Pumpkinshadow Castle

Pumpkinshadow Castle

Halloween is here! You know what that means. It’s time to stock up on candy and treats and get ready for the neighbor-kids to come round in their costumes. They’ll be knocking down the exquisite doors of Mystery Manor before too long. And Pumpkinshadow Castle is all ready for us to visit.

Pumpkinshadow Castle returns for Halloween this year.

You will have to complete the Witch’s Athenaeum to get this quest string.

You need to grow Pumpkinshadow Castle from a little sprout in the lower right corner of your first floor. It will be locked until you complete the quest Rumble in the Pumpkin Field. This is number 4 of the second quest string. Then you will begin to grow your pumpkin at quest 5 by following the listed steps.

Pumpkinshadow Castle Roamers

  • Halloweenie – 2 Sugar Bones and 20 Energy
  • Dolly – Lollipops and 20 Energy
  • Halloween Ghost – Chocolate Skull and 20 Strength

Pumpkinshadow Castle Keys

  • Keys of Pumpkinshadow Castle. Banish Roame. Chest available in the shop.Pumpkinshadow Castle Keys

Ghost Mode Keys

  • Dark Oculars – quests say they can be found in rooms but players aren’t seeing them.  I’ve gotten 1 in about 20 searches. Charge Alice’s Friends (444) Collection to get 40. Banish the Roamers or buy in the shop 10 for 20 diamonds.Dark Oculars

Pumpkinshadow Castle

Pumpkinshadow Castle Quests

There are 2 quest strings for Pumpkinshadow Castle.

The First and Short Quest String

  1. Ghosts In The Refrigerator – Explore Kitchen in Night X3, in Words X3, and in Silhouettes X3
  2. Color-Coded Pills – Cure general X3…yes this means battle him 3 times and if you don’t want to use diamonds to reenter battle you have to wait 8 hours between battles
  3. Vengeful Trophies – Find Pumpkin, from Delicious Dinner collection, in Hunting Room.
  4. Offering to the Spirits – Banish Halloween Ghost X7
  5. Paranormal Activity – Ghost mode in Living Room (oculars can be found in any room)…also if you are having trouble finding oculars there is a collection (Alice’s Friends) that Dolly and Halloweenie give you items for and charging gives you 40 oculars.
  6. The Ghost of Sample Sizes Past – Ghost mode any room X10 (oculars can still be found in rooms)



The Second Quest String for the Pumpkinshadow Castle

  1. Pumpkins, Candles, and Stress
    • Find 20 Pumpkin Speakers
    • Find 20 Babylonian Candles (both can be found in rooms of manor)
  2. Samurai and Gourds – Explore Japanese Garden in Night mode 5 times
  3. Off with Their Heads! – Banish Scarecrows (basement) X7
  4. Rumble in the Pumpkin Field – Pumpkin Field…Defeat Willie and explore Pumpkin Field X3
  5. Gardening Tips – Upgrade the sprout that has popped out of the ground on bottom right side of manor by completing the following steps.

    After this you get the following quests to finish growing.

  6. Growing Pumpkins – Find the Forest Nymph’s Watering Can in the Basement in Ghosts Mode.
  7. What are you doing here? Banish Ball Lightning X1; find Cobweb in basement (charger that can be gifted)
  8. Whatever the Weather May Be – Complete”Pumpkin or Ghost” and the next set of instructions to care for sprout
    • When you tap on sprout you should have quest “Pumpkin or Ghost” which asks you to find gardening items (trowel X5, bucket X7, watering can X10, and fertilizer X15)…you can get these items from Halloweenie and Halloween Ghost)…then upgrade

      Pumpkin or Ghost?

      Collect the necessary items by trading with the Halloween Ghost and Halloweenie as the wander the first floor. You can also buy them for Diamonds. Then your pumpkin grows a little more. You must banish these in your manor.

      Pumpkin or Ghost?

    • “Orange Beauty” is now the quest when you tap on sprout (which is now turning into a pumpkin). You are asked to get 5 weather signs 5X each…you can ask friends for these or find in 1st floor rooms…then upgrade and quest #8 is finished.

      Orange Beauty

      Magic Pumpkins can’t be hurried. Explore the rooms of the first floor to find the items you need.

      Orange Beauty

  9. The Incredible Mr. Pumpkin – Now when you click on pumpkin you are asked to find more tools ( hedge trimmer X5, pruning shears X5, knife X5, and moon essence X5). These are found in basement rooms…if you come down to the last few and want to buy they are 5 diamonds each. Upgrade and you now have the Pumkpinshadow Castle!

    Miracle Pumpkin

    Gardening isn’t a bed of roses, it’s hard work. Explore the rooms of the basement to find the items.

