Full Moon Event – Mystery Manor

The Full Moon Event  begins every month when the full moon rises.  Strange creatures will appear in your Yards and the Yards of your neighbors.  Since this is a recurring event, don’t panic if you don’t finish it the first time around.  Your progress in the event will be same as soon as the event starts again.  The event will last 14 days each month.

The first time through the Full Moon Event Quest string is long and will take many months to finish. After you complete it the first time there are not as many quests on the left side. This event requires following quests on the left and right side of your manor in a specific order.

The Full Moon Event

Diplomas for Van Helsing Collections
Diplomas for Fearless Warrior Collections
Full Moon Quests First Time
Full Moon Event Added November 2015
Continuing Full Moon Quests

Basically, you will need to:

  • Explore rooms of the manor to find weapons to kill monsters. This happens all during the month, not just during the Full Moon.
  • By killing monsters, you receive collection items and charging items
  • Charge collections required to receive monster hunting diplomas which become the collection items in the Van Helsing collections.  There are 3 Van Helsing collections. Each one requires charging a specified number of collections to get one diploma. Do not charge these collections until you are given a quest on the right to charge them.
    • Banisher of Monsters – Silver Van Helsing
    • Unsurpassed Hunter – Gold Van Helsing
    • Bane of the Undead – Diamond Van Helsing
  • Get the Vanquisher of Monsters charm as a reward for charging all 3 Van Helsing collections.
    • Increases your chances of finding an item by 30% by trading with the creature on the map or banishing it. Lasts for 7 days. To use, look for in your inventory after purchasing (no you can’t really purchase it). And remember, you can only use 1 charm of this type at a time.
  • Complete quests which accompany the Full Moon Event if you chose to do so!  Some of them require tons of weapons and energy.  Read all of the info below so you can plan your energy and weapons needed ahead of time.

 Monsters is moving

Monsters is moving is a quest that appears on the right side of your manor. Depending on where you are in the quests there will be several other Full Moon quests on the right side at the same time.

Monsters is Moving

Full Moon Monsters

Every Full Moon Event MM puts a few Monsters in your Yard. It is possible to increase these in the following manner after the event begins each month.

  • There are 20 Full Moon Monsters. If you go to the Roamers table and type in Full Moon Event in the search window you will get the list for them.
  • Go to your YARD
  • Banish Any character that is NOT a Monster.
    • Stern Armored Bears
    • Brutal Armored Bears
    • Snatchin Knight
    • Snatchin Guardsman
    • etc. It may take more than one try to Banish the character.
    • Once Banished, it will be replaced by a Monster and return after FULL MOON EVENT.
    • Repeat with as many characters as you wish, until you have a Few more, or a Full Yard!
    • Be sure to post a sign on your wall to tell your friends you have Monsters to Banish!
    • Put the 😈👿 or👻 emoji in your name banner to make it easy to find.
  • If you need weapons to banish Full Moon Monsters you can now purchase them in the Shop, many for Coins.

Diplomas for Van Helsing Collections

There are 3 sets of Van Helsing collections that you will get diplomas for charging sets of Full Moon Collections a specified number of times each.
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You will need to collect 20 Diplomas for all of the Full Moon Quests on the right side. I’ll start you off with the first one in the cycle.

Hunting Zombies

Hunting Zombies is the first quest on the right side to earn your first diploma in the Banisher of Monsters Collection. You need to charge the Walking Dead Collection 5 times each to receive your diploma. If you look in the Collections Table for each one of these quests you will see which monster to banish to get the collections item. For this one you need to banish Zombies.

Do not charge the 3 Van Helsing Collections until you receive the quest on the right in the Event box telling you to. You will need to complete The Relentless Struggle quest listed below before they will appear.

Hunting Zombies

Van Helsing Collections

Banisher of Monsters – Silver Van Helsing

  1. Undead Subjugator
    • Hunting Zombies – Banish Zombie to charge Walking Dead Collection 5 times each
  2. Bonebreaker Specialist
    • Hunting Skeletons – Banish Skeleton to charge Skeleton in the Closet Collection 5 times each
  3. Nosferatu
    • Hunting Vampires – Banish Vampire to charge Night Guest Collection 5 times each
  4. Homonculi Butcher
    • Hunting Homunculi – Banish Homunculus to charge Test Tube Monster Collection 5 times each
  5. Werewolf Hunter
    • Hunting Werewolves – Banish Werewolf to charge Werewolf Collection 4 times each

Unsurpassed Hunter – Golden Van Helsing

  1. Master Exorcist
    • Hunting Demons – Banish Demons to charge Hellspawn Collection 4 times each
  2. Bane of Undead Sailors
    • Hunting Pirates – Banish Pirate to charge Cursed Pirate Collection 3 times each
  3. Dehydration Specialist
    • Hunting Swamp Creatures – Banish Swamp Creature to charge Swamp Creature Collection 3 times each
  4. Maniac Exterminator
    • Hunting Maniacs – Banish Dreadful Maniac to charge Dreadful Maniacs Collection 2 times each
  5. Flawless Pumpkin Cutter
    • Hunting Pumpkin-Headed Horsemen – Banish Headless Horseman to charge Sleepy Hollow Horror Collection 2 times eachFlawless Pumpkin Cutter

Bane of the Undead – Diamond Van Helsing

  1. Master of Mummification
    • Hunting Mummies – Banish Mummy to charge Keeper of Pyramids Collection 5 times each
  2. Champion of Morality
    • Hunting Succubi – Banish Snooty and Dominatrix Succubus to charge Craft of Seduction Collection 5 times each
  3. Ghost Hunter
    • Hunting Ghosts – Banish Phantom Guard and Phantom Knight to charge Eternal Wanderer Collection 4 times each
  4. Gargoyle Catcher
    • Hunting Gargoyles – Banish Stone Gargoyle to charge Stone Horror Collection 4 times each
  5. One Against the Undead
    • Hunting Necromancers – Banish Dark Adepts and Priestess of Chaos to charge the Raising the Undead Collection 3 times each

Diplomas for Fearless Warrior Collections

At the same time you are working on the Van Helsing Collections above you will have quests on the Right side in the Events box for The Relentless Struggle. You will need to charge the Collections listed 9 times each to Receive the Fearless Warrior’s Chest. Open the chests to reside 1000 Bone Goblets, 1000 Vampire Goblets, 1000 Plasma Spheres, 1000 Icy Roses and 1000 Skeleton Goblets. These are all keys needed to search the rooms you just collected diplomas for.

The Relentless Struggle

You must charge each collection 9 times and the items for these collection come from the Battle Chests.

Fearless Warrior Diplomas

  1. The Bonemaster
    • Necromancer’s Vestments Collection – Necromancer Crypt
  2. Knight of the Dragon Order
    • Prince of Transylvania – Strigoi’s Castle
  3. Tamer of the Cold White Yonder
    • Royal Garments – Ice Citadel
  4. Lord of the Pyramids
    • Jaguar Warriors – Pyramid of Mictlantecuhtli
  5. Defender of the Natural
    • Insane Reanimator – Animatorium

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You will need Flaming Skulls to charge these collections and you can purchase them for diamonds or you can ask you friends.

Flaming Skulls Full Moon

The quests come and go with the Full Moon.  If you do not finish, they will appear next time you get the Full Moon Event.  Many of the quests involve banishing monsters and creatures in the Yard.  You can find the weapons needed to banish the monsters and creatures by exploring the rooms of your manor.

