Map Event

A Maps Event icon should appear to the right of your screen.  Each map requires you to perform a number of tasks  (in order) culminating in a “super prize.”  You can move back and forth between the maps by pressing the green arrow button.  Note that the task in the center of each task window is optional and usually has a time limit.

MAP 1:  Treasure Map

2015-06-23 17.23.14.png

The tasks for the Treasure Map are listed below:

  • Complete Tutorial -you will be prompted to follow along with a tutorial.  The reward is a Cup of Coffee and 2 Compasses.
  • Complete the Quest – You can complete any quest you have open to finish this task.  The reward is 2 Golden Bombs and a Magic Magnet.
  • Rate it – Follow the instructions to “rate” the game.  You do not have to give the game a 5 star rating to complete this task.  The reward is 3 Time Freezes and Charm “Golden Lucky Clover”.
  • Make a purchase – This task is optional.  Buy something at the Bank or from a Snatchin Merchant.  The reward is a Golden Chest and 3 Golden Bombs.  I believe it was a timed task.
  • Add Friend – Invite a friend to Mystery manor (use the Friends button on the right hand side and select the Add Friends tab).  The reward is 3 Flares, 2 Enhanced Flashlights and 5 compasses.
  • Visit Players – Visit your friends within the game.  The reward is a Silver Chest and 3 Time freezes.


The Super Prize for this map contains:



MAP 2:   Friends Map

2015-06-23 17.23.17.png

The Tasks for the Friends Map are listed below and they involve a lot of social media activities. I didn’t want to use my personal Facebook page just to get these tasks done, so I created a special Facebook account for myself just to satisfy the tasks and then I deleted it when I was done.

  • Log into a social network – Log into Facebook or Twitter and get a Cup of Coffee and a Golden Bomb.
  • Share with Friends – Publish 3 posts on Facebook or Twitter.  The reward is 3 Compasses and Expander
  • Make Friends with players – Send your friend code to people on Facebook or Twitter by going to the Friends button and then selecting the Services Tab and clicking on “Invite”.  This will display your code and you can use the Facebook or Twitter buttons on the Invitation Code window to post your code.  I think I satisfied this task by using the Add Friends tab on the Friends window and asking to be friends with some of the players displayed there.  When the friendship request is accepted, this task should be complete.  The reward is 3 Pointers and Chocolate.
  • Make your life more exciting – This is an optional task.  I didn’t perform this one, but it looks like you need to replace the wallpaper on your Twitter account.  The reward is a Kettlebell, Golden Chest and Casket with 10 Diamonds.
  • Post a photo – Post a photo on Facebook or Twitter.  You can do this by clicking on the Camera icon in the upper left of your game to get the Screenshots Publishing popup.  There are buttons at the bottom of this popup for posting a screenshot to Facebook or Twitter.  The reward is 2 Flares, 3 Time Snails and 5 Compasses.
  • Join a Facebook Group – Join Mystery Manor’s official Facebook page.  The reward is a Silver Chest and 3 Enhanced Pointers.


The Super Prize for this map contains:


MAP 3:  First Adventures

2015-06-23 17.23.20.png

The tasks for the First Adventures Map are listed below:

  • Open the Room – Open the dressing room.  I can’t remember if I had to explore it too or if just tapping the room icon to bring up the explore option was enough.  The reward is Chocolate and Golden Bombs.
  • Explore Rooms – Explore 4 different rooms.  No reward is listed for this step.
  • Banish the Bookworms – Banish Bookworm Snatchins (with a horn).  I think banishing just one was enough.  The reward is 3 Time Freezes and a Kettlebell.
  • Use a phenomenon – Summon a phenomenon and explore a room with the phenomenon.  The reward is 3 Golden Bombs, a Golden Chest and one of each Phenomenon Bashers.  I believe this task was optional.
  • Complete quests – Complete any three quests.  The reward is 3 Flares, 2 Enhanced Flashlights and 5 Compasses.
  • Charge collections – Charge any 3 collections.  The reward is a Silver Chest and English Breakfast.


The Super Prize for this map contains:

Map 4: Mysterious creatures

2015-06-23 17.23.23.png

The tasks for this map are listed below:

  • Teach nippers a lesson – Banish snatchins from the manor.   I can’t remember if this was a specific snatchin or any of the ones roaming the first floor.  No reward is listed for this task.
  • Exchange with gypsies – Banish gypsies using copper, gold or silver horseshoes.  You can charge several collections to get horseshoes.  No reward is listed for this task.
  • Avert the diversion – Banish Hyperion soldiers.  By soldiers, they are referring to the following entities, e.g., Storm General, Storm Trooper, Grenadier, Punisher, etc.  The reward is chocolate, 35 Hyperion Art of War, and 30 Portals to Hyperion.
  • Defeat the beasts – Banish Fullmoon monsters.  These monsters are the ones that appear in the yard only during the Fullmoon event.   No reward is listed for this task.   This task was optional.
  • Catch the runaways – Banish Gauguin’s robots (Television, Vacuum and Musical) using oil cans.  No reward is listed for this task.
  • Banish the Aliens – Banish aliens (Xenophage, Little Green Men, Octopus, Tripod).  No reward is listed for this task.


