The Oriental Tent Fair

THE ORIENTAL TENT FAIR: Once the bolt of cloth appears in the upper right corner of your first floor manor, you can upgrade it immediately depending on your level. Doesn’t take much – just click on the link. The next upgrade costs you 100 energy points – 50 at a time, two times.

My clock shows the Fair ending in a little over 3 days, although the informational link said 2 weeks. But I’ll probably know whether or not to buy any of this stuff by the end of 3 days. My initial response is not favorable. The ‘Best for You’ items seem a bit lame for the amount of diamonds required. I think you can do better with the items you get by charging low level collections.

Currently, I’m not willing to hand over the diamonds for any of the 3 unknown quest strings when the diamonds might be better spent on chest to complete boss or other paid rooms that I’m still struggling with.

If you buy any of the 3 ‘Rare and Precious’ items, please let us know if the promised quest strings are worth the diamonds.

The offerings are summarized in the attached picture.


~~~ written by Mary Anne Dorman

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The only value to buying quests from the fair is if you care about the quest ratings. Previously, only the longest playing players could score high in the ratings because they were around for all the quests. Many quests like the holiday ones are temporary so if you weren’t playing when they were active you can’t ever catch up to those that were. Now you can get these extra quests and maybe catch up. That being said it is still probably not worth it.


Spent 50 diamonds for quest chain, only had to explore 3 or 4 rooms than ended. Had to explore rooms multiple times, finished quest in less than 30 minutes. Not worth your diamonds.


Bought the turban. Explored a few rooms and that was it. Definitely NOT worth the diamonds at this time.

Avi b9bffd

Hopefully the quest strings will continue next time the fair is in town…

Mass Mark

Don’t waste any diamonds wish I had read this first. At least I only bought one of the new quests. It was to search 3 rooms and then it ended. I got 500 Exp for each room but that is basically worthless even at low levels. Save your diamonds.

Avi b9bffd

Got all 3, hoping for some prize at the end.
Waste of time and diamonds

Linda Thong

I agree. Don’t waste your diamonds.


The quest strings are NOT, in my opinion, worth the diamonds. I bought two of the items. Each quest involved about 3 steps, and were very basic. Took me less than 15 minutes per quest. Didn’t get anything of real value. Save your diamonds for something else!


    Thanks for the info! MM friends are great!


    Agree 100%. I put in a ticket to GI complaining that these quest chains were far to short for the diamond cost involved and all I got back was their standard response: we need more details and a screen shot of your game! I feel disappointed and ripped off

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