Full Moon

Full Moon Quests First Time

This list of quests only needs to be completed on your first time through. After that see the Continuing Full Moon Quests below.
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  1. A Visit From an Old Friend –  Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouette mode to complete the quest.
  2. A Firm Handshake – Explore the Hallway in Night mode to complete the quest.  (?)
  3. Birds of a Feather – Fight 3 Zombie Lieutenants wandering around the manor.
  4. We’re No Slouches – Kill 5 Skeleton Generals to complete the quest.
  5. A Test of Strength – Banish 10 Zombies.
  6. Let’s Rattle Some Bones – Kill 10 Skeletons to complete the quest.
  7. Bite Me Once, I’ll Bite You Twice – Kill 10 Vampires to complete the quest.
  8. Freestyle Chainsaw Massacre – Banish 10 Homunculus to compete the quest.
  9. A Typical Exorcism – Banish 10 Demons to complete the quest.
  10. Based on the Film Howl – Banish 10 Werewolves to complete the quest.
  11. Piasters! Piasters! – Banish 10 Pirates to complete the quest
  12. Banish and Dry – Banish 10 Swamp Creatures to complete the quest.
  13. Who is Practicing Voodoo? – Banish 10 Vicious Zombies to complete the quest.
  14. Scattered Scrolls – Explore the Fortune Telling Room to complete the quest.
  15. Remedy For All Ills – Find the Golden Scarab by banishing Mummies.
  16. Someone is Clattering Chains – Find the Ball and Chain by banishing Phantoms.
  17. Premature Vesuvius Eruption – Explore the Kitchen in Silhouette mode.
  18. How to Become a Fairy- Charge the Delicate Bouquet collection.  You will find this collection under the Artifacts collections tab.  You can find each of the flowers in the following ways:
    • Lily – Explore the Fortune-Telling Room.
    • Gerbera – Explore any room with the Native Idol
    • Iris – Gypsy Baron or Old Gypsy Woman.
      • Tip:  You will need a Golden Saddle to trade with the Gypsy Baron and a Golden Broom to trade with the Old Gypsy Woman.  You can obtain a Golden Saddle by charging the Gypsy Harness collection and a Golden Broom by charging the Dust Bunnies collection.
    • Orchid – Gypsy Baron or Old Gypsy Woman
    • “Bird of Paradise” – Help your friends, meaning you should visit your friends and wake their helpers or leave hints/tips in their manors.
  19. Weapon of the Pharaohs – Find the Sickle Sword by banishing Mummies.
  20. All Aboard – Find the Amon-Ra Boat by banishing Ancient Mummies.
  21. Lust for Immortality – Find the Golden Pyramid by banishing Ancient Mummies.
  22. He Appointed Himself Pharaoh – Find the Pharaoh’s Tiara.  It can be obtained from Mummies or Ancient Mummies.
  23. Sphinx Riddle – Complete the quest by charging the Guardian of Pyramids collection.
  24. Not a Day Without a Heroic Deed – Banish 10 Ancient Mummies to complete the quest.
  25. We’re Starting the Investigation – Find the Gravesclothes by banish Phantoms.
  26. The Cook Stopped Cooking – Charge the Wild Beauty collection under the Artifacts tab.  By charging this collection, you will receive 80% extra experience every time you explore a room for the next 24 hours.
  27. The Hunter is Acting Like a Pig – Explore the Hunting Room at Night to complete the quest.
  28. Tulips for the Beauty – Banish the Snooty Succubus and the Dominatrix Succubus to find the flowers to Charge the Tryst Flowers collection under the Artifacts tab.
  29. Ritual Weapon – Banish the Phantom Guards to find a Sinister Dagger.
  30. Defender of Honor Again, I only have a screen capture and do not know what I did to complete this quest.  I wonder if it was one a quest to charge the gold or Silver van Helsing collection?
  31. Don’t Forget the Whip – Banish a Dominatrix Succubus to complete the quest.
  32. Portrait of the Prince – Banish Phantom Guards to find the Ghostly Portrait.  (Please note that at some point after completing this quest, you will only be able to get the Ghostly Portrait from the Phantom Knight.  Check the findable items list under the creature before you banish.)
  33. Shipping Decoction Bottles – Banish any succubi to find the Love Potion.
  34. Forgery and Deception – Assemble and charge the Eternal Wanderer collection to complete the quest.
  35. A Tested Remedy – Banish 10 Phantom Knights to complete the quest.
  36. The Beauty’s Lips.”  Charge the Golden Lily of the Valley collection under the Artifacts collection tab to complete the quest.  Perform the following tasks to find the flowers:
    • First flower:  Explore Room 51.
    • Second flower:  Explore any room that has the UFO phenomenon.  Do not banish it!!!
    • Third flower:  Trade with the Gypsy Woman or Gypsy Elder.
    • Fourth flower:  Trade with the Gypsy Woman or Gypsy Elder.
    • Fifth flower:  Help your friends by visiting them, awakening their helpers and/or leaving hints/tips.
  37. A Gypsy Secret – Trade with Gypsies to find the Mysterious Crypt.
  38. Rudolph Goes Hunting – Explore the Hunting Room in Silhouette mode to find the Coat of Arms.
  39. Crown of Dungeons – Do something to find the Crown of Dungeons.  I only have screen capture of completing the quest and don’t know what I did.  Help!
  40. A Trap for Beauty Lovers – Explore rooms of the manor with phenomenon to find the Magic Tapestry.  Do not banish the phenomenon.
  41. Under the Heel – Find the Succubus Shoes by exploring the fortune telling room in Zodiac mode.  The Succubus Shoes drop rarely from both the Snooty and Dominatrix Succubi.
  42. Heart Thief – Banish Snooty Succubus to find the Broken Heart.
  43. My Gloom, My Mirror, Do Tell Me…. – Do something to find the Mystic Mirror.  The Mystic Mirror can be obtained by banishing the Snooty Succubus.
  44. Miniature Temptation – Charge the Craft of Seduction collection to complete the quest.
  45. Succubus Parade – Banish 10 Snooty Succubi to complete the quest.
  46. In the Necromancer’s Power – Banish 10 Ancient Skeletons to complete the quest.
  47. Vampires Are Not Afraid of the Sun – Banish 5 Bloodthirsty Vampires to complete the quest.
  48. Genetically Modified Homunculi – Banish 5 Sly Homunculi to complete the quest.
  49. New Wave of Pirates – Banish 5 Savage Pirates to complete the quest.
  50. The Swamps Have Gotten More Dangerou – Banish 5 Swamp Monsters to complete the quest.
  51. ‘Nevermore’  – To complete the quest, find the Prophetic Raven.  (Only have screen capture of completed quest).
  52. Burning With an Eye Socket’s Cool Flame – Explore the African Room in Zodiac mode to find the Sorcerer’s Skull.
  53. The Shaman Will Make Three Circles – Explore the African Room 3 times to complete the quest.
  54. Pluto’s Clock – Banish Dark Adepts using the Nocturnal Eye to find Pluto’s Clock.
  55. Promenade With a Chainsaw – Banish 2 Sly Homunculi to complete the quest.
  56. The Key to Invisible Gates – Banish the Priestess of Chaos using the Nocturnal Eye to find the Staff of Dark Flame.
  57. Ring of the Sovereign – Banish the Priestess of Chaos using the Nocturnal Eyes to find the Ring of the Sovereign.
  58. Scythe of Time – Charge the Raising the Undead collection to complete the quest.
  59. Bane of the Undead – Charge the Bane of the Undeade collection to obtain the Diamond Van Helsing and complete the quest.
  60. Kick the Fanatics Out – Banish 10 Dark Adepts and 10 Priestess of Chaos to complete the quest.