    Miracle Pumpkin

    Finally! Yes! I have been a ghost for, goodness, three hundred years now, but in all that time, I’ve never seen anything as marvelous as this!

  10. Step Inside – Explore Pumpkinshadow Castle X3
  11. No Entry Without Candy – Candy Pumpkin X3…find in manor rooms in Night mode (charger that can be gifted)
  12. Day and Night – Explore Pumpkinshadow Castle…3X in Night mode and 3X in Spirits mode (ghost mode)
  13. All Pets are Off – Find Scuttlefuzz…Pumpkinkinshadow Castle/Spirit (ghost) mode (you can banish Dolly or Halloweenie for this or it can be gifted)
  14. Stranger Danger – Charge Alice’s Friends collection…items can be found by helping friends (you should already have them, but an easy way to get one more of each)
  15. Getting Dolled Up – Charge Halloween Makeup collection…items found in Bathroom, Dressing Room and Bedroom in Spirit mode (DR – eyelashes, nail polish; Bedroom – lipstick; Bathroom – fake blood and white powder)
  16. My Kind of Cozy – Charge “House Decorations” collection…items found in Alice’s abode (Pumpkinshadow Castle)
  17. Sweet Tooth Dolly – Charge “Party Snacks” collection…items are found by banishing Halloween Ghost (has the first 2) and Halloweenie (has the last 3)
  18. Shadows Observe Holidays Too – You are finishing getting ready for the party so you need to charge “Party Snacks” (yes again), “Halloween Cocktails”, and “Alice’s Friends”…items for all 3 collections are found in manor rooms in spirit (ghost) mode.THE END!!! ??

Pumpkinshadow Castle

Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat! is a quest on the right side of your manor. You need to banish 55 each of Dolly, Halloweenie and the Halloween Ghost to receive the No More Tricks! chest as a reward. Open this chest to get Spooky Tree, Hearty Dinner, 5 Nano-Beacons, 100 Keys from Pumpkinshadow Castle and 15 Compasses.

About the Spooky Tree: It appears in the list of furniture in the Japanese garden. Once you place it, it reduces the requisites needed to enter the garden by 30% and useful for zodiac mode as well as special events modes. However, if you place the Spooky Tree and you have the Sakura tree you will not get your daily diamond.

Trick or Treat Event.png

Secrets of the Castle

Secrets of the Castle is a quest on the right side on the screen. You need to charge the Pumpkinshadow Castle collections 5 times each to receive the reward. Open Alice’s Treasure to get 200 Dark Oculars, 200 Keys from Pumpkinshadow Castle, Hearty Dinner, 10 gold Bombs, 5 Sniper’s Rifles and 5 Flame Throwers.

Secrets of the Castle

Pumpkinshadow Castle Collections

  • Alice’s Friends
  • Halloween Makeup
  • Halloween Cocktails
  • House Decorations
  • Party Snacks
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I do not have the “Secrets of the Castle”quest on the right side of my screen. I have put in a ticket, but am curious if others received the quest or not.


    Support has responded that the Secrets of the Castle quest has not been offered this year.

Diane heger

Where is the Halloween event?.

Debra Deliere

Do you have to do the quests for pumpkin shadow castle in order or do you have to finish the first one before you can start the second, etc.? I have already done many of the things since I’ve been able to explore the witch’s atheneum but I don’t see where they’ve been kept track of. I just found out about the sprout but I don’t know how long it’s been there. I first opened the atheneum last year. Also why do I keep getting the ogham runes quest over and over? Do you have to finish it during one full moon?


    You have to do the Halloween quests in order. I get ogham runes quest also. I think there are 10 or so steps in that quest, and then it starts over. I stopped doing them a long time ago.


      It’s the Anubis (sp?) Tomb quest string if you want to look it up.


Just finished. What a letdown! Not even an acknowledgement that the quest was completed. 😞


How do we put in a ticket now? My GI button on top right side does NOT open when I click on it!


    You have to go to the game-insight website. The in game bottom was disabled because it did not comply with GDPR. They opted not to fix that.


Last year I had to put in a ticket to get the right side Event Secrets of the Castle and it was sent to my game. It has NOT appeared this year either! Should we already have it or is there a specific quest that makes it appear?


Seems like this quest is a little hard I have done all this but still nothing


Anyone know how I can get enough scythes to banish scarecrows need 16!


    Search rooms using the Turtle of Luck or search the Collections Table to see if one of them gives the weapons.

Marilyn Rodger

Where can I find White Powder for Halloween makeup collection


    Either searching the room of from one of the Halloween Roamers. I’m pretty sure it’s a room search. If you’re on quest 15 it tells you which room to search for it.


I do not have the secrets of the castle quest on the right side.
I have finished all the Halloween left hand quests except the very last one for pumpkinshadow. Do I need to finish before it shows up?


