St. Patrick’s Event 2017

St. Patrick’s Event 2017

The St. Patrick’s Event 2017 has arrived. You must be level 35 to complete this event. The event is 24 days and will end on April 4, 2017. You can always see this by opening one of the right side quest boxes or the Druid’s Shrine window. They will give you the number of days remaining.

There are Two Quest Strings, one for the Mysterious Circle and one for the Druid’s Shrine. They run simultaneously.

Important Druid’s Shrine Tip

There are multiple quests that require you to use your Enchanted Crystals to open one or more chests so save your crystals in order to complete the quests!

Tables for Quest Help

Remember, there are tables to help you get through the quests. They can all be found under the Collections Tab in the Menu. Please Support Our Site when you can, these helpful items take a lot of work and require frequent updating.

  • Collections Table – Lists all the collection items, rewards, chargers and room they go with.
  • Roamer’s Table – Lists all the Roamers, what they give and the room or event they belong to.
  • Furniture Table – Lists available Furniture and their benefit.
  • Phenomena Table – Lists phenomena, curses, how to summon, how to banish and where they occur.
  • Artifacts Table – Lists all the Artifacts items, rewards and chargers.
  • Achievements Table – Lists Achievements from the Achievements tab.

St. Patrick’s Pots of Gold

Look around in the grass outside of your First Floor and you will see very small piles of gold Specks. Click on it to receive a reward of 15 exp pts, 3 energy or 50 coins. Not a fortune, just fun looking for them. They seem to come every 5/10 minutes.

Gold Piles

St. Patrick’s Keys

  • Schrodinger-Gauguin Snatchin – 10 needed to explore rooms in Snatchins mode. You can have a maximum of 3 rooms in Snatchins mode. He will drop from room searches. I have so far only seen it on the First Floor so let me know if you get it other places. Can be purchased in the shop. Current sale price is 8 diamonds for 10.
  • Enchanted Crystals – not really a key but required to purchase chests with presents in the Druid’s Shrine. Can be purchased in the shop, 20 Diamonds for 10.

St. Patrick’s Roamers

These weapons can all be purchased in the shop but will drop easily if you use a Turtle of Luck when searching rooms.

  • Haughty Deer – First Floor – 5 Forest Pastries, 20 Energy
  • Celtic Sorcerer – First Floor – 4 Magic Sickles
  • Golden Idol – Yard – 3 St. Patrick’s Staves, 30 Energy
  • Snatchin Druid – Yard – 2 Shamrocks
  • Sizable Serpent – Yard – 3 Wooden Boxes, 20 Energy

 Mysterious Circle

Everyone knows the story of St. Patrick! He is the patron saint of Ireland, and strange as it may seem, Nigeria too. As St. Patrick’s Day draws nearer and nearer, the good folks down at Mystery Manor are running into enigma after enigma, each more dangerous than the last. Lucky for them, they have you to help save the day and pick up the legendary legacy of that great Irishman right where he left off!

The Mysterious Circle is in the Yard on the upper left side and gives gifts every 24 hours once opened.

Mysterious Circle

There are steps in the quest string to help you open it. If you opened it last year and have collection items saved it goes much faster. You will need collection items to get past each stage.

St. Patrick's 2016

St. Patrick’s Mysterious Circle Quests

If this quest string seems familiar it’s because those of us that were around last year did it, or partially did it. Nevertheless, it has started from quest 1 for everyone.