Full Moon Icon

Full Moon Event Added November 2015

These quests will only occur once. After you have completed them they will not occur again. You will be on to the Continuing Full Moon Quests listed below.
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  1. Dance Off–Duty, Pal night in the 69 Snatchins Club. 0/3Go to the 69 Snatchins Club at night to talk to Rudolph – that is, unless he is dancing on the stage.
  2. Corrective Measures – Visit a friends Manor to find Madam X’s Dress. It’s the only way for you to get past the Snatchin Bouncer. Wait until Rudolph’s performance ends and kidnap him.
  3. Stark Raving Stubborn – Battle the Homunculi who are trying to drag you into the abyss with them. Banish 20 Humonuculi from the yard.
  4. I’m Flexy and I Know It – Banish Dark Knights – Plan from Guards before the manor is overrun.  Banish 15 Dark Nights.
  5. Rigor de Mortis – Challenge Grigorius De More to a fight and win. Assemble the Necromancer’s Vestment and exchange it or a diploma.
  6. Without Fear and Beyond Reproach – Assemble and charge the fearless Warrior Collection to complete this quest.
  7. Worth a Million Words – Speak to Madga in the Fortune Telling Room.
  8. When the Stars Align – Banish Mummies to find the items you’ll need to assemble the Collection.
  9. Rejuvenation Formula #9 – Banish the monsters that Gauguin mentioned to get the ingredients you’ll need.
  10. A Change of Plans – Explore Japanese Garden in Night mode to try the new Rejuvenation Formula on Van Helsing. Make sure there is no mist to cause any interference.  Explore the Japanese Garden in night mode 3 times and with the Mist phenomenon 3 times (Mist has to be Explored – Do NOT banish)
  11. Nephew Dear – Banish UFO’s to help Van Helsing’s Nephew arrive at no risk of damage to his fragile nerves.  Banish the UFO phenomenon from the rooms on the first floor 5 times.
  12. Incognito – Give Van Helsing’s Nephew a tour of the hall and the Living room at night. Explore the Hall at Night 1 time and the Living Room at Night 1 time.
  13. A Change of Routes – Your route should take you through the Bedroom and the Dressing Rooms now, still at night of course. Explore the Bedroom at Night 1 time and the Dressing Room at Night 1 time
  14. The Ingenuity of Uncles – Explore the kitchen to find some liquid courage – one Drunken Joe Whiskey
  15. Meet Sigmund – Banish Vampires to demonstrate your skills to Sigmund.
  16. Have Feet – Will Dance – Find Elsa in the Dressing room.
  17. Trouble in the Phantom Department – Banish Phantom Guards to help Elsa overcome her fear.
  18. Keeping a Secret – Explore rooms with Mist Phenomenon present. Do Not Banish the Phenomenon.
  19. Sigmund Has a Dream – Banish Zombies and Swamp Creatures with Sigmund 5 times
  20. Howls & Bowels – Banish Phantom Knights to help Giovanni regain his poise.  Banish Phantom Knights 10 times.
  21. The Other Basic Instinct – Banish Succubi to help Sigmund escape their thrall. Banish Succubi 10 times.
  22. Overwhelmed – Banish vampires he most likely candidates to have found the younger Van Helsing.
    • Vampire – 5 times
    • Blood Thirsty Vampire – 5 times
    • Vampire-guard – 5 times
  23. Determination and Resolve – Find the 69 Snatch Club in the Manor’s yard, then select Rudolph and help him perform on the stage. You can get the Badges you need to enter the Club by Trading with Snatchin Bartenders and Snatchin Stripper.
  24. Nephew and the Werefolk – Banish Werewolf (both regular & Giant) to help Sigmund with the materials for his research. Banish the Werewolf 10 times and the Giant Werewolf 3 times.
  25. Dissecting Mania – Banish Dreadful Maniac to complete this quest.  Banish the Dreadful Maniac 20 times.
  26. Swamp Genesis – Banish Swamp Creatures and Swamp Monsters to give Sigmund the material he needs or a detailed description of the spies. Banish the Swamp Creatures 15 times and the  Swamp Monster 5 times
  27. A Tender Spot for Blood Suckers – Banish vampires to help Sigmund with his research.
    • Vampire – 10 times
    • Blood Thirsty Vampire – 10 times
    • Vampire-guard – 5 times
  28. Unintended Consequences
    • Native Idol – Banish 5 times
    • Will-o’-the-Wisp – Banish 5 times
    • Mist – Banish 5 times
  29. sorry I’m in the middle of sorting this…. battery died. will be back
  30. Living Bones – Banish Skeletons & Skelton Guards to help Sigmund with his research. Banish the Skeletons 15 times and the Skelton General 5 times
  31. The Will of a Necromancer – Challenge Grigorius de Morte to fight and win.
  32. Strigoi’s Legacy – Defeat the Vampire Kazimir Strigoi to fight and win to help Sigmund with a grand ending for his thesis.

Full Moon IconContinuing Full Moon Quests

These quests appear after you have completed the Full Moon Quest String once. I believe that also goes for the ones added November 2015. Then they cycle and I think these repeat. Sorry, I haven’t done them enough to know even though I’ve been playing since 2012.
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  1. Let’s Leave Without Fluffy Croissants – Explore the bedroom at night.
  2. A Receding Cry – Explore the Hallway in Silhouettes mode.
  3. A Purplish-Black Point – Explore the Lab.
  4. Face in the Darkness – Explore the Living Room with the Mist phenomena. Do not banish the phenomena.
  5. ‘Nevermore!’ – Find the Prophetic Raven. (Sorry, I missed how)
  6. Burning with an Eye Socket’s Cool Flame – Explore the African Room in Zodiac mode to find the Sorcerer’s Skull.
  7. The Shaman Will Make Three Circles… Explore the African Room 3 times.
  8. Pluto’s Clock – Find Pluto’s Clock. (Sorry, I missed how)
  9. The Key to Invisible Gates – Find the Staff of Dark Flame (Sorry, I missed how)
  10. Ring of the Sovereign – Find the Ring of the Sovereign. (Sorry, I missed how)
  11. Scythe of Time – Charge the Raising the Undead collection to complete the quest.
  12. Kick the Fanatics Out
    • Banish 10 Dark Adepts
    • Banish 10 Priestess of Chaos



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I hope i’m able to explain myself properly here but this is what I don’t get…

so I have to charge certain collections 9 times in order to complete the right hand side full moon quests such as ‘Knight of the Dragon order’, which then gives me the items needed to complete the ‘fearless warrior’ left hand quest.

My confusion lies when I also need 5 of the same collection for the non-full moon quests (right hand side) such as ‘Vampire’s Gold’.
When you complete the right hand side quests your collections are removed so do I essentially need 14 of each of these collections in order to complete both quests?

Can anyone explain?


