The Snow Cottage – 2015

The Snow Cottage – 2015

2015.12.16 Mysterious Snowdrift Symbol.jpgThis tiny symbol of a blue cottage in the upper corner of your quest indicates that the quest belongs to The Snow Cottage.



  1. Secrets Buried in Snow – Go to the Manor’s Yard and find a mysterious snowdrift. Press on it and then on the button. When the Winter fairies appear, trade with a Comfit Fairy 5 times.
  1. Between Summer and Winter – you will need to dig into the mysterious snowdrift in the Manor’s Yard Press on it on the Map and find out how to do it.
  2. Nose Woes – Explore rooms on the first floor to collect Bundles of Carrots and, ultimately, find a new nose for the adorable snowman.  Collect 10 bundles of carrots.
  3. I won’t just Melt Away (Melt Away) – Press on the Snow Cottage on the map and help Frost de Froste, the adorable snowman. The comfit and Caramel Fairies are willing to share items that will help keep him from melting completely. Don’t forget to invite your friends! You and Frost de Froste will have more fun that way.
  4. A Snowman’s Idyll – Claim the reward for helping the adorable Snowman, Unlock the Snow Cottage and explore it 3 times; try to find the Shining Ballerina figurine.
  5. Hark! Silver Bells – Banish Thieving Snatchins to recover the missing figure. The stubborn snatchins won’t admit their guilt right away, so you will need to be patience.
  6. Eternally Varied Interpretation – Banish the Mist phenomenon from Manor rooms any way you can to find the Shepherd and Shepherdess figurine. You might not find the item right away.
  7. Hot Pursuit in Hot Snow – You will find porcelain Hunting Dogs, albeit not right away by exploring the Hunting Room in Silhouettes mode.
  8. Up Where the Air is Clear – Explore the Kitchen in Night mode to find the Garden Swing figurine. You might not find the item right away.
  9. Pro Tip – Charge the Elegant Porcelain collection. Find gift wrap in the Snatchin’s General Bunker, which is always full of stuff, both useful and not so useful.
  10. Midnight Ambush – Explore the Snow Cottage in Night mode to stake it out.
  11. Nocturnal Phantasmagoria – Complete and charge the Frozen in an instant collection. You can find the collection items by trading with Comfit and Caramel Fairies.
  12. Not your ordinary Africa – Hurry up and help the poor shaman get warm. Bring him fur slippers from the Dressing Room (by exploring it under the Curse of the Stone Tongue), as well as a Warm Blanket that can be found somewhere in the Gingerbread House in Night Mode.
  13. Furs for the Shaman – Battle Armored Bears, Snow Vikings, and Snowminators to complete and charge the All Bundled up Collection.
  14. The Fire of Civilization – Explore yard locations in Night mode to complete and charge the Hot Tools Collection.
    • Bellows – Ice Citadel
    • Tongs – Animatorium
    • Brush and Shovel – Pyramid
    • Wood Rack – Castle of Strigoli
    • Ash Bucket –
  15. A Warm Greeting in a Cool Room – Explore the Snow Cottage until you achieve the Santa Claus Mastery level. Assemble the Friendship to Keep Me Warm collection by exploring Manor rooms with Phenomena present and charge it.
    • Caramel Fairy’s Lollipop – Mist – Dressing Room
    • Snowdoll’s Party Popper – (I could never find it!—just charged it as I found it exploring)
    • Snowman’s Scarf – Idol – Library
    • Magic Elf’s Slippers – UFO – Hallway, Japanese Gardens
    • Handmade Doll – Mist – Bedroom


To get into the Snow Cottage, collect 10 carrots.  Carrots can be found by banishing Caramel and Comfit Fairies.



Helping Frost de Froste:


Weapons (7000 points required, 14 usages per person):

Winter’s Chill collection:

  • Ice Cubes – Damage 50, buy for 2500 coins
  • Icicle – Damage 100, buy for 5000 coins
  • Snowball Pile – Damage 150, buy for 10000 coins
  • Snowflakes – Damage 200 points, buy for 20000 coins
  • Liquid Nitrogen – Damage 250 points, buy for 40000


Bitter Cold collection:

  • Snow Fan – Damage 300, buy for 3 diamonds
  • Ice Frond – Damage 350 points, buy for 4 diamonds
  • Ventilator – Damage 400 points, buy for 5 diamonds
  • Hair Colddryer – Damage 450 points, buy for 6 diamonds
  • Air Conditioner – Damage 500 points, buy for 7 diamonds

Once you gain access to the Snow Cottage, you will need Firewood to explore it.





