Da Vinci Manuscripts, Ocularis Spiritus, and Zodiac Mode

Reaching Zodiac Mode

Zodiac Mode requires searching the First Floor rooms of your manor with the Ocularis Spiritus to find the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  Your eyes may have only just adjusted to  searching rooms in night and comparison mode but after you reach level 20 you will start getting quests that will introduce a new mode and it will take a bit of getting use to!

The Zodiac mode is slightly different to the other modes as it requires you to find completely different items in the rooms-the symbols of the Zodiac. Do you know what your zodiac symbol looks like?

To get the Zodiac symbols to appear in the room you are searching, you are required to look through a special device called an Ocularis Spiritus and the quests start off by getting you to assemble one.

 Zodiac Keys

  • Shard of the Zodiac – Banish gypsies and search rooms.


Zodiac Quests

On October 18, 2017 the Zodiac Collections From Constellation of Taurus (185) to Constellation of Aires (196) had Collection name changes and Collection item name changes. I have updated the quest string and the Collections table however in the quest string I put the old names in () just in case the quests you get have the old ones. I do not know yet if the Quest names have changed. I’m not even sure of when GI made these changes except I think it was with the release of the Zodiac Fortress. You will need to complete these quests to get Zodiac mode in your manor before you will get the Zodiac Fortress Quests. With this update the icon that identified Zodiac quests disappeared from the quests.

Please note that quest names 9-22 may be slightly different than listed because it looks like they were changed on October 18, 2017 also. Quests 23-94 have the correct names. I’m working on getting the rest.

  1. A Path to the Exit – Explore the Hall to complete the quest
  2. A Mysterious Premonition
    • Find or buy 5 Illuminati Lamps and 5 Flashlights- the items will be taken when the quest is complete (I easily found these searching rooms)
    • Explore the Hall at night
  3. A Legendary Cup
    • Find 5 Incense Burners – these items will be taken when the quest is complete
    • Find 5 Ouija Boards – these items will be taken when the quest is complete
  4. Finishing Touches – Search rooms to find 100 Runestones- these items will be taken when the quest is complete
  5. The Guardian’s Tale – Assemble and charge the Knight collection. You can find the items by banishing the Mist and Native Idol Phenomena or by banishing Bookworm, Grubby and Thieving Snatchins (The collection is actually called ‘Hero’s Amor’)
  6. A Loyal Friend
    • Trade the Golden Knight (found in quest above) with the Gypsy Elder to find the Horse
    • Find 30 Golden Horseshoes – these items will be taken when the quest is complete (can be found by searching rooms but this is quite slow)
  7. Meeting the Guardian – Explore the Hallway
  8. Friend and Helper – Explore the Fortune Telling Room

The Da Vinci Manuscript

After completing Quest 8, you will find the following screen in the Events section to the right of the screen. If you have many events in progress, you may have to scroll down to find it. In the screen capture below, you can see in the bottom right corner, a blue box with a “Z” in it. When you click on the it, the Da Vinci Manuscript screen pops up:

Da Vinci Manuscript Zodiac

The following quests tell us how to acquire the Da Vinci Manuscripts, Quests 9-16 all appear at the same time.

You can buy all of the manuscript for diamonds, it just depends how many spare diamonds you have and how quickly you want to finish the quests! The manuscripts that require you to search rooms can take A LOT of searches to find them so always make sure you have a turtle running to increase your chances.

  1. The Lost Artifact – The first of the seven manuscipts will most likely be found in the Hall.
  2. Page from the Manuscript – This manuscript can be found by exploring with the Will-o-the-Wisp Phenomenon or by banishing it (this might be a good one to pay diamonds for!)
  3. How Do You Polish Crystal? – You can find this manuscript by trading with the Old Gypsy. You will do a lot of trading! If you need more Gold Horseshoes to trade with the Old Gypsy, change the Hand of Midas artifact collection.
  4. Search in the Moonlight – Explore the Library at Night to find the manuscript
  5. Snatching Have Snatched the Manuscript –  Catch the Thieving Snatchins to find the manuscript
  6. Gone with the Wind – Find the manuscript by helping friends. This was the easiest to find. I found it by waking helpers on the second visit to a friend.
  7. The Final Fragment – Explore the Fortune Telling room in Silhouettes Mode to find the manuscript
  8. Assembly Manual
    • Find the Book of White Magic in the Library (or add to wishlist)
    • Find all the Da Vinci manuscripts-you will need to press ‘Get Reward’ on the event screen (pictured above)

