Valentine’s Day Event 2018

Valentine’s Day Event 2018

The Valentine’s Day Event 2018 has started. It runs from January 26, 2018 to February 28, 2018. It is a repeat of previous years.

Even though we are in the throes of winter, spring is coming! Spring means longer days, warmer sunlight, more birdsong, and a general reawakening of nature — all of which is incredibly conducive to love and romance. The residents of the Manor are actually working on a little romantic gazebo right now! Come spring there’ll be no lack of romance in the Manor!

Opening the Love Nest

The Love Nest for Valentine’s Day Event 2018 is in the upper right corner of your Yard below Hanako’s Labyrinth. You must be Level 14 to open the Love Nest.  You will need to request 7 of each of the following snatchins from your friends. You only need to do this if you did not do it previously.

Loving Decoration to open Love Nest

Love-Attuned Snatchins to Open Love Nest

  • Cave Dreamer
  • Centurion of Love
  • Fervent Musketeer
  • Smitten Pirate
  • Passion Analyst

Keys for the Love Nest

You will be required to battle to enter the Love Nest. The keys are the same as they were last year so you may have some in your inventory.

  • Makropulos Elixirs – 15 to enter the battle. Get them by banishing Amor the Ardent and Eros the Exciter or buy them in the shop 10 Diamonds for 10. There are no chests.
  • Heart of Roses – Used to explore the Love Nest. 10 Diamonds for 10 in the Shop. I don’t see a chest anywhere. You will get them by banishing the Roamers. Search the Roamer’s Table on the word Valentine to see who and where they are and what you can get from banishing them.

Valentine’s Day Event 2018 Roamers

You can buy weapons for these Roamers in the Shop or get them by exploring rooms.

  • Fervent Musketeer – Yard –  4 Sugar Swords
  • Love’s Centurion – Yard – 4 Gallic Sweets
  • Romantic Cave Dweller – Yard – 4 Chocolate of the Gods
  • Love Snatchin – First Floor – 2 Chocolate Passion Box and 30 Experience – This Snatchin gives items from the Wings of Love Artifact
  • Amor the Ardent – Yard – 3 Balloon Hearts
  • Eros the Exciter – Yard – 4 Love Notes

Gifts to Give a Friend

The Colorful Valentine is a gift you give to a Friend. Give one to a Friend to get their help opening this valentine, which contains one of the holiday items. I see them listed in the Chest section of the Shop but it looks like you only get 1 for 20 Diamonds. There is no other way to obtain one except to purchase and once you do it will go in your Chest tab of your inventory.

Eye for Love Mode

This mode will appear in rooms at random and in a maximum of three rooms at a time. You need 10 Playful Cherubims to explore locations in the Eye for Love Mode. They are 20 Diamonds for 10 in the shop. You can get them from some of the Roamers. Use the Roamers table to search for what you want to find and it will return which ones give it.

Sweet Valentine

The Sweet Valentine is a gift you can give in your Gifts window. Send it to a Friend, it goes in the Energy Tab of your Inventory Window and gives 5 points of Energy.

Valentine's Day 2016 Gazebo

Valentine’s Day Event 2018 Quests

Seriously, since this is a repeat event I’m not exactly sure which quests you will get. Please post in the comments if you know and I’ll update the page. I think you will get 2016 and then 2017 quests. I am on quest 17 of 2016.

2016 Quests

You will only get this quest string if you did not participate in 2016 or if you did not finish it you will pick up where you left off!