The Snowy Tale Event:

Charge the following of Frost de Froste’s collections 5 times each for a reward of a Snow Chest containing a Golden Phoenix Charm, Decorated Tree, 500 Firewood and 5 items for freezing Frost de Froste.

  1. Frozen in an Instant – Rewards 20 Aces of Spades, 7 Golden Bombs and 3000 coins
  2. All Bundled Up – Rewards 20 Glacial Swords, 10 Serpent Pendants, 2 Chocolates
  3. Friendship to Keep me Warm – Rewards 5 Banana Batteries, 5 Silver Horseshoes, 20 Zodiac Fragments
  4. Hot Tools – Rewards 2 Cups of Coffee, 15 Miracle Muffins, Golden Phoenix
  5. The Sounds of Winter – Rewards 3 Nano-Beacons, 2 Prospero’s Boos, 15 Ignition Keys
  6. Elegant Porcelain – Rewards 20 Police Badges, 3 Flares, 20 High-Energy Dinners
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Snow cottage appeared again in 2017.
Is this the same quest string as previous?



    Do you have the Snow Cottage or Santa House?


      I found the quest string, but thanks anyway.


Quest #16: Snowdoll’s Party Popper can be found in the Japanese Garden with Will o’ the Wisp phenomena


On #15, achieve the level of Santa Claus, this year’s collection to assemble is the Friend in Winter collection. I couldn’t find any chests with figured either. Looks like we’re stuck buying 10 at a time or battling for chests…


    Meant to say chests with firewood!


    Yes, the collection is called “friend in winter” but the name is the only thing wrong with the info above. The items listed above are correctly from that collection.


Can anyone tell me how to get the firewood? Usually there are chests to buy at the store but the firewood is only showing up as an individual item and it would take a lot of diamonds to purchase it. It doesn’t seem to drop when trading with the fairies, elevan lady or elf or the gnomes. Help please!


    I am wondering the same thing. Do find out anything?


    The Christmas tree gives wood bundles. The middle stocking has snow globes you can buy with ornaments. One of the possible prizes the snow globes give is wood bundles.

    Also, they can be purchased in bundles of 10 for 9 diamonds in the store.


Quest #15 ash bucket is in the crypt


Does anyone know how many levels to finish to get to Santa Claus mastery level? Currently only at Caroler level.


I completed the Snowy Tale event and collected the chest. I opened the chest, but I’m not sure what the “decorated tree” is supposed to be, or where to find in my inventory. Is it supposed to be a charm, or a piece of furniture, or something?


    I haven’t finished this yet but I think I read somewhere that the tree is furniture for the hallway. Perhaps you could report back on what reward it offers?


On quest 15 the ash bucket is found in necromancers crypt

Susan Kilburn

Fire of civilization quest….which yard rooms have the collection items. I’ve opened and explored 3 in night mode (ice citadel generals bunker and the other one that looks like ice citadel)and none had the collection items available to find.


Anyone know the order of stages in snow cottage- am on snowman, but need to get to Santa.
So hard to find items to search too as Christmas creatures don’t appear on my wall


Does anyone know what yard room has the Bellows for Fire of Civilization quest?


    Bellows are in ice citadel.


      Thanks. But in night mode the Bellows don’t show in the items. Searched twice and didn’t drop. Are you sure? Is it the Ice Hotel, by chance?


        Hi PegWalt, I just did this quest and also had bellows come up in Ice Citadel in night mode. Took a pic to show you but not sure how to attach here… Anyways lol I’m not sure why it didn’t work for you but it’s The one at the bottom that you battle snow queen which is the Ice Citadel.


#15 brush & shovel in pyramid


Looking for information on the “And Thou Shalt Find” quest that is part of the Christmas quests.


Number 15. The wood rack is in vampire castle. The ash bucket is in the crypt.


    Tongs in the animatorium.


For quest 16, I found the poppers in the Japanese garden with the will o the wisp.

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