Mystical Zodiac

After Completing Quest 16, the events tab on the right side changes to the following screen and quests 17-22 all appear at the same time.Mystical Zodiac

You will need 12 of each of these objects and items previously in your inventory DO count! Ask friends for the items; I don’t see any reason to spend the diamonds here if you just have a little patience. There is a quest to obtain 1 of each item. For the quests, items in your inventory prior to the quests appearing DO NOT count:

  1. Honey from Tibetan Bees – You can find this in the Fortune Telling room at Night or just ask a friend.
  2. A Piece of Rock Crystal – Look for Dufunya the Gypsy on the map around the manor and trade with him for the Rock Crystal. You will need to trade the Herd of Horses which comes from charging the Fussy Horses collection. Instead, you can just ask a friend.
  3. A Special Tree from the Dead Garden – Explore rooms with the Mist Phenomenon to find the Ebony Tree. Just ask a friend!!!
  4. Dwarving Digging Tool – Find the Dwarven Cutter by helping your friends (leaving hints or waking helpers). Or just ask a friend.
  5. A Special Diamond Cutter – The Cutting Diamond can be found in the hall – ask a friend!
  6. Ocularis Spiritus – Once you have collected 12 of each item per the Mystical Zodiac screen capture above, go back to the Zodiac Events tab and click the “Get Reward” button. This quest will then be completed.

Time to start searching in Zodiac Mode!

Once you have completed Quest 22, the Zodiac events tab on the right side disappears and you can now start to have some fun with the Zodiac Mode. The rest of the quests now ask you to find the items from the Zodiac collections by searching rooms that have the Zodiac Mode.

First of all you will need to get a room IN Zodiac Mode. You should be able to do this by searching the same room a few times until it appears. This is what it looks like when a room has Zodiac Mode:

Room in zodiac

ENTERING a room in Zodiac Mode is another matter! You need 50 Shard of the Zodiac keys to enter each room and there are several ways you can get them. Occasionally you can get the shatters when you search rooms but the best way to find them is by using a turtle of luck charm and trading with Gypsies. The best Gypsy to trade with is the man as he gives you the horses which can then then charge the collection to give you more silver horseshoes. If you get really desperate there is a Zodiac Chest in the store which will provide 150 Shatters of Zodiac for 50 diamonds!


  • Only 3 rooms can be in Zodiac Mode at any time and it only comes to the first floor.  If a phenomenon enters a room in Zodiac, you lose the Zodiac Mode if you banish the phenomenon or explore the room. You can use this in your strategy for getting a phenomenon to go into a specific room.
  • The time to explore a room in Zodiac is very short — 2 minutes.  Therefore, use a Time Freeze, Golden Snail, or Silver Snail (these are all tools) immediately when beginning to explore a room in Zodiac Mode.
  • The Ocularis Spiritus (the round thingie through which you can see the Zodiac symbols when exploring a room) can be enlarged using a Gold or Silver Flashlight (these are tools).
  • Make sure you have Compasses (also tools) on hand before you go into a room so you don’t get desperate when you are running out of time and spend diamonds on them while you are in the room.
  • If you are super, super desperate, use a Bomb!!! It will destroy up to 5 items.
  • Tools can be obtained several ways:  as mystery gifts, by charging collections, and lastly, by purchasing them.
  • My personal strategy while exploring a room in Zodiac Mode is to search the room in a systematic way, like searching a grid rather than wildly looking back and forth.
  • There are only 12 items to find in Zodiac Mode as they are the Zodiac symbols.

You should now have all the information you need to explore a room in Zodiac Mode so let’s get back to the quests because there are still loads to get through! Don’t forget-if you want to save your Zodiac shatters then  you can put all of these items on your wishlist and get them from friends.