    I think if you have both of those right side quests at the same time it will satisfy them and you will only have to do it 9 times. Let me know what happens so I can put something on the web pages.


      ok Thanks
      any advice which to complete accept the reared one from first before I’m ready to do it?


        That 9 times one is a repeat so it cycles around. You have to do 5 collections, 455 Fearless Warrior, 9 times each before you can collect the certificates from the first full moon (138, 139,140) I would complete the 5 times each one. It’s easier and disappears once you finish it. I’m hoping that as you complete those it will give you credit in both of those quests and it won’t go away after you do the 5 times quest.

        If you do a search on Full Moon in the Collections Table you will see all the Full Moon Collections and a little description.

        I know I need to do some updates on the page that makes things more clear.


          Thank you – all advice appreciated xx


            So I’ve tried it both ways now and neither saves the collection for the second quest – 14 times it is!!!!


              Oh that’s too bad!


                Yeah a bit rubbish but handy for others to know x


Why does that quest with the wreath and the runes always reset? If it wouldn’t reset I could eventually get passed it. *frustrated with quests*


So. I didn’t read all the info and I went ahead and charged all 3 Van Helsing collections. How screwed am I? Ugh
Like this wasn’t difficult enough as it was. WTF


    I understand. Plus, that’s the web page I have up to work on next. I don’t know what happens if you charge them before you charge the 9 times each for the other quest. It’s possible when you get to the quest that tells you to charge each one it will mark them off. Hopefully someone knows the answer to that. I’ll put a question in my next web post, which I hope to be later today, and see if anyone else has done it.


      Thank you. I hope it doesn’t mess me up totally. I haven’t traded the van helsings for the charm. I will hold on to them for now.


Does anyone know how I can find Magic salt to trade with phantom knight – full moon quest – got 6 more to banish and I’ve run out – I need 60 more so buying them at 24 diamonds each is not an option 😫 I’ve searched rooms, Coll etc and nothing 😤


    They fall from searching but not very often.


Looks like I’m in a new Anubis quest. Has anyone gotten this far? I’m on The Clumsy River Giant


    You will probably find that quest string on the Anubis page.

Marilyn Rodger

Full Moon quest, I’m on Lord of Pyramids to get diploma but don’t understand how I get Jaguar Skirt


    You have to open winning battle chests from the Pyramid.


I just finished quest number 28 with the Full Moon events from November 2015. The next event should be banishing skeletons, but it is not. They apparently changed it. It is: Unintended Consequences. Banish Native Idols, Will-o’the wisp, and Mist phenomena 5 times each.


    Thanks! I will take a look at my quest screen shots. I’m working on updating that page now. It took me forever to get through the quests!


Do you know how to get the collection items for the fearless warrior collection? Thanks!


    Yes, I am working on updating this page. You have to charge each collection listed in the right side quests 9 times each. These collections only come from opening winning battle chests for each Boss Battle. I just finished them this month.


For the Full Moon event, I never received a left side quest to charge collections 137 Banisher of Monsters and 138 Unsurpassed Hunter, only a right side quest to get a charm after charging those and 139. Is there a quest? I don’t want to charge them and be stuck later.


    I just got those quests on the right also. They came this month after I finished the other certificate from the 2015 quest string. I charged them. The only full moon quests I have on the left now are Anubis. I’m going to organize all my screen shots and write this page up better. Hope to get to it in the next week.


Is anyone else having the same completed quests come up each full moon. I’ve about decided to quit doing them.


    Yes, that one quest string starts from number 1 every full moon, even if you finish it! I will mention it to GI again!


I finished #4 from the new full moon quest string ages ago. I never received #5. I thought if I got the Grigorius De Morte diploma I could continue on the new quest string. But that wasn’t the case when I received it earlier today. Is there something that I’m missing?


    You should open a ticket and see what they say. My full moon got stuck once and it took months for them to fix.

Marilyn Rodger

I can’t get priestess of chaos to drop staff of dark flame. It’s costing a fortune in diamonds. Any ideas how to get it so I can get one to charge the undead collection


Can anyone tell me if the original full moon event still occurs? I never see the icon on the right for it, just the new one.


    You now have to complete the entire cycle of all full moon events to get it to start from the beginning.


Can you explain How to make quest number 6 from last update “without fear and beyond reproach” ?
Thanks for you help


So I FINALLY collected and charged the Fearless Warrior collection. A new quest string followed it. I am on Nephew Dear quest. I’m supposed to banish 5 UFOs. I have no idea where these are. They are not the regular aliens. Help!


    Never mind. It was the phenomenon it was referring to. Duh!


    The UFOs are a phenomena in the First Floor Rooms. It’s the space ship that appears. You might have Nano-Beacons to summon them in the last tab of your inventory. Just like Mist, Native Idol, etc.

    Ngoc van

    How can i find the items of fearest warrior collection


I have worked the Full Moon twice. The second time it did not charge it. I have a quest that is not on your list for Full Moon.The quest is called “Corrective Measures” and the first mark is easy. You achieve it by visiting a friend but the second part finding ” Dance with Rudolph” is impossible.


    Sorry, I have not updated the page with the new full moon quests. I personally am on Dance with Rudolph and do not have enough keys for searching.

    Ouma Mary

    I have danced with Rudolph but can’t work out how to get the dress. Reading other comments makes me think I have perhaps done it once already. Very confused.


I got the bonemaster diploma……then got the quest…may never get another quest?


    So this Great Hunter thing is a new Full Moon quest? It took me a week to get the Bonemaster diploma, so there’s no way I’ll get the others within the time limit. These quests will return next month, right?


      How did you get bone master diploma?


I have an quest that I think is a full moon quest…but can’t find any info on..help!!!!
The ques is “Corrective Measures”…..anybody got a clue.


    I had trouble too. I was in the club when the quest came up. I had to get out and fight again to get it, after I got the dress. Now I’m having trouble with getting the bone masters diploma I gathered the vestments and charged the collection but did not get the diploma!


      I am having the same issue getting the diploma on Rigor de Motis quest.


      The Bone master diploma is on the right side to get but you need 9 charges of the collection and some skulls.


        Working on the same, and at the risk of sounding like a moron, 9 charges of what collection? Nine charges of the vestments collection? I realize it is part of the new Full Moon quests string on the left hand side, however, how to get the bone master dipolma is very unclear. I have read through all the Full Moon notes on this website.


          I’m sure there is new information for this page. Hopefully we will get it soon. I will comb through all the notes I have so far to see if I can add new full moon quests to this page.


          Yes 9 charges of the vestments collection is required to get the bone master diploma. Look towards the bottom of ur right sided quests, you will see it indicated there.


I only get the Monsters Is Moving notification, never the other 2. Any ideas for help?


    From what I understand, you must complete all Full Moon quests available during the full moon for the other two blocks to show at the next full moon.


      Did you get them to show with the most recent Full Moon? I had mine stuck for months and couldn’t get GI to listen. We need to do some work on updating this page but I don’t have all the information.


        No, the other 2 Full Moon blocks have never shown after I charged the 3 Monster Hunter Diplomas. It’s been at least 2 years. I went back and forth with GI, sending screen shots of whatever they asked for. They finally gave up and just marked the third Monster Hunter Diploma completed which is what I needed for a quest.

        My previous statement was from something I later read. I’ll have to try to find it again and send to you.