  1. Love and Romance in the Air – Go to the Yard and find the Love Nest and press Upgrade
  2. Love and Womance
    • Press on the Gazebo and request the Snatchin’s required from your friends
    • Explore the Kitchen to find 5 Ice Creams. (This one is taking me a lot of searches.)
  3. The Icy Embers of Passion
    • Trade with Amor the Ardent and Eros the Exciter to collect Makropulos Elixers
    • Charge the Sweet Hearts Collection – you can find collection items in the Manor’s Rooms at Night.
      • Ice Cream – you will have already found 5 in Quest 2 searching the kitchen
      • Hard Candy – Dressing Room
      • Gumdrops – Living Room
      • Waffles – Bedroom
      • Glazed Cookies – Japanese Garden
  4. Crossing the Threshold – Battle Cupid
    • Make sure you have Weapons. They come from Love Me Do and Wonders of the World Collections.
    • Battle lasts for 8 hours and takes 16000 points to complete
    • Room is open for 4 hours
  5. Seven-String Minstrel of Love – Find Guitar of Passion. Search the Love Nest in Words Mode.
  6. Jones the Royal Fiddler
    • Banish Mist from Hunting Room to find a Fine Fiddle
    • Catch Bookworm Snatchins to find 10 Sheet Music
  7. Fukanu Fue Kiku – Explore Sakura Room in Silhouettes to find Light Flute
  8. The Pros and Cons of Twinship
    • Find Saxophone of Desire in 69 Snatchins Club at night
    • Charge Dolce Amors Collection – Banish snatchins in yard to find items
      • Marshmallow Amor – Snatchin Culinary
      • Buttercream Amor – Snatchin Dancer
      • Honey Amor – Snatchin Partisan
      • Sugar Candy Amor – Snatchin Bartender
      • Chocolate Amor – Snatchin Guardsman
  9. Don’t Shoot the Plumber – Find Razzmatazz Piano. Look in the Love Nest in any mode
  10. Eighty Strings of Love
    • Charge the Soul Music Collection
    • Explore Living Room in Zero Gravity 3 times
  11. Between Mars and Venus – Trade with Eros the Exciter to get a Mars-and-Venus Pendant
  12. The Way to a Man’s Heart – Explore Ice Hotel and 69 Snatchins Club in Silhouettes to find Chair of Comfort and Table of Romance from Rendez-Vous Point Collection
  13. Stroking a Wolf’s Fur
    • Find Snuggly Armchair from Rendez-Vous Point Collection – Explore rooms in Comparison Mode
    • Chase away 5 each of Beloved of Strigoi and Brides of Strigoi
      • The Beloved of Strigoi requires you to use 7 Silver Combs and 9 Silver Combs for the Brides of Strigoi.
      • They do fall I am told about every 25 or so explorations.
      • The Crate of Strigoi – gives you 30 combs for 50 diamonds. It is in the chests tab of the shop. If you need less the box has 15 for 25 diamonds.
  14. The Gamut of Gifts – Find the Sofa of Coziness from the Rendez-Vous Point Collection by exploring the Library with UFO present
  15. The Princess and the Predicament
    • Find the Perfect Date rug from the Rendez-Vous Point Collection in the Mystical Living Room
    • Charge the Dynamic Couples Collection – Find Items chasing away yard creatures
      • Amor the Ardent
      • Eros the Exciter
      • Dark Adept – Tristan and Isolde
      • Brides of Strigoi – Romeo and Juliet
      • Model Eurydice – D’Artagnan and Constance
      • Conquistador Don Juan – Bonnie and Clyde
  16. A Foamy Plan
    • Charge the Rendez-Vous Point Collection – you’ve already collected all the items in the previous quests