  1. Age of Aquarius – Explore any room in Zodiac Mode to find the Spectral Pitcher (Aquarius Jug)
  2. Mineral of Happiness – Explore any room in Zodiac Mode to find the Star Turquoise (Turquoise, Stone of Happiness)
  3. Storm Planet – Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Seal of Uranus (Uranium)
  4. Ancient Metal – Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Celestial Tin (Tin)
  5. Aroma of Eternity- Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Violets of Eternity (Violet)
  6. Aquarius – Assemble and charge the Constellation of Aquarius collection to complete the quest
  7. A Very Fine Fleece – Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Spectral Fleece (Golden Fleece)
  8. Mineral of Peace – Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Star Amethyst (Amethyst)
  9. Patron of Warriors- Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Seal of Mars (Mars)
  10. The Steel’s Secret – Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Celestial Steel (Steel)
  11. Herbal Medicine –  Explore any room in Zodiac to find the Cornflower of Eternity (Cornflower)
  12. The Sign of Aries – Assemble and charge the Constellation of Aries collection to complete the quest
  13. From the Ocean Floor – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Shell (Shell)
  14. A Glowing Emerald – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Emerald (Emerald)
  15. There, Beyond the Ocean –  Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of Neptune (Neptune)
  16. Medallion for Luck – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Sign of Pisces (Pisces)
  17. A White Flower – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Jasmine of Eternity (Jasmine)
  18. The Third Sign – Charge the Constellation of Pisces Collection to complete the quest
  19. Who Hid Hide the Bull? – Explore the Bedroom in Zodiac Mode to find the Spectral Bull (Bullhead)
  20. Train Necessary Skills –  Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Agate (Agate)
  21. Symbol of Beauty – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of Venus (Venus)
  22. Rising Waters – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial  Copper (Copper)
  23. The Writer and the Flower – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Lily of the Valley of Eternity (Lily of the Valley)
  24. Stifling Shroud – Collect and charge the Constellation of Taurus (Star Taurus) collection to complete the quest
  25. What’s Under the Mask? – Explore the Dressing Room in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Mask (Mask)
  26. Quartz for Glass Cutter – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Quartz (Quartz)
  27. Primary Symbol – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of Mercury (Mercury)
  28. Shining Stars – Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial Alloy (Amalgam)
  29. Soothing the Beast – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Poppy of Eternity (Poppy)
  30. An Unpleasant Event – Collect and charge the Constellation of Gemini (Symbol of Gemini) collection
  31. From the Bottom of My Heart – The Spectral Heart (Heart) can be found in the Kitchen or Bedroom in Zodiac mode
  32. The Gift of a Pearl – Star Pearl (Pearls) can be found in the Fortune Telling Room, Bathroom, or Dressing Room in Zodiac mode
  33. A Subtle Hint – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of the Moon (Moon)
  34. Up to Date – Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial Silver (Silver)
  35. Royal Flower – Explore any room in the manor in Zodiac Mode to find the Lilies of Eternity (Lily)
  36. Evening in the Hunting Room – Charge the Constellation of Cancer collection to complete the quest.
  37. An Eagle Frozen in Silence – Explore the Library in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Eagle (Star Eagle)
  38. A Gift from an Admirer – Explore the Bedroom in Zodiac mode to find the Peony of Eternity (Flaring Peony)
  39. To See the Truth – Explore the Fortune Telling room in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of the Sun (Mystical Sun)
  40. Wisdom in Sleep – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial Gold
  41. Amber Anger Burns – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Amber (Amber Tear)
  42. In Flames Comes Leo –  Charge the Constellation of Leo collection to complete the quest
  43. The Oldest Motive – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Sapphire (Sapphire)
  44. Unicorn Hunt – Explore the Hall in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Unicorn (Unicorn)
  45. Pluto’s Other Satellite – Explore the Bathroom in Zodiac mode to find Seal of Proserpine (Proserpine)
  46. Poisonous Treats – Explore the Kitchen in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial Mercury (Flask of Mercury)
  47. Ad Aster per Aspera – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Aster of Eternity (Aster)
  48. A Strange Ransom – Charge the Constellation of Virgo collection to complete the quest
  49. Blast from the Past – Explore the Library in Zodiac mode to find Seal of Chiron (Chiron)
  50. Opaque Hint – Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Jasper (Green Jasper)
  51. The Past Like Dream – Explore the Hall in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial Bronze (Bronze)
  52. Mystical Rose – Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac mode to find the Rose of Eternity (Mystical Rose)
  53. Elusive Aroma – Explore the Japanese Garden in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Diary (Lost Book)
  54. The Illusion of Balance – Charge the Constellation of Libra collection
  55. Iron from the Sky – Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find the Celestial Iron (Cold Iron)
  56. They Called Him the Architect – Explore the Living Room in Zodiac mode to find Seal of Pluto
  57. A Long Memory –  Explore the Bedroom in Zodiac mode to find the Carnation of Eternity (Magic Carnation)
  58. Secret Signs – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Pyramid (Phantom Pyramid)
  59. Dark Divination – Explore the African Room in Zodiac mode to find Star Malachite (Malachite)
  60. Time to Sting the Lie – Charge the Constellation of Scorpio Collection.
  61. Keeper of Eternity – Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac mode to find Lotus of Eternity (Eternal Lotus)
  62. **Temporal Display –  Explore the Library in Zodiac mode to find Celestial Platinum (Platinum-12C)
  63. Fire Will Clear the Way – Explore the Kitchen in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Salamander (Salamander)
  64. Something Doesn’t Add Up –  Explore the Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of Jupiter
  65. Scarlet Traces of the Battle – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Star Carbuncle (Carbuncle)
  66. Swift and Accurate –  Collect and charge the Constellation of Sagittarius collection
  67. Stairway to Heaven –  Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Spectral Staircase (Steps to Heaven)
  68. Strength and Patience –  Explore the Dressing Room in Zodiac mode to find the Ivy of Eternity (Stubborn Ivy)
  69. Young at Heart – Explore the Bathroom in Zodiac mode to find the Seal of Saturn
  70. Heavy as Lead – Explore the Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac Mode to find the Celestial Lead (Lead Burden)
  71. Lunar Rest Calm –  Explore the African Room in Zodiac Mode to find the Star Lapis Lazuli (Moonstone)
  72. The Fire of Memory – Charge the Constellation of Capricorn Collection so that the Spirit of the Knight can find himself again


