Thanksgiving 2016 – Hilda von Stadt

Thanksgiving 2016 – Hilda von Stadt

This Thanksgiving Hilda von Stadt brings us the Kitchen of Plenty which only requires a key to open the first time for coins and the Hilda von Stadt Restaurant called the Silver Platter Restaurant.

We have 28 Days for this Event. It ends on December 14, 2016. At this moment it looks like there is one quest string for both rooms.

Thanksgiving 2016 Roamers

  • Obliging Waitress – 3 Silver Trays
    • Silver Trays drop from searching rooms.
    • She gives the keys for opening and exploring rooms as well as the Boss Weapons for the Hilda von Stadt Restaurant. She will not appear in your manor until you get the quest to banish her 5 times so find someone that has her because this quest comes after you are required to search the Kitchen of Plenty.

Kitchen of Plenty Icon.pngThanksgiving 2016 Quests



  1. Nasty Weather but Nice Food
    • Pile of Apples – First Floor Silhouettes Mode
    • Maize – First Floor Words Mode
  2. S.O.C.! Save Our Chef –  Banish 10 Snatchin Cooks
  3. Kitchen Ex Nihilo – Go out to the yard and tap on the Kitchen of Plenty, upper left corner, acquire the key to the room and explore it.
    • You can purchase the key to explore it for 35,000 coins.
    • The keys to Explore it come from the Obliging Waitress Roamers which you won’t get in your own manor until the next quest so find them in a friends manor.
    • You can also purchase keys in the Shop in chests.
  4. Expanding Operations – Banish 5 Obliging Waitresses.
  5. Eating in the Dark – Find 20 Apple Candles by exploring the Kitchen of Plenty.
    • You need these to enter battle in the Hilda von Stadt Restaurant
  6. Which Fork Where? – The Silver Platter Restaurant is the room that opens after defeating Hilda von Stadt
    • Explore the Silver Platter Restaurant
    • Defeat Boss: Hilda von Stadt – weapons listed below
  7. Rollups for Dinner and For Lunch
    • Search Silver Platter Restaurant in Words Mode 3 times (the text on this quest says to explore the Kitchen of Plenty 3 times but the main requirement says Restaurant)
    • Find Fruit Plate in Restaurant in Silhouettes mode.
  8. Seeds for All Kinds
    • Sesame Seeds – Japanese Garden with Mist phenomenon
    • Sake – from the Obliging Waitress
  9. Jones’ Culinary Genius
    • Bell Pepper – Library in Comparison mode
    • Exotic Spices – Hunting Room in Comparison mode
  10. Mustard for Youw Health
    • Defeat boss: Snatchin General
  11. My Kingdom for a Mushroom – Assemble and charge the 21st Century Kitchen Collection to obtain the Unique Vegetable Slicer. You can find the Collection items in the Kitchen of Plenty.
  12. Buzz About the Restaurant
    • Silver Platter Restaurant in Words mode 3 times
    • Silver Platter Restaurant in Night mode 3 times
  13. Popular Movement –  Charge the Turkey Parade collection to get the Striking Turkey. Items can be found in the Kitchen of Plenty or by trading with the Obliging Waitress.
  14. The Meat of the Problem – Find items banishing First Floor Snatching
    • Charge the Chief of Green Skinned Collection to get the Warlike Corncob
    • Charge the Courageous Colonists Collection to get the Snatching-Headman
  15. Child of Hard Work
    • Explore the Kitchen of Plenty 5 times
    • Charge the Secret Recipe collection to get the Rollup Royale
    • Explore the Silver Platter Restaurant 5 times

The End

Hilda von Stadt Restaurant Battle

The Hilda von Stadt Restaurant Battle will open the Silver Platter Restaurant. Battle is 3 hours and 30 minutes and requires 1200 points to finish.

