Independence Day 2017 Returns for 2018

Independence Day 2017 Returns for 2018

Independence Day 2018 has arrived in our Manor! It looks like a repeat of Independence Day 2017. Every year, the residents of Mystery Manor celebrate Independence Day, not surprising since they say Mister X was one of the original co-authors of the Declaration of Independence! This and many more secrets await your discovery….

There are two Events running at this time. One from 2017 that is a repeat and one from 2016 that is a repeat. I have combined both those events on this page. Each one in its own list. The Event runs 38 days and will end on July 17, 2018.

There is a Festival Lawn room to explore and a Fireworks Cannon to collect items!

Warning! There will be quests to purchase items in the Fireworks Cannon by “Starting” something and maybe others to “Collect” the ones you started. Just save up your matches and don’t do anything with those Cannon items until you get the quest.

Items in the Grass

The items in the grass, on the First Floor, give coins, energy, experience and chargers. You will get more from them if you are running a charm like the Turtle of Luck. I have seen a Hat, Flag and Fireworks and the Fireworks actually put off a little display. They have been plentiful. There are also still treats in the grass for the Bakery.

Keys to Explore the Festival Lawn

  • Fancy Pin – can be found by trading with the Independence Day Snatchins or or purchased for 1 diamond each.

Obtaining Chests from the Cannons

  • Matchboxes – Banish Roamers. Can be purchased 10 for 20 Diamonds in the Shop.

Independence Day 2017 Roamers

There are 4 new Roamers. You will get the weapons from searching rooms and they don’t show on the findable items on the search list. You can also purchase them in the Shop for diamonds.

  • Tradition Keeper – 2 Old-Fashioned Pouches, Old Tobacco Pouches in the Shop and Inventory
  • Director of Refreshment – Stylish Blue Bow Tie and 5 Strength
  • Director of Style – Lively Red Bow Tie and 5 Strength
  • Director of Decorations – Elegant White Bow and 5 Strength

Independence IconIndependence Day 2017 Quests

These look to be the same for the 2018 Quests

This quest string is identified by the Hat in the corner of the quest.

  1. An Important Date – Unlock and explore the Festive Lawn by the Manor.
    • Need to pay 35,000 Coins to unlock
    • Will need to wait until you’ve earned keys to search or buy them for 1 diamond each. We often see GI give us these keys as a Facebook bonus or even offer chests some time into the event.
  2. Blue Suede Shoes – explore the Living room to find Holiday Heels.
  3. Holiday Hat – Trade Old Tobacco Pouches with the Traditional Keeper to get a Holiday Hat.  You can find the pouches in rooms of the Manor.
  4. Everything in Order – Find the holiday scarf by exploring rooms on the first floor in Silhouettes mode.
  5. Fashion Freedom! – Trade the beaded bracelets with the Director of Style.  Find the Ladie’s Handbag in the Dressing Room.  Charge the assembled Holiday Set collection.
    • Beaded Bracelets 0/1
    • Ladies’s Handbag 0/1
    • Charge collection Holiday Set 0/1
  6. A Daring Robbery – Explore the Festive Lawn Words mode.
  7. False Suspicions – Find the portraits of Franklin, Jefferson, and Adams by exploring the Hunting Room with phenomena or by trading with the Director of Decorations.
    • Franklin – Native Idol
    • Jefferson – Will-o’-the-Wisp
    • Adams – Mist or banish Director of Decorations
  8. Playing at History – Banish Bookworm Snatchins, Thieving Snatchins, and Ear-Twisiting Snatchins to obtain the Settler, Soldier and Militia Figurines.
  9. No Ordinary Paper 
    • Banish Director of Decorations 3 times
    • Banish Director of Refreshment 3 times

Now you get 2 quests at a time:

  1. Fun with Fire – Build a Fireworks Cannon near the Manor. Shoot Fireworks to win gifts.
    • Unlock location: Fireworks Cannon – you can ask your friends for these items
    • Collect your reward 3 times – there’s a show button to direct you to the spot. You will need Matchboxes you get from trading with the Roamers to do this!
    • You can purchase the chest that needs the lowest Matchboxes and it will count.
    • When you complete this one you will go back to one quest.
  2. Endless Suspicion – Find the Gypsy Ring by exploring the Fortune-Telling Room at Night. Or banish Tradition Keeper.
  3. Dog Eat Dog – Collect and charge the Holiday Barbecue collection by exploring the rooms on the First floor with various curses.
    • Evil Eye – Cheese Dog & Hotdog and Mustard
    • Stone Tongue – Veggie Dog & Corn Dog
    • Witch’s Curse – Pig in a Blanket
  4. No Smoking – Explore the Library with the Will-o’-Wisp phenomenon to ambush it.
  5. Interplanet Negotiations – Collect and charge the Declaration Hunt collection.  Find a Jelly Star for the aliens at the Festive Lawn.  (Tradition Keeper Snatchin)
    • Jelly Star 0/1
    • Charge Collection Declaration Hunt 0/1
  6. Case Closed – Collect and charge the Fireworks Show collection by exploring rooms with the Extraterrestrial phenomenon.
  7. Holiday Fireworks – Find the Stars-n-Stripe, Liberty, and Independence Rockets by trading with the Directors of Style, Decorations, and Refreshments.
    • Director of Decorations – Pilgrim Rocket
    • Director of Refreshment – Stars-n-Stripes Rocket
    • Director of Style – Pride Rocket

End of Quests

Independence Day Event

This event was posted for 2015 but has returned for 2018. Do not collect your reward for the Declaration of Independence until the end of the event or Uncle Snatch will turn to Uncle Sly and you will not get chests!

2015-07-01 10.07.32.png

The Independence Day Event for 2018 has arrived. I believe there are 38 days to complete this Event. This quest string does not have an identifying icon.

The Declaration of Independence Event has appeared on the right side of the screen. Trade pilgrim hats with Uncle Snatch to get chests. Send the chest to your friends to open and you will receive a collection item in return.  The Collections to charge 3 times each for this Event are:

  1. Writers of the Declaration – Committee of Five (94)
  2. Grand Festival Lights (95)
  3. Emblems of the Era – Festive Masquerade (96)

Quests have appeared on the left side of the screen. Many of these items can be found just by opening the chests returned to you by your friends:

  1. Declaration of Independence — Complete the Declaration of Independence Event to complete the Quest.
  2. Breaking News — Words in the Living Room
  3. The Senator From Connecticut – Find (Roger Sherman) Portrait of Sherman in Hunting Room at Night
  4. The Genius of Science and Politics — Find (Benjamin Franklin) Portrait of Franklin #94 in the Fortune Telling Room in Silhouettes
  5. Head of the Committee — Find (Thomas Jefferson) Portrait of Jefferson #94 in the Japanese Garden with the Will-o’-the Wisp Phenomena
  6. The Second President — Find (John Adams) Portrait of Adams #94 (my Great, Great… Grandfather!) in the Bedroom under the curse of the Evil Eye left behind by the Mist Phenomena
  7. Robert ‘The Chancellor’ Livingston — Find (Robert Livingston) Portrait of Livingston #94 in the Dressing Room in Words Mode
  8. The Sixth Member — Richard Henry Lee. Charge the (Committee of Five) Writers of the Declaration #94 Collection
  9. Today is a Holiday — Banish Aliens to assemble and charge the Grand Festival Lights Collection. #95
    • ‘The First Settlement’ – Pilgrim Rocket – Tripod
    • ‘Independence Day’ – Pride Rocket – Xenophage
    • ‘America! America!’ – Stars-n-Stripes Rocket – Destroyer
    • ‘Freedom’ – Liberty Rocket – Little Green Man
    • ‘Red Arrow’ – Independence Rocket – Octopus
  10. Explosive Wine — Explore the Kitchen in Night mode and find the Sparkling firework in the Manor’s rooms. From Collection Sparkles of Joy.
  11. Winds of Festivity — Find the Pioneer in Manor’s rooms in Night Mode and Banish 10 Ear-Twisitng Snatchins. From Collection Sparkles of Joy.
  12. Phenomenal Candles — Banish the Native Idol phenomenon from the Manor’s rooms to find a Roman Candle. From Collection Sparkles of Joy.
  13. Union of Water and Fire — Find the Mermaid Vodka in the Hunting Room and Burst of Feelings in the Bathroom with the Will-o’-the-Wisp phenomenon. From Collection Sparkles of Joy.
  14. Man-Made Star — Find the Supernova Firework by exploring the Manor’s Rooms Under Zero Gravity curse left behind by the UFO phenomena. From Collection Sparkles of Joy.
  15. Birth of the Great Phoenix — Charge the Sparkles of Joy collection to get the Phoenix Skyrocket and trade with Uncle Snatch 10 times.