This is The End of the Zodiac quests!  Finally!!!

You will now receive your First Quest for the Zodiac Fortress and be able to open it.

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Candace Runion

How do I get the comparison mode?


    You just play the room you need it in until it appears.


I’m currently on the magic instructions quest and need the da Vinci Manuscript but if I go into my events options there is no event for this…please help?


I’m on quest 24, have searched almost 50 rooms in zodiac mode and still no Star Turquoise. Is that to be expected? Thank you.


    I will send you one. On my way to check your wish list now.


      Thank you so much for the WL tip Sharon! That will sure save me a lot of frustration 🙂


I’m on level 137. I have a single mission on the first floor: the virgin constellation. However, when complete, it disappears and the mission remains incomplete. I’ve completed it several times and it does not disappear. Is it a bug? It’s getting annoying … Does anyone know how to help me?


    So, quest 70? If you’ve charged it and it’s not completing take a screen shot of the quest and open a ticket with GI. Once they send you the email that they have the ticket hit reply and send them the screen shot. It will speed things up because they will ask for it.


Have there been changes to how many rooms can be in Zodiac that you are aware of? My friend mentioned she is only getting 2 rooms in zodiac now and that she must search them before they move to another. I had 2 rooms in zodiac so I thought I’d see what happens. I could not get a third one to appear, even searching a room over and over 30x or so nor did phenomenon come from doing this either. Any ideas? Could it be a glitch? Some others seem to have 3 rooms still. Thank for all you do for this amazing page!! 🎄🙂


    I doubt they changed that. Did you perhaps leave the Zodiiac Fortress in Zodiac Mode? It should be 3 but sometimes when I need zodiac it eludes me.


      I haven’t completed the first string so I haven’t started the fortress yet, but my friend completed it. Thanks, hoping it’s just an odd coincidence! Merry Christmas!


Despite having charged all the constellation collections multiple times, (the most recent being in the order described in the Zodiac quests), I keep getting more zodiac quests in no particular order e.g. find celestial alloy, spectral fleece and poppy of eternity. As a result I can’t get to the Zodiac Fortress quests. Any idea why this is happening?


    If you have completed all the zodiac quests previously open a ticket with GI. Explain this to,them and take a screen shot of your current zodiac quest to send.




So, question. There’s that new zodiac room. Do we need to be finished with the quests above before we can expect to see quests for that new room? And will eventually be listing quests for that new zodiac thing? Thank you.


    I beleive you have to be to the part of the quest string where the Zodiac mode starts appearing in Your manor. You may not have to be completely through the quests.

    And yes, the new quest string for Zodiac Fortress is posted and available for Super Sleuths Members only until October 23 when I will make it available to all players.

Avani Vora

I have probably missed the event which is to find Da Vinci Manuscripts. I am presently at level 92. What should I do and how so that I can get the Zodiac mode?


    Which quest are you on?

Anastasia beaverhousen

How do you Activate zodiac mode? found all 7da Vinci manuscripts and activated knight or opened knight/hall protector mode ? Working on assembly manual but there’s no way to open or activate/use manuscripts stored in objects case? Do I need to find all again? Or am I missing piece/charger/ or mission?