    • Find Bubble Bath from The Perfect Date Collection by Exploring the Bathroom under the Witch’s Curse. You can find Phenomena and Curses in this table.
  17. Between You and Me – Meet with the Cupid General again and reach the Professional mastery level in the Love Nest.
  18. Sussurations of Love – Explore the 69 Snatchin Club to find Floating Leaf; the Gingerbread House to find the Sweet Cherries; the African Room to find the Magic Bark. It’s necessary to visit all three location at NIGHT.
  19. Short and to the Point – Explore Room 51 to find a Sublime Gossamer. Explore the Manor’s Rooms with the Mist phenomenon present to find a Cumulus Miraculus. Charge the Nature of Love Collection.
  20. Valentine’s Two – Trade with Amor the Ardent and Eros the Exciter to find Valentine’s Golden Crossbow.
    • NOTE: A player reports that this is when you start getting quests for the 2017 quest string.
  21. Love, the Universe, and Everything – Find the love-attuned snatchin the professor wants to meet on the Manor map and trade with him to complete the quest. Love Snatchin 0/5
  22. What’s In a Name? – Find the Love Meter in the Laboratory. Explore any 3 locations in the Eye for Love Mode, which can appear anywhere on the first floor, or in the Love Nest. The mode can only be active in 3 locations at once. (10 Little Cupids are required to explore buy or obtain from Valentine Snatchins)
  23. Normal and Abnormal – Trade with Amor the Ardent, Eros the Exciter, and Love-Attuned Snatchins to assemble and charge the Mischievous Cupid Collection.
    • Love Snatchin has Love Triangle
    • Amor Ardent has Love Lock
    • Eros Exciter has Spiral of Time and Heart-Shaped Fry Pan
    • Not finding Gold Crossbow with any of these!
  24. Romantically Stricken – Explore rooms under the Zero Gravity curses to find all the Newton Cradles. Newton Cradles 0/5
  25. Reconcilable Differences – Explore the Laboratory in Eye for Love mode to find a Photo of Madge.
  26. First Impressions
    • Explore yard locations at Night to assemble and Charge the To My Valentine Collection
      • Bunker : Snatchin’s Valentine
      • Love Nest : Frutti-di-Mare Bonbons
      • Crypt : Takeshi’s Heart Origami
      • 69 Snatchin Club : Joanna’s Letter
      • The Hotel of Heart Spring : Cookies for a Couple in Love
    • Find Clockwork Heart in the Elevator in the Eye for Love mode
  27. Unintended Consequences of Love – Charge the Professor-in-Love collection (trade with Gauguin’s Robots to get missing collection items). Explore rooms with phenomena present to collect Sources of Energy for the professor’s new robot. The items will disappear from your inventory after the question.
    • Cupid Bot Collection – Bouquet of Transistors – Vacuum Robot; Higgs Boson – Musical Robot;
    • Taubin’s Heart – Television Robot
    • Source of Energy 0/50 3 fall at a time – UFO, Will-o’-the-Wisp, Native Idol, Mist
  28. Armed, Pink, and Dangerous – Explore locations in the Eye of Love mode to assemble and charge the Cupid Squad collection.
    • The Sniper of Desire can be found in the Hunting Room
  29. The Master of Excuses – Trade with Love-attuned snatchins to assemble and charge a Wing Heart.
  30. Lives Science, Breathes Science – Explore the Love Nest in various modes to complete this quest.
    • Love Nest in Words Mode 0/3
    • Love Nest in Silhouettes Mode 0/3
    • Love Nest in Eye for Love Mode 0/3