Thats the end of the Quests!

Search the rooms of your manor to find Pilgrim Hats! You can also send Pilgrim Hats to your Friends from your Gift List and they can send them to you. So Send Away!

Make sure you have a Turtle of Luck or Turtle of Fortune Running!

Then use your Pilgrim Hats to Banish Uncle Snatch on the First Floor of your Manor and your Friends.

2015-07-01 10.17.22.png

You will receive Pilgrims Chests from banishing that will show up in your Inventory under the Chest tab.

2015-07-01 10.17.30.png

This is a good time to know who your active playing friends are so that you can send the chests to them to open.

2015-07-01 10.52.10.png

Go in to your inventory and open the chest by either asking a friend to open the chest or pay 1 diamond to open.  If you ask a friend to open it, the request will show up on the friend’s wall.

If your friend sends you a chest, it will show up as a gift under the Gifts tab.  Accept the gift, you may or may not get a collection item that is part of one of the collections mentioned in the events tab.

Once you have accumulated 3 of each of the Independence Event collections, you can claim your reward. However, in order to still be able to have Uncle Snatch to continue to get chests it’s advisable not to claim the Reward until the end of the event. After you claim the Reward Uncle Snatch changes to Uncle Sly and does not give out very many chests!

The Independence Day Event tab will then disappear so this can only be done once.

Fireworks Cannon

Fireworks Cannon Deafening Volleys

We have an unassembled Fireworks Cannon by our 4th Anniversary Party table. Ask your friends for the 10 Tool Sets you need to assemble it.

Deafeng Volleys to open Cannon

Once it’s assembled there are options to use your Matchboxes and purchase chests as well as locks to use your Diamonds to purchase other Chests. This is where I warn you that you can tap on those Locks to see what is possible to receive for those diamonds but don’t say Unlock or your Diamonds are gone.

I also want to remind you again that there is a quest to buy some of these chests so wait until you get it.

Fireworks Cannon

Select a size of chest to purchase with your Matchboxes. The list is only a possible of what you will get. On previous events like this we found that the largest option returns 6 items.

  • The Bright Fireworks Show chest gives weapons for the Roamers. They are 3, 5 and 8 Matchboxes.
  • The Pretty Fireworks Show chest gives chargers for the Collections. They are 10, 16, and 32 Matchboxes.
  • The Beautiful Fireworks Show chest gives keys for the Yard rooms. They are 2, 5 and 9 Matchboxes.

For the Diamonds:

  • Fantastic Fireworks Show gives weapons for basement roamers for 20 Diamonds.
  • Spectacular Fireworks Show gives phenomena summoners for 50 Diamonds.
  • Unforgettable Fireworks Show gives phenomena banishers for 80 Diamonds.

Fireworks Cannon Assembled

Freedom Festival

Freedom Festival is a quest on the right side of your screen. Charge the Independence Day 2017 Collections 6 times each to receive the Independence Day Chest. Inside you’ll find 100 Fancy Pins, 50 Matchboxes, and 50 items to trade with Independence Day Snatchins.

Previously charged collections from the older 3 collections will count!

Freedom Festival Right

Independence Day 2017 Collections

  • Holiday Set
  • Holiday Barbecue
  • Fireworks Show
  • Tricolor Desserts
  • Declaration Hunt
  • Writers of the Declaration
  • Grand Festival Lights
  • Emblems of the Era

That’s Everything! Have a fantastic time doing the quests. I love the Fireworks in the grass. And remember we have until July 17, 2018 to complete this!

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Finding the items to complete collections for the Freedom Festival do not follow the 2017 guidelines. No idea how to collect them.


My title for quest 3 forthe 2017 Quests is Hats Off instead of Holiday Hat.


I don’t have the 2017 quest string – does this just mean I completed it last year? I can’t remember!!


    Mine started with the first one. I can’t remember if I finished it last year but I didn’t do well on this event then. Pretty sure it was while Ken had pneumonia and took every ounce of time and energy I had.

    Send a ticket. Perhaps they will push it through to you. They have on other events.


I can’t get any of the hot dogs for the ” dog eat dog” quest with the witch curse? Has anyone?


    Is it showing in you list of findable items? I got one from a friend. Sometimes things take a long time to drop!

      christine rodgers

      How do yoy summon the witches curse??

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