      Aha, yureka, and all that. Go to GI Support FAQ and type in Full Moon. The answer should be the very first one. My problem is that I can never fulfill all the Full Moon quests before the time period lapses. ?


        The full moon quests should pick up where you left off each month. I will have to look at GIs faqs on it. Everything else I looked at was so wrong I never went back! I think mine was stuck in the same place for months. Then they said they fixed it but the next month it didn’t pick up and I had to go back. Finally they marked it and I started a new cycle. After you do the huge long first quest the next cycles are easier to complete. I will admit I don’t work on campleting everything in one month because I just don’t have enough time to play!


          Yes, the Full Moon quests do pick back up, but I never get the other 2 of the 3 full moon blocks on the right for the monster hunter diplomas.


Anyone having problems getting a particular monster to visit their manor (yes even zombies) should scroll down a few posts. I have posted a foolproof method below. I can get any full moon monster I want to visit. You’ll need a lot of weapons though. I should have said, if you run out of a particular weapon, all is not lost, just pick two different full moon monsters to banish and this will usually get you back on track. If not, start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

I can’t post again because this website told me I was posting a duplicate post, but it’s all there. Sadly the post I replied to was over a year old, sometimes I still think it’s 2014 ;p and I thought I was replying to a week old post (I just worked a week of nights and I’m confused).


Hi. I’ve just reached quest 59 Bane of the undead. Can someone tell me where i gather the collection items from, needed to charge diamond helsing. I assumed it would be banishing monsters in the yard but have been doin that all day with charms and none of them are givin the items, neither do they show up in the view bar panel what shows what u can collect from that monster. Hope someone can help, i feel like i’ve wasted all my weapons.
Many thanks – StormyElf.


    I just discovered the answer above. I must learn to read information first instead of jumpin str8 to the comments.
    Thank u MM Fun Page. Awesome site


Do you have any suggestions on how or where to find nocturnal eyes needed to banish the Adept and Priestess?


Where can you get items for The Keeper of the Pyramid collection. I have looked at the items for all the rooms and banishing monsters and snatchins but they don’t list them.


    You get them from banishing mummies in the yard during the full moon.


I finished the quest and assume it’s starting over. However, my first quest was to search bedroom at night. Then hallway in silhouette. Then search lab. And now I’m suppose to search living room in mist. Not sure where I am? Because it’s not matching up to the above list. (And yes, I click the icon and it is indeed a full moon quest!)


    Me too! I wonder if they added more on to the end? Or the beginning?


      I am on the same quest. I believe this is a new “full moon” quest string for those that have finished the initial first one. I’ve seen discussion about this one not being as long but have not seen a lists of all the quests for this new string listed. I have been compiling on but am only about 4 quests in and haven’t posted it here yet.


        Hello! I am on this quest now too! If someone completed it already please give us some information! Thank you very much in forward


          Scroll down to older comments. Avi already posted it June 13, 2014.

MJ Genualdi

I don’t know what I was thinking – but I finished the quest for the diamond Van Helsing and charged it before I was told to?!!? I know! I received the charm but now I have the quest to charge the collection – what do I do?



    Same here. I had to do it all over!!


    Im in the same boat 🙁 I charged the van helsing collections 3 times and now that I have a quest to charge the diamond one there is no way to collect the diplomas to charge again. Any ideas??


      Same here, I see only the announcement icon on right side and I have a quest on left side to charge the diploma collection but I can no longer collect those diplomas on the right side. What do I do?


        I contacted GI support and they were no help- I explained I had no diplomas to complete the Bane of the undead quest as there is nothing on the right side. Their response- “what are you having an issue with, can you explain what you have missing?” Duh? I stated I do not have the diplomas to charge that collection so I asked how do I get them…

        no help from support


          Try using Google translate to translate your message into Russian next time you contact support. Make sure you include a message to them to reply in English back to you. It works a treat.


Hi can anyone help quest 60 ineed to remove 10 dark adepts and 10 priestess therefore need 10×7 and 10×5 -105 nocturnal eye charms but had to use all to get this far mainly used on level 54 and56
question where he’ll can I find this many ???????


    Į got them by exploring rooms in the mansion. It took me some time to do. Maybe someone knows a faster way? I imagine you can probably also buy them?


I’ve received two monster charms but now I never see the diploma events. Will they come back so I can get more diplomas and earn another charm?


Just found crown ofdungeon in ocean room in silhouette mode

Avi b9bffd

Here is what I had the 2nd time around (other then one leftover from the first time…)
“Let’s leave with fluffy croissants” explore bedroom in night mode
“A Receding Cry”. Hallway in Silh. Mode
“A Purplish-Black Point” Search lab
“Face in the Darkness” Mist in the Living Room
“Nevermore’” find the Prophetic Raven
“Rurning with an Eye Socket’s Cool Flame” find Sorcerer’s Skull
“The Shaman will make three circules” Search African room 3 times
“Pluto’s Clock.” Banish Dark Adepts using the Nocturnal Eye to find Pluto’s Clock.
“The Key to Invisible Gates.” Banish the Priestess of Chaos using the Nocturnal Eye to find the Staff of Dark Flame.
“Ring of the Sovereign.” Banish the Priestess of Chaos using the Nocturnal Eyes to find the Ring of the Sovereign.
“Scythe of Time.” Charge the Raising the Undead collection to complete the quest.
(Had this one remaining from last month…) “Bane of the Undead.” Charge the Bane of the Undeade collection to obtain the Diamond Van Helsing and complete the quest.
“Kick the Fanatics Out.” Banish 10 Dark Adepts and 10 Priestess of Chaos to complete the quest.


What happens when you get to the end? Does a new full moon quest start?


    It keeps coming back every month and the quests start repeating.

Avi b9bffd

Another quest for the list (not sure what it comes after):
“Face in the Darkness” Explre the Linig Room with Mist present.

I think there are 3 or so “Full Moon Quest strings” going in parallel, so in order to put them in the right order they sould be seperated an not as one full list…


I just received the Vanquisher of Monsters charm. My question is if I use it can I use other charms? Like the Turtle of Luck? It says “Increases your chances of finding an item by 30% by trading with creature on the map or banishing it. Lasts for 7 days. ….you can only use 1 charm of this type at a time.”

I don’t want to use it and be stuck for 7 days not being able to use other helpful charms.


    You can use it with other charms.

    Audrey Harman

    Quest 59: “Bane of the Undead.” Charge the Bane of the Undeade collection to obtain the Diamond Van Helsing and complete the questt is not showing up on my screen. I have charged part of the Band of the Dead to include Master of Mummification and Champion of Morality. But I cannot find Ghost Hunter, Gargoyle Catcher, or One Against The Undead in order to finish this quest. Help please!


How do you get monsters in your own yard? I see other friend’s posts declaring they “have monsters in their yard”


    I finally figured out that when you continue to banish different monsters in your yard, the monsters will cycle through and you can “bring back” the 11 common monsters for the full moon event. This means, of course, that you will need enough weapons to cycle through the monsters until you get the ones you want in your yard. And once you get them, don’t banish them anymore! Let the players come to your yard and banish them. While they are there visiting you, hopefully they will tip and/or gift you for your monsters.