  1. Joanna’s Intuition – Explore the Library in silhouettes mode 3 times.
  2. The Language of Plants – Banish 10 Snatch Druids in the Yard.
    • It is good to upgrade the Circle of Stones before you banish these druids because they give the National Cuisine collection items that you will need one each of for the next step of the Circle.
    • Druid’s take 2 Shamrocks for each banish so you will need 20 Shamrocks. They will drop from searching the rooms but not on every search. You can also buy them in the Shop 10 for 36 Diamonds.
  3. Snake’s Nest – Explore the Hunting Room in silhouette mode 3 times.
  4. Top Priority – Explore the Bathroom in Words mode 3 times.
  5. A Leaf from Patrick’s Book – You’ll find the items you need in the rooms of the Manor.
    • Nails 0/50 – Nails come in packages of 4 at a time
    • Boards 0/10
  6. Grownup Secrets – Banish 10 Sizable Serpents in the Yard.
    • Serpent’s take 3 Wooden Boxes and 20 Experience to banish. The Wooden Boxes will drop from rooms or you can purchase them in the Shop 10 for 54 Diamonds. You will need 30 Wooden Boxes
  7. Expert Advice – Explore the African Room in Native idol mode 3 times.
    • Summon with Multi-phase Tambourine
  8. Gold and Unpleasantness – Golden Idols can be found in the yard. Banish 10.
    • Takes 3 St. Patrick’s Staff and 30 Experience. The Staff will drop from rooms or you can purchase them in the Shop 10 for 54 Diamonds. The Shop calls them St. Patrick’s Staves.
    • The Reward for Banishing are Shamrock’s from the Lucky Clover Collection. One of each color shamrock is needed for the Pata-Riki.
  9. The Legend of the Pata-Riki – Find the circle of stones in the yard (right of vampire) and press on it to upgrade. This satisfies the Mysterious Circle. If you have previously completed this the quest autocompletes for you.
  10. Gathering Information – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room in Comparison mode 3 times.
  11. Countrymen Help Each Other – Reach your goal by assembling the 5 items from the National Cuisine Collection. If you have already “upgraded” the circle of stones in the Work for Idols’ Hands it will give you a completed quest.

Two quests popped up (these quests are for collections National Cuisine & On the House) The order of these quests will vary depending on which of the 2 you work on.

  1. A Good Irish Shepherd – Find Shepherd’s Pie in the Living Room in Silhouette mode.
  2. Chef’s Secret – Explore the Dollhouse (Gingerbread House) in Words Mode to find the Ginger Cake. You can also find it by banishing Snatchin Druids.
  3. All Natural! – Find Champ in the Laboratory in Comparison Mode.
  4. Danger! Healthy Food – Find Guinness Beef Stew in the Hunting Room with the Will o’-the­–Wisp phenomenon present.
  5. Curious Sauce – Find Cranberry Sauce in the Library with the UFO phenomenon present.
  6. Blessed Leaves – The Golden Idol, Crom Cruach has the items you need. (2 shamrocks pop up at a time from the golden Idol) Red Shamrock 0/1; Green Shamrock 0/1; Blue Shamrock 0/1
    • When you get 1 of each of these Shamrocks you can upgrade the To the Ground, and Then Some in the Stone Circle and the Circle will give you an item from the Can’t Buy Happiness Collection once every 24 hours.
  7. Local Traditions – Help for Gretel. This is satisfied by upgrading the previous collection.
  8. Proportion in Everything – Find Irish Rose Cocktail in the Oceanic Room in Night mode.
  9. Complex Recipes – Find Irish Coffee in the Bathroom in Word mode.
  10. Kid’s Menu – Find Mint Ice Cream Punch in the Dressing Room in Comparison Mode.
  11. For Connoisseurs – Find Irish Whiskey in the Kitchen in Silhouettes mode.
  12. Green and Not-So-Mean – Find Green Beer in the Snatchin General’s Bunker in Night mode.
  13. Hide and Seek – Find Hidden Treasure in the Hunting Room in Snatchins mode.
  14. The Prudent Guest – Find Magical Suspenders in the Living Room in Snatchins Mode.
  15. Crucial Accessory – Find Shamrock Medallion in the African Room in Snatchins mode.
  16. Napoleonic Plans – Find Tiny Jacket in the Dressing Room in Snatchins Mode.
  17. The Finishing Touch– Find Shillelagh in the Fortune-Telling Room in Snatchins Mode.
  18. An Open Door – Explore the Snatchin’s General’s Bunker in Snatchin Mode 3 times.
  19. Call to Order – Explore any 5 rooms in Snatchins mode.
  20. The Long Day Closes – Explore the Living Room in Silhouettes mode 3 times.