For Players that have finished the quest string from 2016 this is your next set of quests. To complete the quest string you need items from older Collections. Jean was kind enough to make this list for us. Please use the Collections table to find what collections they’re in if you want to put them on your Wish List.

  • Bubble Bath
  • Buttercream Armor
  • Chocolate Armor
  • Cumulus Miraculus
  • Fine Fiddler
  • Glass of Wine
  • Guitar of Passion
  • Heart Candle
  • Honey Armor
  • Light flute
  • Marshmallow Armor
  • Massage Oil
  • Perfect Date Rug
  • Perfect Pen
  • Razzmatazz Piano
  • Red Ink
  • Rose Petals
  • Saxophone of Desire
  • Sugar Candy Armor
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Waffles

2017 Quests

  1. Manor of Love – Explore the love nest.
  2. Local Warming – Get an English Walnut, French Apple, and Waffles from the snatchins guarding the Love Nest:  The Romantic Cave Dweller, Love’s Centurion, and Fervent Musketeer.
    • English Walnut – Romantic Cave Dweller 0/1
    • French Apple – Love’s Centurion 0/1
    • Waffles (Coll 484 – Sweet Hearts) – Fervent Musketeer 0/1
  3. Love’s a Two-Way Street – Get  7 Togetherness Key Charms by helping your friends. You can also ask friend to give them to you as gifts or buy them for diamonds. They are Chargers.
  4. The Magic Flute – Find a Light Flute in Love Nest in Night mode. (Soul Music #483)
  5. Honor Love and Tradition – Get the Gumdrop Amor by Assembling and charging the Dolce Amors collection by driving away snatchins on the first floor.  Elsa will love the cute desserts, and you’ll love knowing you’ve helped Giovanni out of a tight spot.
    • Buttercream Amor –  Snowdoll Snatchin
    • Chocolate Amor – Bookworm Snatchin
    • Honey Amor – Hungry Snatchin
    • Marshmallow Armor – Thieving Snatchin
    • Sugar Candy Armor – Grubby Snatchin
  6. Plans Change – Perhaps Elsa can find a way to give her gift in the gazebo after all.
    • Explore the Bedroom in Silhouettes mode to find a Perfect Date Rug
    • Explore the Dressing room in Words mode to find a Vacuum Cleaner
  7. My Fair Lady – Explore the rooms of the Manor with the Mist phenomenon (Prospero’s  Book) to find Elegant Flowers.  Do not banish the phenomenon, or the flowers may wither!
  8. Dear Richard – Explore the Love Nest in Words mode to find the Perfect Pen and Red Ink.  Joanna cannot do without those items if she is to write her boyfriend a romantic letter!
    • Perfect Pen 0/1
    • Red Ink 0/1
  9. Water for Singers – Get Glasses of Waters from Gypsy Children.  Show Benny how to play music on glasses of water!  That’s sure to impress a mermaid like Aelita.
  10. Terra Incognita – Explore the rooms of the Manor with the Witch’s curse present (Faraday’s  Generator) to assemble and charge the Perfect Date Collection.  Aelita can’t have make her dream come true without your help!
    • Massage Oil -Bedroom
    • Bubble Bath – Bathroom
    • Heart Candle – Japanese Room
    • Glass of Wine – Living Room
    • Rose Petals – Library
  11. Miracles, Actually, Are All Around – Explore the Japanese Garden in Zero Gravity (Nano  Beacon-UFO) the Japanese Garden in Zero Gravity mode to find the Cumulus Miraculus.
  12. Frozen Tenderness – Explore the Love Nest several times and battle the Snow Queen.  The location needs saving from her gelid powers and evil intentions!
    • Love Nest 0/3
    • Defeat Boss:  Snow Queen 0/1
  13. A Spectrum of Feelings – Get Taubin’s Heart from a Snatchin.  Either Snatchin Knight or a Snatchin Guardsman should have it.  Those ne’er-do-wells love to “confiscate” anything that’s the same color as the red standards bear.
  14. Conquering Jealousy – Chase away Brides of Strigoi in the yard a few times and watch Eurydice dance in the 69 Snatchin club.  Then distract her with your attentions to “take out” any possible rivals so that Persephone can finally overcome her incredible jealousy.
    • Bridges of Strigoi 0/10
    • Defeat boss:  Hottest Eurydice 0/1
  15. The Grand Finale – Explore the rooms of the Manor in Night mode to assemble and charge the Soul Music Collection to obtain the Valentine’s Harp
    • Fine Fiddle – Castle of Strigoi
    • Light Flute – Bunker
    • Saxophone of Desire – Ice Castle
    • Razzmatazz Piano – Hotel
    • Guitar of Passion – Crypt

End of Quests


Valentine’s Day Event 2018 Right Side Quests

There are multiple quests on the right side of your manor to complete for Valentine’s Day this year. Good Luck! I know the lower level players will have a tough time completing them. If you finished any of these last year you may not get them this year.

Love is a Many Aspected Thing

Banish 50 each of the snatchins guarding the Love Nest in the yard: Fervent Musketeer, Love’s Centurion and Romantic Cave Dweller. Open the Box of Joy reward to receive 5 of each item for interaction with the bosses of the Gingerbread House, the 69 Snatchins Club, and the Heart of Spring Hotel (high level weapons).

Love is a Many Aspected Thing Right Quest

Love Prevails

Charge the Valentine’s Day Collections 5 times each to receive the reward. Looks like previous charges count for this one because I have 2 I completed last year. The reward is the Gift from a Pure Heart chest. Open it to get a Bottle of Champagne, rare Golden Phoenix and Golden Turtle of Wisdom amulets (charms), 350 Hearts of Roses (keys to search Love Nest), and 5 of each item from the Wonders of the World (battle weapons) collection.

Looks like this is the only place to get keys to search without paying 1 Diamond each. These collection items can only be found searching the Love Nest.

