
  2. Diligent Diggers – Return the Tray for Washing Gold by trading with a Snatchin Boiler Operator. Also from the Gold Rush Collection.
  3. How Much Is That in Grams? – Bring Precision Scales from the Cuddy, the keys to which you received as an award for the previous quest.
  4. Confiscation and Corruption – Help your friends get back their Ore.
    • Leave tips in your friends manor.
  5. The Wild Passion of the Wild West
    • Turn to the Gold Rush Collection to receive a Chest of Ingots – Charge the Collection
    • Explore the Saloon in Words mode 3 times.
  6. Snatchin’s Creek – Trade 5 times with the Movie Buff Snatchin.
    • You can find him roaming the Basement in search of a screen. The Brand New DVDs you need to trade can be found in the Manor’s rooms.
  7. A New Hope – To gain access to the Cinephile Room you have to help its owner with equipment repairs. You can find out what you need to accomplish this by pressing Assemble in the locked room window. Once you’re done, you can feel free to explore the Cinephile Room.
  8. Super 8 – Explore the Basement rooms in Electric Shock Curse mode to find Steven Spielberg’s Camera. From Teachers and Idols Collection.
  9. The Big Sleep – Federicos Fellini’s Singed (this is how they spelled it) Watch. Explore the Cuddy in Night mode to find the watch with Federico Fellini’s signature on it.
  10. The Kid – Disney Sketch; The diver snatching is a mere child and could easily have nicked the picture he liked. Get it back as soon as you can, before the water turns this precious sketch into mush.
  11. North by Northwest – Alfred Hitchcock Cigar; Explore the rooms of the Basement with the Storm phenomenon to find the Cigar. Do NOT banish the phenomenon.
  12. The Old and the New
    • Georges Méliès’ Tea Strainer – Find by exploring Cinephile Room in Silhouettes mode
    • Sergei Eisenstein’s Film Reel – Charge the Teachers and Idols collection
  13. Sherlock, Jr. – Explore the Basement’s secret rooms with the Black and White Granite Golem phenomenon present to find the Silent film Reel. Do not banish the phenomenon. Thief’s Room, Saloon and Cinephile Room.
  14. The Sprinkler Sprinkled – Trade with the Snatchin Comedian 5 times.
  15. It’s Unbelievable! – Find the Journal of Impossible Things by banishing phenomena from the Cinephile Room any way you can.
  16. 2001: A Space Odyssey – Explore Room 51 to find Stark’s Movie Camera.
  17. Adaptation – Explore the Library in Words mode to find the Finished Screenplay.
  18. Blame It on the Bellboy – find the Screen Test Shots by trading with the Ranger Snatchin.
  19. The Producers – Find the Film Budget exploring the frigate of Balthazar the Fearless at Night.
  20. Paths of Glory
    • Director’s Chair – Explore the Cinephile Room in Words mode
    • Producer’s Button – Charge the Movies, Movies, Movies! Collection
  21. Cinema Paradiso – Explore the rooms of the Basement in Night mode to find and charge the Night of the Premier collection.
    • VIP Tickets – Bathhouse
    • Opening Cocktail – Wine Cellar
    • Dinner Jacket – Thief’s Room
    • Evening Gown – Laundry Room
    • Red Carpet – Gym
  22. Be Kind Rewind – Home Cinema; Complete and charge the Magic Lantern collection by trading with the Movie Buff Snatchin and the Snatchin Comedian.
  23. Alan’s Show
    • Search Cinephile Room in Silhouettes mode 3 times
    • Search Cinephile Room in Night mode 3 times
  24. Some Like it Hot – Treat Stark Royally – he Deserves it! Ask Reginald to make a good Frappe by exploring the Bathhouse with the Storm phenomenon present. Maitre Fauchelevent will help you select the Ice Cream if you explore the Wine Cellar in Words mode.
  25. A Hollywood Ending – Explore the Basement’s boss rooms to complete and charge the A Well-Deserved Reward Collection.
    • Golden Globe – Frigate
    • Cesar Award – Werewolf’s Lair
    • BAFT Award – Academy of Shadows
    • Nike Award – Hunting Lyceum
    • Goya Award – Librarium