The end

Druid’s Shrine

St. Patrick’s Day is great for partying your cares away while bedecked in various shades of green, but it’s also the perfect time to awaken nature from it’s winter slumber – which is vital for ancient druidic magic…

The Druid’s Shrine is on the First Floor of the Manor on the upper left above the Bakery. Once you open it you will have the opportunity to use Enchanted Crystals to open chests. I will explain these after the quest string.

Druid’s Shrine

Druid’s Shrine Icon Druid’s Shrine Quest String



  1. Deer Whisperer – Find Forest Pastries in rooms on the first floor and treat the Haughty Deer wandering near the manor to them. Banish 5 Haughty Deer on the First Floor.
  2. Mixed Messages – Explore the Crypt to find a Sorcerer’s Sickle.
  3. Guessing Game – Look for Magic Sickles in rooms on the first floor and give them to the Celtic Sorcerer. Banish 10 Celtic Sorcerers on the First Floor.
  4. Haughty Cuisine
    • Explore Library in Curse of the Stone Tongue mode. Comes after Native Idol.
    • Explore Fortune-Telling Room in Words mode.
  5. Veni, Vidi, Victus Sum
    • Oaken Pail – Search Animatorium. Can also be found banishing Celtic Sorcerer.
    • Magical Acorns – Search Pyramid. Can also be found banishing Celtic Sorcerer.
  6. Lore of the Land – Charge the assemble Druid’s Secrets Collection to get a Luck Potion.
  7. Totally Unhenged – Unlock location: Druid’s Shrine. If you have done this already the quest will autocomplete.
  8. Flicker of Favor – Banish the Ghost Shadow phenomenon from rooms on the first floor to collect Enchanted Crystals.
    • The Ghost Shadow must be summoned with the Black Candle. There are no collections that give them. You can buy it in the Shop for 17 Diamonds. My Phenomena table shows it can appear in any First Floor room except the Elevator so I’d put phenomena in all the other rooms before you use your diamonds to summon it!
    • If you are lucky enough to have won a red ribbon in the Daily Contests you can purchase 5 for 1 red ribbon in the Daily Contest tab of the shop.
  9. Fill Your Boots – Start rituals in the Druid’s Shrine and get presents in return 3 times.
  10. Collective Generosity
    • Any First Floor Room in Words mode 10 times
    • Any First Floor Room in Comparison mode 10 times
  11. Potions to Order – Explore the Bedroom with the Night Vision phenomenon present to find a Sleep Decoction. Can also be found banishing the Celtic Sorcerer.
  12. Fortune Doubter – Banish Snatchins and trade with gypsies on the first floor to find:
    • Herbal Extract
    • Love Potion
  13. When Inspiration Strikes – Get an Inspirational Infusion from the Celtic Sorcerer.
  14. Enlightenment Values – Explore the Laboratory under the Phantom Trace curse 3 times. This follows the Ghost Shadow Phenomena.
    • The Ghost Shadow must be summoned with the Black Candle. There are no collections that give them. You can buy it in the Shop for 17 Diamonds. My Phenomena table shows it can appear in any First Floor room except the Elevator so I’d put phenomena in all the other rooms before you use your diamonds to summon it!
    • If you are lucky enough to have won a red ribbon in the Daily Contests you can purchase 5 for 1 red ribbon in the Daily Contest tab of the shop.
  15. Not-So Secret Ingredient
    • Tincture of Plenty – explore basement rooms with any phenomena.
    • Charge collection Down the Hatch!
  16. Culture Match – See how to do these in the Druid’s Shrine Info below. These are specific names of items to buy with your Enchanted Crystals. ** Player states she did not collect the gift/present at this time and waited until quest 25 to do it so that it counted towards the 3 required there.
    • Charge Druid’s Gift
    • Charge Druid’s Present
  17. Knowledge from an Ancient Era
    • The Magick of Winged Companions – Librarium in Words mode
    • Treatise on Transmutation – Librarium in Night mode
  18. Burning Questions
    • Beasts of Eire Anthology – Zodiac mode
    • Book of Fateful Reflections – Haughty Deer
  19. Life is a Great Teacher
    • Tome of Nature – Celtic Sorcerer
    • Charge Arcane Knowledge collection
  20. Charmed, I’m Sure – Explore 69 Snatchins Club in Silhouettes mode to find a Sinister Ring
  21. Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing – Defeat boss: Charles de Chewaudan. The Werewolf.
  22. Drain the Swamp – Explore the Swamp Crypt, Aquarius, in Night mode.
  23. Battling Up an Appetite
    • Defat boss: Willie Pumpkin
    • Explore the Pumpkin Field 1 time
  24. Yo, Ho, Ho and a Crate of Cider
    • Defeat Boss: Balthazar the Fearless
    • Explore Frigate in Silhouettes mode
  25. With These Hands
    • Charge collection Jeweler’s Delight
    • Collect your reward 3 times – Start Rituals in the Druid’s Shrine to get Presents.