The Super Prize for this map contains:


Map 5: Map of the Bosses

2015-06-23 17.23.26.png

The tasks for the Map of the Bosses are listed below:

  • Heal Me, Heal Me! – Heal the Snatchin General.  No reward listed for this task.
  • Tales from the Crypt  – Defeat Grigorius de Morte.  No reward listed for this task.
  • Heir of Dracula – Defeat Kazimir Strigoli.  The reward is 3 time freezes and 30 vampire goblets.
  • Mysterious Soldiers – Defeat General Krieg.  This task is optional.  The reward is a golden chest with nine collection items and 50 Portals to Hyperion.
  • Dirty Dancing – Enter Club 69 twice, once as Rudolph van Helsing and once as Hottest Eurydice.  The reward for this task is 5 bombs and 50 club cards.
  • Through Ice and Snow –  I haven’t gotten past Dirty Dancing yet, so if anyone knows what this event entails, please let me know!


The Super Prize for this map contains:

Boss Map Reward

Map 6: Map of Rooms

2015-06-23 17.23.34.png

The tasks for the Map of Rooms are listed below.  Note that these call for “gaining access” to various rooms.  I don’t believe I had to actually explore them, just to get far enough in their quests that I could explore them if I had enough keys.

  • In the Moonlight – Gain access to Selene.  No reward shown for this task.
  • Brig in a Bottle! – Gain access to the Pirate Brig.  No reward shown for this task.
  • Heavenly Pleasure – Gain access to the Island.   No reward shown for this task.
  • Don’t Trust Anyone – Gain access to the Flying Saucer.  This task is optional.  No reward shown for this task.
  • Gender Equality -Gain access to Mars.  No reward shown for this task.
  • Sixth Planet from the Sun –  Gain access to Saturn.  No reward shown for this task.


The Super Prize for this map contains:

Rooms Map Event Reward

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The last step on the bosses map is the heart of spring hotel. You have to go in twice, once as Kai and once as Gerda. Reward is 2 English breakfasts and 50 hotel keys.


Map of the Bosses – what is the last task, is it ice queen or the hotel? I don’t remember which icon it is. Thanks?


I am currently stuck in 3 maps. Friends Map, I have joined and unjointed the fb group so many times they probably think I’m crazy. The treasure map, trying to get past the rate it quest. And the Mysterious Creatures map. On the extra part I can’t seem to find a vampire, demon, werewolf (except the fancy ones which don’t seem to count) or a dreadful maniac. I have looked on my own and others yards and don’t see them. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


I had filed a ticket when I heard that the Boss chest of keys wasn’t giving what it said it would. Today I received a response stating that the problem with the Boss Chest has been fixed with the current game version 1.27.1


    PegWalt, did they give you keys?


Thank you Tiffany! I sent a ticket to GI. I hope I meet soon


    You are welcome. If you would like to be friends on mm let me know. Glad to help any time


      My code is 708d54 glad to become friend


        Just added you. Thank you! Love new friends


I finished the last map quest and the reward promise was the chest with the keys to the rooms. Well, opening the chest, to my surprise, I have not found the keys as shown!!!!!


    Report this to GI. I reported it and was given all keys promised.


      I have the same problem. Awaiting GI’s reply to my query…

Mkstein - f0187b

Does the icon on the right hand side ever go away once this task is completed? I finished this and received all the prizes/awards, but the icon is still hangin’ out on the right side of my task bar. I kept hoping it meant that I could do it over, but it just sits there, taunting me.


    No, it doesn’t go away and it is annoying! I still keep checking it hoping it will start over, Mkstein!

      Mkstein - f0187b

      Darn. Ok, thanks!

Sara Barthel

Does anyone know when the time is supposed to be over to collect the center task rewards? I completed all but still have not gotten the rewards.


    I didn’t see a timer on the map event, Sara.


I have had problems with the third map. I have completed more than 5 quests without getting the prize and thus able to move on.


    When you click on the “show” button on the map, what does it say?

iPad Kersty

The reason for the joining of twitter has become clear!! GI wanted to boost their mobile twitter ratings. They are pleased that 150,000 people have joined their twitter account…… Always a catch!!


    I think you are right!


I completed all tasks except for social media, But did not get all awards. Missing super award that included the golden Phoenix. Maps say congratulations you have completed all tasks but apparently still glitches not fulfilling awards.


    When I got the super award, no box or anything showed up in my inventory. I just assumed it was added in.


I keep getting stuck on the rate it, I rate it in iTunes but doesn’t show that I did. Am I doing something wrong?


    Bethany, one other player posted that she had to delete her previous rating and rate it again to get it to work.


      I am stuck in this same place. How do you delete a rating??


I’m logged into Facebook and it doesn’t show that quest to be complete 🙁 and I don’t have twitter. Not sure what to do.


I added an update to mystery manor game today and now it won’t open so I can play. Any suggestions?


We are having trouble with the friends task. We got logged into Facebook and got that credit but can’t seem to get the credit for the 3 posts. Is anyone else having this problem? Also, that page is tough for the kids that play and have to use their parents Facebook account.


    And a bit difficult for those of us who do not have either facebook or twitter which mean we have no chance of completing that event 🙁


      That is true, Woody 🙁 Unless you want to create accounts, finish map tasks, and then delete 🙁

Carolyn Barnes

On the 3rd map event First Adventure how many quests are we supposed to complete? I have already complete at least 3 quests. Quest 12: A Strange Recording, Quest 13: A Fresh Look at the Map, Quest 14: Room 51, Quest 15: Agent Fox, and a few others not related to a specific room. So is this a glitch or am I missing something! Thanks!


    Carolyn, I am sorry but I don’t know the answer yet 🙁 Maybe another player will or I will let you know as soon as I figure it out.

      Carolyn Barnes

      Thanks for the reply. I don’t know what was wrong but it finally worked. I finished another quest and it gave me the reward. I think I did about 8 or so different quests. But maybe this will help others if they have the same issues. Thanks for your help!


        You are welcome and Thx for the info 🙂


    I had to complete all of my task

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