    So which quest do you have on the left with the zodiac symbol. You shouldn’t have to find all again. Oh, there’s something on the right you have to do. I vaguely remember just being confused by it. Look through those right side quests.


I’m looking for manuscript the 4th fragment it says the library st night I’ve played for 3 days straight I’m not finding it. Please help


    When you touch the library in night mode, does the manuscript show up on the bottom item list as findable? If so, you know you’re in the right place. Some items take a long time to find. Try exploring once without the turtle charm and then turn the charm on before exploring again. I’ve found that to help sometimes on quests I’ve been stuck on for a long time.

    If it doesn’t show up as findable you may need to submit a ticket to GI.


I’m on level 156 and still can’t get the zodiac mode to start,or the secret island to open getting to were it’s not fun to play,because I can’t get anything new some help would be nice thanks


    Have you finished the Pirate Brig on the First Floor? When you finish it, then you get the Tropical Island quest string. I don’t think Zodiac Mode starts until you Finish the Secret Island.


eu jogo na versão em português e fiquei preso na missão 16, a ocular dos espíritos, na minha tela não aparece pra montar ela, depois que eu juntei todos os manuscritos a tela pra montar ela não apareceu.


    I translated this for our English Speaking players:

    I play in the Portuguese version and got stuck in Mission 16, the eye of spirits, in my screen does not appear to mount it, then I gathered all the scrolls the screen to mount it did not appear.


    Have you looked for the event link at the right side of your manor? You will need this to continue.


    Correção, a missão é a 22.

    Translated: Correction, the mission is 22.


      Look on the right side of your Manor for the Mystical Zodiac event box. If you have collected all the items select the Get Reward Button and it will complete the quest.


What quest string ( or room) does the quest ” the Crystal of Zodiac” belong to? I’m supposed to collect what looks like Zodiac Shards ( but they are not) and 15 of them. I can’t find that quest in any of the rooms or events. Anybody any idea??


    Is there a quest icon up in the corner? I did a page search but don’t find a quest by that name.


I am trying to get to the zodiac mode. I know crazy right. I have all the documents, my book of white majic. Got the reward. Got notified i need more things to assemble my occularus spiritus, but does not tell me what they are! So therefore, i cant ask for help from my friends!


    Look for an event box for the zodiac on the right side of your game.


I have encountered 2 rooms in zodiac mode that require other items then the shatter:
Hallway a shield
Library a scroll

Does anyone know where they can be earned?


    This is a known bug and GI says they will fix it in an upcoming release.


Is there a way to summon the Zodiac to a room?


    The best way to get it there is to play the room repeatedly without playing any others.


      Thank you.


I seem to be working zodiac quests prior to brig, island and other space related quests. Is that going to mess up anything? Also I have been in a couple rooms in zodiac mode but nothing zodiac dropped when I completed the search successfully. Is it because I used the suggested tools listed above? Or are these more of “item will not be found right away”? I am trying to get tin. The icons tell me it’s in the rooms that I am looking in but it doesn’t drop. Suggestions? Thank you.


    Some items you will find within the first couple of searches, others may take a while. I had one that took me four or five tries.

    A lot of the quests run at the same time. A few will require you to search certain rooms in zodiac mode so having that available will help. I would focus on the brig quests and try to finish them before focusing on the others. You will complete other quests in the process (just a suggestion).


I’m on quest 25 and I already have 95% of all the Zodiac collection items. Would anyone be willing to help me get through the quests by letting me send you the items one at a time so you can send them back to me? I will be willing to gift other Zodiac items that I have in duplicate for your help. The drop rate of the exact item in the quest is ridiculous…I get everything EXCEPT the one I need. Thanks, friends!


    Michelle, you can add me and send me items, just remember to pop me a note so I remember as you send them. Sometimes it’s hard to see the gifter’s name on gifts. My game name is Abercombie and my add code is 38c5ee.


      Sweet!! I’ll add you and let you know when I send an item. You’ll have to let me know how I can help you in return. I am Michelle58 code d7a06e


      I’m not able to add you with that code.


        OOPS!! I did add you…sorry. There were 2 other codes I tried adding that were incorrect.


    I don’t see the zodiac box in the event area. I checked through all of my events listed. How did you find the zodiac event to start your quests?