    Further to what D said. I have a foolproof method to get the different monsters. I pick two non-full moon monsters to banish in the yard, snatchin knights are always good. Banish these two, then look for the two new monsters generated. Banish these two monsters, do not banish the monster generated when you banish the first one yet, make sure you banish one that was already there. Keep banishing the two new monsters generated and you’ll notice they keep on cycling through, and you should always have at least two full moon monsters in your manor, although I usually have three. This way you can banish to your heart’s content and not worry about your friends missing out. If you can win a Van Helsing weapons chest or two from completing achievements on the right hand side of your manor it helps a lot, I didn’t run out of full moon weapons for a long time even though I was banishing every monster I saw.


      Just need to make it clear, pick two different monsters to banish each time, so a snatchin knight and one other monster to start. Haven’t tried it with three, would most likely work better, but I find it hard enough to keep track of two as it is.

      For example, killing the first two, you get a werewolf and a skeleton, in that order. Banish the werewolf and skeleton in that order, you might get a succubus and a zombie (although the zombie’s usually the last one to appear). Banish the succubus and then the zombie. The order of banishing should always be the order in which the monsters appeared, although I think you can banish the one full moon monster you had in your manor before you started the chain of killing at any time. Most people start with an original monster, probably related to your quest chain. If you go away from the order too much though, the chain will stop and you’ll have to start again with the two non-full moon monsters. If you can’t see any full moon monsters at any point, leave the yard and go and play in other rooms for a while. You’ll usually find they’re back when you go back to the yard.


I have 4 Full Moon quests showing at once! #35, #41, Fluffy Croissants, and one I don’t see on the list: Dark Knights of the Abyss. I have decided it is better for me to continue on with the Pirate’s Brig and Flying Saucer quests and just leave the full moon ones and they’ll go away soon. I also have the 1st anniversary quests to get thru so I can get the 2nd anniversary ones. I’m stuck on several levels because of the comparison that pops in every other time and I use my ‘keys’ and THEN the room mode falls and I’m out of keys for the rooms. This is a bit frustrating, but I will press on.


    What do you need to do to finish the 1st anniversary quests? I have several of collection items I can send you if that would help? My code is 378764


      I actually have all the collection items, but need to explore rooms with old phenomenon. I completed an achievement and received some of the summons I need. I appreciate your help. My code is 07a06e Michelle58 in the game. I will friend you so we can help each other. What is your game name?


      Hi. A8e022 is my friend code. I just friended you. Not sure if you are still offering 1st year anniversary help?


    What usually works for me is to explore a room in night mode, then explore any room that happens to be in the mode you want for the quest. Sometimes might be the rooms around the manor. Then straight away explore the room that you need to be in that mode. You’ll usually find the room will be in that mode after you finish exploring. So if you have shadows in the kitchen but you need them in the bathroom, explore a room in night mode, then the kitchen and then straight into the bathroom. The bathroom will hopefully now be in shadows mode and you can then explore to complete the quest. Doesn’t always work, mainly because of zodiac mode and phenomena sweeping in unannounced, but most of the time it works. Practice on the free rooms first to see if it works for you. Comparison is annoying, and I never yet saw a quest that said “explore ———– in comparison mode”.


I am currently on #51. Above, it says that you only had a screen capture of this quest… In case this helps, it is the following:
#51 “Nevermore” Explore the Fortune-Telling Room in Zodiac mode to find the Prophetic Bird.


GI says that once you complete the Full Moon event a new one will restart the next time. Does anyone know if this includes all the quests?


    It includes a lot of them. It starts over with the Fluffy Croissant quest.


      Mine started over today with “A Receding Cry”. Hallway in Silh. Mode. It’s not listed above but I had a bunch of small quests at the end of my string that weren’t listed.


        Mine did start with the fluffy croissants quest which is explore the bedroom in night mode. Then it went to receding cry which is explore the hallway in silhouette mode. 3rd one was to explore laboratory once. And I am now on 4th quest “Face in the darkness” which is explore the living room with the mist phenom. Personally, don’t think its worth it to pay to summon phenomenon. I will just wait and work on tabs on right which are also back with the walking dead collection.


I just did this and after # 40 it was different:
Explore bedroom in night mode
Explore hallway in Silouette mode
Explore living room with mist
Banish 10 gargoyles
It then jumped to #51 with the prophetic bird
So it skipped #41-50
Still working on quest and so far it’s the same from #51 to dark staff so far


    Except #55 was skipped… Did not occur


      Quest 55?


        Mine were all out of order, but they eventually all popped up along with some of the extra ones that were mentioned here.


I have the bane of the undead quest again and have been charging the master of mummification. I charged it about seven times and I am not getting the diploma and it is not moving on to the next diploma.


    I’m having the same issue. I charged the Master of Mummification 5x and never got the diploma.


      Joy, what happens when you open your diploma tab?


        Nothing happens when I try to select the diploma


          But you do have the diploma tab?


            Not sure what you mean by tab. I had the quest on the left but it’s gone now because the full moon ended.


              I just got the two full moon tabs on the right. It did take two months to show up. It’s working now.


            Hi I have a question about the full moon tab I got a question to assemble the bane of the undead collection but I don’t have the diploma tab on the right hand side. Can you please tell me what I should do?


              I have the exact same problem, I will watch closely for any advice/help regarding your post.


              This happened to me when I charged the Bane of the Undead before I got the quest to do so. I had no diploma tab for 3 months and it finally came back! Susu, write to GI and see if they can help.

Sunshine state

I charged the Van Helsings awhile ago. I now have a quest to charge the bane of the undead. My problem is every month since I charged the 3 van Helsings I only get the “Monsters is Moving” event window, never the other Monster hunter diplomas or the start with hunting zombies windows. So I will never be able to complete this quest. Any ideas?


    I had the exact same problem and the diplomas tab came back after 2 months.


      I’m now having this issue, I’ve been collecting the items I would need to get the diplomas. Should I just hold on to them until the tab appears at the right? I know I’ve been working on it for two or three full moons now.


        The tabs still haven’t shown up. Suggestions?


          I’m having the same problem


        Yes, hold onto the items. I only charge the collection it’s asking for. That way I save on chargers, and don’t run the risk of it not recognising the collections for the diploma. I had to wait a good three months for the quests to come back after I completed them, so I only had the one full moon icon on the right for a while.


I have a new full moon quest. “Let’s leave with fluffy croissants” explore bedroom in night mode. Any other new quests?


There does seem to be missing quests aside from the New Passion Quest requiring us to banish succubae to collect roses to charge the Golden Rose which is Artifact 5. This happened early in the quest string for me but it took me a while to get all the roses. Now that I have finished it, the new quest that popped up is Silhouettes in the Kitchen which is basically what you need to do – explore Kitchen in Silhouette mode. Does any one know what the series of new quests that have been added are? Those are the 2 I have found so far. Thanks.


    Sorry, the name of the quest that requires us to explore Silhouettes in the Kitchen is Premature Vesuvius Eruption. Have a great monster hunting weekend everyone.

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After quest 48, there is a quest to banish 5 giant werewolves.


    And after quest 50 (5 swamp monsters), there is a quest to Banish 5 Dark Knights. Each one requires 10 flaming pumpkins and 450 units of energy


Oh i see its quest no 52 here but i didn’t get quest 1to 51prior to that…and i think i already finished the full moon quest before…


It seems they introduced new set of quests coz i had full moon quest that required me to find the sorcerer’s skull in zodiac mode, previous items don’t count, then after i completed that, have a quest to explore african room thrice “the shaman will make three circles”


    I have come to the point where I just ignore those full moon quests that come and go because they repeat and they are costly.