Nearly the Purple Rose of Cairo

Nearly the Purple Rose of Cairo is a quest on the right side of your manor. You need to reach Expert Master level in the Cinephile Room in order to claim it. The reward is 75 of each of the following items to enter secret rooms of the basement:

  • Treasury Keys
  • Silver Lockpicks
  • Aces of Spades
  • Movie Tickets
  • Mirandolina’s Flowers

Nearly the Purple Rose of Cairo.jpg


Lights, Camera, Action!

The Lights, Camera, Action! is a quest on the right side of the screen. In order to complete it you need to charge the 6 Cinephile Collections 5 times each. Items can be found searching the room and banishing the Movie Buff Snatchin and the Snatchin Comedian.

Collections are:

  • Movies, Movies, Movies!
  • Night of the Premiere
  • Around the World
  • A Well-Deserved Reward
  • Teachers and Idols
  • Magic Lantern

Lights Camera Action.jpg

Thank you so much Dawn for giving me all this information! We know you spent a lot of time and Diamonds to get it and really appreciate it!


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What miracle of the gaming heavens is it going to take to find an Edison’s kinetoscope?!?


    Are we friends in the game? I can send you one. It’s from collection 517 and come from one of the two Cinephile Roamers. Put it on your wish list.


      Thank you. What is your friend code?


        MsWillow cf1daa


          Thank you!

Nancy Cramer

Im on Some Like it Hot trying to find storm phenomenon Its not eye of the storm. Any ideas THANKS


    When you put the Storm phenomena in the Bathhouse does it not show as Findable?

      Nancy Cramer

      yes so if I don’t get the item I have to keep doing the storm?


In “Some Like it Hot,” are the Frappe and Ice Cream collection items? If so, which collection? I did a search on your table and did not find them. Can they be gifted?


    I don’t see any comments on them so they must not be collection items. When you get the room in the mode you need it to find the items tap on the item in the search list and see if it gives a collection name.


      Thank you for the feedback. I was looking for other options since I’ve run low on broomsticks for the Wine Cellar. It will be a while before I finish this one. I keep reminding myself that it’s a marathon and not a sprint. 😀


Where do I find the coals to banish the snatchin boiler operator?


    Just keep searching ??? any rooms! They will drop. Use a turtle of luck to help!


Spielburg’s camera not in electric shock mode. Need one for step 12 of Cinephile quest string., the Old and the New. Accidentally charged collection too soon before I knew better. Can it be found anywhere else, or do items change for each room in electric shock?


Anyone know the best way to get movie tickets? Can’t seem to get enough to explore the cinephile room for quests..


New snatching have disappeared. Any idea as to why?


In quest It’s Unbelievable, is the only way to find Journal of Impossible Things by just banishing phenomena? The Journal doesn’t show in list of findable items??


    I’ve banished phenomenan 20 times and it won’t give it. Anyone else having this problem?


    I’m having this problem currently… it doesn’t show up no matter how many phenomena I banish, and I can’t even find it in any collection. Did you ever find an answer to this?


      I think I found mine right away by exploring a phenomena. Some of these things seem to take one person one try and others forever! Good Luck, there is no other way to get it as it’s not a collection item.

    Ronda Meyers

    I was frustrated with that quest also. Banished phenom in cinephile several times, no jpurnal. I submitted a ticket, and they said you won’t get it on the first try. I think I got it on about the 5th or 6th try, with turtle and magnet running.


Is anyone else having a problem with quest 20 cinema paradise? I have tried several basement rooms and the items do not show in the room’s infantry as items usually do


Does anyone know what basement room to search in electric shock curse for quest #8?


    I found it in wine cellar.




    In boiler room
    Not sure where else

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