Thanksgiving 2015 – The Restaurant

Thanksgiving 2015 brings us The Restaurant.

First we have to complete The Dinner is Served Collection by asking for items from our friends. Or Trade with Begging Cats and Fit Birds so those will be our new Creatures to Banish. the Fit bird takes 3 Water and 30 Strength, The Begging Cats take 2 Sausages and 15 Energy. The water and sausages will drop from the rooms.

The items to request from your friends also are the ones needed for the Warm Reception Collection:

  • Fugu
  • Angus Steak
  • Black Caviar
  • Foie Gras
  • Truffles

Please note that when your friends request them from you the ones you have collected go into your collection inventory as soon as you accept them from your Gifts page. Then when you give the wall requests to your friends they come out of the inventory. Seems like a slight game bug but instead of not giving them to your wall requests think about how you accept them from your gifts.


2015-11-20 08.44.36.jpg

Quest String:

  1. No Rest for the Wicked – Banish any Creature. Need to Banish 12. Any 12 work, I tried a variety.
  2. Daydreaming – Banish the Native Idol from the Dressing Room any way you can to find the Exquisite Lady’s Hat from the Only Perfection Will Do Collection.  This took me a few tries.
    • The Native Idol can be summoned with the Multi-phase Tambourine
  3. The Taste of Defeat – Explore the Kitchen in Night mode to find pumpkin pie.  This took me a number of explorations to get. The pie can be put on your Wish List.  I put it on from the Pumpkin Treats collection, but it may also work from the Special Offer collection.
  4. Warm Reception – Explore the Hunting room under the Evil Eye curse to find Maize.  Banish Snatchin Cooks to get popcorn.  I put the Maize on my wishlist and banished about a dozen cooks to get the popcorn.
  5. Unexpected Guest – 1/1 Gourmet’s Dream   This one auto-fulfilled for me, so I’m not sure what the quest required.
  6. No Time to Explain; Grab the Turkey – Charge the Festive Cake Collection and catch the Fit bird 10 times.  The Fit Bird takes 3 water bottles to banish.  Water bottles can be found in any room.
  7. Disaster in a Skirt – Explore 25 rooms in the Manor.
  8. Where’s Elsa – Explore the Fortune Telling room at night to find the Bundle of Wheat.  This dropped right away for me.
  9. The Two Friends Meet – Explore Mist in the Bedroom 3 times, UFO in the Bedroom 3 times.
    • The Native Idol can be summoned with the Multi-phase Tambourine.
    • The UFO can be summoned with the Nano-beacon.
  10. Hysterical Hotel – Explore the Ice Hotel in Words mode  time.
  11. Such Naivete – Explore yard locations to assemble and charge the Harvest Decor collection.  These items can be put on the Wish List.
    • Turkey Candleholder – Club 69.
    • Bundle of Wheat – Found in quest 8.
    • Fruit Basket – Pyramid.
    • Pile of Apples – Reanimation Lab.
    • Pumpkin Pot – Vampire Castle
  12. Make Peace, Not Tears – Explore the Japanese Garden under the Stone of Tongue Curse to find the Peace Pipe.
  13. Trust, but Verify – Follow Hilda to the restaurant. She may have good intentions, but you know what they say. Explore Restaurant once. 0/1
  14.  Let No One Leave Hungry- Hilda makes catering look easy, but it is in fact a difficult job. Help her do a good job by assembling and charging the Good Service Collection. You can find the collection items by exploring rooms in various modes.
    Carafe of Wine – Fortune Telling Room Night Mode
    Cloche – Library in Night mode
    Coffee Pot – Living Room Word Mode
    Silver Hors d’Oeuvre Plate – Hallway Word Mode
    Tureen – Bathroom – Silhouette Mode
  15. Giving Thanks – Explore the Restaurant in various modes to enjoy the holidays as best as you can.
    Silhouette Mode​0/3
    Night Mode​​0/3
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I’m on quest 14 let no one leave hungry , have explored the. Rooms countless times and have only got 2 of the collection items. How many times do you have to explore these rooms in the various modes before the items drop?


    Just like many MM quests, GI makes us search the room many, many times. I found that especially true of this quest. Good luck.

      Jenny Andrews

      Some of these took forever… 14 explores of fortune-telling room in night (with many, many explores in between..) and still that wine would not drop.. Try putting items on your wishlist and trading with a friend! Also snatchin merchant may appear in the restaurant if you are very lucky, he appeared twice for me so managed to get some of the bits direct from exploring the restaurant.


        Just curious if anyone understands how does the snatchin merchant works? Does it not show up for everyone on the same day? Mine showed up yesterday with keys for a basement room I was searching.


          Mine showed up yesterday. I think we all get him at the same time.


            That’s what I assumed too, but It hasn’t shown for my daughter the last two times that it did for me.