2016-11-16 11.45.42.jpg

Weapons for Hilda von Stadt Restaurant

Proper Place Setting

  • Chopsticks – 2 points – 50,000 Coins
  • Silver Fork – 4 points – 100,000 Coins
  • Asparagus Server – 6 points – 150,000 Coins
  • Porcelain Spoon – 8 points – 200,000 Coins
  • One-of-a-Kind Knife – 10 points – 250,000 Coins

China Shop Model

  • Elegant Napkin – 20 points – 12 Diamonds
  • Fragile China – 25 points – 14 Diamonds
  • Impossible Plate – 30 points – 16 Diamonds
  • Paired Glasses – 35 points – 18 Diamonds
  • Soup Bowl of Life – 40 points – 20 Diamonds

Gourmet’s Paradise

Gourmet’s Paradise is a quest on the right side of the screen. Explore the Silver Platter Restaurant and charge the collections 5 times each to receive the Chest of Time. These are from the 2015 Thanksgiving collections. Open it to get 60 Candy Apples, 50 Table Placards and 20 Compasses.

2016-11-16 10.33.52.png

Gourmet’s Paradise Collections

  • Special Offer – 456
  • Floral Arrangement – 457
  • Good Services – 459
  • Bar Menu – 461

ABC: Always Be Cooking

ABC: Always Be Cooking is a quest on the right side of your manor. You need to charge the collections 5 times each to receive the Original Chest reward. Open it to receive 50 Silver Trays, 50 Oven Mitts and 20 Golden Bombs.

2016-11-16 10.33.38.png

ABC: Always Be Cooking Collections

  • 21st Century Kitchen – 546
  • Secret Recipe – 547
  • Turkey Parade – 548
  • Warm Reception – 458

Hilda’s Best Friend

Hilda’s Best Friend is a quest on the right side of your manor. If you can complete the 2 previous events in the allotted time you will receive the Hero Chest. Open it to get 3 items for helping to set tables in the Restaurant.

2016-11-16 10.34.05.png

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In quest 14, what snatchin gives the snatchin trapper?


On quest 7 you say to explore the the restaurant when the quest says to explore the kitchen. It has to be the kitchen, I just explored the restaurant in words mode and got no credit for it. No mitts and not going to buy them so once again a wasted event. This has been the absolute worst event ever! Can’t even get excited about events anymore. I’m not playing into their greedy hands and spending my money on this game.

Rita Nordheden

How do we find items for the 2015 Thanksgiving collections?


Where do you find the Turkey Breast from the Secret Recipe Collection? It’s not in the Kitchen of Plenty, the Restaurant or the Obliging Waitress. How do you get this item to complete the Child of Hard Work quest?


    I found my own answer if anyone is wondering- you need to reach mastery level in the Kitchen of Plenty and the turkey breast appears. 🙂


In quest 14, what snatchin gives the snatchin trapper?


My turkey in the grass doesn’t seem to appear very often. I go visit, get out of game and come back and it only shows up many, many hours later, if that!


    Yes, that Turkey, just like the Halloween Pumpkin is a waste of effort to look for. If you’re running a turtle he give a charger but otherwise a minimal amount of coins or exp!

Michele Andersen

Any idea where you get the paper turkey for 13 collection? It say in kitchen or from waitress but isn’t listed as an available item in either.


    It is in the restaurant. GI! Made a mistake there.


    It’s in the silver platter restaurant


Hi, any quest string updates past #12. Appreciate the hard work. We should have a fund so you can buy diamonds for the quest hunts. This is a very costly one, have to buy chests basically, NOT…


    I posted the last of them this morning. Sorry, I had another deadline yesterday and didn’t get them up.

    You can help by using the Support Our Site Links to shop at Amazon or Wishing Wardrobe. The small amount we get for this covers our domain and server expenses.

    I don’t buy diamonds. I never have. I am fortunate to have players that use their diamonds and send me quest strings. I would be nowhere without the support from my friends!

Michele Andersen

Step 12 is visit the restaurant in both word and night mode 3 times each. My waitress disappeared after #8. Had to go to friends yards to trade for weapons etc. Also, she doesn’t appear to have the placard keys for the restaurant! Apples and oven mitts only. Any idea where we are supposed to get these?


    The Placard keys come from room searches in the Kitchen of Plenty. But not every search.


How do I get oven mitts?


    OBliging Waitress or buy a chest.


Once I banished a few roamers in the yard I got the waitress before the quest to banish 5


    Me too

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