      Yes you are right…planning to ignore these too


Is there anyplace else to get the Ghostly Portrait besides the Phantom Knight?


    only if a friend gifts it to you 🙁


      Wow. That makes it really hard to get!


Does anyone have skeleton, demon, werewolf, dreadful maniac, or headless horseman in their yard? Can’t find them! And I have looked at lots of my neighbors yards. I am trying to complete the pirates map quest before full moon ends!


    I have maniac and horseman. What is your game name, Kelli?


      My game name is KC and my code is 378764


I am trying to get my diamond Van Helsing and need to banish the succumbi? Are there just plain succumbi or is it talking about the snooty and dominatrix succumbi??

When I banish th snooty or dominatrix they just give me flowers for the most part. Am I missing something??

Thanks in advance!


    Yes, those are the girls you need. Try using a turtle of luck. They do occasionally drop full moon collection items.


I am so glad to have found your awesome site. It really helped me make sense of all the jumbled quests. Great job!
I also wanted to point out that i have Quest 18 right now and it says the second flower can be found in any room in Zodiac mode, not with the Idol. Maybe they updated it?
I also have quests 35 and 46 but haven’t done some of the quests before. I guess they don’t really come in order. I have another quest i dont see here called New Passion that requires collecting roses to get the Golden Rose which is Artifact 5.


    Divedivalicious, welcome to our site 🙂 When we first wrote this note, the Zodiac mode had not been introduced to the iPad version.

    The Full Moon quests were hard to document as they come and go, and for several months, my full moon event was screwed up or nonexistent.


      Thanks for the reply. 🙂 You have a great site, have shared its my favorite neighbors.


Question?? I have several of the collections completed for the full moon collection, but I haven’t charged them because I don’t want to get burned by charging, and then needing them for a quest.

Can I charge them or should I wait until the quest asks to charge?? These quest are hard to follow because they are so scattered!


    The quests are really hard to follow because they come and go and I had a few of them multiple times although it looks like they are finally gone for good in my manor.

    I tended to concentrate on getting the diplomas tabs charged to get the Van Helsing collections charged because the rewards were so good.

    Which Full Moon quests do you have right now?


      The Beauty’s lips- charge golden lily of the valley collection

      Dark knights of the abyss- banish 5 dark knights

      My gloom, my mirror, do tell me- banish snooty succubae to find mystic mirror

      A testy remedy- banish 10 phantom knights

      I have no idea how to obtain the salts to banish the phantom knights. I seem to only find 1-2 and it takes 10 per knight!!! I’m all ears for help!

      I would like to charge the collections I have because the rewards are great, but I don’t want to get stuck on a quest because an item was a supper rare drop.

      Thanks for all the advice!!


        Hi Crystal,

        I would focus on the lily of the valley and the succubus first. The other quests will return and you can keep accumulating phantom salts gradually until you have enough to complete that quest.


          Thanks will do. I refuse to pay 220 diamonds for the salts.


            Absolutely not! Just be patient and take your time and eventually you can clear those quests.


I’m looking for Undead Hunter to complete walking dead collection. Zombies are hardly ever in the yard and I need this item to get my first diploma. My friend code is 00fe00.

Thanks in advance. I am more than willing to help with quests and collections provided I have more than one of the items you need. I am also willing to help if you already have the item but the quest doesn’t count previously acquired items. I have that problem in the zodiac quests frequently.


    Write a note on your wall, asking friends to tell you if they have a particular creature you’re hunting for. Remember to check out their yards when you’re visiting manors.

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The Defender of Honor quest is completed by exploring Silhouettes in the Fortune-Telling Room.


Does anyone have ancient skeleton or vicious zombie in their yard? If so, please leave me your friend code! Thanks!


Hi! I’m sorry if this is a very basic question…but I’ve just started with the full moon quest. Can you guys tell me where I find the zombies for the undead collection? The ones I have, have been gifted! Thanks a lot


    I just started on it too. I’ve been getting them when I banish the Zombie Lietenant.


    You can find Zombies in the Yards of your manor or your friends. They are hard to find!


I have finished the full moon event and received two rewards. I have also received a quest for another reward if I collect and charge the bane of the undead collection. This is the diamond van helsing collection. However, I see no way to collect the diplomas again…does anyone else have this quest and if so any ideas on how to achieve it?

    Jasmine Posey

    The exact same thing happened to me. The quest is on the left hand side of the manor. The information about the full moon is on the right, BUT NOT the certificate collecting box. I think that I will email GI and ask what’s up.



      I emailed them and haven’t heard anything back. I have a friend who emailed them and they returned the quests to her — so she could re-charge for diplomas…. Dunno why they don’t wanna help me tho. 🙁


    I have the same quest and the same problem… If you figured it out please inform. Thanx.


When I can’t find a certain monster or creature that I need to banish, I usually go to the “Rated” players and search thru the tab that has the most monsters for the week. I think it is the last one on the left. Usually the top people will always have them.


Has anyone else had trouble getting the iris from the baron as part of the “how to become a fairy”. I think I have banished him 50 times with the turtle on and no luck!


    I gave up with this and used diamonds!


      Ahh, so its just not me who is having this problem. I have also exchanged over 60 times with a turtle of luck charm. I have finished almost all of my diamonds summoning phenomena in rooms and buying things like oil cans or items robots drop, I don’t have that much left to pay 10 diamonds for the iris. I think I would rather use it for roses in New Passion Quest not listed here that succubae drop as rollers hardly drop. Does anyone have tips to make iris drop?


Where are all the zombies?? I can’t seem to find any…
Please help!!


    It’s been my experience that you will have to “hunt” for most of the monsters that you need to find collection item. Your friends’ yards is a good way to find them & you can ask your friends too.


Would like to ask if anyone has completed all 3 van helsings (silver, gold and diamond).. Will the quest recur? Has anyone experience it?
Thanks very much 🙂


    Sorry.. Found that it has been discussed below.. So, is it luck, then? Some might have the diploma quests again, but mostly wont?


      Don’t know if it is luck or not, but after I got diplomas and monster charm the first time, each full moon after that these were no longer available until this full moon, all quests are back again including diplomas and monster charm. After first success at it I was given two of those charms and still have one of them.


        Thanks.. I guess the only way is to try myself.. Thanks again 🙂


I didn’t get the Full Moon event, again. Anybody else having issues? Did the helpdesk ticket clear up the issue for you?


This may be a silly question, but does it matter when you charge the collections? Ie: does it have to be during the full moon event to get credit?


    Not at all 🙂
    But sometime it’s best to wait before you charge anything until the quest required you to..


Has anyone else not had the full moon event this month?
Thanks Jemma


    Same here. It happened last month too. By the time GI got it fixed there was only a few hours left. =(

Desert Rose

Hi… The full moon quest is on.. But I don’t seem to ve the certificate quest.. 🙁 that comes on the extreme right hand side of the screen .. I have Couple of banishing monsters quest.. But I need certificates.. Somebody please tell me how to get it


    This is a problem that many of us have who have charged the Silver Van Helsing before we get the quest. I have it too!

      Desert Rose

      That was the only way to turn some turtles in one shot 🙁


      Have completed those a while back & have not had quests these last 2 full moons


        Plus they take your statues that show u completed the quest, boohoo..