The End

Druid’s Shrine Info

Once you open the Druid’s Shrine you have options to purchase Chests Using Enchanted Crystals. Each Chest has a required number of Enchanted Crystals to open it and once you spend your Crystals you must wait the allotted time posted to collect your winnings. Your chest will go in your chest inventory and you must open it from in there.

A world of Warning about the Chests requiring Diamonds. You can tap on it to get information about what you are buying but if you click the Unlock button you will have spent your diamonds.

You do not get every item shown in the list just a random selection.

Druids Shrine Info

Druid’s Gift

The Druid’s Gift is your first box selection and will return a random selection of the weapons used to banish the roamers for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Apprentice Druid’s Chest – 9 Enchanted Crystals
  • Assistant Druid’s Chest – 17 Enchanted Crystals
  • Great Druid’s Chest – 32 Enchanted Crystals

Druids Gift

Druid’s Present

The Druid’s Present is your second box selection and will return a random selection of the chargers for St. Patrick’s Day.

  • Apprentice Wizard’s Chest – 6 Enchanted Crystals
  • Assistant Wizard’s Chest – 12 Enchanted Crystals
  • Great Wizard’s Chest – 25 Enchanted Crystals

Druids Present

Druid’s Offering

The Druid’s offering is your third box selection and will return a random selection of Boss Keys for the Yard

  • Apprentice Warlock’s Chest – 2 Enchanted Crystals – Player received 2 each of Mars and Venus Rings, Sun and Keys to the Ice Castle. A total of 6 keys
  • Great Warlock’s Chest – 5 Enchanted Crystals
  • Apprentice Warlock’s Chest – 9 Enchanted Crystals

Druids OfferingPurchasing Chests

Again huge WARNING. When you tap on these boxes to see what’s in them use the X to get out. If you hit the Unlock button you will have spent your diamonds.

  • Irish Small Box – 25 Diamonds – Weapons for Basement Roamers
  • Irish Coffer – 50 Diamonds – Keys to Search Basement Monsters.
  • Irish Chest – 100 Diamonds – Keys to search Central Basement Rooms.

Fortune Favors the Green

This is the quest on the right side. You will need to charge each St. Patrick’s Collection 5 times. The Reward is a Lucky Clover Amulet that increases your chances of finding items, the amount of experience you earn for exploring rooms and speeds up energy regeneration by 77%. It lasts for 7 hours. This is from 2016 so you may have it partially completed, or not at all if you did it last year.

St Pat Right Side

Fortune Favors the Green Collections

  • Can’t Buy Happiness – Once a day reward
  • Irish Charm
  • National Cuisine – Snatchin Druids
  • On the House – Sizable Serpent
  • Lucky Clover – Golden Idol/Crom Cruach

Emerald Night

This is a Right Side Quest for St. Patrick’s Day. A word of Caution, if you charge the collection it will take away from your item count towards this quest. The reward is a Green Box containing 30 Shamrocks, 30 Wooden Boxes, 30 St. Patrick’s Staves and 4 sets of items to charge St. Patrick’s Day Collections. This is from 2016 so you may have it partially completed, or not at all if you did it last year.