Love Prevails Right Quest

Valentine’s Day Event 2017 Collections

  • Nature of Love
  • Soul Music
  • Dolce Amors
  • Rendez-Vous Point
  • Sweet Hearts

Love’s Finer Points

Enter battle 30 times each in the Love Nest, 69 Snatchins Club and Heart of Spring Hotel. It appears that previous entries count so if you’ve been at this awhile you are much closer to completing this event. The reward of Lovestruck Heart Cake is a charm that increases by 77% the probability of finding an item and your energy regeneration rate for 7 hours. (Wow! This is not worth the effort!)

Love’s Finer Points Right Quest

The Love Hypothesis

The Love Hypothesis is a right side quest from the 2016 Quests. I don’t think it will appear on your right side until you get Quest 22: What’s In a Name? One of our players that has it now received it with a couple of credits complete so that indicates it returned from 2016. You will get this one if you started the quest string in 2016. If you started the quest string in 2017 you will get Significance of Love listed below.

You will need to search rooms in the Eye for Love Mode 10 times and charge the five collections 2 times each to get the BSc in Amorology’s Chest. Open the chest to get 20 Horns, 20 Inflatable Hammers, 20 Toy Pistols, 20 Firecrackers, 20 Suction Cup Guns, 20 Wooden Sabers and 20 Golden Bombs.

The Love Hypothesis 2016

The Love Hypothesis Collections

  • Passion Aromas
  • Prince Charming
  • Sweet Temptation
  • The Taste of Love
  • Cupid Squad

Significance of Love

This one will appear when you are working on the 2016 quest string that you started this year. Explore the Manor’s rooms in Eye for Love mode 20 times and charge the collections 3 times each to receive the MSc Amorology’s Chest. Open the chest to get 30 Balloon Hearts, 40 Love Notes, 75 Horns, 75 Inflatable Hammers, 75 Toy Pistols, 75 Firecrackers, 75 Suction Cup Guns and 75 Wooden Sabers.

Significance of Love

Significance of Love Collections

  • The Perfect Date
  • Professor-in-Love
  • All Kinds of Love
  • To My Valentine
  • Mischievous Cupid

Imperatives of Love

This will appear once you have completed the Significance of Love quest above. Search rooms in Eye for Love mode 30 times (the 20 Eye of Love searches from above will be counted so only 10 more are required) and charge the collections 4 times each to get the reward which gives 25 Makropulos Elixirs and 300 Hearts of Roses.

Imperatives of Love Collections

  • Cupid Squad
  • Taste of Love
  • Sweet Temptation
  • Prince Charming
  • Passion Aromas

Calculus of Love

This will appear once you have completed the Imperatives of Love quest above. Search rooms in Eye for Love mode 40 times (the 30 Eye of Love searches from above will be counted so only 10 more are required) and charge the collections 5 times each to get the reward which gives five of each item for Wonders of the World collection and five of each top weapon against Yard bosses.

Calculus of Love Collections

  • Plus Perfect Date
  • Professor in Love
  • All Kinds of Love
  • To My Valentine
  • Mischievous Cupid

Cupid General Valentine Battle

We should not have to battle to get into the Love Nest on Valentine’s Day! You need 15 Makropulos Elixirs to enter Battle. The Battle lasts 8 Hours and takes 16,000 points. You get 32 Hits and the counter counts up. Weapons Collections are Wonders of the World and Love Me Do. Last year we got them from Roamers but I can’t find any Roamers that give them this year.

Cupid General Battle

Inside the Rooms

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The Valentine event, right hand quests: eye of love searches do NOT carry forward to the next quest. You have to start from zero for each one. This may be a change in 2018.


My quest 27 Unintended Consequences of Love dropped 5 Sources of Energy at a time!


Is it normal to always have three rooms with the evil of love? At 20 diamonds per exploration is a lot ,and always comes out again, I always have three, the goblins do not give so many cherubs.


    Yes, always 3. Have you claimed your gifts from the MM FB page? There were a few cherubs in a couple of the gifts.


      I did not know ,where I found it? thanks Finty


        Anitras, Go to Facebook and search for Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure. There are a few recent posts that offer rewards, just click on the link. Hopefully this link will take you there.