Does anyone have a zombie? None of my friends do and I’d like to finally complete the certificate. Add me I’m over 100 dc1aee


I didn’t get the full moon event this time, no quests & no monsters! Has anyone else had this problem?


    I didn’t get it either. When I did my visiting rounds to my friends, a lot of them didn’t have the usual full moon roamers in their manors as well, so this may be a widespread thing.


    No full moon event for me either.


I have a quest for the diamond VanHelsing. I already finished the full moon event once. So, am I just stuck now? Does anyone know?

Susan Markarian

I have been trying to collect the Love Potion for the fifth Full Moon cycle now. I have used turtle charm and every silver rolling pin I have received to banish dominaterics and not 1 single one has ever fallen. I have had the Love Potion on my wish list for 5 months now and only received 1 a long time ago and used it for the quest to charge the collection for the femme fatal many moons ago. What do I need to do to collect 5 of the love potions? All of these collection items have stopped falling, should I give up on trying to collect the Van Helsingborg Diamond diplomas? Is anybody getting these items to fall any more? Does anyone have some advice I’m ready to give up on ever finishing the full moon quests.


    Susan, I would look at my friends collections and offer to make trades.

Michelle Buttgereit

Has anyone else lost there email because of updates? I won my iPad and only had free support for a short period. I am basically iPad illiterate 🙂 I have sent game questions and technical question to GI support. They ask for me to take screen shots of issue. How do I take a screen shot and for something that happened during game play? I don,t know its a problem until after it has happened! GI says respond to email with more info but it wasn’t an email they used to post about my questions. And then specifically asked me not to make a new response. When I got on my game today I had 9 diamonds. When I stopped playing last I had 70 something. Can I find a diamond use history for MM on iPad?


    Unfortunately, there is no log you can access to see what happened to your diamonds in the game. To take screen shots, press the round button on the front of your iPad and the on/off button at the same time.


Apart from explaining how to obtain the vanquisher of minsters charm, which I already have, do you have a list of the quests that pop up on the left side of the screen? Right now I am working on Hold the Fort, trying to banish swamp monsters, and I would like to know what comes next. Thank you!


    No, I don’t currently have a full moon quest list.


      Thanks, I think the info I’m after is on your page re the necromancer crypt. Hold the fort is quest 8 on your list for that room. I didn’t realize full moon monsters had anything to do with entering the necromancer crypt…I thought it would just be the priestesses and dark adepts which stick around even when the full moon event is over. Guess I’ll have to wait till next full moon event to make any progress in the crypt… 🙁


I just charged the Keeper of Pyramids 5 times, but no diploma! Am I doing something wrong?


    Candace, do you have the diploma events tab still?


      I have the Bane of the Undead quest. It requires you to charge the Diamond Van Helsing collection, which requires the diplomas.


        I am in this exact same position! Today was the 5th time, there is no diploma! Also, nothing to keep track of the times you charge the collections for this quest….I am also wondering if you must charge them in order? Or can you get the diplomas out of order (once we start getting them at all)


          The diplomas have to be charged in order, but it seems that on iPad version, we never get the diplomas tab again after we charge the diamond van Helsing.


            I had previously charged all the Van Helsing collections and with the last update all the statues disappeared. Today, with the full moon event starting, the quests showed up again, and I have the event icon on the right to start the diplomas all over again! AND all the collections I have charged are counting towards the diplomas, so I don’t have half as much work left to finish them again!


              Hi Jan, is this on ipad version?


                This is about iPad version.


              I’m not getting the Full Moon event. On iPad.


              I’m not getting the Full Moon event. Anyone else experiencing this issue?


              I am jealous!


I have completed the Van Helsings diploma collection and I have received the charm. Now how do obtain diplomas again ? I asked to my friends and they tell me to put the diplomas in my wish list. Some friend have a lot of diplomas but I wonder where they find them as mine disappeared when I loaded the collection!!!


    The people with a bunch of diplomas got them during a period of time when we could multi-gift collection items, but MM has put a stop to that. I have written to GI about the diploma issue as I have the issue as well. In the FB version of the game, you could repeat the Van Helsings multiple times. Now we can only complete it once because the diploma events tab never comes back. I have asked if this is a glitch or part of the game design and have yet to receive an answer.


      I got an answer, we only get the monster charm once…. No glitch! That makes the full moon event boring and a waste of time after getting it once… Game over


        Thank you, Kathy. I assume the answer came from someone at Game insight?


          I received the same response from GI. Gotta love ’em. Do you think they have any concept of customer satisfaction? I’m not being sarcastic anymore, I really think they don’t know what it is.


So I finish the monsters event, I charged all the diplomas… So what? For months I was expecting to get a chest full of goodies or something 🙁


    All we get is the Vanquishers of Monsters Charm. The best part of the whole monster event for me is the big experience points you get every time you charge a Van Helsing collection.


      Didn’t get the charm!!!!! Do I need to finish the quests too? Yes, I got the big chunk of experience when I charged the collections but the charms still there, didn’t get another one or I don’t know where it go


        It should be in your inventory under charms tab.

Petit Snatchin

Could you please consider having the monsters you need to whack (sorry of course I mean banish) to obtain items for each collection. Mostly it is fairly obvious from the collection title, but not always. Some of my friends aren’t even aware there are diplomas, and I’ve been pointing a lot of them to your brilliant website, along with educating them along the way. I really hope we can get the diplomas again once we reach the end, full moon will seem so empty without them, and I only have a few more to go.

Coco Coronel

Whe ur done acquiring the The Vanquisher of Monster Charm, how do u obtain diplomas again? It just says in my manor that it’s the Full Moon Event.


    Coco, I never got the tab for the diplomas again and have written to Game Insight about it, and have yet to get an answer.


Could you tell me how to obtain The Vanquisher of Monsters Charm?


    You have to charge the silver, gold, and diamond Van Helsing collections, Evilmidget.


PLEASE help me understand this quest. How do I get the items in the walking undead collection besides putting on wish list ? I can’t figure this quest out for the life of me


    Tanya, use a turtle charm and banish the zombies.


      I have been doing this for months and nothing:(


        Tanya, are you using a charm like the golden turtle that increases your chance of finding an item for 90% for 6 hours? And it is very hard to find the zombies. You have to visit your friends manors until you can find them. The zombies might not be in your manor. And also, you have to get the weapons to kill the zombies. Those can be found by exploring rooms also using charms to increase your chances of finding items.


      Let me rephrase that…. I had been doing that but I no longer see zombies on my page or friends


        Tanya, that is exactly the problem. There are so few zombies around. (That sounds ridiculous, lol, there are so few zombies around!) Have you put a post on your wall that you need to find zombies? Sometimes that helps. A friend may stop by to visit and know of someone who has a zombie.


          Will try that. Thank you


Why is it not possible to have this more than once. I understand the Facebook version allows multiple quests. I do not have the ability to complete those quests this time.


    I have the same problem as you do and I have sent a request to the technical support/customer service to look into this.

      Ruth-Marie Nizolak

      Did you ever get a response to your question? I’d like to know who to get the quests again.


        This is ridiculously unfair. I have a friend who is about to charge hers for the 17th time!!! I, and many others can’t even get it twice? How does MM deem this an even playing field?
        No wonder so many are walking away.

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