Halloween Events carry forward from year to year. I don’t see any new ones for 2017. The Event is 34 days and will end on November 27, 2017.

The Halloween 2015 Event began with the same quests from the 2014 Halloween Event. If you started this quest string but did not finish it your first quest will be where you left off last year. If you managed to open the Witches Athenaeum it will return opened to the top of your First Floor above the Fortune Telling Room:

2015-10-30 13.10.31 copy.pngWitch’s Athenaeum Quests

I have moved the Witch’s Athenaeum quest to their own page.


It looks like you must complete this quest string to get the Pumpkinshadow Castle quests.

Pumpkinshadow Castle

Pumpkinshadow Castle Quests

I have moved these quests to their own Pumpkinshadow Castle page.


2016-10-20 18.03.36.png

Lord of Despair Quests

This is the new quest string for 2016. I have created a page for the Lord of Despair. I have not seen any sign of it for 2017.


GI has confirmed that the 2017 Event is just a repeat of previous years with no new quest strings. If you finished those strings you will start at the beginning with Witch’s Athenaeum and Pumpkinshadow Castle will be closed.

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Diane heger

I did not receive Halloween event. Where is it.?


    It could be that you finished the event last year. Contact GI and ask them to give it to you.


I did not receive the Halloween quests

Linda Greene

The Russians received the Halloween quest but not the rest of us. WHY????


    I had to ask for the event. Just got it today


Just an update got compensation from Gi re roamers not counted on the first day of event 👍


I believe it’s for 31 more days.


I’m so happy our stuff from last year counts, it’s really helpin!

I won the chest for banishing halloweenies and such, a right side quest, now moved to its own box. It says I won a spooky tree, I’m not sure what that is or where to look for my spooky tree. Thank you


    I put it on the page with the quest string yesterday. Pumpkinshadow Castle quest string.

Barb Rossi

I found the potion banishing native idol in african room

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