        Click on the links for Mystery Manor: Hidden Adventure. There are a few posts that have links for gifts. Hope this works for you



RoseMary Tuck

As usual, what would we do without you and Ken? Happy Valentine’s Day 🌬 ͦ ̊ ☆💋 You rock, my friends … ツ 💐 ɬɧąŋƙ ყơų 😍 ཞơ𗁰ʑ ɬơყ


#6 Jones the Fiddler of the 2016 ‘Quest string. I have banished bookworms and have gotten 8 sheets of music, received credit for 5 and then it stop. I have banished easily 15 and gotten nothing. Do you have to banish a lot of them ? or is something wrong with my game.? and I have stopped having my rooms change to ❤️ mode 😭 is swear this event is cursed for me. I have had nothing but trouble with these events 😝


In the Valentine’s Day event, there is a quest to banish 50 each of 3 different Valentine’s snatchin’s. Although I have banished some of each, my counter status remains at zero. The quest title is “Love is a Many Aspected Thing.”
I sent a ticket to Gi support and hopefully will hear something soon.


I finished 2016 and 2017 left side quests last year but didn’t bother with some of the right side ones whose rewards were not worth the effort. Anyway, This year I got 2016 quests but there are differences. quest 3 for me was just the elixirs and I didn’t get quest to charge sweet hearts collection. For quest 13, snuggly armchair is from rooms in comparison mode not zodiac. Also, I only need to banish 5 each of brides of strigoi and beloved of strigoi, not 10 each. That’s all I have for now. Thanks.


I noticed something today, in trying to locate Mars/Venus rings for hotel for guild event. Which I always have trouble getting enough of!

There’s a collection, #390 called Tailor’s Humdrum which gives the rings. But I had no col items, so I looked it up and those items are listed as the 2015 Valentines event!!? So I’m wondering if we will ever be able to get those col items again at all. Valentines event seems all different now, but I could be wrong.


    Yes, the Snatchin Tailor never reappeared to give us those collection items. I ask often for them to do something to give us collection items for these dead collections. I see that 413 for Amphitrite gives 70. A Cinephile collection gives 3! Yippee! The rest all look like holiday collections. And the hotel takes 35 each time so it’s a pricey room to get into. Maybe we can get some with the Halloween Event coming up!

    Isn’t the Collections Table Great for finding all this information.


      I wondered if there were dead collections.
      Yes the collection table is invaluable–I couldn’t play the game without it. Thank you so much for providing that to us.

Big Perch

Just finished the right hand quest, Love is a Many Aspected Thing. The rewards were high level boss weapons needed to battle in Club 69, Gingerbeard House & Heart of Spring Hotel.


    It says you get 5 of each weapon for those 3 boss rooms but I only got 2 of each?? Anyone get 5 of each? (Love is a Many Aspected Thing)

      Big Perch

      I went back to my weapon collections and could not tell for sure, but for the heart of spring hotel I only show 4 maids, so, I did not receive 5 from the reward.


Does anyone know how to make the musical instruments from Soul Mudic collection drop in a place other than the Grand Finale quest? It’s the last piece I need for a right hand quest–it says it’s found in the Love Nest, but I’m at the highest level and it never shows in the bottom list of things you can get.


    This is in reply to Eowyn. I apologize for replying too late. I figured it out at the very last hour we had for the Valentine Quest. I also was unable to complete it. In the hopes that it may help us on a future Quest, I going to share my knowledge. The items came from placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the battle to access the gazebo. As far as I know, it’s the only place you could acquire the items for “”Soul Music” besides the Grand Finale Quest.

Patricia Barton

In Quest 14, we are to banish Brides of Strigoli 15 X. That’s 134 combs
How is everyone getting past this. Only have 9
Guess this is where I throw in the towel on this one


    I agree had to buy and very costly


    I still need to know where to get the silver combs. Not having any luck and I can’t buy them.


      They drop while searching but there are 3 chests for Strigoi in the shop. Always use a Turtle of Luck when searching and maybe an artifact to find things if you can charge it. There is only one collection that gives 2 of them and it is a Halloween collection so hard to get.


      You can get combs from any Strigoi casket…in your inventory or fight with Strigoi


Just to let you know, the 2017 quest string appeared for me when I completed quest 20 of the 2016 quest string.


    Thanks for the information.

Ro Ztoy

What would we do without you ? ͦ ̊ ☆?

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