Jenny Andrews

Just wondering, is Quest 15 Giving Thanks (explore Restaurant in silhouette x3 and night x3) the last quest? I have run out of room keys, hoping the snatchin merchant may appear in the room..! Thanks for all this info which is very very helpful 🙂


    Yes, it is the last quest. Snatchin Merchant didn’t appear for me, but he may for you. Good luck.


In quest 9 The Two Friends Meet, please correct reference to calling Native Idol to calling Mist with Prosperous Book.


Debra & Susan: I have found that if you banish some snatchins on first floor, the Bird and Cat will eventually appear. Also, if your friends don’t have them yet, you can always visit people on the Ratings Boards on your right side of the manor.


I haven’t seen any cats or birds. Has anyone else had that issue?


    I’ve not seen them either.


    Hi I’ve got bird but no cat but visit other people only a few seem to have the cat


    I just recently was able to get update to work but what I did to get both the turkey bird and the begging cat was banish a few General Kreig soldiers/vehicles and out they popped.


So I collected 5 of each of the foods and kept them in gift box until I had them all so I could gift friend’s wall requests. That was never a problem. But when I accepted the 25 food items and upgraded the Restaurant, the 5 of each were gone from my collection. I purposely did NOT gift a wall request during this time. I wanted to charge the collection 5x to get the rewards, but they were not there.
Is this a problem? Should I put in a ticket? Of course they will want photos and I did take pic of having the 25 items before I upgraded and I can take a pic of the EMPTY collections and I can prove that the room is open to explore. That is my only proof. What do you think?


    same thing happened to me – it is common for quests to take the inventory – so i’m thinking not worth the time but you can try a ticket


    The items are always taken when you collect them to open a room. It just happens that this time the items are a collection item!


    I put in Ticket on this. Of course, the response is not pertinent to the events I portrayed, as usual. Trying again to explain it in better English that they will understand. Will advise.


Glad I could help with the one particular quest. Your page is always the first place I go to for help. So I can learn from other players’ findings. Guess I was the one ahead of the curve on this one. Now I’m just working to finish the 5X before the event ends. Not sure I’ll make it, but will give it a try.


I have lost my pumpkin pot over night. Definitely did not gift it away. Now can’t complete collection to move on with quests. Spent most of yesterday getting items together, was just waiting for 1 charger to finish. Now have no hope. Even went back to Vampire Castle but not there. How are we ever to get anywhere if these things keep happening? Have put in a ticket, but will not hold my breath


I found another weird thing. Tonight after I had gifted my 10 collection gifts, the game won’t let me send a “dinner”. It says I can only send 10 collection items. Yesterday I had to stop giving dinners until I got enough chargers, so I guess this could have happened yesterday too.


In Daydreaming quest is the only way to get hat is to banish the Idol? Did anyone get it by searching the room?


    I got it by exploring, not banishing, and I got it on the first try.


    Peg…I searched the room with native idol and found on second try :o))


    It took my daughter 8 tries, but I got it in 2. Good Luck!


    I got it by searching.


    Thanks, everyone! It took me a total of 9 tries, first try, banish; #2-7 tries searching(but I am still on the puzzles for Idol); #9 banish and it showed up! Not sure if the puzzles count as “searching”!


ive only gifted 19 of the 50 charger items and 1 of the 10 collection items, but when i try to gift off my wall i get a message that says “You are not allowed to do more gifts. You will be able to do it after 1 day. Please, try again later.” Anyone know what’s up with this?


    It used to be that you were only allowed to gift 300 gifts a day. So, maybe you gave 300 by giving wall requests. Not sure but I’m guessing you hit that limit.


Copied this from another page so it was with the quests.

For the “Let no one leave hungry” quest item, I’ve found the following:
1) Tureen can be found with silhouette in the bathroom
2) Coffee pot found in living room with word mode
3) Hallway in word mode yields hors d’oveures platter

Found the cloche in the restaurant…early levels. Still looking for the carafe of wine.


    the wine can be found in the Fortune Telling room in night mode.


    Carafe of wine in fortune tellers room in night mode


    Can the cloche be found only in the restaurant, or is it in one of the manor rooms? Thank you!


Quest ” Such Naïveté ” you have to explore yard locations to assemble and charge the Harvest Decor collection. I found the Pumpkin Pot in the Vampire Castle, the Pile of apples in the Reanimation lab, the Fruit basket in the Pyramig, and the Turkey Candleholder in the Club.


next: no time to explain, grab the turkey.
catch 10 fit birds
charge the festive cake coll.

next: disaster in a skirt.
follow hilda as she storms through the manor.


    Do you remember what rooms you found items for festive cake collection


    Did this come after the Hunting Room in Curse of Evil Eye?


    Turkey Leg can be found in any room in silloute mode, 1st floor or basement. Autum cooke, any room in night mode.

Linda Greene

3rd quest is warm reception. Explore the Hunting Room under the curse of the evil eye to find corncob(maize) and trade with snatchin cook for popcorn


    This is not the 3rd quest, maybe the 4th?

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