      I don’t have it either, and would like to know


Do any of y’all know if charging any collections will give you some Shatters of Zodiac??


I have unlocked zodiac mode and I have explored the kitchen in night mode and zodiac mode still won’t appear in any rooms.. Is there away to summon zodiac mode?


    Did you assemble the Ocularis spiritus? There is a tab that allows you to do that on the right side of the game screen.


      Not on my screen there isn’t. How do I get it?


I finished all the Zodiac quests and would like to turn it off as it just gets in the way now. Is that possible?


When you get to last quest of zodiac’s does the zodiac mode go away…forever? I like searching rooms in that mode but I hate when I clear the zodiac so I can get that room into a specific mode and it goes right back to zodiac and I then don’t have enough crystals! Just wanted to know, 1/2 through quests and can almost see a glimmer of light at end and that info might help to make that glimmer brighter!


    No, Kelli, it is here to stay!


      Why is the zodiac mode so difficult in the Japanese garden? It seems as though the background is not conducive to the symbols…any suggestions?


        Lynn, try adjusting your brightness setting on the iPad. This has helped other players with seeing Zodiac mode items.


          Thank you..also searching by grid is also helpful..I am getting better.


Have explored the hallway & am at Detective level but not getting the 1st Zodiac quest.


    Michael, do you have the pirate brig and island open?


    I had to explore it when the mist was in the room.


Do previously collected items not count for the Zodiac quests? I’m on Quest 20 “The Oldest Metal” and already have the tin, but the quest isn’t clearing.


    Previouly collected items do not counting the zodiac quests.




      Hi, I do not seem to have the zodiac icon on my screen, help please


        Deborah, do you have any of the zodiac quests open?

Erin M.

PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve completed all tasks required for Magda’s “ASSEMBLY MANUAL” Quest which is for the assembly of the Da Vinci Manuscript but I can’t get the app to recognize that it’s completed. Any advice would be much appreciated….. I’ve tried everything I can think of!! Below is a more detailed explanation of the problem that I submitted as a support/help request thru Game Insight’s website at least 3 or 4 times and have not gotten any kind of response from them:

Hi, I’m having trouble getting one of my quests to recognize that I completed it, reward me, and disappear from my current/not completed quests on the left side of the screen. It’s been a week or two since I received the quest. The Quest I’m having the issue with is MAGDA’s and titled “ASSEMBLY MANUAL.” Fairly quickly I found the required Book of White Magic and 6 of the 7 segments of the Da Vinci manuscript, the 2 requirements to complete the task and have been tirelessly trying to find the 3rd segment (the only one I had not yet found of the 7) in the library at night as instructed. Yesterday I finally just opened that quest/task (not the Assembly Manual Quest, but the one for only the 3rd segment of the Da Vinci Manuscript, as all 7 segments of it had a separate icons in the Quest panel on the left.) and used the option to just pay 20 diamonds for it instead of continuing to try to find it. So that icon, (again a separate one just for that one segment of the manuscript) correctly disappeared, and that segment is showing up correctly under the last tab in my inventory along with the rest of them. At this point Magda’s “Assembly Manual Quest”should have recognized that I had found all pieces of the manuscript and therefore completed that task, but for whatever reason it didn’t. I did find all required items after I received Quest, so I know that’s not the problem and I’ve tried everything else I could think of and nothing has worked. I am currently on Level 64, so I’m guessing I was somewhere between levels 60-63 when this occurred. What can I do to make the app recognize I completed the “Assembly Manual” Quest????!!!!


    You actually have not completed the task, so that is not the problem. You need to find the Zodiac “news” itm on the right side and select it. It will give you the button to put together the pages and finish the quest.

    I had the same issue and found it quite annoying until I found another post on the issue.

      the Q

      Help I do not have the Zodiac task! when does it appear on the right hand task list.


        What level are you and which quests are you working on?

          the Q

          working on flying saucer and pirate brig

          the Q

          level 64


            Don’t worry; I didn’t get the zodiac until after I opened flying saucer, pirate brig, and island.

              the Q

              wow! i will keep plugging away. opened flying saucer finally! I have several quests that I can go no further without the zodiac.


You’re welcome! Glad to help! Yes, this one was another long and arduous task like the cake!


    I built the cake but still haven’t finished the cake quests!!!