Emerald Night

Emerald Night Collections

  • Snatchin Mode in Rooms – 60 Times
  • 3 of each item from Irish Charm Collection
    • Hidden Treasure
    • Magical Suspenders
    • Shamrock Medallion
    • Tiny Jacket
    • Shillelagh

Bygone Magic

Bygone Magic is a quest on the right side of your manor. Trade with the Celtic Sorcerer and Haughty Deer to assemble collections. When you’ve charged each one 5 times you’ll get a present. Open the Ritualist’s Chest to received 50 items to trade with the Celtic Sorcerer and Haughty Deer, as well as 40 Enchanted Crystals.

Bygone Magic Right Quest

Bygone Magic Collections

  • Druid’s Secrets
  • Down the Hatch!
  • Jeweler’s Delight
  • Arcane Knowledge


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Do we know if Snatchin Mode is going to be a permanent add or will it go away at the end of the month?


    It will go away when the St. Patrick’s event ends.


      Thank you. I should use up all those keys then!


Cannot get past local traditions quest!! Have circle and have collected gifts. Charged can’t buy happiness and shamrock collection! Help!
(Which collection is it referring to?)


    I have the same problem


Having trouble completing Help for Gretel in Local Traditions#18. Any ideas? I have been active with mysterious circle in Yard, Druid place on first floor, battling Gretel, Searching Gingerbread cottage, opening a Gretel chests, but nothing happens! Help!!! Thank you!


    Do you have one of each of the Shamrocks to Upgrade the Circle? Are you,saying you have already opened the circle but the Quest won’t complete?


      I have the shamrocks and get the gifts from the Cicle. I think that means it is upgraded!


        Take a screen shot and submit a ticket to support. There are some helpful tips on opening a ticket on our Game Support page.


    Same here! Charged all collections and received gifts from circle!, help


      You need to Upgrade the Circle not charge the collection. If you have collected the Shamrocks go to the Circle and Upgrade it to move onto the next step. If you have done this take screen shots and open a ticket with GI.

Daniel O'Hearn

In the Druid’s Shrine Quest, for the Collective Generosity Quest #10: MM says first floor for the rooms with Word Mode and Comparison Mode. However I was able to use Basement rooms as well.


    Thanks, I think the quest wording says First Floor so that’s how I typed it. I’ll put a note in the quest tomorrow!

      Daniel O'Hearn

      Yes, that is how MM worded the Quest. 🙂 I didn’t have a chance to try Space, but betcha it works also.


    I also got credit for this quest in Boss Rooms!

Big Perch

Just an FYI, last year I did complete the right hand quest, “Fortune Favors the Green” from 2016 . It has returned this year, but nothing has dropped for the “Can’t Buy Happiness” collection, so I think another go at completing it is only accomplished by friends willing to gift you thier collection items. The reward is not one that really advances you in the game, so this may be a pass ?.


    Can’t Buy Happiness collection items come from the daily gift in the mysterious circle. You can see this listed in the Collections Table. Since it’s a random thing it’s a good idea for everyone to pass around and trade what they have more than they need to complete the quest.

DeAnn Feaser

5 black candles can be bought in the daily contest shop for one red ribbon


    Thank you so much I have added that in the quests! I am lucky enough to have 2 red ribbons but they are hard to win!


Just saw your note in #15 re the ghost shadow phenomenon. I wound up buying enchanted crystals for #8, the Druid quest (2 dining each). I was to inpatient to try getting them from Celtic Sorcerers & Magic Druids.

Thanks for all you do for this site and I hope you feel better soon!!!


Found Oaken pail, #5 Druid’s quest, in Words mode in the Animatorium

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