    Send a ticket. I think you should have it. I haven’t gotten very far in the quest string but I think someone commented on when it appears.


      After nearly 2 weeks the quest was sent to me!


    I have Pumpkinshadow Castle open now and do not have the quest either. I opened a ticket!

      LaDonna LDaylily

      I opened the castle last year and just reopened. I don’t have the right side quest, but I think I did it last year. Will that make a difference?


        I was wrong, I didn’t do it last year just the one with spooky tree. I have charged all but one collection 5 Times. Are they supposed to offer it this year?

Cindy Ison

To grow your pumpkin, you can banish Halloweenie and Halloween Ghost in your Manor, but not your friends’ manors. These snatchins don’t give the same gifts in friends’ manors as your Manor.


    Thanks, I added that on the quest page where it tells you to banish them.


I have battled and defeated Willie in the pumpkin field 4 times to complete the rumble in the pumpkin field quest and I can’t get the sprout to unlock? I played in the pumpkin field 4 times too. Can you tell me how to complete this quest.


    The same thing happed to me. I can’t get the sprout to unlock…..


Where can I find or buy the dark ocular to access spirit/ghost mode! Help! I can only find them in one collection.


    Yes, only Alice’s Friends gives 40 Dark Oculars. Also, until the update today you could get some from banishing the Halloween Roamers.


One of the quest for the pumpkin shadow castle is to charge collection 542, in order to do that you have to banish bartenders, strippers, Igor’s and Eurydice… that’s only 4 but the collection (of course) is for five pieces, do you know how to get the 5th piece? I have banished stripper, a bartender, and Igor, and a Eurydice and now when I click on an each one of those it’s not showing that you are able to find a collection piece from them any longer. I’m not sure how to get that 5th piece for the collection ?


The Secrets of the Castle right side icon, does that not show up until you have built the castle? I currently have no right side Halloween icons. I’ve collected the one for banishing the roamers 55 times. And collected one for the anthaneum I think.


How do I get pumpkin cocktail to drop?


How do we get ghost mode in Pumpkinshadow Castle. I did 3x in Night Mode but Ghost will not come into the castle. Is there something I need to from a previous quest. I’ve searched the castle a number of times and no luck.


    I am still trying to get all 3 myself. I made sure I had no ghosts in the main part of my manor so the chances would be better.


      I’ve purchased 5 chests for keys yet have only gotten one ghost mode. I got rid of all ghost modes in the other rooms. Any suggestions?


Where do I get keys to search Pumpkinshadow Castle? I am on quest 14 with no keys and need ghost in castle 3x. I can’t get that mode in the castle and don’t see how to get keys for the castle. I have already completed the right hand quest and used up the keys received as the reward.


    Banish the Roamers for the page: Halloweenie, Dolly and the Halloween Ghost. Or you can buy a chest with 150 keys for 50 Diamonds.


I have defeted willie three times and played the field , but the guest rumble the pumpking field doesn’t open ? Why not ?


For the right side Trick or Treat quest, anybody know what is the Spooky Tree that’s included as part of the reward?


    It appears in the list of furniture in the Japanese garden. Once you place it, it reduces the requisites needed to enter the garden by 30% and useful for zodiac mode as well as special events modes.


    If you have the Sakura tree placed you will not want to use the spooky tree, you will not get your daily diamond??


      where is the spooky tree? which room?


        Spooky tree is in the Japanese Garden.


Can someone tell me how to get the things I need for sylvanias tears collection 364? It tells me I need to charge it but not how to get them? I’ve looked for clues in past years (flower fairies) but I don’t think that’s it?


    What quest are you on? I don’t even see one to charge this collection.


How do I get living book to appear in my manor?


My Pumpkin Castle Quest string is completely different from what is listed above. Does anyone have a different string to complete?


    Mine are diff too.ive completed like 10-13 quests already.now can’t find half eaten bread in kitchen.my pumpkin says finish rumble in the pumpkin field to open pumpkin castle.
    I’ve already opened this room in previous years.


      Do your quests have the ghost symbol on them? Did you open this room last year? The update notes said there are 70 new quests. Not sure if they count those for all 3 quest strings or just added since last year. I’ve seen some new quests in the Pumpkinshadow Castle. Remember, we get this information from other players. Anyone that keeps track of the quest strings can email them to me.


      Ok, the quests you are working on are for the Lord of Despair.


    I read through the different Halloween quests.looks like we may have to finish the witches room quest line first.im on like quest 8.


    I do think since you finished this last year you will have to do the building part of the castle and then get different quests, new ones. I’m not sure how to post this on the page yet as I don’t have a quest string. I didn’t even get to the sprout last year. What I posted is from last year.

Patricia Barton

Can I trade with Halloween Ghosties etc in my own Manor, or Friends only

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