The name of quest Karin gave is Pearl as a Gift.
Here are the last 2 quests after Whispering of Lead Secret: Chords of the Lunar Rest – Explore African Room in Zodiac Mode to find Moonstone, a symbol of tranquility and peace. Then, Bonfire of Memory Burns Again – Charge Constellation of Capricorn Collection so that the sPirit of the Knight could find himself again. This is The End! Finally!!


    Thank you!!! I just updated the Zodiac page before I saw your post! Back to updating and think you so very much!!!!!!


    Nice to know that I only have 2 more quests to go — I thought this would NEVER end 😀

Karin L

Just wanted to let you know that there is a quest missing beteen quests 46 and 47, you need to find a thing called Pearls. I just completed this but I don’t remember the name of the quest. What I do remember, however, is that Pearls could be found in the Fortune-telling room, the Bathroom and the Dressing room… in Zodiac mode ofcourse.


    Thank you, Karin 🙂


Here are the next quests after your 60 above. Also, every one of these next quests say at the end of it: You might need several tries to find the particular item. 1) An Opaque Reference – Explore Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find Green Jasper. 2) The Past Seems To Be A Dream – Explore Hallway in Zodiac mode to find Bronze. 3) Mystical Rose – Explore Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac Mode to find Mystical Rose. 4) The Elusive Flavor – Explore Japanese Garden in Zodiac mode to find Lost Book. 5) The Illusion of Balance – Charge Constellation of Libra Collection. 6) Cold Iron – Explore Hunting Room in Zodiac mode to find Cold Iron. 7) They Called Him Architect… -Explore Living Room in Zodiac mode to find Seal of Pluto, a hint from good spirits. 8) Flower In Long Memory – Explore Bedroom in Zodiac mode to find the Magic Carnation. 9) Secret Signs – Explore any room in Zodiac mode to find the Phantom Pyramid . 10) Gloomy Divination – Explore African Room in Zodiac mode to find Malachite Gift for underground spirits. 11) It’s Time To Bite The Lie – Charge Constellation of Scorpio Collection. 12) Keeper of Eternity – Explore Fortune Telling Room in Zodiac mode to find Eternal Lotus. 13) Temporal Display – Explore Library in Zodiac mode to find Platinum-12C. This is as far as I am now. Hope this helps.


On April 15 I gave you additional quests missing from the current list. You thanked me but still haven’t updated the list. I hope you will soon. Now, your Quest 58 information should read: Through Hardship To The Aster — Explore any room in zodiac mode to find Aster & it may take several times. This is my Quest 63 as respects the additional quests I gave you on 4/15.


    Peg, I haven’t updated it. This is my hobby and I do this page and FB page but real life keeps me from getting up it done as fast as I would like to


      Sometimes when I would get stuck trying to get a particular item on my zodiac quests I would trade with one of my friends. I have 3 or 4 friends who are about the same level and we would gift each other whatever we were stuck on. Like if I needed the green jaspar he/she would gift it to me and I would gift them whatever they were stuck on. (I used green jaspar, cause I wa stuck on that one!)

Cathie Ruelas

I am still trying to get the manuscripts to drop in the library and fortune telling room!! I have searched each one over 75 times! So frustrating!!


    I know it is frustrating! I gave up on a couple of those and bought them


    I’m having the same problem. And the Hallway. Don’t even kow how many times I’ve explored each one. A lot.


      This is soooo frustrating!!! I have searched the library during night about a 100 times by now, even with Turtle of Luck, Cornucia and another artifact simultaneously. I even had a helper with bonus forfinding items and still nothing!!! What drop rAte could the 3rd manuscript have?!?! I’m pretty sure something’s wrong…


        Ruxundra, don’t feel bad. Almost everybody broke down and used diamonds for 1 or 2 blueprints 🙁 Are you using a Turtle of Luck charm?


I wonder if drop rate will be much lower once you charge a collection..


Between Quest 26 & 27 is “Herbal Medicine” Find Cornflower. Between Quest 28 & 29 “A Glowing Emerald” Find Emerald. Between Quest 31 & 32 “Pisces, The Third Zodiac Sign” Charge Pisces Collection. After Quest 44 “Royal Flower” Find Lily. Then, ‘Evening In The Hunting Room” Charge Constellation of Cancer Collection.
This is as far as I am. Hope this helps.


    Thank you, Pegwatt!

Innikki Love

Shatters also drop occasionally when trading with the gypsy with a turtle of luck.

Innikki Love

There is 1 more quest between 19 for uranium and 20 for violet. You need to find the tin too!


    Thank you, Innikki!


Has anyone else noticed that since this update, the rooms tend to be in night mode more often? It seems that my rooms are either in zodiac or night modes all the time, and if they do get into words or silhouette they get a curse.


    I just noticed that tonight too.


Hi, I’m the same, still need one zodiac map/piece, but it will not drop. Have played non stop for hours and the particular rooms over 50 times each, and used turtles etc, but no luck, just will not drop. I love the game, but doing the same thing endlessly is a bit boring now, just wish game makers would realise this and increase the drop rate, rather than just expect us to give in and pay!

Granola girl

I have tried a ton of ways and been exploring the library and fortune telling room many time every day since it was updated. I can’t get either to drop and I am not paying for them. Any tips on how you got them to drop?


I’ve done the library 34 in silhouette mode with the golden turtle and still don’t have the 7th manuscript. Sometimes I’ve even used an artefact. Any advice please?


Something else that can happen with Zodiac….had it in kitchen, fortune telling room and bedroom. I searched the living room and all of a sudden it was in zodiac mode and the kitchen had the native idol. It’s going to be very hard to block off rooms to summon phenomenon anymore

Karin L

Can Zodiac mode enter Oceanic Room? I was wondering since I need the Mist to appear in the Bedroom and I have blocked all rooms I can except the bedroom and I don’t want Zodiac mode to enter the Bedroom b/c it’s hard to find shatters.


    So far, Karin, Zodiac does not enter the Oceanic Room.

      Karin L

      Thanks for the info.


Assembled everything and have not gotten zodiac symbol for any room…any suggestions?


    Keep exploring our rooms constantly. Zodiac mode occurs just as often as any other visiting phenomenon.


      Thx, Krista. I updated the note.

Keyser Söze

I have been using the gold clover if I haven’t gotten good drop results from turtle.


“Also, a room in Zodiac Mode cannot be visited by a phenomenon of any type.”
not so…
i’d got zodiac mode in the library and in the living room. after that i explored other rooms and in some moment after next exploring i’ve got will-o’-the-wisp phenomenon in the living room and then after some time stone idol phenomenon in the library. after twice exploring the living room (phenomenon and curse) i returned to zodiac mode in this room. not tested this in the library.


I just had a phenomenon visit a room while in Zodiac mode. I banished the phenomenon & it also banished Zodiac mode 🙁 Think you meant “can” visit instead of “cannot” in your description Tips for Exploring a Room and Zodiac Mode.


    That is very interesting, Krista. I never saw this happen in FB version. Would love to see what would happen if you try to explore a room with zodiac & phenomenon at the same time. Which phenomenon was it?


      Yes, in retrospect I should have explored it with both phenomenons just to try it. I definitely will next time. I got it in Zodiac mode first, then the will-o-wisp appeared (that’s the silver/white sparkling one, right?)


      This happened to me twice. The phenomenon completely cancels out Zodiac mode when it shows up in a room. The room behaves as if Zodiac mode was never there.


        Thx, I updated the note.


    Yep, just got phenomenon in Zodiac room again. Didn’t banish it but explored room and Zodiac still went away. Key here is to explore a room in Zodiac mode immediately.


Do you know if you have to be on a certain level to get Quest 1? I’m on level 31, and has not received Quest 1 yet. I haven’t opened the sakura room yet, could that be it? Or any quests that has to be finished first?

Great page, by the way, extremely helpful!


I have managed to explore 4 rooms in zodiac…you only get 2 minutes & have to use a sort of looking glass to find items. The shattered zodiac does drop randomly in rooms so far all mine have been 5 at a time and I have got quite a few from trading with gypsy boy & girl & gypsy man for silver & copper horseshoes which can easily be replenished.


Sorry 5 should be trading with 60 thieving snatchins not explorations


Manuscript quests all done with turtle of luck & cornucopia running : –
1- eventually dropped in the curse following native idol
2 – dropped after 7 explorations in will o wisp
3 – dropped after trading with 10 old gypsy men
4 – dropped after 10 night explorations
5 – dropped after trading with 60 explorations
6 – dropped after visiting & helping 4 friends
7 – dropped after 24 explorations in silhouette


    U kept track of the count it took!! Amazing~


      I have done trading with old gypsy many a times .. But the manuscript hasn’t drop yet … Any suggestions .. And also for other manuscripts too have just collected 2 manuscripts …


        I traded with Old Gypsy about 60 times, give or take a bunch, with Turtle of Luck, before the manuscript dropped.

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